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Save The Children UK created the video above. It’s an extremely effective anti-war statement. Because war sucks. What the video doesn’t say is how or why wars begin, or how or why they’re ended. Here’s a clue: they’re not ended by making donations to charitable organizations. They’re ended by force of arms. In fact, they’re prevented by force of arms. If you want to know why America hasn’t descended into armed conflict, the Second Amendment. Oh wait, the Civil War. Yes, well, the UK is morphing into a totalitarian police state. Maybe this video should be This Is What Happens to A Disarmed Populace: UK Future Edition. Don’t say it couldn’t happen; history tells us it jolly well could. Keep your friends close, your rifle closer? Like that. [h/t]

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    Because they’re going to take that money and… what, exactly? Relocate them? Buy them a new life?

    Oh wait, I know! They use it to pay for more ads so they can… get more… money…. huh….

    • We’ve been donating money to charity for the cure to cancer; how much longer til we have the cure? Have we made any progress? Exactly how MUCH more money is required?

      • I’d just like a report on what the money is spent on. Results in biopharm are not immediate, but it’d be nice to know where the money goes.

    • Yes. You have to wonder what this current British population would do against an impending, however inept, NAZI invasion?

    • Britain used to be a land of free enterprise and gun rights. Then in the early 20th century, it veered hard left. Thatcher partially brought it back on track, but even she was anti-gun.

    • Agreed. It’s a tired and ridiculous meme. It didn’t have much momentum from the get go for me. Emotional manipulation is callous, disgusting and above all irrational for policy making. Especially when it’s so selective. Run over a kid while texting, terrible accident. Some pedophile ruins the lives of a bunch of children, the community rightfully ostracizes the perv, but some pinhead psycho shoots up a school with a stolen AR belonging to a family member they murdered prior and the idiot media goes after the gun. For the children… enough already. “They are the future” sure, but we are the present, let’s fix that.

  2. I think it’s a bit of both. Much, much moreso the former than the latter, though.

    There’s nothing wrong with donating to charitable organizations to help people hamstrung by wars, either. That’s one of the many redeeming qualities of the U.S.: we donate more monies and supplies per-capita than anybody other populace on the planet — and by a very wide margin, no less.

    I also don’t doubt the possibility of a Syria-type breakdown happening anywhere in the world, either. It’s just (a lot) less likely to happen in countries like the U.K. and the U.S., is all. History has shown us that it very well could, albeit either in small-scale (coughKatrinacough) or as the result of a World War. That is why it is our civic duty to be as prepared as we can, whether by having some emergency supplies on-hand, to the ability to defend ourselves against ALL enemies; foreign and domestic. It also wouldn’t hurt to build up different skill sets, whether it emergency trauma care (think CLS or EMT), or even welding and carpentry. You just never know when it might come in handy.

    • Yup. The DHS no less is telling everyone with ears to do some very “prepper-ish” things (minus stockpiling weapons and ammo, of course) to prepare for a “natural disaster.”

    • Syria? Maybe not. Yugoslavia, more likely – the political and economic similarities are there. The ethnic similarities are not, though certain groups seem determined to see the US and UK fractured along ethnic lines.

  3. “What the video doesn’t say is how or why wars begin”

    That would incriminate the politicians with alterior motives all throughout history. Especially the baby kissers that care so much for children.

  4. I thought that was a good video. If they added at the end this is what happens to a disarmed populous everyone would love it. I personally think NATO should stop being little birches and intervene against regimes that do harm to the innocent.

  5. The phrase “war sucks”, and “war is hell” don’t even remotely describe war. So yeah. Anywho, this video is similar to the food/ clean water for the people in Africa. The organizations spends a huge chunk of change to make infomercials when that money should have been spent on water/ food.
    Britains aristocracy is alive an well in the UK, even if most would deny it. The good thing is that people can make a better future dor themselves there.
    The possibility of people turning on their government can happen anywhere. Think Ukraine, the people got fed up with their government and began to riot. Then the Russians invaded Crimea. Same shot with the Iranian Hostage Crisis, except the rebelled because they were tired of a secular government, in addition to what there dictator was doing, which was some pretty nasty stuff.

  6. It has happened here; New Orleans after Katrina; LA Riots, Chicago riots, The Branch Davidians and Ruby Ridge; Death, Chaos and destruction; from a personal level to city and county wide lasting from a day to weeks has happened in this country in recent memory.

    Got Preps?

    • That was true pre-Sandy Hook. Now they know that innocent cute white kids bring more sympathy, causing some to Demand Action, others to hold congressional hearings, many to send money. Expect a lot more innocent-looking euro-kids in the ads.

  7. ThomasR, I know it’s happened, a friend of mine was with the 82nd after Katrina. I wasn’t around for the riots in LA and Chicago. NOLA was a war zone, there’s various accounts of PSDs getting in firefights with gang bangers in addition to the looting and everything else’s.
    Gunr, maybe they think since it’s a white little girl more people will pay attention.

    As for preps, yes and no. I don’t believe in the whole “bug out bag” simply because most people cram them full of crap. I do have a go bag and a get home bag. My he home bag is vastly different than mists however (think dope and beer)

    • I met this woman that is in the Airforce Security Forces that said she was a member of a unit,( I can’t remember if she was National guard at the time) in the Astrodome where refugees were gathered after Katrina. She said it was a nightmare; the news accounts did not say at all what really happened in that hell hole.

  8. I was a donor to Save The Children for years. The last few years they have become intensely partisan. The whored for the Obama anti gun rights efforts.

    Save the Children, like a lot of charities that get virtually all their funding now from governments and corporate funding, essentially sells its name to political and corporate interests.

    Save the Children was accused by the BBC recently of whitewashing some energy companies and attacking others in direct relations to the funding they got from those companies Their corporate funding development team had been sending emails essentially promoting such a scheme. See bottom of this article:

    Save the Children was pitching new funding requests from the Obama administration when it volunteered itself and its brand into Obama’s attempted gun grab.

  9. If the UK continues to go down the police state route whilst simultaneously ignoring the growing Islamic threat which the appointed authorities refuse to deal with because they are libtarded into tolerance of intolerance this ad could be the future of that nation. And so goes a disarmed, obedient, politically correct society with remaining freedoms hijacked by enemies who only see it as a means to an end.

  10. @Chris B. Not surprised at all. I’m familiar with the “Save the Children” folks. I knew a guy who worked there and the more I talked to him and read him and his wife, the more convinced I became that they were spooks. I don’t know if that’s the whole organization in general … I kind of doubt the whole organization is a front. To top everything off, at one point this guy told me his B.S. job title that reeked of “spookiness”, not that I didn’t have my suspicions before but this definitely confirmed it, and I called him out on it subtly and he gave me a rather peculiar response. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people in the organization that make sure it plays a role in supporting someone else’s agenda … quite probably a political one.

  11. Politics aside, I like the technique. If Pink Floyd was writing for a charitable group, it would probably look something like this. Just with more heroin.

  12. The only two things you should take away from that video is empathy for children caught up in those situations and a burning to do what ever is necessary to protect your children from wars desolation up to including killing.

  13. ThomasR a lot of what happened during that whole situation wasn’t reported. Black water was supposed to keep the peace but ended up shooting looters on sight. As for your friend in the Astrodome things happened in all those camps that never should have happened, friends of mine have a lot of grey in their beard because of the saw in the camps, plus there was the guy cutting up cops.
    I just pray that should another natural disaster should strike that local and sate governments are more prepared. I was not impressed after the storm in New Jersey.

  14. @Kyle. I met an airforce veteran that was a load master on supply planes during Katrina and she told me she had to pull her m9 more than once. Rape was constant, guys trying to climb into the plane, people trying to steal the shipments. She spent 20 years in the military and told me Katrina was the worst place she ever spent time on the ground.

    • Where were they landing the planes? The landing areas weren’t cordoned off or anything? Not saying I don’t believe that (I do), just curious.

  15. Kyle, apparently, I’m trying to find the article, there was some gutting chopping up cops out in the city leaving packages on police station front doors. As for what happened in those camps there was assault, rape, the things that occur in just about every refugee camp I’ve ever seen. Like I said I’ll see if I can find it, unfortunately I’m about done with my second bottle of Jameson, so it might take a while. It always bothers me how well the MSM covered up what was happening at the stadium.

  16. Jeff, she’s right, a buddy of mine was ex filing a VIP and ended up catching a round, he still drags that leg. NOLA was terrible

  17. I’ve read that there were police in New Orleans who also shot looters, is this true? That there were Blackwater troops riding around and so forth. I’ve also read that some of the things that it was said happened at the dome were made up. So figuring out the facts on this is difficult.

  18. Sorry, got zero tears for the future terrorists growing up in the Middle East. Maybe they should ask their parents to stop blowing our sheet up. As of 2014, the fact that Islamists are killing Islamists in Syria makes me feel all warm inside.

    I’d bet a TV ad asking for dollars to stoke the fighting in Syria would get a better return. Now that I think about it a video like that would have a pretty good chance of going viral.

  19. Simple solution…don’t have children if you can’t protect them…now, once I build up my arsenal a little more and have my bunker finished…then I’ll consider it.

  20. I realize the point is to solicit donations but for me this video only confirms the preparations my family has made to survive a significant disruption in food, power and law & order. However, I’ve said it before and I will say it again as proven in post Katrina NOLA…the closer you get to the city the less civilized people are. Power loss in a major city for 7 days could trigger this sort of experience for a child of an un-prepared family.

    BTW, read this article from the NY Times about the fallout from the lawless days and weeks following Katrina.

    It is amazing how the the passage of time and creep of the urban progressive viewpoint has allowed this transformation of the post Katrina predators into the victims. The neighbors who banded together as “militia” to protect their neighborhood life and property from roaming bands of violent thugs are now the criminals. The police patrols that engaged in firefights with gangsters over turf are now being accused of firing on innocent civilians.

  21. So I can send money to children I’ve no connection to in Syria, or keep my money and use it for the good of my children and those in my own community. Not a hard choice.

    If something like in the video ever happens I don’t think I’ll be saying “well I could of used a few more cans of food for my own children, but it was worth the sacrifice to help those children in Syria”.

    • Yeah. There is nothing about this ad that is remotely pro or anti gun. The ad is entirely about the suffering of millions of Syrian refugees and it uses a standard “imagine if you were in their shoes” setup that is very common – it’s just that this particular ad has above-average production value. Why the outrage? Why the moral indignation? Someone tries to make you care about 5 million Syrians who fled a tyrant that bombs and dumps sarin gas on his own people… and the prevailing attitude here is “screw you for trying to make me give a damn!” Awful. Maybe Mr. Farago is trying to take some kind of weird contrarian perspective that gives the benefit of doubt to the likes of Assad and Putin and Maduro, democracy-be-damned… but it must be a very twisted rationale to justify such contempt for human life.


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