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A blast (no pun intended) from the past, from back in the day, when it was socially acceptable to be a kid that liked cool toys, guns, and things that make loud noises. Sadly, toys like these (and the commercials that sell them) have largely suffered the same politically correct fate that befell the tobacco industry. (Disclosure: I’m not a smoker – never have been. And I hate cigarette smoke. But it’s a great analogy.) Enjoy.

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  1. I remember those! I just had the regular "roll cap" six-guns, but one of my best friends had a shootin' shell pistol. If I remember correctly, the "bullets" were spring loaded, so the cap was only there for the sound. He also had a "machine gun" that I think used the same shells.

  2. I hear you!! It’s getting to be such a lawyer controlled world!!!!!!! Anyway, back to the fun stuff I was raised on guns, toys and real! By the time I was 8-9 years old I was out hunting along the river where all the quail etc… were at with my .22! Finally, back to the ranch…..I had the Fanner 50, the lever action rifle and the 38 with plenty of casings and plastic tips of course with caps and I’ve never killed anyone…….enough of that! They were awesome toys and should be brought back? I don’t think anyone’s eye was ever put out, so WTF??? These guns were just what kids need to play with these days, we teach them that the toys are toys and the real ones mishandles will kill someone!! Just that simple!
    Sorry to drag on but, shootin’ shell guns were the funniest, best play guns ever made, Yet they seemed real enough they also taught you how to take care of your weapons Suck on that you west side Liberals!!!
    Washington state

    • Typical Conservative right winged hate message. I played with cap guns in the 50’s, but those were different times. Not like today’s radical right wingers who shoot up theaters and kids schools. So YOU suck it conservatard.

  3. This message string exceeds my assessment that any conversation on line, regardless of the original topic,
    will, by the third post, be partisan and hateful. It only took two here. Gentlemen, we were brought up better than this. We are all Americans, survived Vietnam, Watergate and all this other BS. No one group is always right or wrong. We need both sides. Peace.


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