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My two-year-old son recently decided it would be epically hilarious to bust my sunglasses. I disabused him of that notion as gently as possibly – after he’d smashed the glasses to smithereens. With my left eye still healing, the summer sun bearing down on my California redoubt, and my Jeep-driving street cred in dire need of cool shades, I headed to Walmart for some UV eye pro. Oh, and some ammo . . .

I bought two boxes: .40 and .223. That’s still the ammo purchase limit in my neck of the woods, where hoarding is just another word for nothing left to lose. Or “how many trips can you take to Walmart per week?”

As I paid for the ammo in the sporting goods section – God forbid we Californians should walk around a Walmart with two boxes of cartridges – I noticed an odd-looking man watching me. I don’t remember exactly what set him apart. As they say in Fargo, he was just kind of funny looking.

My kids were standing on the cart. Unusually, they weren’t acting too horribly. Mr. Funny Looking says, and I quote, “You’re buying ammo with kids present? Shame on you.”

It was that word “shame” that really got to me (a lapsed Catholic). Why should I feel guilty about exercising my God-given gun rights? For protecting myself and my family with a gun? For doing what Americans are – should be – free to do without government infringement?

Why shouldn’t my children be proud of their mother for taking ultimate responsibility for their safety? Why shouldn’t they grow-up to do the same for their children, enjoying their country’s Constitutional protections? Shame on me? Shame on you for trying to make me feel bad about my natural and civil rights in front of my children.

I couldn’t help it. I flipped him the bird. I agree: it was in very poor taste, especially with my children present. It reduced me to his level, or below. It did nothing for gun rights. In fact, it probably confirmed his opinion that gun owners are emotionally unstable gun nuts.

In my own defense, I said nothing. Not a damn word. And I was armed – my XD firmly in place in an appendix carry position. It didn’t jump out of my SheBang holster and start shooting in anger. Good gun. Good boy. I’ll pet it later and clean it for maintaining control when its owner was angry and made a rude gesture. Oddly enough, my gun behaved better than I did.

My kids? They were hungry. I fed them. End of story.

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    • “Story sounds fake….”

      She’s in California. I find that story very credible.

      All part of the anti’s long game, try and use shame and ridicule against gun owners.

      Only problem is, guns are becoming more socially acceptable, not less.

      And that just blows their little Progressive minds…

      • I’ve been flipped off my unlicensed and suspended drivers on the roads of LA – while driving a fully marked police cruiser and in full uniform. Few things say “I feel disrespected” like a 30-day impound for 14602.6 VC. There were secondary violations which were probable cause for a stop.

        I had that happen even with a ride along – flipped off by a suspended driver. My passenger was incredulous. “Are LA drivers really *that* stupid?!” Yes. Yes they are.

        • Ever hear that the Supreme Court has determined ‘flipping someone off’ is Constitutionally protected free speech? So some moron gets your blue beanie in a bunch and you look for an excuse to ruin his day? For pity’s sake, grow a pair!

          You never know, there might be some actual crimes going on that you could be stopping, but you’re messing with Freddie the Finger because he hurt your feelings. Hats off to you.

    • Who CARES if it’s fake or not? Not me, that’s for sure! I learned a lot from this article. This is very relevant to the shooting culture, and everyone can learn something. Like when people say things you don’t agree with at Walmart, you show your kids that giving people the middle finger is the way to handle things. It’s how you teach your kids to be productive members of society AND how to win the hearts and minds of your detractors.

      Got it!

      Thanks for another totally awesome and totally, TOTALLY relevant article, Sara! Maybe Sara should give all the negative commenters the middle finger to win them over.

      • Yeah, not sure if you read the next part where she said what she did was in poor taste.

        Also why is her expression of anger through a gesture, any worse than someone shaming her for buying ammo?

      • You know what? You don’t like Sara Tipton’s posts, DON’T READ THEM! Her name is right in the title- you can just not click the link. But no, you have to click the link and start bashing on her. Let me clue you in- TTAG needs articles to keep people coming to the site. Sara Tipton writes articles. If you think Sara Tipton’s articles are beneath you, step up and write a few yourself. Contribute or shut the hell up. Why don’t you go read, which never updates and you’ll see the same articles over and over, making your world a happy shiny place.

        gods- you’re like the antis. “whine whine whine I don’t like it so it needs to stop!!”

        • I was going to say this is obviously fabricated because who in their right mind can’t come up with a witty yet informative pro gun defense statement these days. Then I remembered the person in question also used TTAG as a Craigslist ad.

        • arsh sounds like he’s jealous (and or butthurt) he doesn’t have a paying gig writing for a very popular gun blog…

    • Given I’ve had suburbanites scold me for eating wild growing blackberries, I find it completely believably some do-gooder would pitch a small fit over ammo.

        • That they won’t be able to see the blackberries anymore, so you eating them has damaged the natural beauty they OWN and want to enjoy.
          To them, being outdoors is like being in a museum, and you are eating a display.
          That doesn’t prevent them from leaving their trash behind, because that creates jobs because someone has to clean it up.

        • There was certainly no real issue at hand, I imagine it has something to do with generally offending their sensibilities, but they didn’t exactly elaborate…. maybe it was picking berries is something dirty farm workers do, wild foraging isn’t ‘civilized,’ it disrupts their idea that food magically appears in the neatly wrapped containers all nicely arranged on the store shelves, etc… I’ll never know….

          In the end, my response was merely that the berries are delicious and they should try some. They scoffed and stomped away.

    • I’ve heard a woman that works the gun counter at the Wal-Mart in Glynco, Georgia complain about people being able to conceal carry so no it does not surprise me that a customer would say that in California.

    • Given the number of incidents were anti-gunners have deliberately called in bogus reports of people threatening with firearms, at least one resulted in the death of a man who had just bought a BB gun for his kid, it sounds like a normal harassment of a law abiding citizen. Fortunately I live in rural AZ were anti gun activities are the exception and persons who harass legal citizens in violation of the law are dealt with swiftly by the legal system.

      I understand why WAL MART requires payment at the sporting goods counter. Ammo is subject to pilferage. They require this with a number of other products such as video games and cigarettes.

    • Eh, it’s important to weed out fiction posing as fact when possible. For my part tho I can believe this happened and i think the source is credible.

      My area is mostly antis and fudds. And it’s a pretty safe, settled area, so strangers, bless their souls, are sometimes obtuse. So when I buy ammo at Wal-Mart I’m always on stealth mode, not wanting someone to get crappy about it.

    • Naw, I would say that it is pretty reasonable with the loonies here. When buying ammo in scrubs (no nametape, just black scrubs) at Walmart in northern CA, I got a few choice words from some old lady, to the effect of “I would never be treated by medical staff that shoot guns.” I laughed and told her to avoid my ER where 90% of the staff actively shoot. And I was buying a box of .380 for an Ortho Doc as a gift to boot.

  1. Hmmm. He would have died of shock if he saw my 6 year old daughter clean my AR’s bcg this past weekend. She loves to help me clean my firearms so much she smells of Hopps as much as they do.

  2. You did the right thing. Fuck him. Im all for kindness and respect but not for someone without any for others.

  3. Yeah, F walmart when it comes to ammo buying. I tried buying all the 556 at a walmart in Homestead Fl and the dumbass manager tried telling me federal law says I can only buy 2-20 rd boxes at a time.

    • I was told i couldnt buy ammo after 10pm by a dumbass wally mart. She tild me it was against the law? what law? Florida has state preemption and i dont recall a ban on buying ammo being in the state statutes.

      • When I encounter clerks like that, I immediately contact the store manager. They are generally quick to respond and discipline the clerk.

        If a Manager does not respond or gives you a flip answer a letter to Wal Mart HQ generally does the trick.

        • Don’t expect much. couldn’t answer why they are selling flags of America’s enemies such as:
          Communist China
          Communist Cuba
          Still dictator run Commie Russia

  4. I would probably have said something snarky like “I was gonna leave the kids in the car with the windows rolled up, but I thought pansie asses like you wouldn’t like that either. Bite me.”

    Although I do admit flipping him off works too.

  5. Wow! I would never hear that being said to me in western Washington, my neck of the woods. That funny – looking dude is a putz, and you were a model of restraint, IMHYDAO.

  6. First, a world where this happens is foreign and strange to me. The very concept of someone walking up to me, or anyone else, and saying that is just so far out of left field I couldn’t imagine it. And I see some crazy stuff in Austin.

    Second, .22 and .410? Can I please have the address of that store. It might be worth the plane ticket.

  7. Maybe something like, “Well, I’m buying it to protect them with, no reason they shouldn’t know about it”. OTOH–why waste either facts or wit on a jackass like him?

  8. I’d love to see this guy’s reaction to me giving my niece a rifle for her 18th birthday (once she learns to shoot. Her parents have been severely lacking in that department). His head probably would have caved in.

  9. Ha! That’s when you turn his liberal bull excrement back on him. You tell him that his man-splaining is sexist and he needs to check his privilege. The progressives love using that crap on us, turnabout is fair play.


    TTAG’s posting policy: no flaming the website, its authors or fellow commentators. Persistent violators will be banned.

    • Notice there’s only “flame deleted” on one author’s articles. Get the hint TTAG. The readers are telling you something you obviously can’t figure out on your own.

      • Yeah, it’s obvious that people are threatened by Sara and try to make themselves feel like men by writing ignorant comments on her articles.

      • “Notice there’s only “flame deleted” on one author’s articles.”

        I saw that comment before Dan Z zapped it.

        Dan had good reason to spike it.

      • When I lived in CA, I had to go to the UPS depot to pick up any ammo I ordered online. They wouldn’t even try to deliver it, just left the come-get-it note.

        • see, thats strange to me. I live in CA, and they just drop it off no problem. One would think, that with UPS being as large as they are, they could at least train management to be consistent.

        • Sometimes it’s the vendor’s policy. Some of the mail order vendors require a signature for ammo; I have had to go the FedEx Ground’s terminal because I was not home and “corporate won’t allow the FedEx Kinko stores to handle ‘guns and explosives’ “.

        • John L., I’m living in CA now, San Diego area, and have been since 1975, and to date have not had a problem with having ammo delivered to my door by FedEx or UPS. Maybe it depends on exactly where in CA you’re living. Of course, none of the ammo that’s been delivered has had any markings on its container identifying it as being ammo.

        • There are neighborhoods or general areas that UPS (maybe the other shipping companies ), will not just leave on a doorstep ( called driver release) due to a higher risk of theft. APARTMENT (and condo) Buildings with no private or secluded unit entries.
          Personally, I DON”T want stuff of any kind, just left on my doorstep. I’ll have any
          expected parcels come to my work location, ( small company) or simply arrange to pick it up.

    • When I lived in CA, you couldn’t do that. I was used to it cause I moved there from Illinois.

      I eventually got better.

      • I think it depends on the area. I lived in a crappy part of town and UPS would leave nothing there, moved to a nicer part of town and they’d leave anything and everything on my front porch. They probably have some sort of formula that once an area has a certain amount of risk/thefts they don’t leave it to avoid insurance payments…

      • You’ve lived in Illinois and California? You sir, have truly suffered. I hope you live someplace decent now.

  11. I always think of the clever thing to say after a confrontation like that. Probably for the best so I don’t get myself in more trouble.

    Argue with a fool and it becomes unclear who is the fool. Probably best to leave him alone.

  12. Funny, the last time I went to Walmart for gun stuff I had my 8 year old daughter with me. The dude at the sporting goods counter asked her if she was going to watch me shoot. She explained that she was also going to shoot. Guy up and offered me the last three boxes of 22lr they had. 1500 rounds worth and I wasn’t even there for ammo. Sometimes Walmart is ok.

  13. I feel like that was really the wrong thing to do. As good as it probably felt it wasn’t right.
    Maybe it’s just me but when I carry I try to maintain a low profile. I obey the speed limit and try to stay basically invisible. I would say that carrying brings out the best in me because I am just more aware of everything that’s going on. It’s all about tact. What if you fliping the bird to that guy sparked some bigger confrontation in front of you and your kid? Next thing you know security is called and YOU look like the bad guy because you have a gun. In the words of Sam L. Jackson, “B**** be cool!”

  14. I wish I were there. I’d congratulate you on having well behaved children, then I’d tell that hippy to shut his gob!

  15. Good on you, Sara. Telling people like this gentleman to “kindly, f*ck off” is always a good time. It also ISN’T necessarily a bad move in front of your children. Learning to stand up for themselves is important, and your unsubtle, non-violent, non-aggressive approach absolutely was noted by the kids. You got your message across without making a scene or giving this dillhole an opening to lecture you.

    Oddly enough, here in Central NC I often get people applauding me for normalizing guns for/with my children and have ended up in many long (ugh, sometimes TOO long) conversations with strangers in the ammo aisle. I actually had some sweet old woman in the produce section actually kiss both my daughters on the forehead and tell them how much their daddy must love them for carrying a gun. Admittedly, I wasn’t comfortable with her putting her lips on my kids but I kept my mouth since it came from a good place. Usually, it’s just a handshake and a “Thanks for carrying.”

    As an aside; my local WalMart doesn’t enforce their two box limit, and there is little on the shelf worth buying.

    P.S. I’ve been backing you up in other articles, but we don’t need constant reminders that you’re a recovering Catholic. At some point it does suggest a hostile bias.

    • I’ve always thought that most Catholics give lip service to form and tradition, but quietly ignore the doctrine. They drink, smoke, shack up, get married-have 2 kids-get annulled-get remarried, deny the inerrancy of scripture, believe evolution, flip the bird, etc. For a religion based on good works, a lot of them win the Works of the Flesh award when they should be trying for the Fruit of the Spirit award. At least Sara admits she’s not a Catholic while still acting like one. Give her points for that.

      • As an agnostic who was raised Lutheran and married into a Southern baptist family, I’m pretty sure Catholics don’t have a monopoly on this sort of behavior. My wife and I are friends with a Muslim couple with whom we meet for drinks with semi-regularly.

        Doesn’t really add much to the conversation, but there you go.

  16. For what its worth, the Walmarts in Colorado do the same thing, making you pay for ammo in that department. It can actually be a timesaver.

    • Once you’ve spent money on the ammo you’re a lot less likely to leave it on a random shelf elsewhere in the store where CHILDREN MIGHT SEE IT

    • Assuming you don’t have to wait while the service desk repeatedly pages someone with a key to sporting goods.

      • Or wait in a line of FUDDs while the one counter guy does countless hunting tags which take over 20 minutes each and then he f’s up the computer and has to start over on half of them… But the guy who wants two boxes of ammo can’t be helped, oh no… Just watch me standing there looking at the ammo while you do absolutely NOTHING at the computer while it tries to connect to a server somewhere. It’s not like my transaction would take any longer than one solid minute.

        No, I’m not bitter.

      • Assuming you don’t have to wait while the service desk repeatedly pages someone with a key to sporting goods.

        Which would be a problem whether or not you were allowed to take your ammo up to the front regisiters to pay for it. Those front registers are often crowded, which is why I stated being able to pay on the spot could sometimes be a timesaver.

    • I always pay for all my stuff at the ammo counter. Real time saver unless they have 22 in and then there is a line.

  17. I bought 20 boxes of shells at Academy and the couple behind me were freaking out when I plopped them down at the checkout line. The cashier picked up a box and it broke open dumping shells everywhere. The couple behind me jumped back, woman screamed, “OMG” and the guy said, “Those could have gone off!” I just shook my head and helped pick up shells. I think the antis are winning the war to promote ignorance.

    • Ignorance lives without promotion.
      12 and 20 gauge cases of bird shot isn’t locked up at Walmart so when I took a case to the front check out, the young check out girl was confused when the register required an ID. She asked “What’s dis? Ackahol?” I said no it is shotgun shells. She said “You mean like bullets?” I said sort of. Then she said “So like you could use these to kill someone?” I said that it would be easier to use a hammer to kill someone because it would be quiet and you wouldn’t need a shotgun. I wasn’t smiling when I said that. She seemed to actually understand the logic.

  18. To all the judgemental folk who replied to this article, I’d say it takes wisdom to realize that she made a mistake with her reaction and courage to admit it before her peers. How many here would have had as much restraint hauling around two kids and then having to deal with this d-bag? And how many of us would have admitted to poor judgment in front of the world plus dog? Bravo Sara for having the courage to admit a mistake. From the sound of things, you’ve internalized the lesson not to react to ignorant d-bags like this no matter how much they provoke you.

    • I see where you are coming from and respectfully disagree.

      Allowing ignorant d-bags to brow beat you into quiet submission is exactly what empowers them to continue with said d-baggery.

      What she purchases and how she behaves (within reason) around her children is nobody’s f*cking business. And demonstrating to the children that a d-bag verbally accosting you isn’t acceptable is/was/can be a valuable lesson for the kids.

    • I probably would have laughed outloud (or at least chuckled) and told him “who do you think is going to shoot half of this ammo!?” Gotta keep ’em trained.

      Of course I can’t make any guarantees on not flipping him the finger after parting ways. I seem to have Tourette’s of the hand.

      For the sake of full disclosure, I am a practicing Catholic (some day I may get it right but my wife says it’s doubtful).

  19. I would have yelled, “Stranger danger! Stranger danger!”

    It would have reinforced the lesson about strangers for the kids and forced this guy to slink away. 😀

    • Hahaha I just pictured her leaning in towards her kids and say “what do we do when a stranger comes up to us” and the kids screaming stranger danger while pointing at him Along with Mr. Richard Head scurrying away.

  20. I love reading Sarah’s articles, real life encounters from a patents perspective. And some say it sounds fake but I’ve witnessed men try to correct women on stuff they’d never think of mentioning to me ( a guy )

  21. I would have said “Of course I buy ammo with them! It’s for their guns… so they get to pick the brand and grain.”

  22. I was in a crowded Cabelas gun section during the Big Panic, when my heart was warmed by the sight of a little girl helping her father find his caliber. “Look, Daddy, here’s the .357!”
    So precious.

    I don’t know how I’d react to a jerk like the one Sara encountered, but her article is food for thought.

  23. Few things get my blood boiling like a busybody. Just read where the Jacksonville, FL city council is trying to get an ordinance through that you can’t park your vehicle in your driveway without the the license plate facing the street. So they can ID the vehicle if some busybody reports it as being an abandoned vehicle. If it’s my vehicle, in my driveway, it’s not abandoned.

  24. sorry to hear you were the victim of this sort foolishness. That said , and I am catholic too, you did the correct and proper thing to point out to this person in a graphic and non-verbal way that he needs to be more respectful of the needs of others. I hope it gave him pause to reflect.

  25. I’ve had people attempt to “shame” me for carrying around my kids, or shooting with them.

    I usually say something to the affect of, “Hiding dangerous things from kids doesn’t protect them, it make them more curious.”

    But, if anyone thinks they can help me parent more effectively, please come by next week and we’ll discuss my monthly child related financials. You can help out with those too. Please make all checks payable to “cash.”

  26. I wonder how often Mr Funny Looking Man insuts strangers with man parts, when he sees them purchasing ammuntion in the presence of children.

    The POTG who pack heat in public are held to a higher standard of conduct. A law abiding citizen who is carrying a firearm, and who escalates any confrontation is on a short road to a bad place if he or she is forced to defend himself/herself. However, candidacy for sainthood is not, nor should it be, a requirement for exercising an inherent right. Even rude people, short tempered people and people who are just having a bad day possess this right. Normal people possess this right. Mrs. Tipton did not originate or escalate a negative interaction with Mr Funny Looking Man, she ended it with a gesture.

    The older and grayer I get, the less tolerance I have for morally superior beings who behave badly in public. Mr Funny Looking Man would be clutching his pearls for a month if he insulted me in public.

  27. The proper response to that is, “Actually, “SIR”, shame on you for suggesting that I’m somehow engaging in aberrant behavior, doubly so for doing it right in front of my kids.”

  28. A cool thing to do would’ve been to just look at the funny looking guy briefly and turn to the kids and whsiper, “When I stop talking, point at that man and start laughing.”

  29. Well, it’s useful to think through what you’ll say when someone decides to open a conversation.

    I don’t think going about your business is inviting discussion, let alone busy-bodying and harassment. But it’ll happen. I’m kinda Camile Paglia on this one. Yes, you have a right to go where you like (and in her famous formulation, dress as you will.) There are also bad actors in the world, so it makes sense to plan for that.

    I happen to have a Gadsden flag under the big, green “don’t hit me” flag on my bike. It inspires comment, sometimes. I ride a recumbent bike. This may not really deserve comment, but if you’re gonna ride recumbent, people will ask. Where I live riding a bike to commute vs. going all tour-de-poseur is also, apparently, invitation to comment.

    Flipping someone off when they’re inviting themselves into your business is an entirely appropriate response. There may be others. For me, my standard Gadsden riffs go:

    – “Oh, I just think they’re going a bit far in general. Don’t you?”

    – “No, if I wanted to say something bad about a black president, I’d use the word ‘black.’ Also ‘president.’ Where did you get that? My gripe is about policy.”

    – “Actually the Tea Party Folks didn’t establish this (Gadsden – ed) symbol. It predates the US flag, and is by some reckoning the oldest official battle flag of people seeking to determine for themselves how to live, here in the US. I’m for that.”

    With an uninvited scolding, I’m more inclined to call them out on their manners. Maybe ammo-buying mom could say: “Well, this isn’t your business is it? So how about you stay away from my kids. I don’t want them catching your bad manners.”

    Miss Manners is a great resource for the smiling, decorous put-down. I think she’s southern. Well, bless your heart.

    • I’m sure Sarah was at a loss for words because she was completely dumfounded by this guy’s intrusiveness. That, coupled with her innate politeness, no doubt caused an opportune moment to pass. Extending the guy a middle finger salute was entirely appropriate. Nonetheless, here is what I wish she’d said:

      “You know, you don’t look quite right. There’s something about you that just appears quite odd. I’m sure this has something to do with your obvious low self-image and lack of social skills. It’s really something you should work on.”

      • “You know, you don’t look quite right. There’s something about you that just appears quite odd. I’m sure this has something to do with your obvious low self-image and lack of social skills. It’s really something you should work on.”

        Love this! I want your permission to use this in situations like this…

  30. I take my kids with me to buy ammo….but also fire extinguishers, kitchen knives, 5 gallon buckets, and medications. All tools. All that if used wrong can be just as deadly.

  31. Single dad with custody here. The only response you need for creepy people commenting on your children is “Why are you watching my children? Are you some kind of pedophile? Get away from us you freak.” when they stutter and start to deny it, raise your voice a bit and say “Stop following me and watching my children you creep!” This usually makes them beat a hasty retreat, as people turn to look at him or her. yes, I have used this. A$$hole questioned my reading material choices in a Barnes and Noble back in the day.

    • When I was 22, I was babysitting my 1 year old nephew. I was shopping at Target and a young girl, about 18 was following me around the store. I really think she wanted to snatch my nephew. Near the checkout she finally said something to me about “my son”. I told her that he was not my son but my nephew. She left the store but when I exited, she was sitting on a bench outside and gave me a creepy glare. I think she wanted my sperm.

  32. Next time, kindly inform the creep stalking your kids that they’ll grow up to be shooters and there’s nothing he can do about it.

  33. The shame tactic is popular amongst the antis. Recently, after the Charleston incident, I had a huge debate about the situation, and by extension gun control, on a (non-gun) site I own and operate.

    The conversation was going alright with the usual anti/pro back and forth until one participant decided on the shame tactic. Specifically that since I carried, I was a “threat” to society and should be ashamed of myself.

  34. “Sir, my son is going to grow up knowing the nature of firearms. He’s going to know how dangerous they are. He’s going to know that they are not toys, but tools, and that he should never point them at anyone unless required to save himself or someone he cares about. He’s going to know that every gun should be treated as though it’s loaded. He’s going to know never to put his finger on the trigger until he’s ready to shoot. He’s going to know that he should always know his target and what’s beyond it, and that he should never point his firearm at anything that he’s not willing to destroy. I feel no shame in raising my child in a way that maximizes both his safety and the safety of those around him. On the contrary, shame on you, sir.”

  35. Sara, I find that a finger and a thumb in the shape of an “L” on my forehead really sends these types of losers into orbit. I’m not sure why. Maybe it hits to close to home to call a loser a loser. If you flip them of they just flip you off but shake their hand while doing it. I think they believe that is somehow more effective. Actually they do that when you call them a loser too. But then they start foaming at the mouth.

  36. I’d be happy to take my kids with me to buy bullets, as it is such a non-issue. How did God give us Gun Rights though? I thought it was the Constitution that did that 🙂

  37. I would have TOLD him to fork off-but then I’m a (still) large OFWG. As far as weirdos watching my kids my son was possibly the prettiest child ever-we had several creeps want to give him $ and want to hold him. I came within an inch of hitting a lowlife with a baseball bat in the head-in a Chicago park. You did fine Sara…

  38. I would have shot the guy.

    Okay, I wouldn’t have shot the guy, but I would have screamed “get your dirty hands off my kid, you creep!” At the top of my lungs.

    • This was 20 years ago Ralph-I was still a very large over 40 bodybuilder/powerlifter who never worried. This was a homeless beggar on a pushy cart as if he couldn’t walk-and I had my 2 sons(one newborn) as he tried to enter my van-also the natives were having a mini riot downtown and we were trying to leave(quickly). Some kind of half-assed
      “protest”. His idiot “buddy” had to intercede for him. I know I wasn’t sticking around after cracking his skull…

  39. The few times I’ve run into these kinds of idiots, my reply has always been blunt and to the point: “Mind your own business, you liberal control freak.”
    At this point in my life I couldn’t care less what they think. It has become plainly obvious they are not willing to discuss things rationally, so I’m not putting up with their touchy-feely think-of-the-children b.s. anymore.

    Funny enough, they will sputter and hiss and try to deny they’re liberals… but don’t say anything about the “control freak” part. 😉

  40. Since I carry concealed, my interactions are without inserting the lethality of a weapon into the conversation. If someone interjects themselves into my lawful private affairs in an attempt to wrongfully shame me, that wouldn’t have gone the way they planned. Would he do the same it was a man with little kids? I doubt it, but not necessarily.

    About a year and a half ago, I had just rolled in to Las Vegas. I parked the car near the front entrance of the hotel that I had reservations at, but not at the front entrance to go check in. This wasn’t one of the big hotels; it was a smaller one over by Nellis AFB. (Dog friendly) I left my engine running and the AC going and the windows partially down because I had all my doggies with me. There was a man sitting beside the front entrance that spoke up as I was walking in who asked me if that was my car. I replied, “Yes, is there a problem? He replied by demanding that I go close the windows all the way so my dogs didn’t jump out and come attack him. I was parked 100 feet away! I’m aware that many dogs don’t react well to people of African decent, but no matter, my dogs are social, are not jumping out and even if they didn’t wouldn’t pay attention to him unless he was jumping around acting like a clown. I told him almost exactly word for word and I further looked him straight in the eyes and said, “no, I will NOT close my windows” He looked almost stunned and shocked that I dared to refuse his demands. He said, “I’m getting my gun,” I told him “you go get your gun” This was around March of 2014. At that time, neither my WA CWP nor my Arizona permit were honored by Nevada, let alone the Vegas gun registration requirement. That has all recently changed, but not at that time. I was well aware of it also, but despite it, I took his comments as a direct threat. So I returned to my car, retrieved my Sig .40 in my Sticky holster, appendixed it and pulled my shirt over it.

    Nobody was going to help me right then. I’m on my own. Unless there was a cop right there, right then, they can’t help nor can the guy at the checkout counter…nobody. Also, I am NOT the type to get in my car and leave or otherwise run away. Not me, not happening, not my style, ain’t doing it. I don’t know that guy! I had no clue to what he may actually do or was capable of! Fact is, if he showed back up and pulled a gun out and started to raise or otherwise threatened me with it, he was going to die right then and there and there wasn’t a doubt in my mind how I was going to respond. The decision was made. If he pulled a gun, it was going down.

    As fortune would have it in Sin City, cooler heads prevailed and Mr. Possible Alpo Man scared of dogs didn’t show up with his gun, I however continued to carry my weapon. I did see him later, but by then, his stress levels and blood pressure seemed to be down and nothing was said.

    He was a bully plain and simple, he was trying to bully and get his way. When you challenge bullies, they try everything they can to win. It didn’t work, as it shouldn’t.

  41. Given the alternative (never wrestle with a pig because you’ll just get muddy and the pig will enjoy it,) your reaction was probably for the best. What really got me was the photo of FULL ammo shelves in Walmart! I’ve not seen anything but empty or nearly empty shelves here in south-central Missouri for several years now. The amount of ammo on those shelves in that photo is about equal to what my local Walmart *might* receive over a two-month period. I’ve given up attempting to find ammo at my local Walmart and settled for just ordering from distributors online. On the plus side, open carry, while not common, is seen often enough around here that one simply does not encounter the sort of pig who tried to shame you for exercising a fundamental right in front of your children. (That might also be why the local Walmart is always out of ammo … hmmm?)

  42. Some products might be embarrassing, while others are outright inappropriate, to purchase in front of a child. Ammunition is neither of those.

    Graphic accounts of actual or potential DGUs aren’t necessary, but the basic idea that these products are just part of how Mommy keeps little Timmy/Suzie/etc. safe and sound is nothing to be ashamed of or in need of concealment.

  43. I live in Oklahoma.

    I took my little one (about 3 yrs old) to the Walmart and I bought a bunch of ammo. The Walmart clerk handed it to me, I put it in the cart, and we smiled at each other and he gave my little one a wink. AND – this was in the big city – not the country side.

    Culture. It makes a difference.

  44. Because I do not want emotion to dictate my actions, I already have a response to that kind of crap. “Sir, please step back or I will call the police!” And if they don’t, I call. I live in Arizona, so I know that most police will respect my rights. I don’t know what it would be like in California, though.

  45. You’re not going to convert them with kindness. They’ve declared all out war. They’re predatory degenerates.

    They don’t deserve to be treated any better than they treat their targets. Fuck ’em.

    I agree that there’s something of a point to be made in not stooping to their level. Being the better person all the time, no matter what. To be that, and become less for no one… But, war is hell. This is a war. They wanted it. Pretending it isn’t so won’t make it go away. Being nice to the enemy won’t convince them to stop attacking.

    • “You’re not going to convert them with kindness.”

      It’s not “them” you are trying to convert. You are playing to the audience … always.

      “I agree that there’s something of a point to be made in not stooping to their level. Being the better person all the time, no matter what.”

      Well, stooping to the level of petty busy-bodying or name-calling doesn’t look good. BUT, being the better person also includes standing up for what you believe it. When forced into a contest of force, you win.

      I’m reminded of the legal documents filed by Intel in the endless SCO / Linux lawsuit. Polite. Complying with every requirement. And pulled not punches … ever. Reminded me of watching “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler box.

  46. If someone had said that to me, I would have open handed slapped him across the face.
    You wanna be an effete mouth running little bitch, I’ll treat you like one.
    Bet he wouldn’t do it again

  47. many years ago a woman who smoked meth in front of her children cussed me out for talking about guns in front of her children. in Barstow. mommy needs her medication…

    CLERK: Good evening, what can i get you?
    OLDEST: Can we have 3 boxes of 9mm bullets in the red box?
    ME: 115gr. Federal brass case round nose, please (while beaming w/ pride)
    YOUNGEST: Bang Bang!
    OLDEST: Dad, what about my rifle? can i get some .22?
    ME: We have lots of .22 son. Don’t worry.
    CLERK: (no words, all smiles)

    My kids are always with me while shopping. If you see me out in the world, I will have 2 kids in tow, a wife (somewhere), and steel on my hip. No shame here.
    you know what’s a shame?
    Getting mugged in front of your kids with no quickly deployable, effective, lethal means of defense.

    that said, my wife has returned with some disheartening carry stories whilst out and about. Maybe its a notion that women shouldn’t carry?

  49. You could site a litany of reasons why you’re a POTG. You could explain amendments and rights, independence and security.

    Or you could just choose the classic “Go fvck yourself.”

  50. My 4 yr old and I frequently take a walk across Academy to look at the Cricket 22LR that I’ll give her in a few years. It’s not the pink one.

  51. Lol threatened? Half her posts aren’t even gun related. Sorry that I get annoyed when a website called the truth about guns stars paying some chick to sell her motorcycle and cry about her inabilities to deal with California. There used to be gun reviews on this website

    • Maybe you don’t feel threatened but the amount of attention you are giving to this issue does say a lot more about you than it does about her.

    • TTAG has enough material that the average person with a real job cannot read it all. Why don’t you just skip Sara’s articles and read other articles? For me, I enjoy reading about her adventures.

  52. Everybody has those “I shudda’ said …” situations. They key is to actually figure out what you should have said and mentally rehearse it — because the situation likely _will_ come up again.

    In this case, what she should have said was simply say, “I’m just setting a good example for my children.”

  53. What with her questionable judgement of Mila Kunis’ parenting strategy, I believe Sara is overdue for a change of venue – not to Wyoming where she’s moving, but another website who will welcome her drama-laden diatribes.

  54. Dang, and to think my daddy would take me into the gun store with him……
    Wow, thinking back as a kid…….remember when you could buy a gun at the hardware store, Sears, Montgomery Wards, and Western Auto???


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