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Elliot Rodgers (courtesy Facebook)

Last night’s drive-by spree killing by Elliot Rodgers claimed the lives of seven people and injured seven more, one of them critically. We don’t know the critical details yet: which gun or guns Rodgers used to commit his heinous crime, what caliber, how he got the gun(s), etc. When it comes to the push for civilian disarmament, the devil’s in the details. If Rodgers used a semi-automatic long gun – an “assault weapon” – it will strengthen all anti-gun bills currently working their way through the California legislature. To the point where their passage will become inevitable. If, as is likely, he used a handgun or handguns, the focus will be on his access to guns . . .

Rodgers was 22 when he took his life and the life of seven others. He was old enough to legally own a gun. If he purchased it legally, the gun control crowd will demand that ownership requirements be “strengthened.” If Rodgers had a history of mental illness, the National Shooting Sports Foundation will agree (in line with their Fix NICs campaign). If not, the anti-gunners will still gun for “tougher” background checks, arguing that a history of any mental illness should be grounds for disqualification.

As the anti-gun bloody shirt wavers do their thing, the momentum for more civilian disarmament in the Golden State will continue. And elsewhere. If Rodgers used an illegal “high-capacity” magazine the resulting anti-gun coverage will provide cover for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who’s staring at a mag cap ban sitting on his desk. He’ll sign it.

On a more general level, the fact that Rodgers committed his crime via drive-by shooting (as far as we know) blunts the pro-gun community’s usual reply to spree killing: gun control laws made it worse. There wasn’t an armed civilian to stop the killer. Or limit the carnage.

This despite the fact that Rodgers was stopped by armed civilians (i.e. the police). And the “revelation” that Rodgers had a history of mental illness and/or anti-social behavior. On that score, The Daily Mail has already dug-up some dirt.

Rodger was a website forum called, which describes itself as the ‘Anti-Pickup-Artist Movement’ and aims to reveal ‘the scams, deception, and misleading marketing techniques used by dating gurus and the seduction community to deceive men and profit from them.’

Its members are all men who have spent a lot of time and money on books and seminars and other materials that claim to help men ‘pick-up’ women – but failed.

The bitter, often misogynistic threads are full of tales of woe from men who don’t know how to get women to date them and blame the women themselves for the problem.

He posted in 2013, ‘If you could release a virus that would kill every single man on Earth, except for yourself because you would have the antidote, would you do it? You will be the only man left, with all the females. You would be able to have your pick of any beautiful woman you want, as well as having dealt vengeance on the men who took them from you. Imagine how satisfying that would be.’

Rodger’s actions have been lauded on the site by other members who have called him a ‘hero.’

The above info means it’s only a matter of time before Rodgers’ spree killing is framed as a predictable manifestation of misogyny. Which the anti-gun left will use to hammer on a familiar theme: gun owners are compensating for sexual inadequacy. That gun owners are [male] women-haters. The meme will be tied to domestic abuse and “gun violence.” Ad hominem über alles.

How will pro-gun folk “spin” Rodgers’ attack? As clear evidence that there’s evil amongst us. That we must arm ourselves against it. That anything that prevents us from doing so puts us in harm’s way. Which we are anyway.

And so the disarmament dance continues. As Ralph said, the “debate” over gun control is driven by events. This is one of them. But it won’t be the last. Because it never is.

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  1. Going to be pretty hard to hammer Conservatives, NRA, Republicans, and Tea Party Pro-2A folks in general with this kid coming from Kalifornia’s Elite. No way to spin this on us kids parents are almost definitely hardcore Progressives.

    • Some key points here.
      We have mental health cross checks.
      universal background checks.
      10 day wait
      one gun a month
      Safe storage laws
      no open carry
      magazine locks
      10 round limit
      all guns are registered, yes even long guns.
      Concealed carry is a long and expensive process.

      We are like the Christmas / birthday for the antis. We already have what they are asking for yet, still this happens.

      • Christmas would be law like those in the UK, banning everything but a 22lr bolt-action rifle or a shotgun limited to 2 rounds. Still, that didn’t stop Derrick Bird from killing more than this kid.

      • Can’t have a loaded firearm in a car either. Man, its like this giant pile of paper has no effect on stopping criminals or something!

        • “Quick! We need a bigger pile!!”

          Maybe if they make a really huge pile, and make copies, they can put piles on top of everyone so they can’t shoot anyone…

  2. Middle/Upper Middle class white kids died, so expect a random liberal “for the children” outcry directed at gunownership in general.

    What’ll actually happen? Hopefully not much.

  3. Umm…the sale, manufacture, importation of “large capacity ammunition feeding devices” defined as any magazine, clip, belt, etc holding more than 10 rds is already banned in California…and they just last year outlawed magazine part kits used to “repair” 10+ magazines already owned and/or create new magazines (“blocked to ten rounds” of course, except when they weren’t)

    Brown vetoed the bill that would make the mere possession of such illegal, and it is past the time (for this year) where they could reintroduce it.

  4. Just another nutcase.

    It has been reported a semi automatic handgun was recovered.

    From USA Today:
    “Deputies found the suspect inside the BMW dead from a gunshot wound to the head, but Brown said he did not know if the suspect was shot and killed by deputies or if the wound was self-inflicted. A semiautomatic handgun was recovered.”

    • What capacity magazine? 7 kills in a “drive-by” with anything less than a 30 rounder, is up there. I guess he could have violated some law against reloading while driving as well.

      The only way of minimizing the risk of being part of very quickly executed mass kills, aside from wearing armor, is simply to stay away from masses. Any old crazy can fire off a whole magazine worth into an unsuspecting crowd, before even a highly trained pistolero, caught unaware, could get around to return fire. Even if armed, a civilian would still need much more time to assess whether the situation he is in, justifies an armed response than, say, a soldier in a war zone.

      In most “mass shootings”, things seem to take much more time, which is why arming civilians still makes sense. That Norwegian dude who a few years ago leisurly strolled around plinking at kids, being the prime example of a completely and reliably disarmed populace. Even if they were armed, his element of surprise would still have netted him a few kills, but then that would be it.

      • Yep, and the only surefire way we have to keep adolescents from gathering in gaggles is…. well, we don’t have one.

        Aside from a permanent, 24-7 curfew. Good luck with that.

      • He had CA-legal 10-rounders, but a lot of them. LA Times said 37 SIG mags, and 7 more for the Glock.

  5. And if he used standard (for Kalifornia) magazines, that little bit of information will be left out of the “official” report.

  6. I see the mag cap argument much differently. Let’s say this guy had 10 rounders. He’s shooting from a car. The anti’s argument for mag cap limits is that some 8 year old getting shot at in a school would be able to tackle the shooter if he was reloading. That argument makes even less sense in this case because he was in a car. He shoots 10 rounds into a crowd and then drives off. New mag (or even a slow reload) and repeat for the next crowd. This might be why there were multiple crime scenes.

    • Your reasoning is correct, as was confirmed in the 2010 Cumbria shootings in the UK. He killed 12 people with a double-barreled shotgun and a bolt-action .22 rifle. It, too, was a spree shooting where the killer used a vehicle to stay one step ahead of police.

      • Dadburned mobile citizens! Clearly, we need cars that go no faster than walking speed.

  7. If he had simply run over them with his BMW, we wouldn’t hear about it, several weeks from now. As it stands, expect to be hearing about it much longer than that.

    • Indeed. It is clear from his videos that he wanted the attention. Just like the guy at SXSW that killed two people, we heard about for a day or two. This a-hole will be talked about for longer.

  8. Fox News is reporting that a handgun was recovered from the killer’s car.

    No matter what, this will result in more conflict over RKBA here in the PRC.

    Anyone want to offer odds that the killshot was self-inflicted?

  9. The killer was a rich white kid, son of a Hollywood director – it will turn out that he and his father are both Democrats, and his father probably donates to Democrats and various liberal causes.

    Doesn’t fit the narrative, so it won’t last more than a week in the news.

      • Obviously he’s a card carrying member of the NRA and Calguns. All gun rights groups want mass shootings donchaknow?


    • This guy had a dad who worked as a director on the Hunger Games franchise, and he couldn’t figure out how to parlay that into being knee(cough)-deep in aspiring actresses?

      Something was seriously wrong with this one.

      • Agreed unless his creeper factor was so high even the worst of the gold diggers got the shivers from him….

        which is actually what i’m leaning towards. Most important thing from this whole event is that he’s room temperature now… disturbed and dangerous

    • “The killer was a rich white kid…”

      No. The murderer was biracial. From the about me section of his official blog:

      “My father is of British descent, and my mother is of Asian descent, so that makes me a Eurasian.”

      He wasn’t a kid either, he was 22 years old.

  10. I would bet everything he was on SSRI’s, just like every other mass murderer in the past 20 years. SSRI’s can be very effective, but the patient must be monitored and allowed to express their feelings and angst without fear.

    • Blaming SSRIs for mass shootings is like blaming penicillin for pneumonia. Yes, many crazy people are on SSRIs. The SSRIs treat the illness; they don’t cause it.

      There are also plenty of non-crazy people who need pharmaceutical assistance and have no ill effects from SSRIs. SSRIs are a blessing for them.

      And then there are children who don’t need anything and are taking SSRIs and other drugs because the educational system hates boys and wants them neutered. Given the rants that the shooter made, it could be that this guy was poisoned as a kid.

  11. He said he was going to walk into a sorority and shoot all the pretty girls. Wonder why he changed his mind?

    • This sad self-described “god” evidently could not work up the courage to see his victims up close, and possibly get hurt. The distance bought him an impersonal, video-game like detachment — and safety in case he encountered someone with a CC permit.

      It seems that most spree killers are deathly afraid of getting hurt. They expect to die, by their own hand, but they DON’T want to get shot! That would be painful, especially if they lived through it.

      So, as soon as opposition shows up, they kill themselves — and they carefully select targets to reduce the chance of opposition. The elimination of “gun-free zones” would thus reduce spree killing substantially, in my opinion.

      ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

      • Demonstrating yet again my long-standing assertion that cars are weapons of violence when used by the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Just like knives, sticks, and firearms.

        I’d say let’s not join in the general cascade of displacing attention from evolutionary biology/population genetics to one individual’s use of a tool.

        I see no reason why anyone wouldn’t take this critter at its word that it hated female humans and couldn’t compete, so used that as an excuse to project murderous violence. (I.e., ending others’ ability to compete, win, and mate.)

        His assertion that he “is the true alpha male” is absolutely believable. 22-year-old thuglings frequently have that sort of narcissistic psychopathic view.

        The thing they can’t seem to accept is that some portion of humanity evolved past wanting to mate with that, went on to become successful at what they tried to do (like building Santa Barbara), and began choosing another kind of mate.

        I personally would never have anything to do with a man with Botox lips who makes duckface on selfies. Ew. But seriously, somebody should have informed this critter that his mating pool rejection was a manifestation of the fact that women are very good at spotting sociopaths and psychopaths just by looking at them.

        I’m interested in seeing how the neo-misogynist bloggers/commenters will spin this, including Heartiste. Like other specimens of late modern decadence, they thrill to anything that involves hating and punishing females for whatever it is that’s going on inside their skulls (or skull substitutes). There are a lot of fatherless or underfathered males in their number, in my personal experience of them. And, lacking any sense of humor whatever, they don’t realize how laughable they are in their narcissism. What they’re rebelling against is evolution and natural selection in the social realm. They aren’t yet ready for mates who can say NO to some things and YES to others.

        I don’t know any men like that anymore. The men I know and associate with won their mates by a) choosing the right partners to b) convince of their value and c) enhancing it consistently over a period of many years. For the population genetics spin on that, read HBD Chick’s blog.

        This killer comes across as someone who felt he was entitled to females because of his self-regard (i.e., complete lack of social reality) and mediated messages that every boy with a boner is a man and deserves dates.

        Normal humans get social messages and adapt to them. The social sphere exerts adaptive pressure, and there is feedback between it and sexual selection. A kid who cannot adapt to that adaptive pressure isn’t going to do well. Given that so much of behavior is hardwired, I suppose this one did everyone a favor by culling himself from the genome before he bred. I only wish he hadn’t taken out potentially positive alleles as well in his mass mediated histrionic narcissistic suicide.

      • I suspect that’s true, logic says so, maybe somebody should CHECK! Try something else, what we have is clearly not working.

        • It wasn’t quite true, as it turns out. Three of the dead were stabbed to death, three shot, and four of the thirteen injured were hit by the BMW.

          This is why you will see the anti-knife, anti-gun, and anti-car lobbies out tomorrow in equal force.

          And I’m sure we’ll see the father blaming whichever sonofabitch gave the boy that BMW, or actually kept knives in the house unlocked where anyone could just grab one!

          ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

          • His mom gave him the BMW because there was a car hierarchy at school. He begged her for it because he needed a better status-symbol to get chicks. He said his mom should have bought him the BMW when he first moved to Santa Barbara.

            I suppose the knives were his or those of his Asian roommates who he hated and planned on murdering early on in the retribution day plot.

    • Too cowardly to get out of that car, that seemed to be a source of power and prestige to him, and face his victims?

      In the car he was wielded to a powerful machine that displayed his status, outside of it he was a little “mouse” that feared the “obnoxious, brutish men” that he felt inferior to. I suspect he was more than a little physically intimidated by the females he wish to attack as well.

    • It’s not cowardice. It’s the crazy need for power and control. Getting shot by a defender or cops is the loss of control; taking one’s own life is taking control over the time and manner of their death.

      When it comes to power and control, there is little difference between a mass shooter, many rapists and many serial killers. They all have an insane need to control and dominate, usually because they have been total losers throughout their lifetimes.

  12. Even someone on the scene with a CCW could not have done much in this instance. Returning fire on a car which is moving may result in more collateral damage, and if the car is leaving the scene there is no imminent danger. Had someone attempted to engage the shooter the antis would be screaming that more people were put at risk.

    • Yeah, but how long is someone going to sit in their car and shoot out the window when someone takes a couple shots back at them? I think that would end the fun for the bad guy! He couldn’t get a blow job to save life and now his god like dreams get shattered by someone shooting at him?
      Wouldn’t that be pissing in that sad little fks Corn Flakes!
      Consider that a CCW carrier fires one shot at him, he stops shooting and flees, that could have saved how many people?

      It’s my opinion that had someone returned fire at him, it would have stopped him from continuing to fire his weapon. It may have only prevented one, two, four shots, but since they want to limit magazines by a few shots, that seems pretty important, huh!

    • “Even someone on the scene with a CCW could not have done much in this instance. Returning fire on a car which is moving may result in more collateral damage.”

      Reportedly per CNN the car was moving slowly. If you were in the right place at the right time and could determine that the car was the source of gunfire, you could put a few rounds into him with reasonable accuracy.

      • It sounds like he might have been on foot for some of the killings, although I guess it’s possible he “approached the girl” when he was in his car. Sienna Schwartz said the shooter approached her and said, ‘Hey what up?’ and then began shooting at her as she walked away. The distressed girl said she initially thought the gun the shooter flashed at her was an airsoft gun but realized it was real when three or four bullets buzzed past her ears.

      • A practiced concealed carrier could have very well prevented continuation of the unchallenged assault at any of the various crime scenes.
        People talk about collateral damage, cops in the course of their duties cause collateral damage!
        The only difference, they have layers of legal immunities the average Joe Blow doesn’t enjoy.

        As a CWP holder who options to daily carry, I wouldn’t want to be in that position of hearing pops, not knowing what’s going on, see things happening but still be unsure if it was a film production or a stupid prank and have to make a choice to intervene or not. Choosing to not intervene and possibly save multiple lives would be a tough choice to live with. Of course, making a mistake would be pretty bad also. That would NOT be an enviable position to be in.

    • If there were people carrying openly interspersed in the crowd, I’d say that he could’ve been deterred. I don’t believe that he would’ve chosen that place on that day to commit his crimes if he could readily see that many others were equipped to stop him in his tracks.

  13. Careful: The last name is “Rodger” rather than “Rodgers.”

    His Hollywood active father has, interestingly, no Wikipedia page — but there are lots of references to him.

    Elliott Rodger has been posting videos for years. Most are “sucks to be me” and “I’m lonely” and “Why don’t women throw themselves at me” but a few are in the “I’m awesome” category (literally, that last was the title, showing a minute of him winking and smirking at the camera alternating with how awesome it is to drive down the street in his daddy’s gift BMW).

    Anyone chancing upon these videos would be turned off rather quickly. I’d wager he spread the word about them himself.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

    • Since he was a psycho freak, it didn’t take long at all for females to turn a cold shoulder.

  14. What will happen? Social misfit 22 year old self-absorbed pitiful martyr virgins will finally get some.


    What a waste.

    • He wasn’t hideous looking, and he had a pretty sweet ride. His inability to get girls was entirely on his messed up personality and his desire to get only “10s”.

        • He only presented a high opinion of himself. If he had narcissistic tendencies then his actual opinion of himself was lowly. If he internally held that opinion of himself, he would’ve been a sociopath moreso than a narcissist. However, could’ve been either or more of one with a tinge of the other.

  15. I think one of the best ways to deal with the anti-gun response is to note the fact that making a big deal out of this incident is arguably racist and certainly classist. A black or Latino gangbanger guns down seven other black or Latino gangbangers in a bad part of L.A. or Chicago, and we call that a Saturday. A white, upper-class kid does it from a BMW in Santa Barbara, and suddenly Something Must Be Done. If the antis REALLY cared about doing something about gun violence in this country, they would support efforts to do something about drug and gang related violence, which is where the majority of violent crime in this country comes from. But since what they’re really after is disarmament because guns are scary, they focus on incidents like this, where violence crosses the tracks and comes into “our” part of the country.

  16. “If he purchased it legally, the gun control crowd will demand that ownership requirements be “strengthened.” If Rodgers had a history of mental illness, the National Shooting Sports Foundation will agree (in line with their Fix NICs campaign).”

    Bad idea, honestly. By allowing them to put more people on the ban list for “mental health” reasons, you simple are telling anyone who values their rights to never see a therapist of any sort. Feeling depressed because your family got killed in a car wreck and want to see a therapist? You just lost your Second Amendment rights for life.

    • +1 … Especially when defining objective standards is so hard and is subject to meddling by legislative fiat.

      For that matter, ask anyone who has a security clearance how comfortable they’d be talking “on the record” with a therapist.

      • Even the current system allows for abuses. If a therapist is anti-gun and knows that you own guns, they can simply claim that you threatened to kill yourself and have your forcibly committed. *BOOM* Instant permanent loss of your gun rights.

        • Which is why we should work to weaken the current system, rather than acquiescing to have it strengthened. The RTKBA is the natural/God given right of all men. And nature/God created the crazies as well.

    • The anti-gun crowd has never shown a strong ability to understand cause and effect relationships.

    • This is true it is an Executive OrderO Bama signed that if you see a therapist because of whatever say your depressed you lost your job, or a family member passed away,,, you lose your right to own a gun and there is a taskforce in place confiscating weapons, not only that every law abiding gun owner in the same household automatically loses their gun rights too, this is currently happening , I know its not told to you via the media tv news

  17. Rodger’s actions have been lauded on the site by other members who have called him a ‘hero.’

    Fvcked up world were livin in…

    Seriously, because you couldnt get some poontang? Sometimes I think I could be a life coach for kids like that…

    You know how to get better at talkin to chicks? Go talk to them poindexter!

    • I knew a guy like him in high school (in the sense that he couldn’t get a girl either). He ended up joining the Navy and paying for sex while on shore leave to get him out of the v-club. Ended up being good thing, for him at least, as he didn’t have any further problems interacting with women after that. Now he’s out of the closet and he was chasing something he wasn’t really interested in… go figure.

  18. The pundits in Cali and Washington will cry “blah blah gun owners blah blah make it illegaler something something for the children” while doing the same old song and dance in the blood of the victims. Nobody will screech for a ban on “assault rifles” because none were used in this case. It will later be discovered that the shooter was a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat (like his Hollyweird employed father) and some rambling manifesto will probably be found in a notebook under his bed or a hidden folder on his laptop. The MSM will then drop this story out of sight because once again they just didn’t get that special Right-wing extremist shooter they’ve always hoped for. We won’t hear the end of it for a few weeks, but what real legislative consequences remain will probably be contained to California. Are the responses getting predictable or what?

    • Mike Lupica might call for a ban on “assault rifles”. He may have already written a column doing so. Wouldn’t be the first time for him. Actually, how many gun-grabbers in the Shannon Watts-Mike Kelley mode do you think were or will be disappointed to find that no rifle was used?

      • Now that I think about it you’re right. the antis have always had a damned if it is, damned if it isn’t mindset. What specific aspects of the incident (“assault rifle” use, politics and race of shooter, etc) don’t play out in their favor will be made up for in emotional rhetoric and callous bloody shirt waving. If they used this to propose bans on everything from cap guns to .338 Lapuas I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest.

  19. And here’s the event that will get Klaus Kristie to sign the NJ mag cap Ban. He’ll do so in glorious splendor. Or just let it sit until it becomes law. Hell. its an AWB. Lets not call it something its not. If there’s a mag ban, it may as well be an AWB.

    • I’ve been saying this for a while: “Men who lack testosterone are a total danger to society.”

  20. Obama needs to get out in front of this. I mean, we are talking social justice here. This poor boy took matters into his own hands because society shunned him. They held him back, kept him down. Obama needs to call on every woman to spread her legs for the good of the nation! No more sexually frustrated men! Yes we can!

    • I can see the correlation here. I overhear so many at work speak of economic inequality on how it is unfair I make more money than them. Forget working hard, showing up to work on time or staying at work…seriously these guys tell me, “I am leaving work early to go watch a softball game, and the list can go on about their lack of work value but in the end they resent me because they want the same pay I make and Obama supports this though process.

      Here we have sexual inequality which is very similar, he is not only pissed he is not getting laid but resent those who are.

      This really is the result of not only the “entitlement” generation but they “we all need to be equal” and “we are all winners” generation.

  21. There’s a chance this will get buried. Money talks, and it’s why Hollywood in general gets away with raping kids, sexually harassing women, and engaging in racist or homophobic public outbursts–Hollywood is a huge source of funding for the DNC.

      • Hey now… let’s not lump those two together. One is a lot more respectable than the other.

    • Not a chance…is father was one of over a dozen “assistant directors” on the Hunger Games, and a low ranked on at that (second unit director, a title shared with several)

      He is the assistant director of one other movie, currently filming. And directed, wrote, filmed and starred in his own documentary. Most of his work is as a photographer.

      I have a friend from college (also, oddly, a photographer) that has a long list of credits in imdb…he is a nobody, expendable

  22. I hope that people just figure out this guy was several cards short of a full deck and it passes. For an example of just how messed up he was view this –

    After viewing some of his rantings I won’t be surprised if we come to learn that others may have been afraid of him already…

  23. What next? We post his kewl photos in his beemer all over just like he wanted!

    Other than that… probably nothing.

  24. I know! We should all Open Carry our rifles to educate people, and maybe get some food somewhere along the way. If you disagree, you are anti-gun!

  25. This is actual the second time that some type of mass killings has happen on Isla Vita. Which is a unincorporated community on the UC Santa Barbra campus. This first incident was known as the Isla Vista massacre. Back in Feb 2001 a student at UC Santa Barbra who is also the son Dan Attias a prominent TV director did the following.

    On evening of February 23, 2001, just after 11pm UCSB student David Attias drove his 1991 Saab down the 6500 block of Sabado Tarde Road at high speed into nine parked cars and five pedestrians, killing four and critically injuring a fifth. Attias ran the stop sign at the intersection of Sabado Tarde and Camino Pescadero at around 50 mph, during peak hours for foot traffic in Isla Vista. After slamming his Saab into two parked vehicles, he swerved and hit the pedestrians, sideswiping seven other vehicles in his attempt.

    When his vehicle came to a stop, Attias got out and began (or continued, reports vary about whether he was yelling while driving) shouting about darkness and government plots, according to witnesses, he yelled “I am the Angel of Death!” and attempted to pick up victim Ruth Levy by the arm, but quickly lost interest, as he was surrounded by bystanders.

    Police arrived shortly after the incident, and had to extricate Attias from a growing crowd. An unidentified first responder administered CPR to Arthur Levy, the sole surviving victim. In the initial aftermath, it was unclear if drugs were involved, as well as if the attack was intentional. Blood tests later showed that Attias was under the influence of marijuana and Lidocaine, neither deemed significant to the incident.

    Attias was charged with four counts of murder, four counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and five counts of felony driving under the influence. Residents of his hall told police and the campus paper that Attias had been known for his erratic behavior, including stalking of another student. Several students referred to him, with rolled eyes, as “Crazy Dave” and “Tweaker.”

    He was sentenced to 60 years in state mental hospital but in May 2012 he was released as a Judge ruled he was no longer a danger to society. Really !!

    It goes to show you do not need a firearm to kill people. Even if you were able to snap your fingers and every firearm in the US would disappear which we all know some people would prefer. There will always be a person who is mentally deranged that will figure out another way to harm others. Crazy is Crazy !!

    With that being said that does not give others the right to deprive me of the right to protect myself from people like David Attias and others who wish to harm me and my family .

    • Good find. But as usual, the anti crowd will either ignore this or go with the “at least less people died” angle that permeates the real issue that anti’s tend not to care about the victims unless it furthers their agenda.

  26. Bloody BMW drivers… Self obsessed, inconsiderate a-holes, every one of them! Prius drivers just don’t run around doing drive bys….

    More seriously, Heartiste will have a field day with this one. Couldn’t find a news story that better corroborates the manosphere view of all bad things stemming from lack of poon access.

  27. Here’s my gun control scheme: don’t give guns to leftists or progressives. Problem solved!

  28. Instead of spending time on books, courses and stuff on how to meet and talk to women, why don’t they just talk to them? Also it helps being somewhat interesting, funny and of course not being a creep. That last one is pretty important.

    • He could’ve also just paid for physical affection. I suspect that he had been raised on liberal ideas to the point that he couldn’t even conceive of visiting a sporting lady. Isn’t paying for sex frowned down upon by mainstream liberal feminists? I wager that a little money spent wisely would’ve unwound this guy somewhat. Then again, after viewing one of his videos I think he was a sociopath with narcissistic features at the core of his personality.

      • Sex without love does seem kinda pointless, just like the other way around. it is fun at first but then feels empty. Wasn’t it Hunter S. Thompson who said that?

        Not that I know any of this since I am almost incapable of emotion.

        • The impression his video and final actions left upon me was that he was obsessed with the physical gratification but wrapped it up in the notion that he was looking for emotional intimacy to the point that even he might have believed it. People who are actually looking for emotional intimacy will shunt that off into pets, hobbies, strong friendships, etc for a time if they are unable to achieve it over a significant period of time. He didn’t do that. He claimed to be a 22 year old virgin so I would’ve suggested that he experience the physical intimacy, even if that meant going to a pro, and then allow himself enough time to process what he was seeking. He was very young. He was very inexperienced and socially inept. He might not have been completely capable of sorting out what he was actually seeking. The physical intimacy might have cleared up some of the confusion for him. There are sex surrogates that deal with such things professionally. Of course, if he was a sociopath then all bets were off.

        • Hunter S. Thompson said so, and he is one of my idols. Though I don’t have much experience with all that “love” and things.

          To think, that one could be so crazy yet not get arrested (or jailed, pretty sure he got arrested).

  29. What happens next?

    The guy was a psycho that used a handgun.

    We need to ban assault weapons now.

  30. A few points:

    I do believe that a good CCW holder / armed defender could have made a difference. I can draw from concealment and drop aimed fire in less than 2 seconds. My police-grade 180 JHP .40 cal Winchester PDX is still effective through automotive glass and sheet metal. One of the reasons I carry stuff that can penetrate intermediate barriers – on duty and off – is to deal with a vehicular threat. Bad guys drive. If he is moving slowly enough to be making good hits, than any other good shooter could also be making hits on him. I am confident that many other shooters could do the same, although a pocket .380 would definitely be less than optimal for that task.

    Even a missed shot or a strike on the car near the shooter could cause spalling or airborne debris inside the vehicle which would make targeting other innocent civilians more difficult. Such an action would likely increase the stress level of the shooter and cause accuracy to suffer. Although BMWs typically have run-flat tires, shooting rubber could potentially be a legitimate last resort. The absence of return fire or meaningful resistance gives the mass murderer the minutes and seconds he needs to increase his body count and continue to carry out his sick fantasy.

    The CA gun control machine is probably going to have a flippin’ field day with this. Any details which are even remotely pro-gun – or do not support the gun control narrative – will be conveniently eliminated. I especially dread SB 396 – the magazine capacity ban which will retroactively ban any magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds or even *looks* like it can hold more than 10 rounds – for absolutely everyone except active-duty police officers. I can almost here the shrill cries that “more must be done” and “save the children” despite commenting on the best pro-gun website I know. CA has lots of anti-gun laws waiting in the wings and this will surely give them momentum.

  31. So because he had no lady skills whatsoever, he went on a killing spree.

    Mom and Dad should have whooped his a$S back to normalcy years ago, but ohhhh no, lets baby him and cater to his every need in a most liberal, head-patting, nondisciplinarian fashion of parenting.

    Too afraid to take himself out, so he lets it loose on everybody else.

    Little pus$y.

  32. I find it really sad that all you people can think about is what is going to happen with your guns when SEVEN PEOPLE JUST DIED. Have some respect.

    • Seven people were murdered in a place where the individual right to keep and bear arms is infringed. Gun control didn’t do a damned thing to stop this criminal and yet we will likely see this horrendous act used to force even more gun control. The conversation we are having is relevant and important towards the lessening or prevention of such murderous activities in the future. We are showing respect for the victims by attempting to minimize the potential for more victims of the senseless and dangerous gun control agenda.

    • It is tragic, yes. Then again for a little perspective, yesterday there were 3,562 abortions performed in the USA with not even a whisper from anyone. That was 3,562 human beings…..

      • Who were legally allowed to decide for themselves what happens inside their own bodies.

    • You’re damn right it’s sad. But the sad fact is that experience indicates that some putatively influential people will use those deceased as props to advance an agenda that has little if anything to do with saving lives, and lots if not everything to do with enlarging government control at the expense of individual liberty.

    • I respect life so much that I will defend it with a loaded firearm. CA politicians are trying to prevent that.

    • Jenny… WELL OVER SEVEN PEOPLE were MURDERD in CHICAGO last weekend but your glorious liberal propaganda isn’t talking about that, is it? You know why? because liberals are racists.

    • The world is overpopulated, who cares? They are responsible for CA laws, I am not. I don’t know them, feel about as much as I do for those Iraqis murdered for their religion last week.

  33. CNN is throwing it out there right now. Suggesting that anyone that wants to buy a gun in New York, California should be required to go through a mental health exam.

  34. “Rodgers committed his crime via drive-by shooting (as far as we know) blunts the pro-gun community’s usual reply to spree killing: gun control laws made it worse. There wasn’t an armed civilian to stop the killer. Or limit the carnage.”

    – reports are that he was driving relatively slowly.

    That aside, laws on the books in CA make it illegal to discharge a firearm from a moving vehicle.Or into another vehicle. Or into a house.
    etc etc etc

    • So, clearly, the reported event could not have happened. How excellent. Nothing more to see here.

  35. Hey CALGUNS, maybe you should take the initiative on this.

    How many other drive-bys happened in LA, Chicago, and NY this week? Just because this kid was well off and had a nice car doesn’t change the fact that it was a serial drive-by. Or do we as a nation just ignore the other drive-bys because… just some scary people of color?

    Maybe we can steer the fallout in a constructive direction for a change. Before all the professional garment-renders and teeth-gnashers show up.

    • “How many other drive-bys happened in LA, Chicago, and NY this week?”

      Yeah, but they didn’t kill pretty coeds there.

    • Not even 24 hours and prop parents are being trotted out on [presumably] major news media to make points for gun control. Who was that saying something about “show some respect”?

  36. Cops were notified about this loser two weeks ago. He also used a knife to kill three of these poor souls. No one is talking about “knife control” though? What about “BMW control”? We should ban BMWs because he used that vehicle in this attack? This loser isn’t a true gun owner.

  37. Ironic that this little sh*t’s father was in on the disgusting Hunger Games movies which portrayed young adults hunting and killing other kids. Kind of came home to roost, didn’t it, Dad?

  38. Wanna bet this kid was on every prescription drug imaginable, likely grew up on them? His parents- liberal agnostics or atheists, bet the kid had never been taught the value of anything except the expensive car he used in his rampage.

  39. “What happens next?”

    Prepare yourself for the inevitable storm. The local media is already blaming the NRA for the event.

  40. “…Three 9mm semi-automatic handguns were recovered from the suspect’s vehicle. Two of the guns were Sig-Sauer P226 models, and one was a Glock 34 long-slide. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms assisted the Sheriff’s Office in confirming that all of the weapons were legally purchased from federally licensed firearms dealers and were registered to the suspect. One weapon was purchased in Goleta, one in Oxnard and one in Burbank. All of the weapons were loaded. Rodger had in his possession 34 loaded ten round magazines for the Sig-Sauer pistol and 7 ten round magazines for the Glock pistol. Also recovered were five empty magazines for a Sig-Sauer pistol…”


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