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I believe the Sandy Hook spree killing was the direct result of a crazy/evil man enacting his insane/evil plan to murder innocent children (and staffers). As Dan will tell you, there were plenty of reporting inconsistencies during those early hours; misstatements that live forever on the Internet (apparently). But journalistic mistakes are not the same as a coordinated effort to take innocent life, for whatever purpose That said, I would like to know ALL the details of what happened that day. We as a society cannot expect to make intelligent decisions about how to prevent/limit future active shooter incidents unless we know exactly how these crimes occur (e.g., what role magazine capacity played in the killing). Not only does the public deserve an accounting from our public servants but the info void encourages potentially dangerous speculation. As above.

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    • Well isn’t it simple? Just show us the videos of him entering the building. I don’t want to see any of the other videos, but that isn’t hard to just show the videos of him entering the building or walking in the halls with the stolen AR-15.

      • Its not even worth calling you all idiots individually. Suffice it to say that a reasonable person does not look at the absence of specific evidence as evidence of absence, and you are clearly not reasonable.

        • You can’t even be bothered to spell my name right. Yeah, you’re totally the enlightened one.

        • So below you acknowledge ‘he’ was the shooter, and then you make some juvenile jab at me. Do you even know why you’re insulting me?

        • Pinky, you are right. A “reasonable” person just believes whatever the official story is and goes home. No reason to ask any questions, no reason to doubt what your masters have told you. Just turn on the TV and flip to your favorite channel, pop the top on a beer and relax.

        • Oh give it a rest Bill. You could have just copied and pasted the exact same thing said by any number of your like minded (mind is a loose term) and saved yourself the effort of spelling out specific logical fallacies.

          To be clear Bill – you aren’t enlightened. You aren’t asking questions. You sir, are the sheep. Don’t blame me for your lack of logic and critical thinking skills.

  1. The only part that I tend to question is what actually was used. I hate to say it, but I think the mere presence of an AR-15 at the scene changed the “official story” to fit an agenda.
    I spent that entire day sick to my stomach. My friends kept calling and texting “OMG, theyre gonna take teh gunz!” and I honestly couldn’t even think about it. All I could think about was defenseless kids getting mowed down by a sick coward. I couldn’t have cared less what he decided to use to do it, I just knew that dead was too good for this bastard.

    But it didn’t take long to see that people who split hairs and seek division were working hard to turn tragedy to agenda. So as soon as I saw the word “Bushmaster” on TV, I knew it didn’t matter if it was used, how it was used, etc, it would be the “killers weapon” from there on out.

    • Im with you. The conspiracy theories are just too far fetched, no way to shut up that many people. But I could see them intentionally mudding the waters about whether or not the AR was actually used. With a little help from the libby media disinformation can “leak” that can later be cleaned up with out much fuss, after the anti gun agenda has moved forward. “Oh did you hear the assault rifle was used at Sandy Hook, oops it turns out no, just some handguns now that our long drawn out investigation is closed!”. Kinda like the CIAs WMD plan I imagine. Possible at least

      • Discussed at length below – there’s a clear explanation and a failure to do thorough research before reaching a conclusion on your parts. These are two defining characteristics of conspiracy theories, and people that so lazily use murdered children to advance such theories should be ashamed.

    • Your right, he was a coward, and that is why he chose unarmed teachers and undefended children as his victims. More Guns Means Less Crime

    • Right, conspiracies NEVER happen. Never in human history have two or more people EVER conspired to rob a bank, embezzle, rape, murder, kidnap, cover up a story, etc. Ad nauseam. Cops NEVER plant drugs, use drop weapons or get together and create a story to cover their sanctified rears. Conspiracy theories are all just that: conspiracy theories. BTW, I have some lovely beach front property in northern Arizona for sale.

      • NO ONE said that. We all know straw men are the corner stone of idiotic conspiricist jabber, but at least don’t be so lazy about it.

        A cover up at Sandy Hook, the motives of which are incredibly dubious to start with, would involve literally hundreds, and potentially thousands of willing participants. If 9/11 is any indicator, somehow, magically, not a single one will come forward, and moronic slacktivists will continue to believe in the company line.

        Contrast this to, um, EVERY SINGLE ACTUAL CONSPIRACY IN HISTORY. They generally involve TINY groups of people (See: Enron), and people still snitch!

        I can’t see any way for a person to believe this stuff if they aren’t completely disconnected from the real world.

  2. This disturbs me since I try to keep an open mind and hear all sides of the issue. I do remember the initial accounts of the AR15 in the trunk, then the story changed and wondered about that. The video of them retrieving the rifle out of the car has just raised all of my red flags.
    A friend shared the Beghazi conspiracy theory recently and have to admit that it has some valid arguments and some way off base. What I’m left with is a fear that if this is truly the way of the political world now, God help us all.

  3. As morbid as asking for details sounds, I agree. We the people, need to have access to the information if we so choose, to make an informed decision. The amount of information presented, redacted, retracted, edited from the start til they got their stories straight is appalling. The “truthers” do make an interesting argument about the interviews with parents seeming to be a bit off. I cannot fathom what it is like losing a child; however, I think my reaction would be one that exuded devastation.

  4. I watched part of the video, and notice they are claiming the AR15 was in the trunk. The way they manipulate the charging handle on that weapon doesn’t make me think it was an AR, and I’ve heard others indicate they think the same.

    • Look closely at the footage of the police officer clearing the weapon. The gun in the trunk is almost certainly a shotgun, not an AR-15. There is nothing in that footage to contradict the current narrative that Lanza had two handguns and an AR-15 inside the school.

      • Agreed. You can even see a fairly large shell being ejected as they work the action. I think shotgun, as well.

  5. Don’t buy into the conspiracy theory B.S.; it makes you look like a tin-foil hat loon. Anyone who has served in the Military can tell you that when it comes to reports from the field, the first report is always wrong. That doesn’t mean there is some conspiracy going on, it means that in the “fog of war” it can be very difficult to say with certainty what happended, when it happended, and who was involved.

    Gun owners would be much better served in dealing with the reality of the situation today.

    • I would absolutely love to believe that there is no conspiracy, but history have proven time and again that the media and government cannot be trusted. I understand that there are going to be inconsistencies in events like this, but there are to many to believe arbitrarily what the media tells us.

      • It’s also proven time and time again that in every single real conspiracy there are whistle blowers, actual credible evidence and identifiable perpetrators.

  6. Guys. The conspiracy BS is a road we do NOT need to go down.
    1)it distracts us from the very REAL political threat we now face
    2)it does NOTHING to win over people who may otherwise be on the fence
    3)it provides ammunition to antis who what to point to examples of “gun nuttery”

  7. Its possible he didn’t use a rifle in any case antigun media is to blame they made there antigun minds up before the murders even happened.

  8. “We as a society cannot expect to make intelligent decisions…”

    Just stop right there.

    I’ll be the first to say conspiracy theories shouldn’t be jumped to based on little evidence, but I’m also the first to say I wouldn’t bat an eye at the revelation that the government killed Americans and orchestrated a Reichstag fire to further oppression. Happened before, will happen gain.

  9. I think this movie takes it’s theories a bit to far but, a
    lot of things do stink about this tragedy. I think most of
    it stems from premature and incomplete reporting.
    There are a few things that still stick out for me.
    The initial reporting of an AR 15 was found in the
    trunk of the car in particular. It’s entirely possible there
    was an extra and one was actually used in the shooting.
    The press could also have misreported what they heard.

    However, would I consider the possibility that state
    and/or federal law enforcement would actively lie about
    the weapon used in order to make an emotional case
    against “black rifles”? Yes, yes I would. Considering
    how this administration has repeatedly covered up
    scandals and possible criminal behavior (Fast and
    Furious, Solyndra, Bengazi) I find it hard not to atleast
    entertain the possibility. Regardless of whether this
    feeling is true or not, it is impossible to say the this
    administration did not immediately politicize the
    shooting in order to push an agenda.

    • Consider that for this conspiracy to work it would need to involve:

      Every SHPD officer who reported
      Every State Police officer who reported
      Every Federal officer who reported
      Every EMT
      The survivors (at least those who saw the assailant)
      The doctors and nurses
      The coroner
      The coroner’s staff
      The morticians

      Most of these people would have little reason to cooperate. The conspiracy would be run by the sort of folks who failed to organize an orgy in a Colombian brothel.

      Meanwhile, what would be the point? Does Cuomo really care what sort of gun was used? Obama? DiFi?

      • and that is a giant red herring if there ever was one.

        yes, it is utterly far fetched for a entire town of emergency responders to be “in” on a operation that would require compartmentalized information.

        “What follows is not an argument that the report of the Sandy Hook shootings is a hoax. What follows is an argument that suspicions are created when agenda takes precedence over reporting and discrepancies in reports are left unresolved.” -Paul Craig Roberts, “Agenda Prevails over Truth”

        • Ugh. Quit spamming. We all know generating views and hits is what the whole “truth” movement is all about.

        • “We all know generating views and hits is what the whole “truth” movement is all about.”

          and disinformation is what people like you are all about. it seems were at a crossroad.

  10. I was deployed last year to Afghanistan (a few time before that as well) and responded/investigated a number of Green on Blue and suicide attacks. The one thing you could always count on was the first reports would never be right. These were also events that occurred rather often so we had established procedures, as well as lots of resources and practice to get things right. Now given none of this is the case in Sandy Hook it would be fishy if they didn’t mess up or the story never changed as they figured out what really happened (AKA Fog of War).

    • +1000

      My experience in Afghanistan in 08-09 mirrors Mike’s. I reviewed many command investigations on battle mishaps, civ cas, collateratal damage, etc., and the inital report is always wrong. Even when events were investigated by several different organizations (Command, CID, Army/AF safety office) there were always inconsistancies. That does not mean that there was a vast conspiracy evertime something bad happened.

        • I’m not saying that consipricy has never happened (thanks McCrystal) I’m only saying that the battlefield or a crime scene of this magnitude is a chaotic place where things often don’t “add up” or fit into perfect equations of logic. That in and of itself does not necessarily mean that something nefarious is afoot. Chaos and confusion are the norm.

        • i WISH that was my website.

          unfortunately its not. i couldnt even hold a candle to Michael Ruppert’s work. BTW, that is THE website that exposed the Pat Tillman cover-up. its not some dumb conspiracy reptillian soapbox. show some respect.

          ShawnP, i completely understand what you mean and im with you. I did two tours in Afghanistan and clusterf^ck was something more normal than extraordinary.

      • To WLCE: Respect for the two tours brother. If the American public though Iraq was a mess, Afghanistan was far worse. What a total mess. When I was there in 2009, the Two Star couldn’t explain the mission if you put a gun to his head (no one could).

        • it will get worse before it gets better, thats for sure.
          the shit that still goes on over there never ceases to amaze me.

  11. the 24/7 infotainment channels are not to be confused with responsible or quality journalism. there is a big incentive for them to report whatever as fast as possible and none to report accurately and well researched news.

  12. somebody google “operation gladio” please. Or “fast and furious” or “building 7”

    Can we seperate “conspiracy theory” from “uncomfortable truth”?

    And WAY more importantly:

    is it too much to expect the guys the guys(CNN, FOX, NBC, etc) TO ASK A F<CKING HARD QUESTION now and then instead of waiting for the AP and such to tell you its news and then reading from an official government statement?

    Why cant we even ASK about conspiracy theories without ad hominem attacks, like tinfoil hats?

    Is it so bad to expect diligence or curiousity from journalists?

    Why can't we ask? Why don't we receive evidence in return instead of invective?

    I am so not alone here, and i am also very not crazy.

    • Kind of like the lack of info on the wounds of those in Aurora. Within days of Sandy Hook the ME was declaring all had multiple wounds from an AR, but from Aurora now what over 3 months old, we don’t know anything about the victims wounds. Just that he had an AR with a 100 round magazine! Seventy people wounded in a short amount of time, in the dark, with people fleeing the theater….sorry, sounds like shotgun wounds to me.

      • It is not the public’s right to know every intimate detail of a victim’s medical condition. There is still some right to privacy in this country.

        • Not to mention the fact that none of that information (or lack thereof) would be indicative of any vast conspiracy.

          Insertnamehere: people react with repulsion because you don’t have an argument, and you aren’t seeking the truth. You’re trying to advance fringe beliefs at the expense of the actual truth and the feelings of those devastated by this unconscionable attack. Oh, and the public image of 2nd amendment advocates everywhere.

          Go away. Retreat to your crack pottery forums and let the grownups deal with this in a logical, emotionally sound manner while you and your unbalanced friends pontificate endlessly about vacuums in evidence.

        • “people react with repulsion because you don’t have an argument, and you aren’t seeking the truth. ”

          neither are you. if you perceived “insert name here’s” comment as “trying to advanced fringe…” then you have a serious reading comprehension problem.

          Its real easy for people like you: others ask the difficult questions and then you sit on the sidelines and shit on everybody.

        • Again, you aren’t asking questions. You’re pointing to vacuums in evidence that are always present in situations like this, making unreasonable demands and refusing to accept the preponderance of evidence that indicates you’re wrong. You are not a truth seeker. You are not enlightened. You are wrong.

        • im pointing to vacuums? which ones would those be?

          I reserve the right to question everything since its my rights that are on the line. is that so hard to understand?

        • ensitu says:
          January 16, 2013 at 17:33
          Actually SCOTUS has ruled that citizens have NO RIGHT to privacy, not even inside their own homes

          Stick to your day job ensitu. I don’t know what court you are talking about but the court created the right to privacy when it did not exist in the text of the constitution. Abortion is still legal in this country right? = Privacy Rights

    • They could also google Operation Northwoods, or the sinking of the Maine, or the Gulf Of Tonkin incident. I don’t know if Sandy Hook was staged or not, and I wouldn’t want to jump to that conclusion without hard evidence. However, I can’t say that it’s impossible for this government to do something completely underhanded in order to make policy either.

        • Totes, because the TUSKEGEE experiments, which can be demonstrated by mountains of documentation, admitted participants and whistle blowers totally parallels what you’re suggesting.

  13. I just spent 40 minutes unbending some minds warped by this crap. The crisis actor theory comes from people who also believe Adolf Hitler was played by an actor named Kermit Roosevelt.

  14. Lets believe that everything happened the way it did and there is no doubt. What i want to see are pictures from the scene. I am going to assume that every cell phone these days has a camera and pretty much every adult has a phone. So where are the pictures? A guy falls onto the subway tracks in NYC first thing someone does before helping him is take a picture. Car accidents, fires, whatever, someone is snapping away. Bullet holes, a stretcher even a drop of blood? If someone has seen it can you share.

    • Yeah dude. Demanding pictures of murdered children is full blown reasonable and the public at large is gonna be super sympathetic to our cause in light of that. You aren’t being unreasonable at all, I admire your tact and in no way, shape or form are you completely disconnected from reality and logical thought.

      • Where do i ask to see the kids? All I am saying is that its weird that there are no photos of the actual scene. Even from outside not a picture of the wall or glass nothing. I want to believe that no one is lying and all the facts are out there but again it seems a little strange . Understand if someone is going to tell me i cant have certain things or live a certain way because of this then i want to hear and see all the facts and not from the media.

        • Crime scene photos are rarely made available, and it’s kind of hard for witnesses to leak photos when the witnesses are all dead.

      • 600 kids and faculty. I dont think all the witnesses are dead. Why do you have a problem with people asking questions? Do you believe all the facts are out there about this?

        • For the 4 billionth time, conspiracy theorists want to ask questions like gun controllers want to have a discussion.

          In the two rooms the shooting occurred in there were NO survivors, and for whatever reason I don’t think anyone else felt like swinging in to snap a few candids.

      • You make no sense. When someone comes to take your shit away make sure not to ask any questions they might accuse you of being a conspiracy theorist. Dont bother responding.

        • Two completely different things. Ardently supporting the 2nd amendment is not contingent upon believing that everything awful in the world is attributable to a shadowy secret government operation.

  15. The latest information I can find on the “Interweb” is from December 23rd. While I realize that LE needs time to perform their jobs, it’s also important to be transparent. If not – that’s what feeds conspiracy theories…

  16. Why has the media not shown any footage of the killer with the gun? They’d love nothing more than to do that and Sandy Hook is supposedly saturated in cameras. I’m not sure the official story (is there one?) is true.

    • I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the reason that they’re not showing any pictures of Adam Lanza with a gun is that they don’t have any pictures of Adam Lanza with a gun.

      It’s crazy. I know.

      • This is not at all inconceivable. At Columbine (I had to look it up), they got to the school at 1110, and the shooting commenced at 1119. They killed themselves at 1208. The only time they were captured on camera was the 30 seconds or so that you’ve seen on the news, when they reentered the cafeteria at 1144. They might have been captured on camera earlier, when they first got there and were dropping off the bombs in the cafeteria, but a custodian was changing the tape in the security camera at that time.

        So, almost an hour on campus, roaming all over the campus, and we have 30 seconds of video of them. Sandy Hook was over in 20 minutes, and he didn’t get very far into the school. No video is a distinct possibility.

        • You had to go and mention the custodian, didn’t you? Now we’re going to have to listen to a million different nutjobs opine that the custodian was in on it, the timing was too suspicious to be a coincidence, the custodian is clearly taking a second paycheck from the lizard warrior emperor mind-controllers, etc etc…

          Kidding. But not really. OK, a little.

  17. AR, shotgun, pistol. Blah, blah, blah. Did those distinctions matter to the NY Legislature, when they effectivly banned many models of all three with the pistol grip restriction and 7 round mag limit? Only gun nerds like us obsess about such things. To the antis and the ignorant neutrals, it doesn’t matter. All guns are “scary”.

    What did you do today to counter the tide? Since all the 9mm Luger and 45ACP is sold out, I found some 40S&W and 38 Special online for a good price yesterday.

    Guess what? I didn’t buy it. Instead I spent the $300 bucks I had on upgrading my NRA membership, buying a membership for my wife, and stamps for letters I wrote to my elected officials; federal, state and local. Including the county sherriff.


    • Well done. I tip my hat to you, sir. Hopefully more people will get the idea.

      I’ve been doing much the same. It’s hard to justify spending $1500+ for the really, really nice AR upper I want when it’s clear that the money should be going to fight the confiscators right now.

  18. It appears the footage of the shotgun was taken after full dark. The contents of the car- including the “assault”rifle- were originally reported by 2pm on 12/24. I recall hearing this live, and that it was about 45 minutes after my late lunch. Why would there then be a discovery of the shotgun at least four hours later? I think this film gets it wrong: it IS a shotgun nit a rifle. But why is it being discovered again after dark? Is there proof this was the Lanza vehicle?

    I would think a careful approach would be prudent. I do not understand how asking questions- or even drawing the wrong conclusions- is dangerous as RF states. And this video does raise questions that should be answered, such as those raised at the end about the misdated or phony memorial websites created days earlier, as well ad the lack of internal and external footage of the incident and the later response.

    I have to question any who rush to throw out tinfoil remarks and accuse others of being insane when those supposed nuts only have questions. This tactic is far too close to those of the antigun effort for me to view it as anything other than suspicious.

  19. It was the work of a crazy/evil mad man because the TV told that’s what happened.

    No proof, just endless TV footage of media reporters giving you a play-by-play, first responders showing up in militarized gear/weapons drawn, and grieving families. Again, all presented to you via the TV.

    What really creeped me out is a press release from Visionbox on Halloween of last year (10/31/2012) about there new group of actors who are now available nationwide for full-scale active shooter drills.

    Visionbox can supply everything from the shooter(s), the victims, 1st responders, media reporters, citizens calling 911, all the way to the posting on social media of play-by-play events. They also state that “security camera footage is edited for after-action reports”.

    They state that the actors they use aren’t just run of the mill extras, but “range from Shakespeare to contemporary American theater, enables them to “stay in character” throughout an exercise, and improvise scenes of extreme stress while strictly following official exercise scenarios.”

    I’m not saying that this is definitive proof that Sandy Hook was entirely staged, but a company does exist that has the ability to stage an entire event just like it.

    Think the Govt cant create entirely false “Active Shooter” events because too many people would have to be in on it…think again!

        • Another corner stone of every good conspiracy theory – list a bunch of perceived gaps in evidence, even ones that have been roundly debunked, and then demand explanations of to a degree that no one but a person completely disconnected from reality would consider reasonable. You do this until your opponent gives up out of frustration. My idiot brother in law is a truther and I’ve wasted countless hours trying to calmly explain physics, thermodynamics and all around logic to him to no avail. You can lead a jackass to water….

          Generally I wouldn’t care… I’d say enjoy your dumb little world of conspiracy play time. The problem here is that you’re throwing everyone else under the bus with your idiocy and setting a bad example. We’ve got a long, hard fight ahead of us and we don’t need you feeding our opponents.

        • Did you just learn that phrase or something? We all heard you the first time, and I’m not entirely convinced you understand what it means.


          Dish out some more…I love it…my entire office loves it!

          Blinky Pete is hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • “Another corner stone of every good conspiracy theory – list a bunch of perceived gaps in evidence, even ones that have been roundly debunked, and then demand explanations of to a degree that no one but a person completely disconnected from reality would consider reasonable.”

          youre arguing against a wall. where have i said that sandy hook was a giant government conspiracy???

          asking questions seems too sacrilegious right now.

          “You do this until your opponent gives up out of frustration.”

          well “honesty” or a genuine “i dont know” are far less expensive in terms of physical energy. funny how that is.

          “My idiot brother in law is a truther and I’ve wasted countless hours trying to calmly explain physics, thermodynamics and all around logic to him to no avail. You can lead a jackass to water….”

          oh well you seem to be the nexus of truth about 9/11.

          then i would expect your own book dismantling the 1500 footnotes and mountain of evidence provided. i wont hold my breath.

          “Generally I wouldn’t care… I’d say enjoy your dumb little world of conspiracy play time. The problem here is that you’re throwing everyone else under the bus with your idiocy and setting a bad example. ”

          I dont deal with conspiracy theory i deal with conspiracy fact. asking questions is not catering to “conspiracy play time” and curiosity should never be ostracized. the ignorance of some people on here is utterly amazing.

          “We’ve got a long, hard fight ahead of us and we don’t need you feeding our opponents.”

          sorry f^ck, but we have already had our rights pissed on over the past 11 years over the stupidity of not asking questions. you can blindly accept the ludicrous media all you want but it becomes my business when dishonesty affects my civil rights.

      • Are you trying to tell me that Visionbox doesn’t exist?

        You’re ad hominem attack shows you to be the disgusting idiot.

        • Nope, I’m saying that you’re unequivocally wrong, you’re damaging our credibility as a whole and you’re a tactless and cruel person with no basis in reality.

        • blinkypete,

          At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought.

          Everyone in this room is now dumber for having read your comments.

          I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul!

        • Well, before I thought you were an just an idiot regurgitating basic Latin and crap you gleaned from YouTube videos, but having experienced your ability to quote Billy Madison I’ve now seen the light. You’re right, and everything we know about logic and reason is wrong. Well played.

        • …when exactly did I say I was being objective? Never mind. I’ll take a number 4 with a coke.

  20. The pieces should fit and they don’t. If it happened the way we are being told it did (which has changed several times), then why don’t the pieces fit???

    • Probably because you’re the type of person the doesn’t understand the rules for treatment of evidence, progression of investigation, privacy or critical thinking.

      • or perhaps chas does and thats why they dont fit???

        LOL. i love how protective and personal people are getting over a few questions being asked.

        you are the perfect example, blinkypete, of why we went to war in iraq.

        • It’s funny how people get all touchy when a bunch of idiots marginalize the deaths of 27 innocent people, including 20 children. The nerve, huh?

          I was staunchly against the war in Iraq by the way. I just didn’t think there was any case for it. You’d think a shadow government trying to justify something like that, and one with the ability to stage a massive attack on its own country without a single witness speaking out would attribute said attack to the country it wants to invade. Makes me wonder why not one of the hijackers in that meticulously planned false flag was Iraqi. Whoops!

        • “It’s funny how people get all touchy when a bunch of idiots marginalize the deaths of 27 innocent people, including 20 children. The nerve, huh?”

          Yeah shame on them

          where have i heard that argument before? oh yeah


  21. just because people ask questions, doesnt mean they should be discarded in the bin of conspiracy theorists.

    there’s a difference between conspiracy fact and conspiracy theory.

    • Great point. In fact, it’s such an excellent idea that I think you should start a website and host the conspiracy theory-vs-fact discussions there, so that you can maintain focus on the conversation without all of this 2A politics and gun-review clutter getting in the way.

      • i dont have to start a website. has been available for some time.

        “so that you can maintain focus on the conversation without all of this 2A politics and gun-review clutter getting in the way.”

        The website focused on “2A politics and gun-review clutter” has decided to start a sandy hook conspiracy theories thread. Im responding. if you dont like the f^cking thread, then dont visit it and dont try to blame getting off subject on me. simple solution no?

        • He doesn’t seem to have a problem with the thread, I think he’s just taking issue with the petulant conspiracy masturbators clouding the greater discussion and making us all look like lunatics. In the context of this thread, I think what he said was pretty on topic.

        • “In the context of this thread, I think what he said was pretty on topic.”

          youre f^cking kidding me right?

          look at the title of the thread for christs sake!

          my point is not to dismiss real conspiracies in pursuit of grinding a axe with sandy hook conspiracy theorists.

          jesus christ. do you people even f^cking read anymore?

        • WLCE, this may surprise you, but…

          You make a fair point. I was treating this thread as a bait pot to draw the conspiracy theorists out into the open so I could snipe at them, but that was unfair of me. My motivation was the same as in many other threads where things get a little, um, shaky on the reality-based thinking: I didn’t want gun owners to be seen as tacitly embracing any of these positions by declining to refute them.

          I was wrong, and I’ll leave you and your wretched hive of scum and villainy* to your discussion.


          *Star Wars joke. Not an insult.

        • “I was wrong, and I’ll leave you and your wretched hive of scum and villainy* to your discussion.”

          dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!

        • WCLE, is it correct that you’re the one who said my feelings were hurt above? It took you roughly 5 minutes to make a complete and utter hypocrite of yourself with that pathetic temper tantrum above. It’s not about our ability to read, it’s about your inability to coherently describe your point of view without a carpet bombing of emotional napalm.

          I’m done. You aren’t worth my time.

        • if you think im having a temper tantrum over electrons posted on a screen, they you are very mistaken.

          hurt feelings? im not the one storming off the post in a circle of fury. LOL. if you had your feelings hurt, then im sorry. ill be more gentle next time. if you frequent TTAG, chances are i will still love you.

          this was very entertaining though. its a tragedy that all good things must come to a end.

  22. I have been following these conspiracy theories since the start. I try to approach them with an open, if somewhat sceptical mind.

    So, far, I have been able to debunk or at least dismiss most most of the conspiracies listed. But one thing still bothers me: How is it possible that the screen captures I’ve seen show facebook and donation sites related to the shooting dated as much as THREE days prior to the event?

    I believe there is a plausible explanation, yet, so far, no one has been able to offer me one that makes sense.

        • Goto 23:00 into the video. The accusation has been made for quite some time about 9/11 that the government was running numerous anti-terror drills (simulations) of attacks on the Pentagon and the WTC the day of the attack. The idea is, if you pre-suppose a government conspiracy, that you create a drill that resembles the action you’d like to carry out thus helping to mask it. In addition to 9/11, you had similar drills before 7/7 in London and, as this video alleges, Sandy Hook. It may mean something, it may mean nothing. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

        • hey stop asking questions you traitors!

          youll make gun owners look bad!

          you have NO right to question your media! love them and accept their universal truth for your enlightenment!


  23. One thing to say…..research for yourself, and draw your own conclusions. Don’t keep bandying the issue from what others post……

  24. I understand why some of you are skeptical. Talking about this stuff in public makes us look bad, there’s no denying that.

    But let’s get real, there is not going to be any kind of legal proceeding related to Sandy Hook. Adam, the alleged perpetrator, and his allegedly negligent mother are both dead. So how does anyone prove anything in regard to what happened at Sandy Hook? What an odd coincidence that this incident occurred only three miles from the headquarters of the NSSF, who run our beloved SHOT.

    We cannot forget who we are dealing with here. We have defeated these pinko shit-kickers time and time again, American tradition and the intent of the founding fathers is on OUR side. They haven’t got shit to be used against our cause other than the wailing of concerned mothers… and man are they wailing now.

    What are we to do? Let them vilify us with impunity? I don’t think that demanding a full, independent accounting of the events at and immediate response to Sandy Hook is irrational and they can only call us conspiracy theorists if we allow them to control the narrative. There are many things about Sandy Hook that simply do not make sense, there is also plenty of rumor. We should all be very careful about attaching our name to anything that is questionable – but there are questions that are simply not going to get asked, unless we ask them, due to the lack of a perp to collar for the deed.

    I have previously worked for a company called “The Chimes” that provides residential and vocational services for people with problems like Adam Lanza’s. Autism, Mental Retardation, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Prader Willi syndrome, etc. It is very surprising to me that Adam was not institutionalized, given what I have seen.

    “Consumers” at the Chimes typically only receive limited “unsupervised time” because individuals with these kinds of handicaps can easily get into serious trouble or hurt others. Admittedly, his parents were supposedly very wealthy but it just doesn’t add up. From the anecdotes we’ve been fed regarding how Nancy Lanza had to walk on egg shells with her son, she was extremely negligent not to have him under constant professional supervision. That or the story we’ve been told is a complete and total fabrication. Either way, gun ownership is not the problem. We are either being lied to or Nancy Lanza was an extremely irresponsible parent.


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