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Gemtech makes some pretty spiffy silencers. I’m an AAC fanboy, but some of their stuff has even me starting to stray from the One True Path. And to feed those new silencers and guns being purchased, Gemtech has decided to start making their very own 300 AAC Blackout ammunition. From scratch. Which, when you think about it, is pretty awesome . . .

The load they’ve come up with is a 187 grain all-lead moly-coated bullet with a plastic ballistic tip, that runs at exactly 1,010 feet per second and (according to claims) is MoA accurate. Needless to say, we’ve asked for some ammo to verify that claim. And some more to shoot and giggle after each round. Because subsonic ammo is friggin’ awesome with a silencer.

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    • Why do you hate it? That’s a two part question:

      a) Why do you dislike .300BLK?
      b) Why do you care enough to “hate” it?

      • A-
        1- It registeres highly on my fad scale indicator.
        2- Caliber hispters will appear and ridicule me if I ever get around to getting one.
        3- I am an AK man, and I keep hearing that this is “like the 7.62×39.”

        B- People will take this and stop the already tiny demand for 9×39. Seriously, 9×39 would be sweet…

        • I suppose I can’t disagree much with your reasons, although #2 seems silly. I learned real quick in this game to argue facts, avoid opinions, and stay the F out of the caliber wars. People who offer substantive opinions are welcome; people who offer ridicule are quickly consigned to the circular file.

          Hate still seems a little strong to me.

  1. If Nick Leghorn “cuts a hole in the box” on one of those cases of 300BLK ammo, it’s time to turn off the cameras and tell the womenfolk to avert their eyes…


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