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The P226 was my first handgun, and continues to be my favorite. But for some, the “stopping power” of a 45ACP cartridge is a requirement. And then they’re limited to the P220 which is a single-stacked handgun. SIG SAUER wanted to combine the power of the P220 with the capacity of the P226, all without sacrificing any comfort or making the gun much larger. And I believe they have succeeded . . .

The P227 might have a wider frame than the P220 or P226, but the grips make up for it. Instead of the standard two-piece plastic grips that come on the P226, the P227 comes with a set of one-piece grips that are much slimmer. While the overall result is still a slightly larger handgun, in reality I think it fits my massive bear paws better than the P226. Also included in the design is a cut under the trigger guard that makes the grip feel much smaller, as well as a redesigned mainspring housing that takes up less space.

The P227 Nitron will be the first model released, clocking in at right about a grand. After that, the next model on the market will be an SAS version that’s designed for concealed carry usage. The nice thing is the frame is exactly the same between the fullsize and the carry version, meaning that if you buy one gun and a replacement slide you’re good to go.

Also on the wall (but not talked about for some reason) is an SAS version with ALL the bells and whistles. It’s $200 more than the base version, but comes with the milspec rail, threaded barrel and apparently an extended magazine. If I were buying one, that would be the one I’d buy. And then a .45 ACP can.

The gun feels great. And yesterday at the range, it shot great. I think SIG has a real winner on their hands.

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  1. Can I get a thicker trigger for it? I love my P226, but that slim trigger is not as comfortable as the older style, fat trigger.

    • Yes, you can buy a “normal” trigger blade for any Sig Classic series P22X gun, instead of the SRT (Short Reach Trigger) which is not to be confused with the SRT (Short Reset Trigger) which is a sear/safety level combo.

  2. Dunno, I’ll have to shoot one to decide — the grip on the P220 is the best natural fit for my hands and shooting mechanics that I’ve found on any pistol. Maybe they worked a miracle here, but I doubt it’s possible to go to a double-stacked 45 mag and keep the same ergonomics. I’ll be really happy if they have done the improbable, though.

  3. Here I am worried that I’m going to have to ship my handguns off to relatives for safe keeping while others are talking about cans and other things I’ll never own. I’m insanely jealous.

    • I’m carefully ignoring all of the editorial content about suppressors, because I live in CA and our laws are based on what our legislators see in action movies. (sigh)

  4. Now THIS is what I was waiting for! I want one so bad I can taste it. I will wait for the SAS version which should(in theory , hopefully) have the SRT trigger and night sights.

  5. By the way, any word when those 357 SIG 1911’s are coming out? They talked about them last year @ SHOT then nothing.

  6. I do like SIG quality but I don’t like SIG prices. You can do just as well with an XD/m or Glock in 45 ACP for whole lot less money. I will pay a extra for a 1911 because it is an iconic firearm but not for a everyday plastic gun.

    • There is abasolutely nothing plastic (except the wrap around grip) on this gun…. You definitely get what you pay for with any SigSauer. I have had my P229 and P239 for more than 15 years and never had issue one with either.

    • Take a few armorer classes, get certified in some weapon platforms, talk to people who regularly shoot/depend on their sidearm for a living, and you will quickly figure out Sig pistols (both their classic and newer polymer) are top shelf, and command a higher premium.

      • Double stack with only ten rounds? But the single stack already holds 8. Well that’s a disappointment.

        • Not really, it’s just math/size/space/geometry. The HK45 is an equally as large gun (or larger) and it only holds 10 rounds with a flush magazine.

  7. My first gun was the P229 in 40 S&W. No argument on the superior feel of these pistols in the hand. I love it. I still shoot it all the time. It is the only thing I can shoot right now, as both 40 S&W and 357 SIG can still be found at reasonable prices in a few stores and online.

    Back to the P227. I don’t see how 2 more rounds in a flush fit mag is such a big improvement on the P220. I guess I don’t see how 10 rounds of 45ACP is so much more superior to 15 rounds of 40S&W either, especially when the former is unavailable.

    • Particularly given the ballistics on top-shelf 40SW rounds like Winchester Silvertip 155gr. 500 ft-lb muzzle energy, still supersonic at 50 yards.

    • I think one of the biggest draws is a lot of people complained about how thin the P220’s were (didn’t fit into large hands well), and it’s arguably easier to load a double stack mag with the top being angled, etc.

  8. Ehh. I mean… eh. Ill just wait on high point to release their new xr45 with 22 round capacity for 129.95$

  9. I will stay with my p220. Did me right as a primary duty weapon. No longer on the force,I’m still comfortable with it in my Galco shoulder rig.

  10. If you already have a P220 I can see the comment that 10 + 1 is not enough more of a good thing. On the other hand if you are looking for your first Sig P22(x) in 45 ACP, the 227 may be great news. For me it was great news and I really like my new P227R Equinox.

  11. I’m viewing this on the mobile platform, so maybe you’ve already made the following corrections to the full web version of the article. The SAS is not the one “with all the bells and whistles”. That’s the Tactical. Heck, you can see the name of it in the picture. The frame of the SAS and Nitron are not the same. The most obvious is the SAS (Sig Anti-Snag) does not have a rail. There is a Carry model that you may be referring to.

  12. Any one knows who makes either a leather holster or kidex holster for a SIG-227R. I purchased one SIG227R and I have been unable to find a holster for the gun. I heard that a P226R holster fits the P227R. Please reply, thanks

      • Thanks, for your reply. I have to admit that after I posted my comment. I found that “High Noon Holsters” in Tarpon Springs, FL (north of Tampa, FL) specifically makes a holster for the SIG 227R. When I contacted them they indicated that when the SIG 227R came out they knew that it was going to be a very popular gun and they decided to have that model available. For any one interested to make contact with High Noon Holsters, they have an excellent web site with their products. I have High Noon Holsters for a SIG226 , a SIG228/229 that I have and the holster are outstanding. Check the High Noon Holster web site…

  13. I own the P227 Nitron full frame version. I love the fit/finish of this weapon. However in my 1st shooting session it failed to fire 2 out of 50 rounds. I was shooting 185 grain Nosler match grade JHP rounds. The 227 ejected the spent round but hung up the fresh round. I will put it through more testing this weekend. If I get the same results I’m going to trade it off.

  14. I am planning to shoot another 50 rounds of Nosler along with Golden Saber, Buffalo Bore and ASYM. I had researched the P227 high and low for months before purchasing. It’s a major let down having it fail me out of the box.

  15. I wonder, why the USN Seals who are issued the SIG 226 in 9mm, they have not adopted the SIG 227 in .45?

    • The vanilla Teams will have this soon for use with a can. Not sure about Dam Neck.

  16. I bought a P227TAC, for CCW, in a Miami Vice Galco rig. I enjoy it more than my 1911 series 80 Colt, because of the short reset trigger. The bigger capacity it nice too. It has shot properly, for 1000 rounds at least. The night sites are really nice also.

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