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Sam’s firing a Model S&W500 Bone Collector loaded with a 700-grain bullet at the American Firearms School, courtesy of TTAG commentator Joe Matafome. More large caliber hand cannon goodness to follow . . .

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  1. I’ve had several men shoot my 500’s and they only want to fire them once. Sam shot all 3 of the 500’s one after the other and she used the 300, 350, 500, 600, and 700 grain rounds. Sam is the first woman I saw shoot a 500 in person, and she did an awesome job. This woman has no fear, I’ve had at least five people ask for a new lane because they didn’t want to be near the 500’s, but Sam just wanted to keep on shooting. Thanks Robert and I hope you show Sam shooting the other two 500’s.

  2. I’d like to ask a serious question without getting all you macho boys and girl upset at me. Wasn’t that dangerous and stupid? Didn’t she (is that Sam) almost lose control of the gun? It almost looked like those Youtube videos where the girl gets hit in the face from the recoil and all the boys are laughing and giggling. I know it wasn’t that, but almost.

    As willing and fearless as she is, isn’t there a point at which you say no, that particular gun with that particular round is too heavy for you? This would apply to younger shooters too, I would think, or even men who aren’t very strong.

  3. I don’t understand why mikeb bothers coming on this site since he hates guns and enjoys putting other people down. Sam is an experienced shooter with excellent safety skills. She had no problem with all three of the 500’s and maintained complete control at all times. Big guns have big recoil, and even some little guns have big recoil. These 500’s are not for inexperienced shooters. You also don’t have to be strong or a man to handle this gun, you just have to know what you’re doing and do it safely.(as Sam did)

    • Actually Joe, I don’t hate guns or like to put people down. I tried to set up my observations and questions in such a way as to avoid that exact impression. But, I couldn’t fool you, huh?

      I asked was what she did in that video dangerous. I asked is there a line beyond which you have to say to some people, this gun is too heavy for you.

      Is something wrong with those questions Joe? I don’t think so.

      Now, forgive me for saying it, but it looked to me like Sam barely held onto the gun and was pushed back a step or two even. Is that normal?

      Is it not possible for you to consider those ideas without getting all defensive and aggressive?

  4. Joe, mikeb does not hate guns and enjoy putting other people down. Mikeb hates other people and enjoys putting guns down. There’s a difference.

    • That is a much better explanation of Mikeb’s actions than I could come up with. I was thinking more along the lines of imputing deep seated psychological problems caused by childhood trauma and evinced in bedwetting and vituperative idiocy. Since it would have been pure guesswork on my part, I am glad I didn’t go there.

      • I couldn’t have said it better Bob. I wasn’t being aggressive, I was there and saw how well she shot about 7 rounds thru three 500’s while maintaining full control. This video shows her handling the recoil of the most powerful production round (700 grain) on the market. The range officer was there to help if needed.

        • Joe, I’m posting a piece with three videos so that TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia (including you of course) can explain the relative importance of gun size, weight, caliber, grain count and technique. Ten minutes.


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