Lucian K. Truscott IV (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)
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Now someone at Salon — a sixth generation grandson of Thomas Jefferson — is falling on his fainting couch after learning that some Americans like to shoot at long distances. The horror…the horror….

Maybe he’s never heard of PRS. In any case, it’s clearly time to do away with these “military-grade killing machines.”

Take a minute and look at all the military-speak gun-culture nomenclature babble they slap down: “match-grade” and “muzzle brake” and “infinitely adjustable folding stock” and all the rest of that crap. That’s the way they market guns like the “Scorpion,” (sic) and you know what it is? It’s insane.

OK, their use of “insane” is a kind of gun-lover-hipster-speak, and the Scorpio isn’t a semiautomatic assault rifle like the ones used to kill 20 children and six teachers at Sandy Hook, or the the 50 Muslim worshipers in Christchurch, New Zealand, or the 17 students and faculty killed in Parkland, Florida, or the 58 concertgoers in Las Vegas.

But it’s the same style of weapon, with the same style aluminum stock and ventilated “rails” alongside its barrel, and it’s got capabilities far in excess of what would be necessary for any sort of legitimate civilian usage. “Loaded up with the faster 230-grain Berger round, I got hits on a 3-by-3-inch steel target at 2,000 yards,” the reviewer boasted. That is 1.13 miles, folks. This guy hit a target about the size of your forehead from over a mile away.

ban military killing machine rifles
Victrix Armaments Scorpio TGT rifle (courtesy

Who the hell needs to hit something, anything, from over a mile away? I’ll tell you who: an Army or Marine sniper, that’s who. They’re selling military-grade rifles to the general public. That’s what this sniper rifle is, and that’s what all the various iterations of the AR-15 style assault rifles are. Military-grade killing machines.

All of them are for sale on the open market here in the United States of America. You can go down to your local gun store and buy one tomorrow. That means you’ll be able to set the damn Scorpion (sic) up on its bi-pod and hit a so-called “soft target” so far away you need a goddamn telescope to see it.

– Lucian Truscott IV in Assault rifles are insane: New Zealand came to its senses and banned them. When will we?

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  1. Well that didn’t take long.

    I wonder if he realizes that most guns have a military heritage of some form or another.

    I also just love the dripping contempt he holds for our sport, and in many cases means of sustenance. I wonder what his hobbies are?

      • I would say his other hobbies are bathroom sports.

        When I was six years old I sent cereal box tops off to receive a plastic battleship that would propel itself in the water via pills or tablets you inserted into them. They were great bathtub toys and I dearly miss those days.

        Somehow I doubt that’s what you are talking about.

        • When I was a kid, I sent off hundreds oh S&H greenstamps for my Roy Rogers duel revolver gun set. Yes, those were the days.

        • Yes they were,my brother knocked one of my front teeth out when we were kids. The fight was over whether we were going to watch Roy Rodgers or Gene Autry,I lost a tooth but we watched Roy Rodgers after all. Roy Rodgers,King of the Cowboys

        • I recall those. I also had one where you blew up a balloon and attached it to a stack on top of the ship and the released air was directed to a propulsion jet at the back of the boat. Fun times!

        • I remember those, now I’m trying to think what cereal, Malt O Meal, couldn’t have been cornflakes, ? Well I can see this is going to drive me nuts. I think the ones I had used baking soda.

        • The one I remember was baking soda powered.

          (And ‘helped along’ if I let one rip while in the tub… 😉 )


        • Had a submarine that you put baking soda in and the sub would go to the bottom of the bathtub and resurface! Amazing!

        • Just to put things in a chronological perspective:

          Over the years I’ve collected various “themes” of firearms. For a while I started buying old kid’s rifles- Rem Model 4s, 6s, various Stevens .22s/.32 RFs and eventually the many Hamilton models. I have a plastic garbage can full of them. When my old man was out one time I showed him a Hamilton 27 I’d just picked up for $20. He said when he was a kid, ca 1925, he sent in an order in the back of a comic book to a greeting card company who sent out a box of cards for him to sell. He went all around the neighborhood, school and church and sold them all. When he sent back the money to the card company they sent him (not his parents, mind you- him) a brand new Hamilton 27 rifle as payment. Junk gun, but pretty cool…

        • Oh, memories! I saved the tops off of cereal boxes, and sent fifty cents to get a battery operated submarine. This was about 1962, or ’63, I think. Two or three weeks of anticipation, checking the mailbox multiple times each day. Finally, it arrived! There were no controls, and it was less than watertight, but I had great fun with it for a week or two, before the contacts corroded.

        • Lucian Truscott IV, great great grandson of one of our best generals in WW2?? WTF, Gen Truscott must be rolling in his grave

    • After banning all semi-automatic rifles, NZ is modifying their national anthem chorus to:
      “Run, Hide, Die,
      Fish in a barrel am I,
      Run, Hide, Die….”

      • Yeah. It’s sad that the only thing that probably caught this guy’s attention were the edgy “military” looks. If it was one of the many fine long-range hunting rifles with a conventional hardwood stock with a receiver tapped for rings, he never would have noticed.

        • Right there in the article he displays that he has little knowledge and is afraid of adjectives.

          “Match grade” scares him, “muzzle brake” is clearly something super deadly. Adjustable, folding, aluminum – terrifying.

          He is one of these idiots that think the furniture influences the lethality of the rifle.

          Imagine how freaked out he’ll be if/when he realizes the difference in power between 5.56 and 300 NM.

        • I guess he didn’t realize that these “assault” rifles originated from the hunting rifle…but they will be trying to ban them next…because they’ll say ” there are grocery stores where you can buy meat, so why do we need hunting rifles”? BS no one’s gonna take my hunting rifles or anything else. I was born in America and my family goes back to 1679….God Bless the USA!His ggggg grandfather would be ashamed of him! He ain’t no kin of the Thomas Jefferson I was taught about!

        • Just tell him the muzzle brake is a good thing because it “slows” the bullet down from killing to just bruising velocity. He won’t know any better.

    • But…the AR-15 family of rifles does not have a milirary pedigree. The ARMALITE-15 or AR-15 rifle was initially introduced as a semi-auto CIVILIAN firearm in 1959. Sometime later the Air Force bought some AR-15’s and issued them to their Air Police for use in guarding bombers and fighter planes on Air Force bases.

      The Army then evaluated the rifle, but wanted a FULL AUTO version, which Colt, then the owner of the design, accommodated the full-auto version and built them for the Army. The rifle was then designated the M16 and the rest is history.

      The AR-15 today, is a very good firearm for shooting feral pigs. Texas and other states are OVERRUN with feral pigs and the AR family of rifles is a PERFECT firearm for taking pigs. It is also a very EXCELLENT law enforcement firearm, as well.

      • From my sources, the original military purchase AR-15s were select fire. Formal adoption as the M16 only changed the markings. The AR-15 name was kept by Colt for sales to police and the public of a semi-automatic firing version.

      • Not to mention a great self defense weapon as well as an OUTSTANDING ‘learner’ rifle for youth/beginners (with proper pecaution). It’s low weight, adjustable stock, ease of handling and gentle recoil characteristics make it a gem for beginners. My 8yo has NO problems handling mine for the very reasons I listed. He gets a real kick out of shooting it because it can be adjusted to a suitable length and it doesn’t beat him up.

      • there are things out there called search engines. they allow you to search for information. when you find the information provide the link

        “ArmaLite first developed the AR-15 in the late 1950s as a military rifle, but had limited success in selling it. In 1959 the company sold the design to Colt.

        In 1963, the U.S. military selected Colt to manufacture the automatic rifle that soon became standard issue for U.S. troops in the Vietnam War. It was known as the M-16.

        Armed with that success, Colt ramped up production of a semiautomatic version of the M-16 that it sold to law enforcement and the public, marketed as the AR-15.”

      • Careful with those feral pigs – some of them have been elected to office in Austin. Soon, it will be illegal to hunt the Democrats in the countryside as well.

    • No, it didn’t take long. But I always knew that eventually, scoped bolt action rifles would be demonized as “sniper killing machines.” And what real sportsman needs a 5 rd. internal magazine? Next up, those damn rapid fire pump and lever actions. I just wonder how they’ll eventually make the case against single shot rifles and shotguns.

      • I’ve seen folks shoot a .50 cent piece out of the air faster than the blink of the eye, with a revolver. Others can accurately shoot a lever action rifle faster than I can shoot my AR 15 accurately. Some three gun competition shooters are simply extraordinarily fast, both shooting, and reloading a pump shotgun. I saw a woman in Reno pull concealed knives out one at a time, and hit 10 inch targets from ten to 40 feet away while quickly moving through a obstacle coarse! NONE of these people used silhouette targets for practice, but they all could protect life very effectively.

        • Here, the late Bob Munden fires two shot from a SAA, out of the leather, and hits two different targets, all in less than a tenth of a second. Its at the end apx. 8.30-. The rest is mostly filler. Typical of TV, and why its going extinct. I saw this a couple of decades ago. It was on a short lived Stan Lee(also late) show called “Are They Superhuman?”
          Humans can do really amazing things.

    • I find it hard to believe that the man in the photo sitting in what appears to be a very fine chair in a very fine home . How nice for him . And go on to tell us about what he thinks we need and dont need , laughable moment. Well sir i live comfortably in my modest home and sit in my modest chair , and really try to mind my own business as a rule . Tell me folks do you truly believe that all these people with anti gun ( of any type) mentality really dont own any of these firearms ? Its like when Al Gore told us we need to get serious about green energy and cut carbon emissions. Ok ,i can kinda go along . But Big Al lives in a incredible home or homes , im very happy for him livin the dream Al . Tax payers will pick up the tab bro , i doubt his home qualifies for the GREEN stamp of approval, do you? Lets get serious folks. There needs to be some sort of change in the law no doubt but stripping away rights from law abiding citizens is not how to combat the problem . If the BAN people really think a no gun nation is the answer then give up theirs and give up their armed security personnel. Dont sit on the high an mighty branches of the tree and drop meanless crap down on the rest of the hard working American people just trying to make ends meet and be able to protect families and neighbors from the double talkers like the man in the fine chair in the fine home …

      • Oh, this bonehead is trying to be high and almighty alright. This is his second article in the last couple of days . The first one was about it being fully “Insane” for anyone to own an AR-15, and goes onto describe basically what he does here in this article by describing the lingo we use and specifically describes an AR-15 that can shoot soft flesh from 2000 yards away. Now in this article he’s changing the tone of the article and making it more specific to a Bolt Action rifle. Changing the article to fit his liberal far left radical progressive anti-American Socialist perspectives about how terrible it is for anyone to own a “Military” rifle.
        Not only do both articles show his foolish lack of knowledge on AR style weaponry and Bolt Action rifle’s, but also the apparent fact that he has never attended any Long Rifle shooting competition or attempted to even learn about the guidelines for any of these competitions. If he had, his articles would show somewhat of a educated, human response to the NZ tragedy, rather than that of a political hack showing off his lack of knowledge on these firearms and the various styles, uses, hobbies, etc.., with his anti-American Socialist Progressive values which are antithetical to our beautiful Constitution, Bill of Rights and American freedoms. #2ndAmendment #2A

        • I think we can all agree that the anti- gun rhetoric of this and all the other we- know- best liberal Socialists it’s that for this to become the United Socialist States of America, we must be disarmed. If you truly study the origins of the 2nd Amendment, you will understand that armed citizens are this nation’s last defense against a totalitarian government. And let’s be honest, that is the end game here, not a safer country just a socialist one. Besides, the only people all these bans will affect are the honest law abiding ones, criminals will always get their guns like they always have… illegally, and the crimes will go on without any chance for intervention by a “good guy with a gun” and there still won’t be enough LEOs to go around in their utopian society.

    • How is this not weaponization of the first amendment? You’re allowed to state false crap without being challenged?! Seriously, if they actually do manage to take our firearms, and no one rises up to put an end to it, you better believe I’m going to stop you from using “Assault Words”, and start making you carry a speaking permit. I’m going to show you just how much you took away, by taking away the one right that allowed you to write this petty and misinformed crap. The 2nd amendment was put in place to give civilians the same firepower as their government. That’s literally why it was created! If the government has a weapon, then civilians should be more than allowed to also possess that same weapon! There is not a “but” clause in the 2nd amendment! Educate yourselves!

    • I own sports cars and the only reason I own them is to go fast, really fast. I enjoy that, I need that, I want that.
      I also own many firearms.
      Some are long distance rifles. I like to shot far, I enjoy that, I need that, I want that.
      Please, get off my back and let me exercise my right as an American citizen. If you do not like it here, move to New $%$ing Zealand.

      • “I own sports cars and the only reason I own them is to go fast, really fast. I enjoy that, I need that, I want that.”

        Wave that flag proudly.

        I drive them to straighten out twisty roads. They keep needing re-straightening every time I’m on them again, for some reason I can’t figure out…

        • Fire up the willing engine, responding with a roar!
          Tires spitting gravel, I commit my weekly crime…

      • Like you I own a very fast sports car. Using this tools logic I shouldn’t be allowed to own a car tha goes 175 mph because I’m not a professional race car driver. I guess I shouldn’t be allowed to own a hammer since I’m not a professional carpenter…the analogies could go on forever. Its hos line of thinking that’s insane.

        • Perhaps the answer is for firearms owners/enthusiasts/2nd Amendment advocates to take on the “Pro-Choice” mantra: If a female is afforded the “right” to choose between the life and death of her potential offspring and such is now the fundamental, foundational bedrock of the Left, certainly allowing me the right to the inanimate firearms of my choice should be easy for them. Play our own victim card and do not let up.

    • I’m going to develop a line of guns that; instead of folding stock call it position fluid stock, instead of mil spec- most common boring spec, semi auto- as fast as your enemy or slower, butstock- shoulder marshmallow, SBR- little people size, flash suppressor- auto dimming front view, suppressor- hunting doggie ear protection, extended magazine- spread the good news container box.

    • “I wonder if he realizes that most guns have a military heritage of some form or another.”

      He might not but other grabbers certainly do. That’s why some of them include certain language in their proposals. Following the words they use to their logical conclusion those proposals would get rid of virtually everything other than derringers and single shot shotguns.

      They know it, they just don’t want to say it up front. They want to get laws banning “military style” or “guns substantially similar to a military design” on the books because “assault weapons” and then say to the public “Oh, look this law also technically covers virtually everything else too! Turn ’em in!”.

      • Of course after that then they’ll turn around and use the 1939 Miller decision to go after what’s left because those guns have no real “militia use” and therefore are not protected by the 2A.

        Like that, in two strokes and maybe 20 years, all guns in the public’s hands are illegal. Now only government agents can have a gun of any kind. No need to lose elections trying to repeal the 2A when you can set up a series of laws and precedents that void the 2A while “following” it with “reasonable regulation”.

        Would the courts allow that? I dunno. But like a diabetic looking at a piece of cake, the Left figures it’s worth a shot.

    • The next step is for single shots to become the “Bad Gun”. It’s NOT the gun, But the NUT using it. You can kill with a ROCK will those be on the list at some time???

    • Thomas Jefferson is rolling over in his grave. That great, x5 grandson’s apple fell out of the family tree, rolled down the hill, into the stream, into the river, out to the sea and landed in… pick a place, Cuba, Russia, Great Britain, China, LaLa Land, The Socialist utopia of the Democrat Socialist Party.

    • The point is the anti-gun media will never ever stop. They fear a tool that they have never had to rely upon, having delegated the responsibility of protecting themselves and their loved ones to others. They fear a tool that some can misuse even though millions of others (to include law enforcement and the military) use similar tools on a daily basis in a safe and lawful manner.

    • Unfortunately, there were plenty. That said, I hope the Lefties take this and run with it. It might finally wake some of those Fudds up.

    • I don’t think they’d go beyond banning “assault weapons” But I certainly know they’d redefine every single gun as a “assault weapon”. Then they’d get their goal of banning all guns through one ban.

      • Ah yes, semantics. If we use the revised leftist dictionary, a plastic straw with a spitball will soon not just be ozone killing, it’ll be an assault weapon. They’ll never stop, but we know that.

      • It’s already happened in WA. All semis are now legally “semiautomatic assault rifles” including the lowly 10/22 and Marlin 60.

        Next step is to ban all “semiautomatic assault rifles”

    • There are a lot of fudd’s out there.
      Had to deal with too many of the airheads.
      As for the bolt rifles, they have planned that for several decades.
      VPC had written a guidebook which calls for the control of “sniper rifles” (LR target) and “intermediate caliber sniper rifles” (your groundhog rig).
      IIRC, they pretty much questioned the need for anything that could go more than 100 yds.

    • I always enjoy pointing out to liberals, that the first US assault rifle was a flintlock carried by farmers and shopkeepers. No 30 round mag, 1 round as fast as you can reload, an average 38 inches or longer, and we still won our freedom.

    • Lots. We call them Fudds. “Get rid of them semi-auto military guns, there ain’t no place for ’em. Not like my old .308 hunting rifle, they won’t bother that.”

  2. “All of them are for sale on the open market here in the United States of America.”___” You can go down to your local gun store and buy one tomorrow.”___” That means you’ll be able to set the damn Scorpion (sic) up on its bi-pod and hit a so-called “soft target” so far away you need a goddamn telescope to see it.” Features, not bugs. Amma right?

    • “Out in the valleys of Kentucky and Pennsylvania, these religious quaker fanatics are making guns capable of shooting 4 ….. 4!!!!!…. rounds per minute and able to hit man sized targets in excess of 100 paces!!! They have features such as “bead sights” to assist in long range assassination and “patch boxes” in their stocks to hasten the reloading process! The worst of it is these guns are easy to manufacture by individual colonials in their homes and so easy to use many children are able to stalk and shoot man sized game! Surely a cover for the time when these frontier children will stalk and shoot officials of the crown! They will then melt in to the forest like ghosts to strike again later! We must do something about these military grade “ghost guns”!! They have no legitimate use in the hands of common peasants!”
      -some British dude c.1775-

  3. Is Truscott aware that his slave owning ancestors will be the cause of he and his offspring being stripped of all their possessions and expelled from the US in about two decades ? He may well need some military-grade hardware in the not too distant future.

  4. 1. Nice house
    2. Australia is now proposing outlawing bolt action rifles because they can reload fast, thus allowing the mass murder of people, and are weapons of war that no one should own.
    3. Australia is behind the USA. The Democrats tried to outlaw bolt action big game rifles way back in 1995 because they were ‘sniper rifles.’

      • Those are next, all the way down to matchlock. Yes this is very similar to B Clintons 94 however back then the white House wasn’t as full with so many traitors, this go around seams a little different.

      • Does anyone in the gun-grabbing establishment realize that it was Quigley and not the rifle which did the damage? I doubt it.

    • Down under the anti-gun groups are still ranting about rapid fire lever action firearms. They’ve probably watched a western or two for that realization.

      Someone else proposed a limit of 2 guns per person. Why? I can only use one at a time.

      They are also upset at “super collectors” who have in excess of 50 firearms each. They call them a honeypot for thieves. I know one of these. His collection is old surplus bolt action rifles in often obsolete calibers. Hardly a thief’s first choice for a gun to use in a hold-up.

      • And chicks in miniskirts are honeypots for every guy that wants some. Here, put on this burlap sack and opaque veil. Now nobody knows you’re rapeable! Oh, but just in case, you should stay indoors at all times.

        You shouldn’t have worn that nice watch, Mr. Citizen, all it did was make someone want to steal from you. Of course you got beaten and robbed. And that punch you threw in “self defense,” well, it was assault.

        And that car of yours? Next thing you know, you’ll be speeding in a school zone. You even have one of those speedometers that goes to 120! No one needs to go that fast! Tsk, tsk…endangering the children…

        And I notice you’re driving a model that holds more than 10 gallons; where do you think you’re going, anyway?

        You know what, you had better hand all that over to the Party for safekeeping.

  5. They are picking the low hanging fruit, first “assault rifles” next will be long range weapons of war, then pump action shotguns ,when does it stop?

    • All rocks larger than 1/4″ across most be replaced with foam rubber.

      Ecologically friendly, made with renewable resources, non greenhouse gas producing, foam rubber, to be precise, since any other kind is an assault product on someone or something.

      • Already covered.

        Found a slip of paper in box that was shipped to me. It told me of the wonderful packing ‘peanuts’ inside. Made from “corn starch”, 100 percent biodegradable, etc, etc, etcetera.

        So I decided to experiment with the biodegradability. Got one wet. It slowly melted into a sticky ‘goo’ of some sort in my hand. Since it was made of corn starch, I tasted it. Not pleasant.

        That’s the ‘Soylent Green’ they are gonna be feeding us if Leftists get their way…

        • “That’s the ‘Soylent Green’ they are gonna be feeding us if Leftists get their way…”

          I can see it now – All retail stores will close since everyone buys on Amazon. People will just eat the ‘Soylent Green’ corn starch (Soy starch -Soylent?) packing peanuts inside the Amazon boxes delivering their new iPads and paper towels.

          God, if that isn’t a vision of Hell, I don’t know what is.

          *shudder*… ;(

        • “So I decided to experiment with the biodegradability. Got one wet. It slowly melted into a sticky ‘goo’ of some sort in my hand.”

          All packing peanuts do that if you get them wet… with gasoline, lighter fluid etc.

      • At the same time they’ll have to ban trees too. Lots and lots of people killed by pointy sticks back when they were called spears.
        The “rocks and trees are dangerous” bill. Welcome to bizzaro world.

  6. …..and this is how you eventually get serial numbers on carpenters tools and kitchen cutlery. Then form a government agency to glue down loose rocks.

    • Do you have a license for that grinder? What about that pile of scrap iron?

      It is amazing how many of these morons have become so far removed from anything resembling the real world that they don’t realize that things can be made.

      • OFC. Citidiots think that the meat in the butcher shop gets under plastic when harry potter waves a magic wand. I saw a woman write to a hunting magazine many years ago. She was complaining that hunters kill animals and destroy the woods, and blah, blah, blah. Then she ended by asking why hunters don’t just get their meat from the store where no animals were killed.
        That’s some world experienced citidiot, right there. And that was twenty years ago. It’s only gotten worse now.

        • During his 81 years on this earth my Grandfather worked in several arenas of the meat production industry. I had spent a notable amount of time in ranches, feed lots, feed mills, slaughterhouses and rendering plants by my 12th birthday. In addition, folk in my family would go out in the woods and shoot things we’d later eat. I’m in no way unique but there are now many who have never had such experiences. I’ve even had people say things to me like, “If you ever visit a meat packing plant, you’ll become a vegan.” I respond, “Nope, the first time I was in a slaughterhouse it was to kill a cow that I had named at its birth – Brownie was delicious.”

        • I say they’re part right. After seeing the employees pick meat up off the floor and throw it in the grinder, it only made me decide to raise and butcher my own beef with my own hands. And they’re delicious. And when I drop meat on the floor, it doesn’t go in the grinder, it goes in my dog. He loves butchering time.

        • Never met a dog who didn’t like the slaughterhouse. Grandpa had a Lab named Lucky – he found him as a pup, lost in a ditch, right outside the kill house.

    • And has been for the last 50 years. Young Truscott IV was a battle-ready second lieutenant out of West Point (Class of 1969) when he received a less than honorable discharge about a year or so after being commissioned. Probably hated everything military or was too skeered to fight them veetkongs.

      • Considering the better graduates were offered postings in Germany or stateside, he must have had grades insufficient for such locations.

        When he found out he was being sent to Vietnam, he bailed out and quit the service.

      • With a dishonorable discharge you are forbidden to own firearms. Are there any such restrictions on a less than honorable discharge?

    • I was wondering if anyone else picked up on that. I would say his 6th great-grandfather would be equally, if not more, displeased.

    • From Wikipedia, “He was threatened with being sent to Vietnam, so he resigned his commission about thirteen months after graduating, receiving a “general discharge under other than honorable conditions.””

      • I didn’t know you could just quit the military, especially being an officer since they own you beyond active duty. And during VN? Something’s fishy.

        • They found out he was a filthy communist sympathizer and didn’t want to wait to prove it. Should’ve sent him in with an old Springfield ’03 to show him what a real weapon of war is.

        • You can quit up until three months into a regular enlistment, they don’t tell you that though. You literally just stop following orders and or listening in bootcamp. Instructors can’t touch you without shitting all over their career, it takes about a week and the discharge is not supposed to show up on your records. If if does lawyer up and fight it.

        • That’s zero to three months in (still, good to know). How do you resign your commission and quit the military over a year after you’ve been commissioned? During the middle of a war? When there is a draft on?

        • He was not enlisted, he was an officer, and the rules are different. What you think the Army is going to do with a chickenshit who refuses a combat assignment? Carry him there in chains and put him in command of some troops? A DD-214 “other than honorable” *used to* ruin your life, and at least they stopped paying the turd.

    • Of course they do,all Commicrats,Marxist leaning Lefties and RINO’s and the criminal class thieves,want to take your guns.

    • It’s funny that I still hear that almost daily. Binder here, I call him blinders because he keeps saying it as well. Cats out of the bag, no leftest wants any in the middle or the right to exercise any rights they can’t control.

      • That’s really what this all comes down to. The reason Truscott and those like him want to convince the masses that “no one needs a …” is because deep down they really want to control each and every one of us and it is really hard to control a man who can pull off a head shot from a mile away. (Not that such a shot is realistic anyway, and is probably mis-reported above but, the thought that it could be true scares the ever loving hell out of this guy and his ilk because they know they can’t do it and worry that they would be the target of someone who could.)

  7. Follow the link supplied at the end of the article, to go read the original hysterical piece at Salon. There’s a glimmer of hope there: Salon’s own readers are taking the writer to the woodshed.

    • “Salon’s own readers are taking the writer to the woodshed.”

      A *few* are. The majority are barking like the obedient dogs they are…

  8. “Loaded up with the faster 230-grain Berger round, I got hits on a 3-by-3-inch steel target at 2,000 yards”

    Not a chance in hell that is realistic. I ran some numbers using Applied Ballistics WEZ Simulator…assuming every environmental reading is ultra-accurate, an ammo SD of 5, rifle/shooter capable of .25 MOA accuracy, the probability of hit came out at 1.34%

    Must be a typo on the target size…factoring a 30-by-30 inch target the probability was 70%

        • It would be a challenge to have a 230 g bullet still supersonic at that range, and when the bullet goes transonic the ballistics go to shit. IOW, the coward is also full of shit.

      • I think you are right, but last year, Michael Wilson shot a world record-setting 5-shot group that measured 1.068 inches or, in angular terms, a stunning 0.102 minutes of angle (MOA). He even managed to land all five rounds in the center X-ring for a perfect score at and IBS 1,000 yard match at Hawkes Ridge in NC.

        • That is incredible. That said, I’m sure the group in this article was on a 3’x3′ target – still extremely good shooting at 2000 yds.

        • I just punched in some numbers using Hornady’s 225gr ELD match in .300 Norma mag and gave it 3000′ of elevation. The difference between a 5mph and a 6mph crosswind is 21.3″ at 2000 yards. A 20fps max velocity spread makes for 25.7″ range of bullet drop.

        • Not to mention the fact that, in 2000 yds, the wind could change direction several times. All this points to one thing the author of the Salon screed fails to address and that is the gun is meaningless without the marksman. Whether it is at 200 yards or 2000, the rifle doesn’t decide whether or not the target is hit. A very precise rifle helps, of course, but someone still has to line up the sights and pull the trigger.

        • Even the pros never make a first shot hit at those ranges. Plus you’ve got to take in consideration the effect of the earth’s rotation and know which direction you’re shooting and which way to compensate. You’re lucky to get withing 30 feet on your first shot. Takes a good spotter and several rounds before you’ll be ringing that 9 square feet steel. And some pretty high end hardware, and don’t forget a range finder that works at 2000+ yards.

          Now I’ve got the MRAD scope on my .260 figured out out to 800 yards where I’d be able to dial it in quickly. I’d be thrilled to be hitting a 3’x3′ plate at that range. 2000 is exponentially harder.

        • Oh, I know. Hitting anything but a hillside out that far is not easy – If it was easy, I could do it and I don’t think I can. (I’ve never actually tried past 800 and I wasn’t particularly good at that)

        • Unfortunately there’s not even an 800 yard range within a day’s drive, and since I moved to the next town over last year I’m switching from a 200 yard range to only 100. I do like the fact however, that if the SHTF I don’t have to find a ballistics calculator to reach out that far.

    • In the original article from where the quote came from, the shooter actually describes his shot pattern as having a vertical spread of 25″ and a horizontal spread of 10″ so I think that 3×3 FEET is the actual target size. “3×3 inch” is clearly a typo.

      • No, he didn’t make it up. He correctly quoted the article, but if he had understood and comprehended what the article was talking about, then he would have quickly realized it was a just a typo.

        • Yeah, if he knew jack-squat about firearms that would have been a big red flag.

  9. Man! Talk about entitlement and white privilege. This guy’s name actually ends in the IV? This guy is the very embodiment of all that. And he thinks we need to be declawed?

      • He’s not saying folks with the IV don’t have common sense and shoot though. He’s saying he must be as privileged as he criticizes other people for being.

  10. It’s telling that these communists don’t seem to care much about the handguns that are used in the vast majority of murders and suicides but they’ve got a hard on for anything of military utility in the hands of civilians.

    • I’ll use whatever scares them less when push comes to shove if that’s what they want. 10mm through a 1911 and 30-06 through a Springfield or Garand would probably be my leftover options and beginning choice.

    • They’re just biding their time. Rifles are scary and exotic, but people of all kinds can see themselves using handguns. Media shows good guys using handguns. So it’s a harder push. But they’ll get there.

      • No doubt they’ll come for those later, but I suspect that’s not the reason they’re laying off them now. I don’t think they like political dissent from an armed populous. They don’t care about dead black kids in the Chicago streets or dead white kids in schools, they just care about their military being able to crush us if we don’t bend to their will.

  11. May be this moron should peruse the FBI homicide statistics available here:

    Out of over 15,000 homicides in 2018, rifles of any type, “assault rifles”, “sniper rifles,” or “cowboy rifles” were used to commit barely 400.

    That is less than 3%.

    More people are beaten to death or clubbed to death.

    We do not have a rifle problem in America.

    • in general it is about control not gun control per ce but control. we peons need to be kept in out proper place and having a firearm means that we can chose that place not them.
      *0% frames for everything. Put a serial number on it, do not tell anyone about it, and make sure you have lots of ammo for it.

  12. Why would anyone need a car that can go faster than 65 mph, that’s for race car drivers, why would anyone need a TV set with a 72 inch screen,, that’s for movie theaters, you can watch 32 inch screen. Why would anyone claim he’s a sixth generation descendants of Thomas Jefferson? heck I must be 300 thousand generations from Adam. Why would anyone listen to someone that stupid as Truscott?

    • Actually 65 mph is still lethal. No one needs over 5 hp or to go over 20 mph. Anything more requires a work related license or you have to be the son of a senator. No one needs more than 2,000 calories per day and no sugar. If you do, you will be the first roast sacrifice in the name of Kommissar Sanders. No running because you could fall and need medical help which relies on an already overburdened universal health care system. No sex because you could have more children than the state wants to support/indoctrinate. You can have all the weed you want so you stay dazed out of your mind and don’t think about fighting back. Most importantly, no talking, thinking, writing, praying, splashing, or diving. You will end up hurting someone through micro-aggression or bringing up insane ideas of freedom and individualism when clearly we all exist to serve the means of the state.

  13. While Lucian Truscott IV may be a distant descendant of Thomas Jefferson, it is hard to believe one of the Founding Fathers would concur. Truscott IV is also a descendent of the our ” Military Aristocracy” where more Authoritarian thinking may have taken hold. While Truscott IV might be a member of History’s “American Aristocracy”, I dont think that Jefferson would agree with him but think of him as some kind of Degenerate.

    • He was infected by the filthy communist hippies of his day. So-called rebels of their time. The irony is, if he’s found a way to trick a woman into thinking he’s worthy of reproduction, when his kid/grandkid rebels, he’ll buy a gun when the FBI ignores his mental instability and kill his parents before shooting up a school. Therefore confirming that people of radical nature are the real danger to society.

      • Careful – With a user name like “Prompt Critical”, you aren’t exactly calling yourself ‘stable’… 😉

    • Yep, me too. I’m building another Grendel rifle. I have a 22″ setup and a 14.5 pistol. I’m going for an 18″ this time and just ordered a barrel.

      • Mind if I ask who from? And, what bolt & carrier?

        I’ve really enjoyed a 6.5 Grendel-chambered Howa 1500 and have been thinking about an AR version…

      • I have a 16 inch grendel, a 24 inch grendel and a 6mm creedmoor. I’m thinking im due for a short action magnum.

  14. I lose track of these after Jr. but either his great or grandfather was Gen. Lucian Truscott, a favorite of George Patton. God! They must be rolling over in their graves!

  15. Bunch of cry babies on “assault rifles”. Oh. there going to take away my AR15. Oh no, oh no!! Grow up will ya. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • @Made, Listen carefully when we explain it to you how none of you liberals are ever going to be able to take guns away. You may make them “illegal” , but you wont’s get many of the 300 million of them, or much of the 4 trillion rounds of ammo we have. The Brits tried that at Lexington and Concord. We shot them. So, if you think sending the police or national guard is going to work, think again. Many of us are better trained, better equipped, and much better motivated. Your move snowflake…

      • And many of the police and Natl Guard will shoot YOU if you insist they bother us. Do you imagine they are NOT 2A supporters? Moron. Welcome to the truth.

        • @Larry. I have to assume you meant to reply to someone else, it’s not wise to call someone in Texas a moron if you happen to also live in Texas, if you know what I mean…LOL

    • There’s literally legislation from the House for that right now. How unaware could you possibly be? That rhetoric was outdated as of the 90’s when they first tried to ban them the first time.

  16. So I guess that he would argue with his great,great,great grandaddy over the matter,because Thomas Jefferson and the 6 th. generations down the line grandson sound nothing alike.

    “The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people; that . . . it is their right and duty to be at all times armed.”

    — Letter to John Cartwright, 1824. (The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Memorial Edition (ME), Lipscomb and Bergh, editors, 20 Vols., Washington, D.C., 1903-04, 16:45.

    “One loves to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them.”

    — Letter to George Washington, 1796. ME 9:341

    “I learn with great concern that [one] portion of our frontier so interesting, so important, and so exposed, should be so entirely unprovided with common fire-arms. I did not suppose any part of the United States so destitute of what is considered as among the first necessaries of a farm house.”

    — Letter to Jacob J. Brown, 1808. ME 11:432

    “No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms (within his own lands or tenements).”

    — Draft Virginia Constitution (with his note added), 1776. Papers 1:353

    “None but an armed nation can dispense with a standing army. To keep ours armed and disciplined is therefore at all times important.”

    — Letter to —–, 1803. ME 10:365

    “A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun, therefore, be the constant companion of your walks.”

    — Letter to Peter Carr, 1785. ME 5:85, Papers 8:407

    The above were gathered en masse from the website Thomas Jefferson On Politics & Government: Quotations from the Writings of Thomas Jefferson, compiled and edited by Eyler Robert Coates, Sr. of Metairie, Jefferson Parish, La.

  17. “A sixth generation grandson of Thomas Jefferson”. So his family benefited from owning slaves and now he wants us on the plantation too? (sarcasm) All gun control laws have historically been about keeping freed slaves from arming themselves and defending themselves from their would-be masters. Gun control is RACIST.
    Why does anyone need to hit a target from over a mile away?
    When the Tyrant’s security detail won’t let you get within one mile.

    • How sad it must be that his qualification is someone who lived and died 6 generations ago. Talk about resting on your laurels!

  18. I’m glad that we live in the United States where we aren’t limited by who our fathers were or weren’t. No true aristocracy here.

    Your opinion isn’t somehow bolstered (or hindered) by who your ancestor was. If that was the case, I’d like a formal poll of the other sixth generation descendants of all the signatories of our founding documents.

  19. If you look at the original Tactical Life review, the writer says 3 in. x 3 in. plate, but then says:
    “Loaded up with the faster 230-grain Berger round, I got hits on a 3-by-3-inch steel target at 2,000 yards using 17.7 mils of elevation. After accounting for wind, I placed three consecutive shots on steel, with an overall vertical spread of about 25 inches. My horizontal spread was more like 10 inches, which is pretty tight for that range. The factory Norma ammo required almost 22 mils. The elevation for the ABM was about the same as my 230-grain handload, and the ELD-Xs needed just a bit more. But, in short, I got hits on steel at 2,000 yards within just a few rounds.”
    So if his spread was 25 in. by 10 in. it had to be a 3 ft. by 3 ft. plate.

    • BINGO! We have a winner. Mr. Truscott failed the reading comprehension portion of this test, or worse, he intentionally seized on the typo to be able to exaggerate the effectiveness in order to bolster his case against precision rifles.

      • Even so, the concept that a rifle might be condemned and banned because it was such a quantum leap ahead in effectiveness, is remarkable in itself. Dear lord, we must INSTANTLY ban a car which sells for $20K, carries 6 in comfort, accelerates to 60 in under 3 seconds and gets 150 mpg.

  20. The fact that a complete waste of space like Truscott can advocate for the removal of the most fundamental of constitutional rights and freedoms of his fellow citizens without concern to his own health and safety is a testament to the patience, and tolerance of fellow citizens who actually value the right to free speech, and to the right to keep and bear arms.

    • And there were times when we didn’t have that patience. God knows we’ll be back to that and everyone dreads it. But it will be they that fears it more than I will. We’re the true majority.

  21. He sure doesn’t hide his apparent wealth or old money pedigree. Is that cool on Salon? Is he immune to the redistributionists wrath?

  22. Long-range shooter guy *needs* a long-range rifle because he likes shooting at long range.

    Half the genius of ths US is the realization that there’s no accounting for taste, really. Some people like Maxim models. Some rugby crew stud-muffins, or sculpted anatomies like Becks. Some have a thing for ambisexual walnuts, or giant chromium pigs with marital aids stuck all over them. There’s no accounting for taste, really.

    Some people even get off, it seems, on writing incoherent screeds for Salon, but we knew that. Half the genius of the US is realizing in culture and law the radical notions of the enlightenment, humanists and classical liberals: Not my thing, but as long as they don’t do it in the street and scare the horses…

    No-accounting-for-taste, there, misses the obvious: long-range shooter, carefully using his range toy at the range is the safest guy in the world to have such stuff. He could shoot it elsewhere. He chooses not to.

    Like the 10,000s of deadly, dangerous assaut machines in NZ that weren’t used to shoot up a Mosque last week; like the 100,000s of deranged whack-job gun nuts there who abstained from Mosque shooting last week, and every week before and since, like the deer hunting brigades that go afield in the US every year — an army more numerous and better equipped than most — long-range fetish guy does nothing wrong, nothing evil with that great power, and near certainly never will.

    Yet, bad-taste, there, doesn’t trust people to be capable. That they *could* abuse it, and *choose* not to is the best argument that they are, indeed, to be trusted with the great responsibility that comes with great power. Everyone who declines to panel truck rampage through smug cyclists, smug cyclists in NYC, or the reputedly-smug French shows the responsibility of great power, even under great temptation. Its as true of sticks and rocks as of tricked out long-range tech, or personal arms configured for personal defense. (Generally, semi-auto carbine in medium power cartridge with, yes, about half the features that DiFi finds unappealing. No accounting for taste, really, but don’t impose yours on me. I like mine … um, nevermind.)

    It’s like their taste is for helpless people. There’s a nane for that, I think.

    Taste-is-off, there’s, problem is he sees others as himself. He is not to be trusted to use a keyboard and some words well, or responsibly. Or the thinking, high philosophy of rights, deep responsibility of self-government, or low practicality of manners.

    Of course this guy is appalled that guns exist; I wouldn’t trust him with a rock.

    But we’ve see what a rock, or credit card machine can do in responsible hands. It’s the hands, and the will to use them, or not. (That guy’s name is Aziz. All honor to him.)

  23. What most if not all of these anti-2A jackasses that have become overnight gun and constitution experts is that the musket was military grade weaponry when the constitution was written. The framers wanted an even playing field.

  24. Read Truscott’s bio, he’s an older version of Spenser Rampone. He was a trouble maker at West Point and on active duty he was a trouble maker to such a degree that he resigned his commission and received an “Under Other than Honorable Conditions” discharge. Truscott’s claim to fame over the years has come from his grandfather’s WW2 service and his distant relation to Jefferson.

    It’s useful to be reminded how absolutely judgmental, bigoted, and intolerant people like him are. As part of the self appointed ruling class he doesn’t trust people who don’t think like him , in fact, he despises them.

    Articles like Truscott’s only serve to stiffen my resolve to never give in to these leftist wannabe despots.

  25. The grandson of one of America’s finest warriors seems to have inherited none of Truscott Jr.’s characteristics.

  26. I like the part of his bio where it implies that he was ‘threatened’ with a deployment to Vietnam for his journalism so he resigned his commission. Was it cruel and unusual punishment for 1969 WP graduates to be deployed to VN?

    • Here’s the kicker…

      ” receiving a “general discharge under other than honorable conditions.”

      That stays with you for life…ANYTHING he tries to do and claims to be a veteran, this will pop up and people know what he’s really all about…he can’t even collect veterans benefits due to the “less than honorable”…

    • I graduated in 1970, went to officer basic course, then Army helicopter school, then Vietnam. Don’t recall any threats, just went and did my patriotic chore like the song goes. I came back in one piece, though.

      Yeah, they’ve got Gen. Lucian Truscott lashed down so he can’t spin. Just read his extremely impressive bio; he was a very distinguished combat general in WWII.

      Lucian III, his dad, served in Korea and Vietnam and retired as a colonel.

      And Lucian IV wrote for the Village Voice. As a Jefferson descendant he invited the descendants of Sally Hemings to the annual Jefferson family gathering for the first time, which is fine, but I’ m sure he did it just to spite the whites. Sally, by the way, was only one eighth black.

      So he wants to round up all the bolt action rifles. Great, send it along to Jerrold the Waddler so he can add it to his gungrabbing bill. L. IV should at least have the honesty to notify the nation’s police chiefs that their door to door search list just got a lot longer.

    • Might be! My brother graduated Army OCS in the Spring of ’69, KIA in June ’70 at Ripcord. Were we saving our Academy grads?

      • So sorry to hear about your brother. I was in an assault helo company when we got our first `ringknocker’ (USMA class ring has a secret radio that connects grads directly to HQDA). Nice guy but as naive as Pollyanna. When his Huey came back one day with a .30 cal hole in a tail rotor blade, he demanded it as a souvenir for cheating death. Geez…..

        It was awarded to the crew chief who was on his third tour.

  27. This comes at no surprise, why not just send up the proverbial “flare” and let’s finish this once and for all…these liberals will never quit, they’re like hamsters, single minded creature, with a brain the size of a pea, they’ve got this idea in their head(s) and they won’t stop UNTIL they’re stopped…

    Jefferson is rolling over in his grave right now…

  28. Well what do expect from a guy who resigned his officers commission in protest, rather then step one cowardly foot in Vietnam. The guy is worst then a draft dodger, the military educated him he got all the perks, but when he was asked to step up, he literally ran away!

  29. I think, “Shut the fuck up, you simple bitch,” is the most substantial response Twatwaddle the forth requires.

  30. What rifle, available for sale today, is NOT based on a design either originally meant for the military, or was used by the military? That’s okay, I can’t think of one either. Even the Ruger No. 1’s falling-block action was employed on military rifles.

  31. Study IV’s background and heritage if you think the military (much less the police) will be on our side when gun confiscation becomes law.

    • LTIII is hardly a member of the military or police. He quit (illegally) before he had to do anything for real in the Army. While it maybe true that most police and soldiers will follow orders into the deep end of wrong, many also won’t. I imagine that when push comes to wholesale murder of their fellow citizens, police and military units will fracture. LTIII has already sided with the tyrants but he won’t put his life where his mouth is.

    • This tard isn’t going to help us, certainly. However, I know of a few guys myself who did multiple tours, multiple kills, and will not allow stupidity like this to happen, so long as they’re breathing.

      There’s millions of vets like that nationwide. To the grabbers, I say, good luck. They’re going to need it.

  32. Who the hell needs to hit something, anything, from over a mile away?

    Well, nobody really needs a car either. Before 1900 everyone got along perfectly without cars. But we aren’t a nation of freedom only for needs are we? We are a nation of freedom. This guy in the picture doesn’t need a big house or fancy tables. He pursued them because he liked them. And that’s what America is about.

  33. “I was planning on watching you evil gun-hoarders being herded into the trains from a mile off until I learned about these sort of evil black rifles. You mean I have to stand back two miles to be perfectly safe?! That’s not fair!”

    Lucien ‘Skippy’ Truscott IV

    Seriously, I wonder about Sen. Feinstein being particularly worried about 0.50 caliber rifles like the Barret. I wonder if someone sold her a limo with armor plating that ‘good against anything up to a 0.50 caliber.’

    • Stupid question but wouldn’t the 416 version punch armor better with the higher velocity and sectional density and still be CA legal?

  34. Just a historical note from an OFWG At the end of WW2 the government dumped tons of military surplus on the civilian market. I recall going into a Woolworth 5&10 as a child of about 10 and being dazzled by the display of surplus equipment including racks of pristine Garands and M1 carbines. Yep, you could just plunk down your money and walk out with what Patton described as the finest battle implement ever devised. No government permission slips or background checks required. How times have changed when even some gun people think we need permission to take home a firearm that someone might have carried in battle for his country.

  35. I KNOW what long range bolt action rifles are for…sniveling inbred coward boyz like Lucian the 4th😄😊😏

  36. Ah, yes, anyone one can go down to their LGS and purchase a custom built rifle & optic, go straight to just any ol’ shooting range and make a mile shot to a 3”x3” target. I also beat Tiger Woods on a quick 9 the other day.

  37. Since the Second Amendment refers to a militia being one reason behind the recognition of the right to keep and bear arms, it should be clear that ordinary citizens can keep and bear arms that would be used by the ordinary soldier in an infantry unit. That would include semi-automatic rifles and pistols.
    The Second Amendment was not recognizing the right to hunt, but the right to defend one’s person, household, or community.
    One of the more dreadful things that I have heard voiced, even by members of Congress, is the idea that rights are granted by the government, and are not inherent in simply being a person.

  38. “… and it’s got capabilities far in excess of what would be necessary for any sort of legitimate civilian usage.”

    Hate to burst your bubble there, Lumpy Tinfoil IV, but ringing steel from a long way off is, in fact, a legitimate civilian usage.

  39. This is so sad to see how you and this news organization are so out of touch with reality. It would take Ar15 rifles 100 years to kill the same amount of people killed by knifes in one year. That’s a verified fact.

  40. I’m not a gun owner. I have no desire to be. You can be; that is your right. According to the constitution if the United States, we have the right to protect ourselves from tyrannical government. It says nothing about hunting, target shooting, or defending your home from burglars. Those are just other uses for our right.

    So, if in some crazed future, we the people have to stand against government military forces (including, but not limited to our very own) it’s a comfort to know that my neighbors have a means of protecting our land that stands up to military arms far better than my baseball bat.

    Food for thought.

    • Very well said! We know there are people like you out there, you’re just drowned out by the shrieking nutbags.

    • “It says nothing about hunting, target shooting, or defending your home from burglars. Those are just other uses for our right.”

      Yes, yes it does.

      That’s where the “well-regulated” comes into play. When it was written, “well regulated” meant “In proper working order”. Target shooting is practice that ensures the shooter can hit what he or she (or zee) is aiming at.

      Long-distance shooting is expressly constitutional, since practice is required to maintain the skill needed to hit what we may be required to shoot at…

      • Yes, though perfectly true a gun owner should know what they are doing, I was referring to folks believing those three things are what the constitution covers. Ultimately, it is so that defend ourselves via militia, and nothing regarding sport, etc. But excellent point, and thank you for clarifying.

    • Not bad, square, you just need to polish your credentials a bit before I will lend you one of mine to defend your family.

  41. Has Lucian Truscott IV always had his head up his keister or is it just recently? I’d like to know how ANY firearm aims itself at a victim and pulls its own trigger. It takes a sinister, mentally unstable person to operate said firearm to do that. That same sinister person doesn’t care about laws or statutes when obtaining said firearm. He’ll go to any means to get them.

    Wouldn’t Lucian Truscott IV be farther ahead by attacking the root cause of these crimes against humanity? That root cause being the mental fitness of individuals causing such havoc and misery.

    But, I guess it’s easier to paint with a broad brush…that way you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

  42. Looking at the picture I’d say nobody needs a house that big and luxurious. They should be banned and he and his family should be assigned a 3 bedroom projects apartment by the appropriate government bureau that decides what people should and should not have.

    • Funny how the people that think they should decide what everyone “needs” always seem to “need” the most. Weird, it is almost as if they are greedy, self-important bastards.

  43. Communism and socialism have killed more people in the world than all the shooting deaths in America in the last 200 years. These forms of political “murder death machines” should be banned and those espousing them tried and executed. Nobody needs free speech to advocate these murderous concepts. Not only would this prevent future murders by tyrannical governments but would help slow down global climate change by reducing the human population and allocating more resources towards productive uses.

  44. Shall not be infringed.
    Kind of says it all, try to take stuff, you die!!
    April 19 1775 all over again.
    Americans are supposed to have the same equipment our military does. The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is NOT for sport, it’s so WE can fight off tyranny from all enemies, foreign or DOMESTIC(hint, hint!).

  45. I received an Ithaca M49 lever action single shot .22 rimfire 53 years ago. I’ll bet if you gave this guy truth serum he would want that banned as well.

  46. If Thomas Jefferson were alive today he undoubtable would disown the little twerp.

    – Thomas Jefferson, Commonplace Book (quoting 18th century criminologist Cesare Beccaria), 1774-1776
    “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”
    “A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercise, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks.”
    – Thomas Jefferson, letter to Peter Carr, August 19, 1785
    “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.”
    – Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, December 20, 1787
    “The Constitution of most of our states (and of the United States) assert that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed.”
    – Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Cartwright, 5 June 1824

  47. My Drill Sergeant used to always tell everyone while at the firing range ” He’ll only steers and queers don’t like weapons so if your either you better in ass his A O immediately”!!!!

  48. “They’re selling military-grade rifles to the general public.”

    And? So what?

    (BTW, I love how these types always throw out the term “military grade”, as if that means the rifle is some sort of super-weapon.)

    • Yeah, “military grade” = mass production built by lowest bidder with tolerances in .01 of inch that shoots minute of yard accuratacy unlike a $50,000 H & H custom or Accuracy International hand built, to fit individual owner with tolerances of 1/2 .001 of inch, and accurate to 1/4 MOA, and fitted with a scope that cost more than a Honda Accord and shooting ammo that cost as much as a decent steak dinner per round.

      • I have had people insist, when I tell them that “military grade” doesn’t mean the absolute best, deadliest available, that I’m the one who doesn’t really understand guns – its comical. I will grant that the U.S. Military probably has the best nuclear powered air craft carriers that money can buy but that does not mean that lowly GIs are issued cutting edge firearms technology.

        • Exactly this. The military is going to have a certain set of priorities. A “military grade” infantry rifle will need to be effective enough and logistically sustainable. That means easy enough to keep running in the field, easy enough to keep armorers supplied with parts, reliable enough that it won’t need constant service, and won’t break the bank when you’re buying millions of them and all the required accessories and parts into perpetuity.

          That’s not necessarily going to be a wondergun.

  49. Hey, if you read these comments, you should know that most hunting rifles are more powerful than your standard issue military rifle.

    Plus, enjoy the fact that youre a Nazi. Nazis enacted gun control on people they deemed unworthy or unnecessary. Thats what you are doing.

    Enjoy knowing youre a nazi fascist.

  50. I’ve been saying this for years. They’ll come after the fudds and their durr huntin guns after they strip away all the scary black assault rifles the tacticool love so very, very much. You know what separates their example rifle from Elmer’s favorite Remington 700? Aesthetics and not a damn thing else. Now that they’re “empowered” and “so moved” to take away your fully semiautomatic assault weapons with 30 magazine bullet clips, the next thing is gonna be those sniper rifles.

    I mean, who needs a gun that can hold more than 5 rounds, blow a toddler’s head off at 30 miles, and cuts through police issued body armor like it’s not even there? Who needs a scope that allows you to watch your victim’s head explode from 50 miles away? Come on guys, it’s 2019! 2019! No one needs to be able to shoot a deer from 100 miles away! Just use a shotgun! They’re designed from the group up for deer hunting, just look at the ammo: buckshot and deer slugs! It’s in the name! Only cowards shoot at innocent deer from cross country, and everyone knows that hunters are really just training to shoot (ethnic, sexual, ideological, etc. group).

    • Truscott IV is USMA class of 1969 – graduated 50 years ago… and his relationship with the military is checkered, to be polite.

    • Yes, but was cashiered out of the Army under other than honorable conditions. I think what is more on point is why he was not forced to repay the cost of a USMA education after failing to complete his service commitment. Loser with a really big L

  51. “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? … Congress shall have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American … The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the People.” – Tench Coxe, 1788
    And for the current definition of the militia, see
    In other words, it is our birthright to have ANY weapon that a US soldier may have.

    • The bill of Rights is and was in it’s concept the rights of the individual. who or what else need rights?? Although the Democrats in government then and now. Truly wanted to exclude certain people from having rights. (Namely black slaves) then.. and now all Americans.(to turn back into slaves) The politicians in power know the government is in its last dieing days. It will be killed by the debit and taxation.. government is trying to get control over the people before the people realize what has happened. And yes this is my 1st right to that bill.

  52. And… just for grins…. The 2nd Amendment was made by folks who had just thrown off the rule of a despot by force of their arms… I think they weren’t thinking of anything BUT military style arms when they enacted it. Hunting is just a fringe benefit.

  53. I just love people (Government)who think that they have the right to tell others what they have the right to own. The truth is the bill or rights actually is what government is afraid of

  54. Maybe we should all start seeing it the same as demecrats and just sit around thinking up new ways to steal more tax payers dollars and lie about it or commit treason against the American people. Maybe letting illegal aliens vote in American elections that are one sided isn’t a bad idea after all. Or maybe we as legal gun owners should find a better way to rid this country of the treasonous filth that plagues our government called the democratic party.

  55. Stepping back for a moment, we again see a completely unintended but welcomed benefit of the 2nd – pissing off liberals and driving the bat guano crazy.

    Hey Lucien the IV – stick your opinion up your flabby well fed ass. I leave it to you to figure out which end I refer to.

  56. It is not a NEED my friend, it is RIGHT, and if I want to posses a 10 gauge shotgun, it is my GOD given RIGHT and verified in the 2nd Amendment. Don’t like or want a firearm, then do not purchase one, but leave me and mine alone!

  57. I love to keep reminding our gentle readers that Salon once offered up a little pro pedophilia piece called: “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster.”

    They have since scrubbed that little gem from their website, but the interwebs never forgets.

    Remember when Augustus Busch the 12th(or whatever that inbred shitstains title was) penned something along the lines of Common Sense Gun Control and the NRA were a bunch of racist murderers?

    It seems our dear heir to Budweiser had a long list of dead girlfriends in which he was a primary player.

  58. “As to the species of exercise, I advise the gun. While this gives a moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind.”

    Thomas Jefferson

  59. Once again…it is the Bill of RIGHTS, not the Bill of Needs. Just because you are afraid of or don’t like something does not give you the right to keep anyone else from using it. Would love to see the author as he put it “You can go down to your local gun store and buy one tomorrow. That means you’ll be able to set the damn Scorpion (sic) up on its bi-pod and hit a so-called “soft target” so far away you need a goddamn telescope to see it.” Does he know any thing about trajectory? I am not a long range shooter but from what I have read you do not ‘just set it up and hit your target a mile away’. It takes a lot of practice. Oh and as far as “for any sort of legitimate civilian usage” if they are shooting at you with one you need one for self defense which is indeed a legitimate civilian usage.

  60. We need not worry about the opinion of this godless clown who was cashiered out of the Army under other than honorable conditions. I think what is more on point is why he was not forced to repay the cost of a USMA education after failing to complete his service commitment.

  61. “Truscott attended the United States Military Academy, graduating in 1969. In 1968, Truscott and other cadets challenged the required attendance at chapel services. Later a court case filed by another cadet along with midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy resulted in a 1972 US Court of Appeals decision (and upheld by the Supreme Court) that ended mandatory chapel attendance at all of the service academies.[3] He was then assigned to Fort Carson, Colorado.[4] There, he wrote an article about heroin addiction among enlisted soldiers and another about what he felt was an illegal court martial. He was threatened with being sent to Vietnam, so he resigned his commission about thirteen months after graduating, receiving a “general discharge under other than honorable conditions.””

    What a Leftist POS this man was.

  62. No, he’s right. I’m going to make a video of me cutting my Remington 700 up and my 1st cut will make it into an SBR.

    • No need to do that. You can just send it to me and I’ll promise to never shoot anyone in the forehead with it from 2000 yards away. See, problem solved.

  63. The whole point of the 2nd ammendmant is to protect yourself from an unlawful and tyranny government. If we can’t purchase the same firearms that are government holds then why state it the way they did.

  64. The founding fathers, or at least Jefferson’s descendants, have certainly gone to seed.

    My five times great-grandfather was a corporal in the Virginia militia and two of his brothers were officers. They all probably knew George Washington as he mentioned my family as good, reliable frontiersmen in one of his journals. Unlike Lucian’s ancestor they were scots-Irish frontiersman, not planters, and did not own slaves. One great-grandfather on my mother’s side was a sharp shooter (sniper) in the Union army. My opinion is at least as valid as Lucian’s and I own at least two of each arm he mentions and a few he forgot as it is my right to do so courtesy of both my ancestors and his.

  65. As to “when we will come to our senses” using the author’s words, this citizen answers, Hopefully Never, regarding how the author of the above rant would defineor describe “coming to our senses”. That said, the gentleman is entitled to his opinion, which he has offered. In the last analysis, all we have here is his opinion, which in my view isn’t worth the ink used to write it down.

  66. This is the same Truscott that bailed on going Vietnam, “a little nervous in the service”, but full of advice for everyone else.

  67. Guns have always been a part of American life. The screwballs in Washington and te Democrats who whoose to divide this Country are the problem, and have to be banned, the guns are just fine.

  68. This guy didn’t even present an argument as to why we don’t need bolt action rifles. What did I just read? I shoot over 800 yards all the time. We enjoy the ballistics man, the practice it takes, the discipline. It’s therapeutic. I’m retired army and I don’t approve your message. That wasn’t apples and oranges. Very poor logic. Even for an opinion piece, garbage writing.

  69. Lucian Truscott IV is clearly unfamiliar with the firearms of which he speaks. It’s sad that a supposed descendant of Thomas Jefferson has fallen so far.


  70. I remember an Oleg Volk poster go something like

    “They won’t take your hunting rifle….
    They’ll call it a sniper gun first”

  71. ……Take a minute to think about a huge 405 grain slug of lead, the kind that can take down big-dangerous African game .
    Fired by a old west weapon of war!
    What is it you ask?
    A lever action 45-70govt!
    all anyone needs for hunting is 5 rounds of
    And a 5 shot .38sp revolver for self defense.
    …….indeed a slippery slope.

  72. Sad to say, but IF anyone actually thinks that New Zealand will now be “safe” they are mistaken. As has been pointed out repeatedly, anyone who would commit a Mass Killing, won’t hesitate to break Gun Laws/Bans.
    Timothy McVeigh used a Rental Truck and turned it into a Bomb, I don’t recall a call for Banning Truck Rentals nor the elimination of the Truck Rental Industry.
    Another example:
    We all know that there are Illegal Substances. Last I heard (LAST Night!) these Substances are readily available and has become a epidemic in our country. Drugs and Rental Trucks are not enumerated in any Constitutional Amendment, but The Right To Bear Arms is – it’s the 2nd Amendment. To any Liberal Gun Banner: Go ahead check for yourself there really IS a 2nd Amendment.

  73. And, the Puckle gun was available in 1776. It was an automatic firearm. Anyone who claims that the Second Amendment only refers to muzzleloading rifles is a liar.

    • Actually, the Puckle Gun was invented in 1718, and was nothing like the much later Gatling gun. It was more like a single action revolver, firing one chamber, turn the crank to loosen the cylinder, manually advance it one chamber, fire and repeat until empty. You would then turn the crank until you can remove the cylinder, and replace with a loaded one. There is no record of it being used in anger however.

  74. What is more dangerous than all the guns in private hands in the United States? The words of those who would use one Amendment to negate the others. The first amendment is being used by people with ulterior motives to strip the law abiding citizens of this country of all their rights. It takes a special kind of evil to lie to the people shielded by their First Amendment rights in order to deny the rest of the Bill of Rights to all but the people they deem fit and appropriate for positions of power over the lives of the rest of us.

    This is how propagandists work to put in place a systemic and oppressive government and it is how your God given rights and are being stolen from you – and it gets worse every time these people win another election. There is nothing good that will come from empowering these fanatics and it is not going to get better. Nothing will stop these people from getting what they want – total and ultimate control of the lives of the entire population, that is nothing except denying them political office. The reason I say this is for decades these people have been working until they had control of the higher education system, and then they programmed a generation of young minds to believe in their doctrine. We are now seeing this plan bearing fruit with all the irrational fear being stoked by the left regarding firearms and those who own them. We are now seeing their efforts in every news report on television and radio across the country. This is the zenith of their power and they are using it to force their will on the American people. They are using the media that was educated in their schools to bombard the masses with disinformation and lies about their fellow citizens based on whether they are gun owners, and if they are, all kinds of mistrust and fear is being instilled in the general public by these dishonest brokers of propaganda, all for the sake of making the US population vulnerable and controllable. They will continue this campaign until and unless they are politically defeated and that job will remain difficult because of their stranglehold on the media that keeps promoting these fear mongering tactics. All of this is geared toward filling the uneducated and unfamiliar public with erroneous notions about firearms, the law, and their use by those who are lawful owners of firearms and all who participate in shooting sports. This argument – the one here about no one needing a bolt action rifle is but a slight modification of their argument against semiautomatic firearms and this will be edited time after time until they eliminate the type of firearm so it will simply be any firearm. That is what we are seeing now, and every tragic event like the one in New Zealand is another opportunity to take a swing at instituting a total firearms ban. If you listen to what the activists are saying in interviews and articles in the news they are saying that now. Their goal is to disarm the American people.

    Any candidate for political office from today forward that espouses banning lawful possession of a firearm should be considered an enemy of the people of the United States. The Second Amendment is not just words on paper from over 200 years ago – it is the essence of our freedom. No legitimate leader has ever suggested eliminating any of the Bill of Rights or the Electoral College, nor have they suggested packing the Supreme Court or any of another wildly dangerous and liberal points of view. They are simply taking the old adage of strike while the iron is hot as a model and using every opportunity that comes up to promote measures that will cement their control of your freedom. Since they virtually control the news media it makes it that much easier for them to present the outrageous as mainstream, and when the extreme is normalized in this way more of the average person types will adopt the resulting policies. This is the same idea as the example of putting a frog into a pot of water. If the water is boiling it will kill the frog or the frog will jump out, but if you start with cold water and gradually turn the heat up, eventually the frog will become comfortable up to a point, that point being when the temperature becomes lethal and the frog dies. It’s all the incremental changes that allow these people to take power – power that is not theirs to have.

    For those reasons no one should vote to elect ANY Democrat to office at ANY level of government. There are enough of them who are willing to dance with the Devil and will simply silence any dissenters in their party that we cannot afford for them to have power. They are incapable of reason, and they do not care to respect and follow the Constitution in whole or in part. The Democrat party has a toxic level of activism in its membership and it is no longer run by reasonable people who can compromise in order to get the important business of the People of the United States of America done. It has been decades since they have done their job and passed operating budgets. Instead we have a government that is run via emergency last minute funding measures and the debt has ballooned out of perspective. There is no reason to believe this will change any time soon, but eliminating the radical factions from their ranks is the only way to save their party. The question is are they patriotic enough to do this job or not?

    If you love your country, freedom and your rights Vote Republican – this is the only party in politics in America today that cares for and respects your rights as citizens of the greatest nation on Earth.

  75. This is not new. One if my earliest memories from the 60s about gun control was this. They were crying about all the high powered long range sniper rifles being sold in the USA. These were O3A3s being sold as surplus. No one needed such a high powered rifle and so cheap.

    This is all old rhetoric that is just making it’s way back into the fray. The only time the grabbers will be happy is when no one is able to own any type of firearm. Then it will go to knives and scissors, just like England.

    • Hotshot, you nailed it. The only reason for registration is confiscation and the only reason for confiscation is slavery.

  76. This guy is stupid, no body is going to buy a4000.00 bolt action for a mass shooting. My 303 British is a real assault rifle. The one i own was a nazi killing machine. It’s not the weapon, its the man holding it that makes it deadly.

  77. He forgets the days upon days spent to develop long range sniping skills! But he is certainly an Elitist Pecksniff!

  78. Ever FUDD needs to be slapped…..hard….
    They invited this kind of crap with the “No one needs an AR15. I hunt with my bolt gun for 30 years and it works just fine”.

    Maybe twice with the slaps.

    England has school kids handing in “pointy” scissors to be safe. NZ…..well those geniuses are using the registry to be forced to hand over their firearms.

    I hope every single gun owner sees this for what it is……they are coming for every firearm.

    Electric Boogaloo Part II is getting ready.

  79. Anyone who argues that there’s a rifle out there that will allow consistent hits on a 3″x3″ target at 2000 yards and goes even further to suggest that normal people, given the right gear, could make this happen on a regular basis… is not someone to be taken seriously.

    Is that shot possible? Sure. Well within the realm of known physics. Is that shot possible to make consistently given the variables in long range shooting? Certainly not. Could an untrained moron who just picked up the rifle, any old scope and a ballistic computer make that shot consistently as this guy suggests? Absolutely not.

    This dude has no idea what he’s talking about but he gets away with it because his audience knows less than he does and goes gaga at the word “military”.

  80. As usual, someone here that wants us to save us from ourselves. I know! Let’s do this: put a govenor on every car and truck is this country; to reduce vehicle speeds, “speed kills”, pull all tobacco products off the shelfs, oh..let’s not forget all those fast food restaurants ” “shut down those fat and cholesterol producing restaurants”, oh my gosh I almost forgot about the evils of alcohol. It’s easy to go on and on with this! Let this be known…the intent of the 2nd Amendment was not to preserve the right to hunt or target shoot. It was the right of the people to be Free …free of Government’s Tyranny! You want to save us “Liberal”…stick with writing something you know about!

  81. Dianne Feinstein said she didn’t want military grade semi automatic weapons on our streets….so I bought a military grade sniper rifle instead. Its the finest rifle I have ever owned (Accuracy International AT) and I plan on buying a long action super sniper killer version. In all seriousness, I’ve been sharing this post with all of the people I know that “just” want a semi auto ban. This is why there’s such distrust for gun grabbers. They aren’t happy with anything we give them, so I will give them NOTHING!

  82. Sit up and take notice fudds. You thought you were safe with your deer rifle and shotgun. They will become weapons of war very soon and you will need to have them taken away. The left will not be satisfied until all weapons have been removed for all the citizens.

  83. 3”x3” at 2100 yards, my ass. That would beyond world record.

    Also don’t worry Fudds they’re only talking about chassis rifles, no need to worry about your o/u shotguns… yet.

  84. I’m sorry, but when was the last time anyone tried to kill another human from distances over 1000 yards? Ever?

    Almost any decently accurate rifle, of any type, up to and including muzzle loaders, can fire a fatal shot in capable hands, up to 1000 yards. Hell, I’ve seen guys use a handgun to hit a man size target from that distance.

    NZ’s gun ban is nothing but a smoke screen to hide the fact that, yet again, law enforcement and the government utterly failed, despite clear and repeated warnings, to stop a shooter from carrying out his plot.

    In response to an article detailing the gun ban by NZ, co-founder of NewsRep Jack Murphy, said this:

    ” ‘New Zealand government gives fascist mass murderer exactly what he wanted’ could be the alternate headline. The most effective form of political terrorism is publicly stating what you will do and then demonstrating that the government is completely unable to stop you from carrying out your stated goals. In this case the gunman was crystal clear in his writing that he conducted this attack in order to get the government to restrict the rights of white people, which in his delusional mind would result in some sort of Turner Diaries type scenario. For people who believe this kind of nonsense, it is like the Sunni Awakening for disenfranchised white men.” – Jack Murphy

  85. This thread goes on and on, ad nauseum. I hope to hell the posters here will spend just a little time contacting their own legislators; local, state and federal. Sadly, I’ll bet not- this is so much easier and we love to add our own little quips and digs rather than use our brains.

    I’ve spent time the last 3 weeks at the IA Statehouse and have been in contact with Sens. Grassley and Ernst concerning firearms and other issues as well as speaking and promoting privately owned firearms and the fundamental right of due process in front of a hyped up, bussed-in group of Leftists last Saturday at our new US Congresschick’s townhall. (I even got her to give me a hug at the conclusion- long story but what could she do?) Educate yourself, learn a bit of self-control and work on your ability to communicate and articulate. Push back and use their own victimhood and tolerance arguments against them. Things can be effective if some of us will just quit beating our chests…

    • My Senators are Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. My Representative is Pramila Jayapal. I could write or call them, but they don’t care what any gun owners who live in their state or district think.

  86. This dude got a small DI$k he just butt hurt cause no guys wanna let him give them blowjobs so he decided he wanted to run his spit pistol and cause problems someplace else what he needs to do is go outside and fall down and never get back up him he can rot in hell.

  87. Uh oh, look out, Fudds; they’ve got their eye on your wood-stocked “sporting arms”! We don’t mean to say “I told you so”-yes, actually we do.

    Now, are you going to join up with the owners of those icky, black rifles and defend the 2A? If not, what will it take?

  88. I wish people would educate themselves before they imply that civilians can even own a weapon that is “military grade” other than being black ,nothing a civilian can buy legally is military grade ?? how about we uphold the laws we have, last time I checked it was illegal to kill another human being, someone intending to kill will find a way to do it, people kill, guns dont do anyanything human hands dont make them do!

  89. Nobody *needs* Lucien Truscott’s opinion…yet he has a right to voice it. The Constitution is a beautiful thing, even if it allows clueless blowhards to try to undermine it.

  90. arrrghhhhhh.. I HATE it when I’m prescient.
    Just yesterday I was complaining that after they banned the (so called) “assault” rifles (and of course ALL semi-auto anythings.. which is basically what NZ did)…. They would be coming after those “sniper rifles” (you know.. granddads bolt action 30:06 with a scope)… WELL… damn…

  91. “Take a minute and look at all the military-speak gun-culture nomenclature babble they slap down: “match-grade””

    Yes. Because the military is known for spending money on high quality ammunition that definitely does not come packaged in barrels.

    “Who the hell needs to hit something, anything, from over a mile away?”

    With the way the world is heading, any future Lyudmila Pavlichenko who wants to get in some early practice.

  92. There is NO “requirement of NEED”, to exercise a RIGHT; only the desire TO exercise that right.

    “ARMS” is a term which, both in the 1780’s AND today, refers to “military grade weaponry”.

    Since LONG before the American Revolution, “the militia” has been “ALL able-bodied men” (and now women), which constitute the CITIZENRY of a given location.

    In the United States, ALL legislation, laws, policies, or other “legal” devices, which restrict or prohibit the possession or use OF “arms”, is UN-Constitutional, and in violation of AT LEAST two federal statutes which address the violation of civil rights.

  93. Boloney! I read the original article the Salon article references, and the target was 3 FEET by 3 FEET, NOT
    3 inches by 3 inches. Hitting a 9 square inch target at 2k yards is nigh onto impossible unless you are packing a laser gun with a computerized sight. Hitting a 9 square foot target is hard enough. A high standard of accuracy could be 1 inch at 100 yards, or 20 inches at 2k yards, with no interference with winds or gun/ammo
    errors. Salon once again proves that anti-gun people do not know about the things they hate. A 14 pound (6.4
    kilogram+) rifle, plus whatever the scope and mounts add on, with a cost of over $3k for the gun, scope , and
    accessories, with ammo going for $1+ per shot for .338 Lapua rounds, takes some dedication and money.
    This is not back yard plinking.

    • @Herb, When did you buy your gun, 1965? Your prices are highly underestimated, .338 Lapua rounds are over $5 each. hand loads will cost more than twice your price, and if you can find a gun that will shoot a mile for that price I suggest you buy a dozen, a Swarovski scope will set you back around $3,000 and a Schmidt & Bender scope well over $5,000.

    • Still a lot of folks who think it’ll never come to that. Probably the same thing King George thought.Keep pokin the bear!

  94. “Why does a civilian need to hit a forehead sized target from over a mile away?’
    Because the Tyrant’s security detail won’t let you get closer. #Boogaloo!

  95. I wonder if this idiot realizes that just because a few very highly trained individuals can hit targets at over a mile, that it is the skill of the shooter, and not the type of firearm, that matters… any decent quality bolt action hunting rifle with a large enough caliber can reach out and touch targets a long way off if the operator knows his or her stuff and can shoot well…

    • Gerry, that’s one of the dirty little secrets of communism. Communists like Lenin clearly stated that the Bolshevik should resist strongly all efforts made to disarm them using any and all methods. They don’t have a problem with people having guns as long as the people have the same communist viewpoint as they have. That why people like Cuomo and DeBlasio never criticize ANTIFA.


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