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Robert Francis O’Rourke learned to handle guns responsibly when he was a kid. But all you other Americans should give up your “weapons of war” because reasons.

The former Texas congressman told The Associated Press in an interview Sunday in Las Vegas that he inherited guns belonging to his great uncle, who had taught him how to handle a firearm responsibly. He says he and his wife, Amy, who grew up on a New Mexico ranch and used guns, made sure their children also knew how to safely handle guns.

“Not only are they proficient, they also understand the responsibility that comes with using or owning firearms,” he said.

O’Rourke, speaking at a coffee shop 5 miles (8 kilometers) away from the site of a 2017 mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip, said he’d like to use his personal experience and the traditions of gun ownership in his home state of Texas to “lead the country on sensible gun safety policy” that reduces violence.

“It is not a politically easy thing to talk about, but I think if we talk about it out from experience, out of pride and responsible gun ownership and ensuring that weapons of war are kept on the battlefield and they’re not used in our schools and concerts and communities, we’ll save a lot more lives and will do nothing to infringe upon any American’s Second Amendment rights,” he said.

– Michelle L. Price in O’Rourke says owning, using guns taught him responsible use

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      • Oh, I don’t know about that. He might be on to something. I mean, if he just waves his arms a little bit more, he might become airborne. The man might just be a marvel of evolution.

        • Disagree, more likely an undiagnosed mental disorder. Automatically qualifies him to take over Nancy’s job. No?

        • Liberalism is always a mental disorder, undiagnosed or not. Bozo needs no diagnosis, he is nutty as squirrel turds.

    • Now Dennis – he’s better than us. No need to go into paroxysms of denial. We can be big boys and girls, and simply acknowledge the truth: progressives possess superior judgement and moral clarity.

      Even his money is better than yours.

      • Butto actually thinks the little people’s money is better than his when it comes time for politicians to do what politicians do best……skim, scam, squander, and buy votes.

      • “Even his money is better than yours.”

        If you push him hard enough about it on Twitter, you can probably get him to apologize about it though.

        • Heh. I’m aware of this phenomenon myself. Fortunately they’ve promised repeatedly to give it back (social security) or put it to good use on roads, firehouses, patriotic bunting, and Apple pie, so I have no concerns…

        • I know the feeling i work like a dog and at the end of every week i have just enough money to keep my truck filled with gas and maybe a couple of boxes of rounds to hit the range with.Then one week a month,if i dont buy rounds i have the money to go shoot the rounds i purchased each week.Oh thats if i dont want to eat……so mostly i hit the range a few times a year if im lucky! :>/ Living in the bluest state in the country really sux! N.J. is still working on taking our guns altogether!!!

      • Tim
        We now have to be very careful on the use of “boys and girls” terminology, also from Beto and his liberal friends! 😁

    • Not a new shtick by any means. Sounds like every other Fudd or false Fudd I’ve ever heard.

      • ^this.

        “I love the break-action 22 rifle I inherited from my great-granduncle. I’ve even shot it twice! See how I’m a proponent of the 2nd Amendment and speaking from a place of credibility? Now turn over any firearm that isn’t a break-action 22.”

  1. As far as I know no one has blasted a school with artie or called in an airstrike. Or even used a crew served weapon of any kind.

    • Bu… bu… but…. muh AR-15 Weapon Of War!

      Who knew you could spell, “asshole,” as, “Beto.”

      • Food & water are weapons of war….lets get rid of them too !!!!

        Off Topic….but….If guns are so evil because they are used so often in suicides, why are so many democrats in favor of “Doctor Assisted Suicide”….now being promoted by governor “Peacenik” Phil in New Jersey. Kind of like “Let’s Save the Children” but kill 600,000 late term preemies every year.

  2. Another Globalist stooge…Incompetent, and should be holding a public office…He obviously failed high school history. Soy Beta Male is the 1st presidential candidate for the Democratic Party has both schizophrenic and suffers from bipolar Mania….A DNC Nut job in every sense of the word…Who cares what they think! The Mueller Report is out ! The DemoCommies, SJWs, Snowflakes are all in denial and suffering major meltdowns!

  3. After three years of endless illegal investigations, the Demokkkommies find out that #TrumpDidNothingWrong and are panicking now that they don’t have a chance in hell of winning 2020.

    • I’m banking on them so over-reacting they end up looking like the fools they are to even centrist Demo-Commies.

      God, this Schadenfreude is the most delicious I have ever tasted. They are literally losing their collective tiny bigoted minds over this… 😉

      • From a CNN article: “The political fight is just beginning…Congressional Democrats are ready to pick up the torch of the Mueller investigation.”

        As someone who feels very strongly that the demise of the Democrat Party would be hugely beneficial for the health, safety, and prosperity of the USA, all I can say is…

        Go for it!

        • “As someone who feels very strongly that the demise of the Democrat Party would be hugely beneficial for the health, safety, and prosperity of the USA, all I can say is…

          Go for it!”

          Agreed. If the Dementedcrat Party does fall I could return to my home state of Hawaii where guns are almost outlawed.

    • Funny how that part never gets mentioned, even though the ACLU, especially the national office and the NY branch, trumpet Miller as establishing (more like suggesting without holding) that the second is a “collective” right, and that nine out of nine supreme court justices got it wrong when they concluded that it protects an individual right.

      • I always counter that all those OTHER rights must therefore be collective rights as well…and not personal ones…
        The second is sandwiched between other personal rights…and is the ONLY one that has that pesky “shall not be infringed” attached…hmmm

      • I am part of the collective. Without individuals, there is no collective. So this whole “collective” vs. “individual” argument is pure smoke screen, something to keep lawyers busy in between getting laid.

        Collective and individual are inseparably tied together. Somebody missed elementary math class when sets were being discussed.

  4. Ugh. “I know about guns and shit so we should totally do things that anyone who knows about guns would never suggest because I’m the only one who really understand them.” Just like “True socialism has never been tried.”

    Colion Noir talked about this with Joe Rogan for a couple of hours last year.

  5. I think I’ll keep all of my guns, but I’d give up my weapons of war if I actually had any. Maybe I can talk my idiot nephew into giving up his halberd and quarterstaff.

    • Weapons of War? That’s almost all of my collection. Lee-Enfield, Mauser, and Mosin-Nagant. Even my Ruger Scout Rifle is heavily based on the Mauser. That leaves my Feinwerkbau air rifle as my only non-military rifle.

      • Just as most passenger car innovations are based on race car trials, so most civilian firearms are modeled on military concepts. No civilian firearms are full automatic, which would be a weapon of war, but the anti gun faction ignores that completely.

      • If you don’t use it in a war, it’s not a weapon of war. If you are not actively participating in the military, it is not a military weapon. It’s just a gun.

        “Weapon of this” and “weapon of that” is how the anti-gun mafia demonizes firearms. We need to get away from using these terms. They’re just guns.

  6. Never a direct policy answer from Beto. About the only thing he is clear about is that he thinks very highly of himself.

    • Beto is the political version of a snooty college freshman girl who just got into a bar for the first time.

      She’ll tell everyone how upstanding and moral she is, how she has a boyfriend back home and how just plain awesome she is.

      Three hours and $20 worth of cheap liquor later she’s screaming “I LOVE COLLEGE!” while riding some rando guy’s dick and getting her fartbox tongue-punched by some chick from her dorm floor.

      Really the only difference is that the girl might feel bad about her choices in the morning. At least she has “Thirsty Thursday” as some minor sort of excuse. Beto is just a political whore.

      • I dont know much about this Beto feller when it comes to 2A. But thanks for the colorful discription of him!

      • Thank you very much strych9 for that brilliantly descriptive post. I started laughing out loud and uncontrollably for a couple of minutes. My wife thought I’d gone crazy(er). When I read your post aloud to her, she just shook her head and left the room. I kept laughing…

  7. Yeah Mr. “Less impressive than Occasional-Cortex” sure is a smart boy. Married a rich gal. Pretends he’s hiss-panic. And skateboards in his 40’s😄😊😏Then again a Kenyan “married” to big Michael was president twice…

    • Maybe he could move to California and change his name to Brown. Even better, he could volunteer for the next manned space mission to the Moon.

  8. Dear Robert Francis O’Rourke,

    An enemy force could suddenly appear and attack just about anywhere in the United States without prior warning. (If you know anything about History, you know that enemy forces go to great lengths to conceal their plans and maintain their element of surprise.)

    What if that enemy force attacks in a rural location and takes out the local police first? How long is the response time of additional government security forces? Answer: in a rural location, that could easily be one hour or longer for any meaningful number of police to show up and probably 12 to 24 hours for the National Guard to show up. Please explain how local people should not have semi-automatic rifles to defend themselves and their community in such a situation while they wait for a relative eternity for government security forces to arrive.

    Note: an enemy force could simply be a dozen violent gang members, a dozen terrorists, or a 12-man commando team from a foreign government. All three types of entities have set upon towns throughout world history.

    • Which do you prefer Red Dawn or Invasion U.S.A.? All these rise to the occasion hero in waiting fantasies you guys secretly harbor. Meanwhile most of you are your sixties and seventies. If you were going to miraculously become a hero you would have done it by now. My god I just never realized the mind warping influence Bruce Willis has had on two maybe even three generations of secretly deeply insecure men. A foreign commando team,… a fucking commando team is gonna parachute in to your back yard!? And your gonna strap on a little ‘nam steel pot and grab your rifle? Bwhahahaahahahahahahaha!!!!! OHHHH myyyyy goooood!!!! Grandpa you need to go bed already. Ohhh I just love you geezers, soooooo entertaining.

  9. Beatoff ORouke is a silly clown. The asshat unfortunately is going to be spending 2/3 of his life here in Iowa for the next ____ months. Too much of a nothing.

  10. “Beto Can Handle Guns Responsibly Buy You Need to Give Up Your ‘Weapons of War’”

    This guy is such an effin’ liar, he can’t even admit who he is…talk about “cultural appropriation”, “beto” being spanish for robert, his real given name, he’s trying to pass himself off as some sort of hispanic to ganer that voter segment…he needs to be called out, along with all the other liberal eff’s for the BS they try and put over on the American people…

  11. I’m becoming more convinced that a requirement prior to ANY federal employment or public office should be 4 years of Military service.

      • AR-15s ARE weapons of war. Otherwise called “Militia weapons”, as described in the Second Amendment. Beto says he can ban them because they are “weapons of war” while preserving the Second Amendment. He clearly does not understand American government and should not hold any government office.

        • Sorry, but AR-15s are not weapons of war, they were tried by the military in the 60’s and rejected in favor of the M-16 (look similar, but not the same). The AR-15 is a sporting rifle that looks military – not the same as being military!

      • The progs would legislate for the military to be a lot more comfortable for them if there was such a requirement. It’d be giving them a huge incentive to take more control the military. Unintended consequences are a btch.

    • I honestly believe the US should do this for so many reasons, but maybe 1-2 years mando.
      I went from teen to adult after my first year. IMO, military experience forms a solid foundation for one’s character. I not saying it’s a 100% effective path for most kids. But it helps when going to college afterwards.

  12. As usual, he act’s like there is something unique and special about him while the rest of us are feckless morons. Turns out, Robert, that the overwhelming majority of us are plenty responsible with our guns. You see, there are hundreds of millions of guns and gun owners in the country and only tens of thousands of violent crimes with those guns (only hundreds with what you call “weapons of war”). That is 4 orders of magnitude – In other words, 99.99% of us are highly responsible and don’t harm anyone with our guns – just like you. Now, given that you cannot really reduce a crime rate that low for something by constraining the people who are not committing the crime, maybe you should find something else to do with your time. Eat some more dirt maybe.

  13. They seem to be falling all over themselves to be President. Oh, wait a minute, they’re just falling all over each other. -30-

  14. A home invasion is a war between the invaders and home owners. Hence superior firepower is required.

  15. 420 – – – 420 – – – 420 – – – 420 – – – 420 – – – 420 – – – 420

  16. The NeoCommunist party isn’t going to pick Robert, even with him pandering to the Hispanics. He may well get the VP candidate slot if Kamala “BJ” Harris gets picked. Texas will still vote Trump, though that would likely cut into his margin.

    • Harris is CNN’s favorite, although Booker is giving her a run for the money because he wants a White House wedding. What could be better than the grandest venue in the country, and paid for with tax dollars?

  17. Somebody like him should explain what “sensible” is without list a stupid bunch of useless restrictions and shape and design like ugly Diane does. Sensible doesn’t mean dumbassed restrictions on storage that make a gun useless for defense in the home. And if gun owners agree to something the left should not take that as a signal to go for the mile instead of the inch. Nor does “sensible” involve banning and confiscation because that NEVER affects the criminal. And sometime, maybe, they ask owners what we think instead of telling this is the way it’s going to be Constitution or not. We already know they don’t truly believe in the Constitution unless it suits them and that they’d rather make up laws to fit a situation rather than have a standard to live by. Check the definition of legal positivism and you’ll see how the left wants to operate.

    • I dunno the way he hyperventilates and his eyes get big when he talks about himself, I think he really is fantasying about being the coolest most powerful guy in the world. Kinda puts Barack’s narcissism in a different perspective.

  18. So, I guess, say goodbye to those surplus rifles? No Mausers, Moisins, SMLEs, M1s, M1903s, etc. Actual weapons of actual past wars that are quite common to collect and not even some of the more obscure ones from both WWs.

    Oh wait, whaddup ‘bout dem muskets? No flintlocks and matchlocks? Revolutionary War didn’t happen so those are okay…

    How do these supposedly “educated” people formulate these ridiculous thoughts? I mean, I see there’s a more subversive motive, but still.

    • They’re not really dumb enough to believe the tripe they try to peddle to the unwashed, the underlying factor is they’re arrogant enough to believe everyone but them will fall for it. It’s been their downfall at every turn, always underestimate their opponents, out of sheer arrogance and entitlement.

      • Right, problem is, they convinced a lot of people otherwise and pull THEIR opponents into THEIR playing field.

        Like, why is it just now that “weapons of war” is creeping into everyday language. I don’t remember these particular set of words being used by politicians a decade a go so frequently. Before it was “assault weapon” (whatever the fuck that actually mean [and yes I know the legal definition but that doesn’t mean the literal definition is meaningless]) and now it’s “ghost guns” and “weapons of war”.

        Asking them to define their terms just makes it worst. You can’t ask them to define what a “weapon of war” otherwise you’re just playing into their hands. Just like with “assault weapon”, I’m sure “weapon of war” will become a legal term if this tomfoolery doesn’t stop.

        I guess point is, we just need to stop letting these arrogant figures define the terms that eventually become law.

  19. Yawn, another liberal elitist denigrating the “little people “. A dangerous clown with an exaggerated sense of self importance.

    • You should really look this guy up. His may not be pro second, but he is anything but what you describe. In fact he would likely be the best chance of stopping that globalist crap you are talking about.

      • Tried giving him an objective once over, couldn’t get past the DUI fleeing and the child murder fantasy. May be acceptable in the democrat camp, but I’m not buyin!

        • Oh , he is no saint, but as the least no one owns him. Can’t say that about any other candidate. And he cam damn close to beating Cruz.

          • Yes, he came close. But even with 95,000 illegal votes he still lost. As for not being owned, think if you look close enough youd find a bill of sale from one of the coup organizers

  20. Don’t underestimate Beto. The media is already falling in love with him. Much in the same way they did with Obama. He’s young,hip and has in their opinion lots of charisma. They are comparing him to John F. Kennedy. He has all the same qualifications Obama had to be President…NONE. They love him for those very reasons. He’s done virtually nothing so there is nothing to be critical of. The MSM in this country consider themselves king builders and will do all they can to sway their acolytes to frog march to the leader of their choice. Keep Your Powder Dry

    • I picture him in a debate with Donald Trump… and I feel like he might start crying as soon as Trump lets loose with the mean nicknames. President material for sure.

  21. Nice to see politicians openly embracing the “of course I’m better than you pieces of shit” platform.

  22. I really have to wonder: What is it with the Democratic Party and their fondness for gigolos? Is this a “thing” with Democrats? That they find something impressive about a man who sleeps his way into riches? First we have Kamala Harris, who slept her way into politics, then we have O’Rourke, who slept is way into riches.

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice work if you can get it. I just don’t find the observations of gigolos and side-pieces to be especially noteworthy in economics or politics.

    • As so helpfully illustrated by the national media, the left-wing, snowflake, & PoundMeToo cultures; the noteworthiness of gigolos & side-pieces depends on how much they’re paid, and/or who they’re being paid by.

      And the juicier the target, the less it matters that said mouthpieces normally do their hourly work on their knees.

  23. Dude wasn’t even proficient enough to use a car while maintaining sobriety. My bets are on me moreso than him.

  24. Stop calling him Beto !! His real name should be Beta because that is what he is a Beta Male !!

  25. WOW! Sounds like this entire commenting group is comprised of Trumps’ 23% group. One better be a REP. when commenting or get chastised. 🙂

  26. I just hope that Beto isn’t holding a gun in his hand while he’s talking. That firearm would be sweeping the crowd a thousand times a minute. LOL

  27. When small children around me start flailing their arms, posing hazard to bystanders, pets, & glassware, I helpfully inform them that their arms will fly off because they don’t have enough muscles yet.

    Usually they are fascinated and/or scared by that prospect, and immediately stop being spastics.

    I wonder if the same thing would work on “Beto”, as his mental maturity is roughly equivalent to a 5yr old. They’ll believe anything you tell ’em.

  28. If he shoots like he drives, I feel sorry for all those folks in Texas. Beto really is a shallow and clueless individual.

  29. But I need my tomahawk missiles! They’re the only thing that works on these damn squirrels!

  30. What I wonder might be the true source of his alleged firearms expertise, or might EGGSPURTESE be a more accurate bit of terminology. That said, I fired High Power Rifle Competition, aka National Match Course type competition on military bases for many years. I also competed in IPSC pistol competition for a number of years. Think that the above mentioned might qualify me as at least reasonable knowledgeable and competent with small arms in Beto’s view?

    • Not unless you can show a membership card for the DNC, and swear to defend them from the great unwashed.

  31. Typical democrat.

    Do as Democrat says….not as they do.
    If you don’t agree with a Democrat , you must be racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic…really any ‘ist or ‘phobic in the dictionary.
    Democrats are smarter…have them show you their humanities and english lit degrees. Just ask after they take your meal order.
    Democrats are much more cultured. Everyone should drop $2,000 for a night at the theatre, obviously.

  32. How do we know he was correctly trained? Can he pass an NRA course?
    Having run many weapons ranges in the Army, I wouldn’t let him near a weapon. Much less let him have ammunition. He’s worse the a 2LT.

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