Emergency responders work the scene of a shooting at the West Side Walmart in Evansville, Ind., Thursday, Jan. 19, 2023. Authorities in Indiana say a 25-year-old man opened fire in a Walmart store where he once worked, wounding at least one person before officers fatally shot him. (MaCabe Brown /Evansville Courier & Press via AP)
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Here’s a valuable personal safety tip: always carry your gun. Even if you’re just running out to Walmart to grab some milk, a loaf of bread, and some bananas. Carry your piece. Bad guys and lunatics don’t make appointments to visit violence upon their fellow citizens.

An incident in Evansville, Indiana late last week drives that point home clearly and should provide reason number eleventy-bazillion why you should never leave your gun at home.

Just before 10 pm, a former Walmart employee who was terminated last year for attacking four of his fellow employees walked into the Evansville store. Knowing the time and location of the evening staff meeting, he showed up and shot one female in the face and then took off after another employee.

Unable to find his primary target, he returned to finish off his first, and so far only victim.  However a courageous co-worker helped the injured woman to another location where the staffer turned rescuer administered first aid in the dark as the two hid from the would be killer.

Cops showed up four minutes after the first calls for help and within a couple more minutes, they tracked down the shooter in the hardware section of the store. They shot him repeatedly and then when the 25-year-old suspect tried to raise his gun again, they shot him more, right there in front of the showerheads.

WTHR has more…

Police in Indiana said Friday that heroic actions by a Walmart employee and law enforcement officers kept a gunman who shot and injured one female employee from doing more harm.

The woman was the only person injured late Thursday when 25-year-old Ronald Ray Mosley II walked into a store break room where employees were meeting, specifically aimed at the victim and shot her in the face with a 9mm handgun.
Sgt. Anna Gray of the Evansville Police Department said officers were in the building within four minutes of the 911 call, and Mosley was shot and killed by officers who tracked him down shortly thereafter. No injuries were reported among the roughly 100 officers from several agencies who responded. There were about 40 employees and 40 shoppers in the store at the time.

After the shooting, a male employee — whom Mosley was also targeting — ran out of the room, and Mosley followed him. Another female employee saw that Mosley had fled the room and called 911. She then ran back into the room to get the victim, take her into another room, locked the door and turned out the lights before Mosley returned looking for the wounded woman.

Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin called the employee a hero and credited her with saving the victim’s life.

“I have no doubt that he was going back to finish what he started and we would probably have a dead victim today instead of one that’s alive,” Bolin said during a press conference Friday.

Fortunately the disgruntled mental case didn’t start shooting indiscriminately, but if the best you’ve got is a handful of milk and bananas when the shooting starts, things aren’t likely to go well for you.

The moral of the story: carry your gun. You never know when some lunatic will fail go off their meds and go berserk, or a violent criminal will decide they want to rob some folks. Or worse.

Just like the American Express ads from forty plus years ago: Don’t leave home without it.

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    • Walmart and gas stations, and shopping malls seem to be places where things may go down badly (and bank ATMs). Some seem worse than others, location, lighting, how well they are kept up, staff. Best avoided late at night if you can.

      Always be armed, if possible. But even if I didn’t usually carry, I would tool up for a Walmart run.

      • Its gotten so bad in New York City now Some banks are closing their remote banking kiosks after 5pm because of the crime and homelessness.

        • There’s a Truist bank in Philly that the ATMs are in a separate enclosed lobby apart from the teller lobby and you have to swipe your ATM card to get in the door.

        • “1. GTF out of NYC
          2. STAY out of NYC”

          I’d agree. This doesn’t necessarily mean that “you” need to migrate to Iowa, however… :-/

  1. My gun goes with me everywhere, if my gun is not welcome I assume I am not either and I spend my money someplace else. My gun is on me or next to me even at home, when I cut the lawn or take out the trash. World is full of crazies.

  2. $2200.00 Cost of a root canal in corrupt Capitalvania U.S. of Hey

    $450 Cost of root canal in Socialist Spain

    $800 Round trip airfare to Socialist Spain

    $600 Hotel cost for 3 days.

    Its $350 cheaper to fly to Spain for a root canal proving what a fking rip off health care is in Capitalvania.

    And Spain is not a war zone like Capitalvania is because you do no have to carry a gun to go shopping at Wal-Mart because Spain is a civilized Socialist country with sane gun control.

    I grew up in the 50’s and if you told your neighbors you carried a gun to go shopping they would have called the cops and had you locked up in a looney bin because mass shootings did not happen back then. THINK ABOUT THIS IF YOU THINK CAPITALVANIA HAS NOT BECOME A SHOOTING GALLERY AND A WAR ZONE.

    • Grandpa is off his meds again. Or maybe he got another bottle of the counterfeit pills from some socialist country.

      Also, we in America do not live under capitalism. Government protected monopolies and “public-private partnerships” are not capitalism. And we stray further from it with every congressional session. Your complaints are as insightful as your rant about dentistry is relevant.

    • I’ve lived in Spain. Yes, it’s an extremely safe country because people there are big on manners and appropriate conduct, but IT IS NOT A SOCIALIST COUNTRY. They tax the piss out of everything and give it “free” housing to loafers.

    • A quick online search turns up that a root canal in a dentist office usually starts at $200 to $300 and only gets expensive ($1,500 – $1,600) when it’s a more complicated procedure requiring an oral surgeon.

      Dental coverage is available under Obamacare — so if you cannot afford to pay OOP, you can get your fellow citizens to subsidize the cost to you.

      With the internet only a click away, your lies can easily be debunked, dacian.

    • Look fella, if you’d just brush & floss more often, you wouldn’t have to worry about these kinds of things. Even so, it’s likely even cheaper in Cuba or Venezuela, where you’d clearly rather be anyhow. Or did they already refuse you like the Soviets did to that O’Hair woman?

    • dacain, the DUNDERHEAD. So what? If you like Spain, etc so much, move. American medical care is FATR SUPERIOR to any other country in the world.

      • for those who can afford it….still remember that video of some poor old lady being sent home in a taxicab wearing only a hospital gown…they just wanted to get rid of her…why is it the first question they ask you while you’re moaning in pain is “do you have insurance?”….

        • frank speaking, Where did you come up with this “story”? Medicare comes out of your SS check. You claim they “wanted to get rid of here”? Who is this “poor old lady”? I’m calling B/S!

    • The only thing worse than a commie is an old commie. Please old commie, go to one of your socialist workers paradises. Burn your passport and become one of the comrades. You’ll be happier, the other country will welcome a little more dead weight, and our country will be better off.

    • me too…another time… another era….my old man always had a pistol…but that was probably an outgrowth of his union activities…still remember him holding up his topcoat and putting his finger through what he said were bullet holes as we sat enthralled at his feet…but you’re right…most people didn’t own one….a .22 and/or a shotgun seemed to suffice for most…of course this was at a time when most folks didn’t even bother to lock their doors…..

    • “$2200.00 Cost of a root canal in corrupt Capitalvania U.S. of Hey

      $450 Cost of root canal in Socialist Spain

      $800 Round trip airfare to Socialist Spain

      $600 Hotel cost for 3 days.

      Its $350 cheaper to fly to Spain for a root canal proving what a fking rip off health care is in Capitalvania.”

      You left something out dacian, its the cost of … oh wait… the cost of dacians anti-psychotic medication doesn’t matter because obviously he doesn’t take it anyway.

    • My wife and I both have had root canals and they didn’t even cost $500. Put down the crack pipe.

      Also, the cost isn’t lower in socialist countries it’s higher. But other people are forced at gun point to pay for most of it so you don’t see it.

    • “I grew up in the 50’s and if you told your neighbors…”

      Perhaps. I grew up in then as well.

      What you seem to forget is the fact that countercultural people operating in the woke dynamics of today’s anti-masculine, racist leftists, as well as those who’d blame everything bad on the traditional American values that adults at the time deemed necessary to pass on, would’ve made your life in any neighborhood pretty miserable, if you weren’t actually asked to leave, politely at first.

      At that time, we were the UNITED States, and it worked rather well at propelling the rest of the world into freedom, modernization, wealth, health, education and general prosperity.


      • I’ve shifted a large portion of my shopping over to other stores that show me they care about me and my business more than Walmart, but I still go to Wally World for some things. And I hafta admit…walking amidst the overweight walking dead (cell phone zombies) roaming the store in their Crocs and PJs, while pushing their carts loaded up with sodas and cheap frozen burritos, makes me feel so much better about my own life decisions…

        • You win AL Gore’s Intarwebz today ;););););)

          I am totally stealing that.

          For years now, whenever my co workers are talking about their problems I always smile sympathetically and say “Thank you. I feel so much better about my situation now.”

      • just order online and utilize curbside…can remember when I’d go to wal-mart and spend all night just walking the store…the only threat then was the parking lot…never knew who you’d run into out there….

  4. In reality a mass shooter will most likely have a bulletproof vest on and a long rifle making you no match for him. He will laugh his ass off at your little pistol pop gun and you will have to try and hit a moving target with a handgun and not kill half a dozen shoppers accidentally. He on the other hand will not miss you with his long gun. You will be dead meat.

    Keeping guns out of the hands of mass murderers makes far more sense but the paranoid warped minds of the Far Right cannot fathom any of this. For the Far Right “losses can never be too high” when it comes to not opposing sane gun control laws like all other industrialized countries have had for decades and their far lower homicide and mass murder rates prove the success of their gun control which is totally ignored with the wave of the hand by the paranoid Neanderthals of the Far Right.

    I dare say if Neanderthal Man could be brought back from the dead he would regard the Far Right as totally retarded.

    • Uh huh, uh huh. So tell me, how do you identify “mass murderers” before they decide to begin mass murdering? As far as I know, no one has the answer to that. Look at this case, other than “last year”, the shooter was discharged some unspecified period prior to the attack. I am thinking the same was true for mass shootings in Half Moon Bay. Employers do not typically anticipate that a disgruntled former employee will return to get revenge. The Vegas shootings to this day (other than in the conspiracy mill) have never been explained. Some men served with divorce papers go postal, sometimes only as to their spouse, other times against the spouse, attorneys and the judge. Although we an anticipate that such incidents may happen, we cannot with any certainty know when or by whom, because in the vast majority of cases they do not. So unless you are a mind reader or live in the world of Minority Report, we cannot know when a shooter will strike.

    • ” … a mass shooter will most likely have a bulletproof vest on and a long rifle … ”

      Another lie. And you know that you’re lying, and yet you continue to lie.

      That’s called “pathological lying” and it’s a form of mental illness.

      Someone needs to report you under your state’s “red flag” law. You need to be confined without a hearing and have all of your firearms taken away before you attempt a massacre. For all we know, your local law enforcement has had encounters with you previously; a “known wolf” that should have the laws you espouse turned against you in the most unfair way possible.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. More of your nonsense? Of all the “mass shooters” only one or two have had bullet proof vests. Again, you and MINOR Miner49er are so full of it you are like a Christmas turkey.

    • “In reality a mass shooter will most likely have a bulletproof vest on and a long rifle making you no match for him.”

      About 21 mass shooters over the last four decades (as of May 2022) have worn body armor. 11 of them were stopped by an ordinary law abiding armed citizen with a hand gun. Sounds like the body armor wearing mass shooter was outmatched by the ordinary law abiding armed citizen with a hand gun.

      But you go ahead and do you with ignoring reality and living in your ignorance and confirmation bias.

      • Enough kinetic energy transfer to the area of the torse where the liver is located can disable a person for several minutes. If boxers/MMA fighters can do it with just their fists or feet, a bullet impacting on kevlar is more than capable of doing the same.

  5. I carry when I take my trash out. I carry when I walk out front for my morning smoke. I carry when I take a , nevermind….

  6. I live in a semi-rural area with a history of relatively low crime rates. I went to my nearby Wal-Mart (which is also semi-rural) in the last 12 months to purchase a few items.

    As I was loading my items on the conveyor belt at the cash register, I heard a male that might have been roughly 20 years old come through the entrance and start hooting and hollering. I saw a few other males who looked like they might have been with him and thought that maybe they were just being rowdy. Then I heard some swearing and got the sense that he may be more than rowdy. I warned the two cashiers next to me to be ready for something ugly. Then I heard/saw him going out of the entrance, yelling and swearing along the way. I exited cautiously and immediately saw multiple people looking to the immediate left of the store entrance/exit. That rowdy male was there: he was still yelling and suddenly took off all of his clothes. Someone walked up to him, grabbed him firmly by the arm, and whisked him across the parking lot until I could not see them any longer. That sort of thing was utterly and totally unimaginable 20 years ago in this area.

    As many commenters on this article have stated, crazy and/or evil can and does show up anywhere, any time. Remember the adage: failing to plan is planning to fail. Plan accordingly.

    • grew up in a nice little town…sweet little old lady ran the corner store where I’d stop for my morning candy and pick-up a pepsi after school..[10 cents!]…recently heard someone…probably a druggie…broke in to her place and killed her….we live in a different world now…and you’ll never convince me it’s a better one…people carry guns now because the animals are out there…all these guns are a symptom…not the cause….

  7. Had to go on-site for some clients, recently. All had “Don’t You Dare Bring Your Gun in Here” signs. Having anticipated such, my Ruger LCP II (in a Sticky holster) rode in my right cargo pocket. Spare mag in the left mag-holder pocket.

    Yup. 511 Tacticals with a button-down shirt and Jerry Garcia tie. GQ ain’t ready for me.

    • The grocery stores nearest to me have taken those signs down. I was looking for it and didn’t see one, so I asked one of the security guards. He told me there was no sign saying no, “…so you’re good to go”.

      • Likewise here. Medical and gov’t places have them, but that’s about it. The manager at my branch of PNC bank even took them down.

        Side note. We find pistols in customer cars fairly often, so we finally had to put up a sign at the counter, asking customers to warn us or remove them before giving us the keys. Prior to permitless carry, my brother (no CHL) was worried about the cops while on test drives. We work on their vehicles too, so it wouldn’t have been a problem because they know us, but it still worried him a bit. This is a fairly safe rural area, but a lot of folks carry.

    • I always have a TCP with CT with as a backup to my to my EDC.
      The TCP is in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster for a LCP w/ CT laser.
      It’s set dead on at 30 feet and a couple inches off at 50 feet.
      That TCP is always in my pocket or right now it’s right next to my monitor holstered.
      It’s also loaded with Underwood .380+Ps and has yet be knocked off of zero.
      While I refuse to engage the medicated troll up above, if I can get a shot off to the head
      with a “little pistol pop gun” that is pushing 300 ft/lbs at 50 feet and psycho killer
      never notices that red dot on say the back of his head, he’s going to have a bad day.
      Likely his last bad day ever whether he’s wearing a vest or not.
      I have practiced with this gun for nearly a year with the CT on it and can easily shoot from the hip.
      The reason why is because I live in a fairly affluent area.
      I ran a business in the second deadliest place (Garfield Park) in Chicago to afford this.
      I earned this and am not bragging, I was born in Englewood hospital. (closed 1988)
      The bangers get into shootouts at my mall because rival gangs are checking out what to steal.
      There are quite a few high end car dealers by me, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari.
      The bangers from the city come out and try and steal high end cars.
      They usually enter through the back of the dealership and look for keys.
      They find keys to a car and try and steal it, it doesn’t matter that it’s in for service.
      The employees have been onto this BS for a couple of years and sometimes it goes wrong.
      The criminals scatter and now everything in a 3-4 block radius is fair game, the popo is coming.

      When it goes wrong at the dealership they start carjacking to escape because their ride took off.
      Say I’m at Citgo, Jewel, my bank and some banger tries to carjack me. Here’s the car key.
      Instead it’s some very hot .380 and I never even presented or went to low ready.
      The second it comes out my pocket the laser is on, the holster stays in my pocket.
      It takes less then a second to get that laser on vitals or say someones mouth.
      I have that going on and now the big thing is that a lot of people live in gated subdivisions.
      The problem with that is usually no fences (HOAs) and hence no dogs.
      Illegals figured this out and broke into a house two weeks ago.
      Cameras and alarms don’t scare these people, these aren’t punks just illegal aliens.
      There was a 14 year old who was home and called the police.
      They caught the get away driver who is an illegal alien from Chile.


      I refuse to live anywhere with a HOA and have fences and two GSDs.
      My dogs start going off, my EDC is on me, the .380 is my pocket and there are assorted
      home protection devices in different rooms. The TCP was in my pocket when I was shoveling.
      When that one is done I have another one for the Crimson Trace.
      A lot of you will poo poo a Taurus .380, say it’s weak. Not with the Underwood +Ps in it.
      It looks like a small wallet in a front pocket unless I’m wearing shorts and then it’s invisible.
      I wont say whats next my bed but someone is going to have a very bad time.
      The dogs are trained to back off, we even bring them to fireworks shows and they are fine.
      My problem isn’t crazy or evil, it’s criminals looking to score bigger and more expensive things.
      I also would say that 20 years ago the biggest problem was petty shoplifting at Wal-Mart.
      After Covid they close now but I have seen some very bizarre stuff when they were 24/7.

      • Hollow point or screwdriver for the underwood? Both are good just wondering as it’s rare I hear about it in 380

        • Actually both alternating. Xtreme Defender chambered then XTP, rinse and repeat.
          Spare magazine is an XTP first. Much more kick then standard American .380 but manageable. After a few mags the webbing between your thumb and index finger will start to ache but I do run them at the range a couple times each year which is not what they were made for.

          I do like the GX4 in 9mm but in 7 years I haven’t managed to break either one of the TCPs, have a few holsters, use the Mec-Gar mags plus the laser so until one actually breaks I think I’ll keep them. I can get a GX4 for $250 but for tiny with quite the punch the TCP wins on size alone. 296 ft lbs from a .380 is a lot from such a dinky gun. I did add a Pearce grip extension to the one with the C/T.

      • Quite the tale Rob S. I know about everything you’re talking about. I live south of Chiraq but lived in the city for 6 years. Even had the Taurus TCP for awhile. Decided 380 was too weak. They make tiny 9mm nearly as small now. Getting worse down here and trying to move east in the near future.

        • fwwalker,
          Watch out for McColly realtors. I actually have responded to your comments but you never go back and check your posts.
          You and I had the stomping grounds out there for a while, I really miss when Cabelas was not owned by Bass Pro.
          My 1911 gunsmith was just south of Blythe’s on Broad St in Griffith but he passed.
          My FFL talked me out of a 709, he is now my ex FFL. I like the GX4 but maybe next year for kicks.

        • How do you like your 709? I bought one for the wife but have been thinking about using it as a carry pistol. Relatively low capacity but my usual carry is an 85 ultralight 5-shot revolver.

        • Sorry, Rob, I mis-read your comment. You said that your ex-FFL talked you out of a 709. Why? Did you ever get one?

        • former water walker has posted many times he carries a PT709 and sadly no, I never got one. My ex-FFL was very snobbish about Tauruses and did the transfer on the second TCP. They were blowing them out to market the Spectrum, the price was very good and I had run hot Spanish military surplus rounds through the first one w/o any issues.

          The funny thing is while Glock has people who either love or hate them, Taurus consistently outsells them yearly almost two to one. There was a LGS that is the Glock place for cops. They turned their noses up at me when I brought up a GX4. “We don’t carry Tauruses”. That was until Biden and then their cases were full of Tauruses.

          Fill the 709 with what you are going to carry. Run a bunch of rounds through it and if you don’t get any malfunctions, carry it. There are 50 round boxes of decent SD ammo out there for a reasonable price if you look. GDs and HSTs in 124+P are about $40 a box/50 and do well in a 3″ barrel.

          8 rounds of either is going to ruin someones day. FBI stats say the average gunfight includes three rounds fired over three seconds from a distance of 3 yards, opinions may vary but with a spare magazine you will have 15 rounds which is good enough if you get hits on target.

        • Thanks, Rob! I needed a good excuse to go to the range.

          Of course, “Tuesday” is just as good an excuse as anyone needs.

  8. Walmart carry. Dog-walk carry. Fill up the tank carry. Yard work carry. Kitchen carry. Sitting at the computer carry. Watching TV carry.

    Carry. It’ll save your life!

  9. ABC=Always Be Carrying.
    The one thing that a lot of people don’t know about is the post office.
    Post office parking lots. It’s a federal crime to carry in a post office parking lot.
    I literally just found this out when I took my CCL renewal class.
    My bank took down their signage and I always check to make sure the sign is 100% compliant before carrying in the place, I will usually just take my business elsewhere.


    • that post office thing is pretty much GSA’s call…they wanted us to go up and secure the place in the morning…but leave our guns behind…some guys complied but most of us just took it out of the holster and shifted it to an inside pocket…they didn’t ask…and we didn’t tell….at least we were allowed to carry them when we guarded SS offices…..

  10. Earlier, Hannity used the shootings in Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay, in which nearly 20 people died at the hands of gunmen who used semiautomatic weapons, to dubiously argue that California’s strict gun laws don’t make citizens safer.

    California has had one of the lowest rates of gun deaths in the country, according to 2020 figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and its rate of mass shooting homicides is below the national average, too, the Public Policy Institute of California reported last year.

    Why is this so? Despite Hillbilly Red States shipping in banned second hand guns into California its tough gun laws still are doing some good.

    Geraldo Rivera argued that only Muzzle Loaders are protected by the Second Amendment, not weapons of mass destruction like Assault Rifles that did not even exist back in those Colonial days.


    • so California says. but you ignore how they bias their numbers by ‘redefinition and exclusion. but thats ok dacian, we know that you think ‘research’ and ‘confirmation bias’ are the same thing..

    • Arguably our First Amendment Rights (speech, press, religion, etc.) are as threatening to some folks as our Second Amendment Rights are to other folks. But no one argues that journalists must be restricted to hand-operated printing presses; nor that freedom of speech is restricted to town-crier technology. Rivera posits an illogical argument.

        • Hannity only has him on so they can have civilized “arguments”.
          If I did the “Al Capone’s Vault” stunt and found empty bottles,
          I would keep out of the public eye for the rest of my life.
          On another note Capone died of syphilis 76 years ago yesterday.
          How much time does dacian have left since he caught it from his homosexual dentist/boyfriend in Spain after his cheapo root canal.
          Late stage syphilis would explain A LOT of his inane babbling.

    • ” … California’s strict gun laws don’t make citizens safer.”

      He’s correct. The Half Moon Bay shooter bought his weapon legally in CA and registered it per the law there. So far there’s no evidence that the Monterey Park shooter purchased his weapon illegally. What law would have stopped them from murdering their victims?

      “Despite Hillbilly Red States shipping in banned second hand guns into California its tough gun laws still are doing some good.”

      According to CA law, it’s illegal to import weapons from out of state unless they go to a FFL. And CA has universal background checks, so anyone purchasing a second-hand gun must submit. Well, according to the law, anyway. Are you saying that criminals don’t obey the laws?

    • Moron quotes Hannity, CDC, Komifornia and Rivera all in the same long winded idiot post. A new record for concentrated drivel.

    • dacian the DUNDERHEAD, “gun deaths?” What is a “gun death”? I did not know that guns could die? Seems your figures on gun deaths do not reflect the real deal. But why am I surprised? It seems you include all the “gun deaths” (sic) that include lawful use of a firearm. Now why is that? Is it part of your anti-gun propaganda ploy to inflate the numbers? Incidentally, have you bothered to read the article I posted about the “Science of Gun Policy”? Here is is again.

  11. I carry where I can but sadly most of these mass shootings take place in “gun free safe zones” which is usually a felony to take concealed weapon into while the only thing protecting you is the sign “gun free safe zone” taped to a door. Well these places are like dung to flies for the mass shooters as they are almost assured no resistance and high body count. Highland Park, Illinois parade was in a “gun free safe zone” and pretty much all school mass shootings are. As always situational awareness and avoidance are your friends. If you don’t have to go somewhere after dark to shop or get gas so much the better. If the clerks where you shop are behind bullet proof glass, that should be a big red flag.

  12. A quick trip to wal-mart… Yea, that’s one of the reasons I carry. Or anything like it in public. Fucking wackos.

    Closed Sundays
    I always take my gunm with me because sure as shit I dont I’ll need one.


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