1. Very educational. Most thieves breaking into cars are smash & grabbers so if the item is secured to the seat frame you’re generally okay. I knew a guy a left his gun in one of those SecureIt boxes with the cable on the seat. Car was stolen and rifled through but when the police recovered the vehicle the SecureIt was still there and the guy had obviously tried to just pull it off the cable but it and the frame held.

  2. There are layers of security required around anything, these boxes are not sitting on the front porch after all. After seeing his video I admit to considering the lock safe over the others. Making that fake fingerprint is probably way beyond the skills of thieves who would need your fingerprint on a clay substrate in the first place.

  3. Dang. I didn’t want to spend that much time, 38 minutes, watching this but I ended up doing it anyhow.
    ………..and Thanks for including it.

  4. Well that was truely educational. But, how many of us is going to have someone like this dude break into our house anyway. Your average street thug looking to score some booty to resell at a pawn shop isn’t going to be this knowledgeable. This guy obviously specializes in lockpicking and such. I still feel okay with the security measures I’ve taken. You need to be REALLY hardcore ( like this guy ) to make me worry about my firearm security. Plus, I got what I could afford financially and what fits my home. With more $$$$$ or more room to work with I would have purchased something different. But, it is what it is.


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