Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Merrick Garland
President Joe Biden gestures as he speaks about gun violence prevention in the Rose Garden at the White House. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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From the Second Amendment Foundation . . .

The Second Amendment Foundation has launched a powerful new message to gun owners across the country, warning them, “If Joe Biden can force a needle in your arm, he can take your gun.”

The 60-second TV message includes a clip of Biden telling America, “This is not about freedom or personal choice” in his push for all Americans to get vaccinated, even if they have personal, religious or health concerns. SAF reasons that if Biden—a career anti-gunner—can get away with issuing such a mandate without Congressional approval, he could make the same declaration about surrendering Second Amendment rights.

“Over the past eight months since taking office, Joe Biden has evolved from being an annoying gun control advocate to a dangerously ambitious gun prohibitionist,” observed SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “He hasn’t simply climbed on the gun ban train, he’s now the engineer, portraying so-called ‘gun violence’ as a public health epidemic. He’s perpetuating a myth invented by the gun ban lobby to demonize guns, their owners and the Second Amendment that protects their right to keep and bear arms.”

SAF’s ad is blunt: “If Joe Biden can impose a vaccine mandate through executive power without Congress, there is no limit on what he could do to restrict your Second Amendment rights.”

SAF’s new 60-second message will be broadcast on the following networks: AMC, FX, the Comedy Network, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, One America News Network, Destination America, Bloomberg, BBC America, the Investigation Discovery Channel, American Heroes Channel, SYFY (Science Fiction), TLC (The Learning Channel), TruTV, DirecTV, The Weather Channel, HLN, Dish TV, CNBC, the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel.

Viewers are asked to text “PROTECT 2A” to 474747, and join the fight to protect their right.

“Joe Biden and his handlers obviously have one goal in mind,” Gottlieb said, “and that is to create an imperial presidency where he answers to nobody. But he can’t dictate public health policy, and he sure can’t arbitrarily erase Second Amendment rights. Our effort will remind him of that, whether he likes it or not.”


The Second Amendment Foundation ( is the nation’s oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 700,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.


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  1. Well the sense I get is that if they try either of those two things this Administration may not even last until the next election. There is a point where people’s patience comes to an end and they are closing in on that point with all these Unconstitutional policies. The only avenue that they basically will leaving open to the American Public is to fight or die under an autocratic socialist rule. They are getting close to waking up that sleeping Giant and they might find themselves facing Madame Guillotine in similar fashion to the Aristocracy during the French Revolution. Any person or animal that feels cornered is going to fight back so tread lightly Leftists as you are getting very close to learning the hard way.

    • And many who were lead up to “meet the Madame” were incapable of comprehending why. 🤔

      Being a supporter of the far left is a sure sign of ones mental disorder.

      • Pbf: If Biden Can Stumble Through A Teleprompter “Speech”, He Can Consume Ice Cream After…… it’s getting to be a big IF !!

      • Anyone, (yeah you know who you are “Vladacian”) with an intellectual capacity that exceeds that of a SMALL soapdish who is still aligned with the Democrat Party is as much of a Braindead, moronic loser as The “Big Guy” AND his idiot, drug addict “master artist” son OR they’re fulll blown Kommies like AOC and the squad…

      • Are you instructing someone here to undertake an armed inssurection?

        TTAG may want to forward Mr Gulags comment content and his IP address to the proper authorities.

        • More hot air. You can’t even send your kid to 1st grade without 10 vaccinations. What’s one more? You can work anywhere with a vaxx, just have to get tested for COVID once a week. Healthcare workers are another class altogether; they work with sick people, some are immune-compromised. They should be vaxxed.

        • Just answering the post above: “They are getting close to waking up that sleeping Giant and they might find themselves facing Madame Guillotine in similar fashion to the Aristocracy during the French Revolution.”

    • Typical fascist. We want to control what happens to our selves, our bodies. We want to decide our own destiny.

      And the fascist calls us stupid. Idiots. Sounds like a 5yo arguing.

      • Jethro your the typical right wing irresponsible hill jack moron. You have no right to murder other people because you are too paranoid or chicken shit to get a vaccine that now a billion or more people have taken and lived because of it.

        • Fascist boi. The choice is ours. ‘Our body, our choice.’ I’ve murdered no one.

          How many minority owned businesses did you and your jack booted buddies burn and loot this past year?

          A nazi wannabe, such as yourself, has no moral right to lecture.

        • “You have no right to murder other people because you are too paranoid or chicken shit to get a vaccine…”

          You’re acting as if the vaccine keeps you from contracting the virus. I know that’s the messaging coming from St. Fauci and the Party of Science, but the data we now have says otherwise. This isn’t to say that I don’t think people at risk should not get the vaccine. It has been proven to lessen the chance of severe illness. The point is, adults in a free country get to assess their risk for themselves instead of having lying authoritarians forcing them to do something.

          Then there’s the fact that St. Fauci and the Party of Science are completely ignoring natural immunity which, as the data now shows us, is better than the vaccine. So why would they force someone that’s already naturally immune to take the less effective vaccine? It’s almost like St. Fauci has been working for his buddies in big pharma. $$$

        • Dude. I’ve been saying it for a while. Corporate billionaires bought the left long ago and made them full on Fascists.

          I don’t know if dacian has the iq to realize that he’s simply a nazi now? But big pharma is part of the very wealthy that now pull his strings.

        • quote————-I know that’s the messaging coming from St. Fauci and the Party of Science, but the data we now have says otherwise.————–quote

          Dude now your telling us you know more about the virus than the top Medical and Scientific experts in not only the U.S. but the entire world of other industrialized countries all of which have agreed with what Dr. Fauci has said.

          quote————Fauci and the Party of Science,————-quote

          Dude you cannot believe what you just posted when you denigrated Science.

        • If you die because someone gave you a disease that’s your bodies fault.
          Vaccines make a weaker species.
          Humans would have been better off in the long run with using magic feathers and puffs of smoke. Humans, to smart for their own good.

        • You have no right to murder other people because you are too paranoid or chicken shit to get a vaccine…

          Your posts leave no doubt who the Real “chicken shit” moron is… You spout Left wing truths like they’re REAL FACTS… Newsflash, IF you have had the vaccine you can still get the virus (even from another vaccinated person) AND you can still spread the virus (even to OTHER vaccinated persons) at best the vaccine will mitigate the symptoms… So, keep your coward ass in your mommas basement and keep on spreading the Left Wing propaganda, it REALLY does work on those who actually were ignorant OR just stupid enough to vote for a Braindead idiot and a moronic racist to lead this country…. I know I’m sure enough proud you idiots voted for them every time I pump a $4.00 gallon of gas into my Harleys fuel tank…. Let’s see, it was $2.49 when Braindead took the oath…

        • “Dude now your telling us you know more about the virus than the top Medical and Scientific experts”

          No I don’t think that, but that isn’t what I said at all. I said their messaging conflicts with the current data. Just because I’m not a health expert doesn’t mean that I can’t read studies and notice trends just like anyone else. The difference between me and those guys is, I don’t have an agenda. I’m only interested in the truth. Fauci has flip-flopped, deceived, and outright lied enough that I don’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

        • I had covid a second time a little over a month ago. So did my wife. and we were both vaccinated prior to getting it a second time. She with the Pfizer and myself with the Moderna. So much for those vaccines successfully reducing the spread.

        • Vlad/Crisco, the dead giveaway is the use of the antiquated Yankee effiminate insecure term “hill jack.” The only other eunuch I heard use this term got beat up and humiliated in front if his fat wife.

        • ( above ) ” looks like the payment cleared lil d’s account ” …. around here we just call it ” swallowing “

        • Hey lil d.

          A riddle; When is a vaccine NOT a vaccine?

          “Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said we may need annual Covid shots”

          A; When you need the “vaccine” shot anually.

          By definition the shot is a therapeutic. Words matter. Redefine them and intelligent/non-sheeple citizens walk.

          Go sell your CRAZY BS somewhere else, TTAG is all stocked up.


        • A riddle; When is a vaccine NOT a vaccine?

          When it is combined with the Covid “spiked protein” which even the guy who devoloped the mRNA vaccine technology says is potentially dangerous and possibly lethal…

      • quote———-The point is, adults in a free country get to assess their risk for themselves instead of having lying authoritarians forcing them to do something.————quote

        No responsible citizen has the right endanger the lives of the rest of the countries citizens, no one.

        • No responsible citizen has the right endanger the lives of the rest of the countries citizens, no one.

          So you’re ok with disarming others and endangering their lives?

          No thanks, we prefer to.protect ourselves

        • Safety is what cowards are concerned about. Your cowardice and irrational fears don’t give you the right to dictate how people can live their lives. If you’re afraid of the world and all it’s dangers, then I’ve got some bad news for you: you’re gonna die someday and no one will miss you.

        • Ok. So, a mRNA protein immunotherapy treatment with about a 40% effective rate, along with an effective time span of 6 to 8 months.For a virus with a 98% survivability rate, depending on tests with a 48% false positive rate. Touted by a career bureaucrat that hasn’t seen a patient in decades, nor done any actual research himself, and signed off on the gain of function research being funded in the lab thought to have released the virus in the first place. . Funding reports from MSNBC and the numbers and effective rates from the CDC. Lastly, the faux vaccine has more side effects reported to the CDC than what has been reported on the MSN outlets supporting the vax crap. And was it not the same party of science that came up with our bodies, our choice? And medical decisions are between doctors and patients, not to be interfered with by the government? Just asking.

        • “No responsible citizen has the right endanger the lives of the rest of the countries citizens, no one.”

          That’s exactly what the Supreme Court said long ago in a vaccination case.

        • “No responsible citizen has the right endanger the lives of the rest of the countries citizens, no one.”

          Sorry, kid (Dacian), if YOU are vaccinated, it shouldn’t matter with whom you are in contact as per the Wu Flu. I’ve walked the streets for 68 years with no fear of others with Smallpox, Polio, etc. The issue here, however, is that some 40 % of people testing positve for Covid and variants are already fully vaxxed, many having active symptoms as well.. Not too much confidence there…

          I’d think the woke Leftists you defend would be happy that those choosing not to listen to constantly-changing scenarios and forego the vax might become ill and die. Facts are, however, the mortality rate of covid and variants in the US hover around .5%- that 1/2 of 1% for the math or stat challenged. About like the strains of flu that hit this country eminating from China every year.

          I eat a healthy diet, run some 25-35 miles every week, 365, or put in an hour and a half on an Airdyne when it’s too crappy outside. Like the rest of my personal protection, I take my own responsibility for my safety and well-being.

          Covid, safety from criminals and wanton cretins- the government (and its willing accomplicies/mouthpieces can talk a big lie all they wat in what may well have become the largest issuance of propaganda ever foisted by our own government.

          The truth is: Neither the police (DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services, 1989; reaffirmed in 2005, Castle Rock v. Gonzales.) nor any agency of any government is required to protect any individual from anything. Were that the case, winning lawsuits would have been already directed at the Biden regime for knowingly and willingly releasing millions of Covid positive, unvaxxed fence-jumpers into the general population of the US. So long as they were all confined within the fences at the White House or around the US Capital, I’d be thrilled nearly to death. I’ll leave that to the Wu Flu, however.

      • You don’t have to get a vaccine, you just have to get tested for COVID once a week if you work for a company with over 100 employees.

        Workplace safety rules.

      • Let me give you a reason why: because we need more people, and more votes if we want to beat them. If we are too busy dying of a virus that has a vaccine available, then they win. As law abiding gun owners, we don’t harm others. People not getting vaccinated, or not doing what they can to prevent harm/death goes against our very principles as responsible citizens. We have rights, but we also have a responsibility to not harm our fellow men (and women). Are you ok with passing on a virus that kills someone’s mom or grandfather? I’m not. And for those that are pro-life (I personally don’t care), how can one reconcile wanting to save unborn babies but being cool with harming/killing others? A government shouldn’t have to tell you the responsible thing to do, you should be smart enough to want to do it on your own.

        I’m tired of having to wear an N95 because of foolish people.

        And for the record, Biden couldn’t even mandate his own bowel control.

        • If “the vaccine” works, why all the demands everyone get the vaccine? BTW, the majority of people refusing the vaccine are not far-right nut cases, nor are the refuseniks overwhelmingly “conservatives”. The largest refusenik demographic block is POC.

          If “we” have an obligation to not do harm to others, then the list of prohibited activities that result in harm to others is enormous. Why are we not obligated to cease those activities for “the good of society”?

          Why are we not a “virtual” society, with the mass of people staying indoors and interacting solely online? 2020 showed us that staying locked down dramatically reduced the number of people dying from infections. Why the insistence to get vaccinated, when isolation is extremely effective?

          We lose ~400k people annually from medical mistakes; the estimate of “covid deaths” since this began is ~702,000. medical mistakes and “covid deaths” are at near parity for the same period. Why do we tolerate medical mistakes at that level?

          The number of people who experience a “breakthrough” event after vaccination is extremely small, and the death rate almost infinitesimal.

          The future of the republic doesn’t depend on a vaccine. The number of future government-dependent voters crossing the southern border far outweighs the number of potential voters in opposition to government control. And the vast majority are not vaccinated. “We” cannot birth our way out of the political corruption the future promises.

        • Item 1: You cannot hold people responsible for the activity of microbes.
          Item 2: Microbe spread contributes to the acquisition of herd immunity.
          Item 3: The non-vax vax doesn’t stop spread, and may even exacerbate it.

          So your moral high horsing falls flat.

        • “we also have a responsibility to not harm our fellow men (and women). Are you ok with passing on a virus that kills someone’s mom or grandfather? I’m not.”

          This tired argument is no longer valid. The vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting the virus. It will make you less likely to exhibit symptoms which could potentially lead to you infecting more people. See the women of The View TV show as an example. They should have been quarantining themselves, but they had no idea they were infected. They were vaccinated. Do you believe in science or politics?

        • “..Are you ok with passing on a virus that kills..”

          Ok, lets talk about natural immunity next and the antibodies of people who have had the illness… What is the test for that hmm?

          So no, you don’t get to force the vaccine (not a vaccine) on anyone.

        • Doc, that is just stupid, attempting to say someone is a mass murderer if he does not choose to be vaccinated. If you don’t wish to wear that N95, then get vaccinated and throw it away. I don’t give a rat’s ass whether somebody else gets vaccinated or not because I did. So I can’t catch it and I can’t pass it on. If you wish to take that risk, be my guest, but the hospital should not be free to anyone who has not been vaccinated, you pays your money and you takes your choice.

        • I don’t give a rat’s ass whether somebody else gets vaccinated or not because I did. So I can’t catch it and I can’t pass it on.

          Unfortunately you have been given some really bad information… Fact is you CAN still contract the virus AND you can still spread it to other people regardless of their vaccination status… Sorry to break your bubble, nah, not really, I too could give a rats ass who is or is not vaccinated…

        • “If we are too busy dying of a virus that has a vaccine available, then they win.”

          This isn’t happening, and if you truly are a physician you’d know it and admit it.

          I think I can hear Bugs Bunny right now: “Is there a doctor in the house?!” (And up jumps a college philosophy professor…)

    • You got the vax? Your mom and dad got the vax? Your kids got the vax? All your friends got the vax? You have nothing to worry about. Relax. Just sit down, shut up, and allow the rest of us to get on with life.

      Speaking of vaccines, it’s time for my pup’s rabies shot. Thanks for the reminder. And, I’ll contribute a couple dollars to the Neuter your Liberal fund.

      • “You got the vax? Your mom and dad got the vax? Your kids got the vax? All your friends got the vax? You have nothing to worry about.”


        There are ‘fully vaccinated’ folks with both jabs who catch it and die from it…

        • wrong again. they may get it but do not very often even get hospitalized let alone die. Anyone who would believe what you just wrote is watching the nut cases on Fox news.

        • Yo dacian, Fox News says exactly the same thing you are saying, which makes you pretty much a moron for your criticism of something you know nothing about. So tell me, was it Trump who put Fox News up to their lies? Sheesh.

        • Anyone who would believe what you just wrote is watching the nut cases on Fox news.

          And anyone who buys into your Clinton News Network/MSDNC (and yes even FAUX News) BS is a bona-fide moron just like you….

        • *My two comments are awaiting moderation for some reason. Apparently you aren’t allowed to mention a particular country for some reason.

    • When will you folks start the protest against the vaccine mandates in every school system across the land?

      Most of you have had multiple mandatory vaccinations, including smallpox, polio, measles, etc.

      The Supreme Court has upheld vaccine mandates for over 100 years.

      To classify vaccine mandates as equivalent to gun confiscation, is asinine and not born out by historical fact or legal doctrine.

      If the unvaccinated continue their intentional infection of their innocent family, friends and neighbors then we the people may have to adopt the same self protection measures taken against typhoid Mary.

      Grandma and grandpa knew how to handle scofflaws who ignored science during a pandemic.

        • Just want to clarify a few of my mistakes;

          “When will you folks start the protest against the vaccine mandates”

          You know who I am talking about! YOU FOLKS…

          YOU FOLKS!

          “If the unvaccinated continue their intentional infection of their innocent family, friends and neighbors” (Don’t I normally ask others for a citation?)

          Apparently I said “unvaccinated” when I should have said “VACCINATED”

          Why my bible group of NYT, WaPo and Salon never cover this truth is a mystery to me.

          Oh well, what’s a Marxist to do? I need marching orders, can not form an opinion without them telling me what it is for today.

        • Just want to clarify a few of my mistakes;

          Don’t know why, but for some reason I really prefer the “faux” miner.. At least he’s honest…

        • Fake Miner, I am constantly amazed at your intentional deception, you’re apparently actively working against the American national interests and the health of our citizens.

          The articles you cite make a mockery of medical science by misrepresenting and distorting the results of the studies that you claim support your demon seed and alien DNA conspiracy theories.

          “Study on breakthrough delta cases in Vietnam misrepresented online
          August 27, 2021
          CLAIM: A preprint paper by the prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group, published Aug. 10 in The Lancet, found vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the load of COVID-19 viruses in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated.

          AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The study is being misrepresented. It found vaccinated health care workers with breakthrough infections caused by the coronavirus delta variant had higher viral loads — the amount of virus detected in a person — compared to patients infected with earlier strains of the virus. Furthermore, other studies that compare the viral loads between vaccinated and unvaccinated delta patients found similar amounts of viral material in the two groups.

          THE FACTS: The website, The Defender, which is published by the anti-vaccine organization, Children’s Health Defense, posted an article this week that distorts the findings of a recent study of breakthrough delta infections among vaccinated hospital staff in Vietnam.

          The misleading article, written by Dr. Peter A. McCullough and posted online on Aug. 23, claims the study found vaccinated individuals carry “251 times the load of COVID-19 viruses in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated,” and pose a “threat to unvaccinated patients, co-workers.” The article falsely blames the delta-driven surge in new COVID-19 cases on vaccinated people who are “acting as powerful Typhoid Mary-style super-spreaders of the infection.”

          Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is the founder and chairman of the board of Children’s Health Defense and has a history of posting vaccine misinformation, tweeted the article in a post that was shared 3,000 times.

          But the article, and associated social media posts, distort the study’s findings, according to the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which conducted the study in partnership with the Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

          “It’s unfortunate that our study was completely misinterpreted and misquoted by an anti-vaxx website,” Chi Ngo, senior communications officer for the research unit, told The Associated Press in an email.

          Ngo said the research unit does not support “any statement” shared in McCullough’s article and is working to report social media posts sharing the false information.“

        • Can’t I, Miner49er, correct my many and frequent “foibles” without being called a “faux’ (Isn’t that a small red colored wolf)?

          What I, Miner49er, says is important stuff for the Regime. Is this some Parody of life?

        • Natural Immunity is…. 27 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE THAN THE VACCINATION!

          “An Israeli case study conducted by researchers at top Ivy League universities appeared to confirm that natural immunity was 27 times more effective than vaccines at preventing symptomatic transmission of the deadly coronavirus.”

          “This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization”

        • “Real” Miner, I am constantly amazed at your intentional deception, you’re apparently actively working against the American national interests and the health of our citizens.
          FIFY whiner.

          This fix is needed because whenever someone here posts an 800lb UNBIASED gorilla link (like the Israeli study that shows 27 TIMES greater effectiveness of natural antibodies), you just clam up and move along to the next TTAG story, to continue spreading your leftarded propaganda BS.
          A true 🤡 if there ever was one.

          How does it feel to get proven wrong, just to respond with a link to CLEARLY BIASED/ADJENDA DRIVEN BS, or not respond AT ALL? Just to scurry away like a rat, to continue your lies? 🤔 Pathetic!

          You’re a joke, and will OBVIOUSLY continue being NOTHING BUT a joke.
          Anyone even remotely paying attention can see how pathetic and biased you truly are. You run and hide when faced with empirical evidence, shouting “anyone who doesn’t agree with me MUST be a “far right wing nutjob”. 🤪

          If you’re a college professors, all your students with half a brain are agreeing with you to your face, then laughing their asses off behind your back. Why?….Grades.

          You win the award for the best dressed/newly clothed Emperor. Everyone here sees it.

          Now go away, nobody on TTAG wants to see you totally exposed. 🤢

      • When will you folks start the protest against the vaccine mandates in every school system across the land?

        NEW YORK, Sept 25 (Reuters) – A requirement for New York City school teachers and staff to get vaccinated for COVID-19 was temporarily blocked by a U.S. appeals court just days before it was to take effect, but the court on Saturday set a hearing on the matter for next week… Funny, the teachers (LIBERAL LOONS) in Leftist NY don’t want the shot AFTER bitchin for over a year about not being “protected”… Guess they are really into that whole getting paid to lie around in the Bahamas while doing that remote learning crap…

        • “Grandma and grandpa knew how to handle scofflaws…”

          Yes they did, and can I also mention they knew how to handle Fascists.

          This is why I stay far away from them.

          They would woop my ass something fierce!

      • Comparing the Rona vax to the Smallpox and Polio vaccines is extremely anti science and dishonest.

        It would be better to compare the Rona vax to a flu vax that’s been fast tracked with clinical trials cut short. Coronavirus is endemic, it’s here to stay. It’s also fast evolving and will require at least annual boosters moving forward and even those will only be marginally effective.

        I got the vax. That doesn’t mean it’s the end all be all. The vaccine loses it’s emergency status if other treatments become available. That’s why every medicine that is shown effective gets demonized.

        I really oppose vaccine passports too. There is no mandatory passport for the Polio vaccine in order to just sit down at a restaurant. I would oppose it if there were one.

        Also, blind trust in Fauci? The man who helped fund a research facility looking into mutating novel coronaviruses into being human transmitted and then lied about it?!? That’s who you want to trust?!?


      • I believe you are referencing Jacobson VS. Massachusetts:

        This court case wasn’t about the government’s ability to force vaccines. It was about the government’s ability to levy a fine against people who disobey a vaccine mandate.

        If this case is the foundation of your argument then you are arguing the government has the authority to fine you for refusing a COVID vaccine and does not have the power to force a medical procedure on an individual.

        • The case was also about STATE authority — if that same court had been considering a federal fine, they would have declared it unconstitutional faster than a vaccine dose can be administered.
          So based on Jacobson v Massachusetts, a state such as Illinois could mandate vaccines and fine — or otherwise penalize — individuals who refuse to get vaccinated, but the federal government has no such authority.

      • The unvaccinated portion of the population is where pretty much all the mutations occur, and as we’re seeing mutations can be worse than the original. Anyone who doesn’t get vaccinated has de facto volunteered to endanger everyone by being a laboratory where the virus can mutate.

        • “The unvaccinated portion of the population is where pretty much all the mutations occur, and as we’re seeing mutations can be worse than the original.”

          Common flu mutates. Is that because a large portion of the populace lacks flu vaccinations? Think about it. Common flu vaccines are guessed at 18mos to two years in advance of deployment. It is not uncommon for the guess to be very wrong, resulting in the rise of deaths due to common flu. Point being that vaccines do not prevent infection, only mitigate the severity.

          There is zero proof that unvaccinated people are responsible for breakthrough events among those vaccinated against covid. However, through some sort of scientific magic, being vaccinated, and wearing a coupla masks are believed to be bullet-proof. Permanently locking down the nation would be more effective at limiting the spread of any infectious disease.

        • Roymond,

          Respiratory viruses, like the flu, the common cold, and the Wuhan virus, easily mutate because their strategies for penetrating the host’s cell walls are simple. Any mutation can succeed as long as it maintains that same strategy. That is why the flu has a never-ending supply of variants and why the flu vaccines are always changing; it is a game of whack-a-mole. The Wuhan virus mutates in vaccinated hosts because the Wuhan jabs teach the bodies defenses to protect only against the strain in the jab.

          Now contrast that to the measles. Measles does not have many successful varients; that is why the vaccine stays the same, with the same effectiveness year-after-year. The reason measles has so few varients is that its, strategy for infecting cells is complex; any variation from that strategy causes the varient to fail.

          Respiratory viruses tend to mutate continuously. If you catch the flu, by the end of the week you likely have many varients. The same with the common cold, the same with Covid. Ultimately, that is why the RNA vaccines always fail.

        • LifeSavor FTW!
          The vax leaves the body more open to reinfection by a mutation of the virus. The vax also INCREASES the probability that the mutation strain will become fatal for the person infected.
          The natural antibodies do a better job of recognizing the mutant virus, and are more effective in destroying it.
          Explain again why I need the vax Dr Fauxchee. 🤪

          Oh, and lil d……TAKE YOUR MEDS!

        • Campbell you are so full of right wing paranoid bullshit I do not even know where to begin or even to bother wasting my time on your nut case comment. So far none of what you said has come to pass.

        • “The unvaccinated portion of the population is where pretty much all the mutations occur, and as we’re seeing mutations can be worse than the original. Anyone who doesn’t get vaccinated has de facto volunteered to endanger everyone by being a laboratory where the virus can mutate.”

          You are hereby awarded an “F” in Evolutionary Biology for failing to grasp even the most basic fundamentals of Darwinian Selection.

        • Yeah, and I suppose cytotoxic spike proteins damaging the cardiovascular system and organs is “right wing propoganda” too. 🙄

          Bottom line. If you want the vax, take it. And be happy knowing those who don’t take it will perish.

          Oh, wait. The vax doesn’t really innoculate those who get it from the virus, boosters are needed, and side effects and deaths are not being reported (according to hospital employees) because the CDC and FDA reporting procedures are INTENTIONALLY so complex nobody bothers doing it. 🤪

          Funny how the lefts “my body my choice” and “body autonomy” goes out the window when the tyranny starts. 🤔

        • Every virus with animal reservoirs mutates. COVID-19 has been found in bats, dogs, cats, deer and many other animals. Don’t forget this thing supposedly came from a bat population.

          If you are counting on 100% vaccinations to protect yourself, you will need to vaccinate all of the animals that harbor the virus.

          Good luck with that.

        • “If you are counting on 100% vaccinations to protect yourself… ”

          Of course, vaccines are not 100% effective, that’s why mask mandates are important in high positivity areas as well as areas with low vaccination rates.

          Yes it is true, the science supports mask mandates as a way to reduce risk of infection and serious disease.

      • To the Brain that Arc’d out”
        quote————-If the vaccine works and you have it, why is it any business of yours what anyone else does?——–quote

        Now your telling us you have the right to kill your fellow Americans because you are to damn ignorant to get the vaccine.

        Turn off Fox News, only Morons watch it. Fox News in court said “We should not be prosecuted because no one would believe what we broadcast” end of quote right from Fox News

        • If the vaccine prevents people from dying, then please explain how his fellow Americans will die? If they didn’t get the vaccine, then that was their choice, because it’s been available for every adult in this country for some time now.

        • The old “my vaccine won’t work unless you get one”.

          It’s a bullshit lie with no basis in science. If your vaccine doesn’t work – it’s a bad vaccine.

          How exactly are you going to eliminate COVID from animal reservoirs?

    • Nearly a week after my second Pfizer vaccine I’m still here. No side effects beyond a tingling in my fingers in my left arm the night after the shot. I was working the next day.

      I was my choice to take the vaccines. I want to see my son. I want to see my parents. I want to see my friends. I want to go back to the range. I want to see my son compete in his athletics. I want to be able to go to the pool to get myself back in shape. Currently in lockdown in an “area of concern”, I can do none of the above.

      • Pretty much the same here. I have an 87 year-old parent I check in on, and I was happy to ‘get the jabs’. When the booster is available, I’ll get it as well.

        I’m kind of enjoying the mask in public thing, it offers me a small level of anonymity, and I like that… 🙂

      • @Souther Cross–IIRC you are from Australia? I read with interest of the lock-downs taking place and of the recent videos in the last couple of days. Some are simply to hard too watch more than once as people try to gain freedom from ‘the covid lockdown’ nightmare.
        I get that you want to do all these things…but I ask you, if you have had all the vaccines (not a vaccine) and a third shot, how are you a danger or in danger that warrants the police Butt Stroking and choking women?

      • “I was my choice to take the vaccines. I want to see my son. I want to see my parents. I want to see my friends. I want to go back to the range. I want to see my son compete in his athletics. I want to be able to go to the pool to get myself back in shape. Currently in lockdown in an “area of concern”, I can do none of the above.

        So… no offense intended here but what you’re really saying is that it wasn’t your choice.

        You didn’t say “Well, there are some entirely voluntary and uncontrolled things that I’d like to do and I feel this would make them safer”. You said you’re doing it to try to get your government to lift a lockdown which they’ve imposed on you.

        That’s the literal definition of coercion. You didn’t make an actual choice, you picked an approved option of which there is one.

        • I had planned to get vaccinated any way. It greatly lessens the chances of catching COVID, spreading it to others, ending up in hospital, and needing ventilation. I had reservations about the AstraZeneca vaccine and it’s issue with causing blood clotting. I decided to go with the Pfizer vaccine instead.

          The path out of the lockdowns was to get a certain number fully vaccinated before lockdowns would be eased. My area has 3 mile (5 km) limit from home unless for specific circumstances. Also my son’s mother put pressure on this too.

          Some of my own choice but others from external factors. And I would not choose to get unvaccinated.

        • If you already planned to get vaccinated purely of your own choice then the rest is entirely superfluous. Why even mention the rest then?

          Now you reply with yet more justification for that decision.

          I personally don’t care what you do but I don’t believe for one second that you made this decision entirely on your own, else you would feel no need to produce multiple paragraphs of alternative reasoning.

          In fact, even without you saying anything I already know that you can’t have made the decision without being coerced into it by the very nature of the current situation. No one can make an uncoerced decision in either direction at this time.

          I’m not attacking you, I’m simply pointing out that at no time did you really have a free choice here because you were never granted access to the information required to make a truly informed decision which means that the possibility of informed consent is 0%. Again, this goes both ways.

          And I know for an absolute fact that this is the case because literally no one on the planet can give you the data required for you to make that assessment unless they possess a time machine.

        • Yes. And watch the news to see how far the coercion will go.

          Our state and federal governments are masters of the carrot and stick approach. They make the Democrats look like school bullies in comparison.

    • My family and I are young and in good health. We’ve had symptomatic COVID, tested positive and recovered.

      Why should we get any COVID vaccine?

      Your health is your responsibility not mine. If you are susceptible to communicable disease, stay home – zoom and doordash are your burdens not mine.

      • 👍
        My family has ages ranging from 20 to 87.

        Those over 65 in less then excellent overall health have gotten the Fauxchee Ouchee.

        I’m in my 50s, get regular exercise, am not overweight or diabetic, and take NO medications other then Advil a few times a month.
        No drug use (other then coffee), and in the past five year my alcohol intake has been around one drink every two months. I went from occasionally carrying a handgun to hardcore EDC five years ago, that changed my alcohol consumption habits.
        I used to consume around 4 drink a week prior to my commitment to EDC with NO exception.

        Gave my overall fitness a test back in June. Hiked over 20 miles of trails (between 12k and 14k ft altitude) in the first week of some time in Colorado. Spent two days at Devil’s Playground (around 13k ft) on Pikes Peak during practice sessions for the PP race. Both days were nothing but high wind driven rain with temps around 34F. Did several hundred yards of 45 deg rock field (on all fours) accents, and quick descents too.

        I’ve always made it a priority for myself and my family to remain healthy. My two sons (20s) both understand the importance of remaining healthy and limiting unhealthy habits.

        A good example of family health is my OLDER sister. She does the full triathlon each year in Lake Placid, NY.

        No feeble and senile oval office occupier with a tyrannical streak 🤡 is telling me what to do. This goes for that liar “Dr.” Fauxchee too 🤥.

        Joe B couldn’t even keep his own son from becoming a POS “blue chip” whore banging/stripper impregnating drug addict.
        He has ZERO stroke in how I choose to live my life.

        I wonder if Bo got cancer from all the drugs Hunter was smoking in the next room while they were growing up.🤔

    • Vaccine? NO. I had Covid three weeks ago, CDC says Im 27x more immune against a variant than the vaxx.

      BTW, OSHA is not making a rule for mandatory vax for companies over 100 empl. Not even taking the first steps, three weeks after the announcement.
      Japan has moved to Ivermectin.
      India has moved to Ivermenctin.
      Guatemala is giving Ivermectin packets our for free – and most countries who have malaria give out Hydroxy and have no Covid.
      Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are stopping all the stupid lockdown stuff, Romania is closing their vaxx handout centers.

      On the other hand, Israel is 90% vaxxed and 85% of the patients in E care are vaxxed. Being vaxxed is NOT looking good, VAERS is significantly underreported and the real numbers indicate the events have far surpassed the legal limits for an experimental. In point of fact, more are dying from the vax than from Covid.

      As of now, those who already decided they won’t take WON’T TAKE IT. And a polite reminder? The first Nuremburg Tribunal focuses on medical experiments forced on their subjects against their will in prison camps. The Doctors were convicted and hung.

      Since Joe Biden ISN’T capable of forcing the vaxx on us, how will he then disarm 65 million Americans who possess well over 450 million firearms? At the first major attempt half or more of the LEO/MIL structure will refuse then act against the remainder because they actually believe in America and that there is such thing as not obeying an illegal order – the subject of the remaining Nuremburg Trials, which convicted people who acted out the instructions of their superiors by actually DOING what they recommended even tho it was criminal. They were also hanged.

      I believe we will see this again, trial, conviction, hangings. The worst part is all the fearmongering to herd gun owners into panic mode when the reality is the upgraded rheotoric, threats, and outright stern language telling us to Do What I Tell You or the lockdowns remain isn’t working. We are protesting, rebelling, trolling, demanding audits, supporting primary challengers and ignoring them. Macron got egged today, Psaki is now being aggressively questioned by the press, and Joe? A president who has been the inspiration for a new football stadium chant.

      We are much further along than some think – use their panic and hysteria as a gauge. They are failing, they know it. They had to blatantly cheat to keep Newsom in office. And every step of the way they alienate and turn off their own voters. The Vaxx victims are now vocal, the audit results are now moving to indictments, and the people are now the news.

      Try to get used to us winning.

  2. “SAF: If Biden Can Mandate Vaccines, He Can Confiscate Your Guns”

    This was the stealth torpedo of Obamacare (“A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”). Once government controls healthcare, every human activity can be declared a public health crisis, requiring government’s further intrusion in to the daily lives of its subjects.

    We saw the baby steps of this in Bloomberg’s banning of 20oz soda drinks (at the same time ignoring the fact that two 10oz soda drinks would get around his ban). Bloomberg was clumsy, but he established the principle. (“The evil that men do lives after them.”)

    • Quote—————–Once government controls healthcare, every human activity can be declared a public health crisis————-quote

      What absolute right wing paranoid nonsense. Every industrialized civilized country on earth has had Universal Health Care dating all the way back to 1884 under Bismarck in Germany and 1900 in Norway and to date NOT ONE NATION EVER WENT BACK TO HEALTH CARE BASED ON BLIND GREED AND PROFIT WITH A TOTAL DISREGARD FOR THE SANCTITY AND RIGHT OF HUMAN LIFE.

      • Why do they all come to America if they actually need cutting edge treatment? Did you seek out the Chinese or Russian vaccine? You must have had special training to be so stupid.

        • Baloney, some Americans have deliberately went to Germany for treatment. And our system is only affordable to the super rich not the common man that is for sure.

      • I’ll agree with you on how our healthcare should not be profit driven. I’ve also lived in both Germany and Norway. Sorry, but their healthcare is not as great as you may think. I have family in Norway and they are not the happy socialists our own leftists would like us to think. Sorry, but, the equivalent of $9.00 for a single bottle of beer is just a little overmuch. As is a 25% starting income tax and the crazy double sales tax. Sales taxes plus VAT.
        Germany is not much better. And the Germans are getting tired of supporting much of the EU. That is the biggest fault of any socialist system. You sooner or later have more people receiving benefits than are paying taxes. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, but no one wants to pick the apples or mill the flour.
        Next, before you get into a snit, I did get the vax. Only because I will be traveling to Germany in a couple weeks and don’t want to be turned away from my flight.
        Sure, it’s a personal, or family tragedy when it’s you grandma or cousin who dies. As it is for any other cause of death. Thing is, as many people die from other preventable diseases every year. Where’s the panic and drive to eradicate those illnesses? well as more people die from drunk driving accidents than die from gun related crime. We tried to ban alcohol. Didn’t work out so well. So should we ban personally owned cars? No cars, no drunk drivers and no drive by shooting, nor kids left in hot cars. Triple win.

      • I’ve got plenty of family in Greece. They have a nationalized healthcare system. Long wait times and corruption are commonplace in this system.

        You can get immediate care in Greece if you have the money and you pay the right people.

        I don’t know anyone in Greece who prefers their system to ours.

  3. They can “ban” anything they want. Taking them is another thing entirely. When people think they need to hide their guns its time to use them.
    Tyrannical leftists need to be taught a lesson.

  4. Hmmmm…that picture makes it look like Biden just missed his nose.

    Dementia does affect coordination.

    Observation, not personal experience.

  5. quote—————–But he can’t dictate public health policy,————quote

    Wrong. Biden can dictate public health policy and he already stated how he was able to do it earlier this week.

    And vaccines have been mandated for children entering school for decades its nothing new and not some Left Wing conspiracy. As a matter of fact the first inoculations were given out during the late 1700’s to combat small pox and the same Right Wing nut cases have been screaming from the roof tops every time a new vaccine is approved.

    It was reported today some nut cases were dying in the hospital denying that they had Covid-19 as if they knew more than the medical professionals.

    Its amazing that the Far Right who did not understand the new math to help their children with suddenly found the wisdom to understand more than the medical professionals in regards to covidd-19

    The only positive thing to come out of this is that Darwinism is eliminating the inferior gene pool and each day the Republicans have less people alive to vote in the next election proving that their anti-vaccine lies have come back to haunt them and they have achieved the opposite of what they thought they were doing and that is garner more votes as tens of thousands of their voters are now dead. Again the Republicans are always their own worst enemies.

    We of the Socialist Left grow stronger at the polls by the minute because we got vaccinated and we lived. That is fact like it or not.

    • dacian says “The only positive thing to come out of this is…(“tens of thousands”) (of) Republican…voters are now dead.”

      And you don’t think you are an evil person?

      At the minimum you are seriously mentally ill.

      This is not some gotcha line dacian: **Seek professional help, you are mentally unbalanced.**

      • These Republicans are condemning themselves to death by refusing to accept legitimate science and the experience of decades with vaccines.

        I must admit, the prospect of fewer Republican voters is good, though I am saddened by the loss of life.

        But these Republican voters are choosing their own path and far be it from me to interrupt their self destruction if that is their heart’s desire.

        Their fear born of fairytales about demon seed and alien DNA are entertaining to the extreme, please continue to spout your nonsense so that intelligent folks can enjoy the spectacle of your continued dysfunction.

  6. As far as treading on the 2 – A go’s, I say BUCK FIDEN,
    and for the vaccines I ask you why has NOT ONE COUNTRY done something to China for all of this destruction in the world because of said virus?

    • Why? Because attacking China would do nothing to stop the spread of the virus, as a matter of fact it would spread it even more.

      As I said before the only good thing about the virus is that it is cleansing the inferior gene pool thereby reducing the number of people who will be alive to vote Republican in the mid-term elections.

        • I think antfa’s little commissar if full of self hate and loathing for his “privilege” which is being projected on to others.

        • And another group through political indoctrination tried to create “The New Soviet Man” but ended up creating the polar opposite “Homo Sovieticus”.

          You can take the zek from the gulag but can’t take the gulag from the zek.

      • cleansing the inferior gene pool….

        Okay so it IS a Democrat conspiracy with China… Sooooo how does the virus differentiate between a Democrat and a sane person? Going after Republican voters was a fail since the largest group of unvaccinated are Blacks who historically vote about 90% Democrat…

      • “cleansing the inferior gene pool”

        So you’re an ageist. The average age of dying with the Wuflu is also the average life expectancy. These people are also almost always dying from other conditions. That doesn’t mean we should look down on these people.

        • quote—————–The average age of dying with the Wuflu is also the average life expectancy.————-quote

          This has to be a Fox News quote. Its ignorance is totally over the top. Remember Fox News said in court that “No one would believe what we broadcast”.

          And when you lay dying on a respirator you will not be calling this deadly virus the flu as its already killed 670,000 people

        • What is your fascination with Fox News d? How about the CDC? Do you believe in science or politics? A 75 year old is 220x more likely to die from Covid than a 29 year old. An 85 year old is 570x more likely to die from Covid than a 29 year old. In the real world, this means that different people have different risk levels, mostly depending on age, but also other factors like being over weight and / or diabetic.

          As for the Wuflu comment, I think it’s important to remind everyone where this virus came from. We now know that it’s highly unlikely that this virus occurred naturally even though St. Fauci said otherwise at the very beginning with zero scientific basis. It’s almost like he has an agenda.

      • Not to mention the profits of Pfizer and J&J.

        If you want to criticize vaccine hesitancy look no further than POTUS and the VP. They claimed any vaccine that came because of operation warp speed was not going to work. They didn’t trust the science, now they say you have to trust it. I don’t see any apologies by them for creating doubt.

        • “They didn’t trust the science, now they say you have to trust it“

          Incorrect, Joe Biden supported the vaccine from day one but he expressed concerns because of the obvious attempt by Trump to politicize the pandemic and vaccinations.

          “Let me be clear: I trust vaccines,” Mr. Biden said. “I trust scientists. But I don’t trust Donald Trump, and at this moment, the American people can’t either.”

          Shortly after Mr. Biden’s speech in Wilmington, Del., Mr. Trump seemed to lend credence to the former vice president’s criticism by publicly rebuking the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for saying that widespread vaccination might not be possible until the middle of next year. Speaking during an evening briefing at the White House, the president also kept up an attack line against Mr. Biden, misleadingly accusing him of “promoting his anti-vaccine theories.”

          In his speech, Mr. Biden thrust the issue of a coronavirus vaccine to center stage in the presidential race, expressing grave concern over the political pressure he said Mr. Trump was exerting over the government’s approval process and accusing him of trying to rush out a vaccine for electoral gain.“

        • Excuse me now while I remove my Joe Biden knee pads.

          And in case you are wondering, that piece of cut and paste agitprop is courtesy of the NYT.

    • “why has NOT ONE COUNTRY done something to China for all of this destruction in the world because of said virus”

      Why are you advocating an attack on the United States for spreading the pandemic of 1918, which originated near Fort Riley, Kansas?

      The death toll for the world numbered into the millions, all because America concealed the origin of the virus and shipped thousands of infected American soldiers to Europe in order to spread the disease.

      It seems you conservatives hate America as well as the other free countries of the world, the insanity of the American right is stunning.

      • If you are going to “copy/paste straight out of wikipedia at least get ALL of the pertinent “facts”…
        Outbreaks of influenza-like illness were documented in 1916–17 at British military hospitals in Étaples, France, and just across the English Channel at Aldershot, England. Clinical indications in common with the 1918 pandemic included rapid symptom progression to a “dusky” heliotrope cyanosis of the face. This characteristic blue-violet cyanosis in expiring patients lead to the name ‘purple death’.
        In 1918, ‘epidemic influenza’, also known at the time as ‘the grip’ appeared in Kansas in the U.S. during late spring, and early reports from Spain began appearing on May 21. Reports from both places called it ‘three-day fever’

        • “Why are you advocating an attack on the United States for spreading the pandemic of 1918, which originated near Fort Riley, Kansas?”

          Did they also have a virology lab where they intentionally weaponized Corona Viruses through “Gain Of Function” like the Wuhan Institute of Virology Lab?

          And then did they fail to restrict worldwide travel, like they restricted internal travel, just as the outbreak began?

          And did doctors and scientist who were whistle-blowers suddenly and permanently just “disappear” in a state cover-up?

          No to all three? Then what was my point?

          Oh I know…..dayyyymn I am dumb!

  7. I’m an SAF member, and I fully support their cause.

    But good grief- that ad is simply… embarrassing. Did they hire an ad agency whose only claim to fame is producing commercials for red eye/graveyard time slots on rabbit ear TV? I mean… really?!

    “Are you watching the TV right now? Do you own a gun? Is the room you’re in dark? Scary things happen in dark rooms. Do you feel safe? Are you sacred right now? You should be… BOO! They want to take away your guns! For that not to happen you must act now in order to feel safe! See that clock counting down in the corner of your screen? You must call NOW before the time runs out! Operators are standing by to take your money. This is a special message just for you…yes, YOU!- the apprehensive guy sitting in a dark room at 2:47am on a Tuesday morning watching Abbot and Costello Meet Godzilla. We’re talking to YOU! We’re here to take your money… um, I mean- to PROTECT YOU. Don’t hesitate- DO IT NOW! PICK UP THAT PHONE! TIME IS RUNNING OUT! We take all major credit cards (sorry- we don’t accept C.O.D.’s). If you don’t act now- people will think you’re not… manly. Even God won’t like you unless you DO IT NOW! CALL NOW!”

    That’s the level of intelligence exhibited by that ad. There’s really no excuse for SAF thinking they have to stoop so low to get Americans to support the defense of our Constitutional Republic. Frankly, it says more about what SAF thinks of their audience than anything else (how very Harley-Davidson of them). And it plays right into the stereotype- gifting the other side with a weapon of our own making for them to use against us.

    Pathetic, really.

    Hey SAF- choose to be smarter. Please… this stuff actually matters.

    • “But good grief- that ad is simply… embarrassing.”

      The backbone of the advertisement seems to be right out of “Marketing 101”, “tell ’em three times so they will remember it”. Everything articulated at the same volume, tempo and delivery. Sipping water from a firehose style of presentation wraps the message in boredom.

    • Scary things happen in dark rooms.

      I’ve had some pretty awesome stuff happen to me in a dark room as well, guess it all just depends on whom you are with in that dark room…

    • “Operators are standing by to take your money“

      Oh no, you said the quiet part out loud!

      You are getting in the way of the conservative billionaires grifting operations, Steve Bannon and his Chinese billionaire buddies are very upset with you for speaking the truth with your outside voice.

      The vaccine is made with alien DNA and demon sperm!

      Bill Gates is injecting micro chips into everyone so they can be tracked and controlled!

      The presidential election was stolen by dead voters and Venezuelan operatives!

      You people are hilarious, I certainly will miss the entertainment when the last of you shuffle off this mortal coil.

  8. What vaccine mandate? All I heard was a senile old man spouting off. Nothing has happened yet, no policies no laws and nothings been ruled on. How many things have been overturned or just dead stopped on him since taking office? A bunch
    Everyone that’s acting on it now is an idiot, a nazi or a dem.

  9. Just wait until they declare the Earth warming another degree in 80 years a public health emergency because it’s coming. The fact that their weather control fantasies will empower them and their donors while making you less free and more poor is a small price to pay (in their eyes).

  10. I am an anti-vaxxer, so, I will stay out of the vaccine portion of this conversation. HOWEVER, before some of you go full froth-and-rabies on me, remember that you have no idea of why I believe as I do….and if you make assumptions about my reasons, your assumptions will almost certainly be wrong.

    Regarding guns. There will likely never be a full Australia-like gun confiscation in this country…too many people own guns and are willing to use them. The police know gun confiscation is dangerous and will not want to do it en masse. Some of our military leaders are stupid and woke (Gen. Miley, for example), but the rank-and-file signed up to protect this country; they will not enforce a communist coup de etas.

    I am heartened by the “Buck Fo Jiden” chants and flash mobs breaking out across this country. It happened yesterday just before the soccer game at the liberal arts college down the block.

    Biden has failed miserably. The democommies do not want Kamala Embarrass, and those same commies realize Pelosi is poison. Biden’s failure is waking folk up.
    Failure will beget more failure. There will be much suffering, but then the backlash against the corrupt, Satanistic, netherworldly, pedophiliac kabal that has taken over this country will turn into a steamroller.

    • “The police know gun confiscation is dangerous and will not want to do it en masse.”

      Ultimately, the battle at Waco was about confiscating guns. Federal agents and National Guard demonstrated zero reluctance to take on gun owners….and win.

        • “Agree, but that is a bit different from a house-to-house, state-wide, or nation-wide confiscation effort.”

          Simply an observation that relying on the notion that authorities will be too cowardly to face armed resistance is no better tactic than simple “hope”. We shouldn’t be smoking our own dope.

          Also, don’t underestimate the fear factor of a handful of Waco’s playing on TV non-stop for weeks.

        • Sam I Am,

          Nope. The strategic, tactical, and logistic challenges are far too great. I never smoke hopium. I plan and prepare.

        • ” authorities will be too cowardly to face armed resistance ”

          I don’t think that will be the driving factor. The more likely scenario is, IMHO, the local police will just say f— it, ain’t playing the game any more. With all the heat the police have taken with defunding and the rest of the crap, I’m surprised they haven’t already walked away. Many have- early retirements are way up, recruiting is way down, and a lot of big city cops are looking for and finding cushier jobs in the suburbs. Personally, I think law enforcement at all levels should walk off the job for two or three weeks in a nationwide wildcat strike, just to show everyone how bad things can really get. But I don’t think cowardice is going to drive this.

        • Confiscation is totally wrong, every LEO know it. If they begin it, the first 100 LEO or citizens to die will end it, our LE and Guard will not murder 80 million Americans. If someone claims it will be decided without bloodshed, he should be invited to break down the first door, wearing a T-shirt proclaiming that resistance is futile, POTG are all chickenshit.

        • Waco? A single target compound? Out in the middle of nowhere? Easily surrounded and contained (perimeter control)? No other homes/buildings within miles? Easy to access by rotorcraft? Not much tree/vegetation cover in the vicinity?
          A cakewalk.

          I live in a bedroom community between Dallas and Ft Worth that has significant tree coverage. There are over 3 dozen two story homes with direct sight lines to the front, side, and rear of my home, even 2 homes with 2nd floor sightlines into my fenced in backyard.
          These homes with clear sight lines are on my cul de sac street, (that ends at a lake), an alley behind my home, an adjecent street that dead ends (at ANOTHER lake), and homes another block OR two away. That’s over three dozen.

          Now let’s talk about homes across the lakes with clear sight lines. Nearly a dozen more homes total.
          This makes for around 4 dozen home within a 500 yard distance that have clear sight lines between them. This development has only two road leading in or out, and several open spaces around the lakes.

          The neighborhood gets together for cookouts and pool parties regularly, also many come out for a few range sessions each year.
          The amount of hardware and ammo in my neighborhood is significant to say the least. I’m aware of four Barretts (50 BMG and 338 Lapua Mag) nearby. There are several neighbors I’m aware of who actually know yardages to neighborhood homes and key landmarks (such as trees around the lakes, community mailboxes…….). Also, we DON’T solely rely on things such as smart phones and internet for communication.

          The logistics of a gun confiscation in a neighborhood such as mine vs the Waco event is NIGHT AND DAY.

          Not sure where SloJoe and the hoe would want to start, but they would certainly want to warm up somewhere other then a Texas neighborhood like mine.

          Many like LS DON’T smoke hopum, and choose to prepare. 👍

        • Waco? A single target compound?

          Waco was a shit show, they could have had Koresh at any time traveling to and from town… It was based on a bullshit anonymous tip(?) about full auto conversions but they didn’t have any full auto weapons to return fire when the FEDS attacked THEM… Hmmmmm.. Show of force? Look what WE can do? I was not impressed then, I’m NOT impressed now…

    • LifeSavor,

      “… the corrupt, Satanistic, netherworldly, pedophiliac kabal that has taken over this country …”

      Your characterization is intensely interesting to me, especially since someone recently confided with me their first-hand experience as a victim of of that kabal. His/her experience confirms all four of the words that you chose to describe it.

      To keep that in perspective, his/her experience was so vial, so evil, so off-the-charts that multiple therapists have expressed a similar sentiment: they are ill-prepared to provide effective therapy for such a horrific experience.

      • U_C,

        Yes. Most normies would dismiss your friends accounting as madness or exaggeration because the depths of inhuman perversions are horror beyond comprehension. People shut down and stop listening because even hearing of it is nightmarishly excruciating. The actions of these people are gory, ghoulish….Satanic.

        Kudos to you for listening to your friend and accepting his experience.

        • LifeSavor,

          Due to that unique insight which I now have, that is quite possibly the primary fact which underpins my belief that I can see Democrats (who apparently dominate that kabal) attempting to do pretty much anything and everything that they have ever imagined or wanted.

          Given the allegations, quite literally everything is on the table–or concrete/stone slab in this discussion.

        • “Given the allegations… “

          Why don’t you get back with us when you have actual evidence and testimony, as opposed to the claims of an individual who is admittedly experiencing mental difficulties requiring the intervention of professional therapists.

          You may want to take a moment to review the McMartin preschool claims and their eventual exposure as fraud.

          “ The case was part of day-care sex-abuse hysteria, a moral panic over alleged Satanic ritual abuse in the 1980s and early 1990s.”

          It is amazing how gullible folks are when you start talking about Satan, that whole made up religious bullshit is just so entertaining but it poses a real danger to the advance of our society.

          As Donald Trump said, “I love the poorly educated!”

        • Miner49er,

          I do have testimony from a human-trafficking victim who was a captive/slave to the Ruling Class between the ages of 12 and 16. That person testified to seeing elite members of the Ruling Class drug and rape 14 year-old boys and girls as well as drugging and murdering–in ritualistic sacrificial fashion–14 year-old children at “parties”.

          There is no reason not to believe that person’s testimony. The fact that 98% or more of the population is intent on categorically dismissing such a claim makes it that much easier for those monsters to continue doing it.

          Look at it this way: Hollywood is notorious for the “casting couch”–the worst kept secret ever. And plenty of movies and television shows come out of Hollywood with extremely dark/evil content/themes. What makes you think that Hollywood elites would not act upon such obscene desires if they could get away with it?

          And being able to get away with it is far easier than you might think, especially if you have mountains of cash, some of the monsters hold high-positions in public office (e.g. prosecutors), and you have “dirt” (e.g. blackmale) on those monsters in public office.

    • “the backlash against the corrupt, Satanistic, netherworldly, pedophiliac kabal that has taken over this country will turn into a steamroller.“

      Hilarious! It’s all about Satan?

      Yep, you’re one of them demon sperm activists, thanks for the belly laugh!

      When are you going to do something about the child molesting ring in the basement of your local pizza shop?

      Or are you too cowardly to rescue those poor innocent children being molested by pimple-faced pizza delivery guys, assisted by Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama?

  11. At this point in time, I believe Democrats have clearly demonstrated that nothing is “beyond the pale” as far as they are concerned. I can quite honestly envision them attempting pretty much anything and everything that they have ever wanted, whether or not their objective or actions are legal or righteous.

    Long gone are the days when Democrats felt a need to keep their ambitions–or even their actions for that matter–secret. That means they no longer expect any significant penalties for their illegal and/or unrighteous ambitions and actions. And if they no longer expect any significant penalties, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for them to restrain themselves.

    • The establishment was always pushing us in that direction, but Trump’s election sped things up. The mask is off now, and most people don’t seem to be bothered by it.

      • Dude,

        “The mask is off now, and most people don’t seem to be bothered by it.”

        I agree.

        And that is why I envision Democrats (and potentially even Republicans) saying to themselves at this point, “Well, since no one seems to care and we will not pay any penalties: fvck it, let’s shoot for the moon!”

        What a sad state of affairs.

  12. It’s a nice earth shattering narrative, but it’ll have to wait for a real juicy slaughter. The climate isn’t good right now with his poll numbers in the toilet and attention directed at his obvious cognitive decline, which is clearly worse than we think. The man is in trouble.