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From the Second Amendment Foundation . . .

Virginia’s embattled gun owners were the margin of difference when it counted to take back the governor’s office, the Assembly and other key races, essentially setting the stage for “a return of common sense to the Commonwealth,” the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“Old Dominion gun owners were not about to allow anti-gun Democrats enjoy another two years of power after what happened in January 2020,” CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb observed. “They knew what Terry McAuliffe’s return to Richmond would mean for their Second Amendment rights. His party’s politics of attacking gun owners, and their outrageous record of eroding gun rights brought gun owners to the polls to say enough is enough.”

“What is most gratifying,” he continued, “was to see savvy gun rights voters ignore the despicable last-minute ad buy by desperate Democrats to suppress the gun vote by painting Republican Glenn Youngkin as an anti-gunner, when it is their own candidate who has a deplorable record on gun rights.”

Tuesday’s victory by political newcomer Youngkin and a return of Republican power to the Assembly should send a message across the Potomac River to Democrats in Washington, D.C. that their extremist gun ban agenda is washed up, Gottlieb suggested. The Virginia election was not only an example of voters taking back their state, it was a referendum on Joe Biden’s big government administration and Capitol Hill Democrats who have allowed radicals to take over their party.

Add to that the wins by Republican Winsome Sears in the race for lieutenant governor, the first Black woman elected to statewide office in Virginia, and Republican Jason Miyares as the new state attorney general, plus the apparent capture of the House of Delegates makes it a clean sweep.

Winsome Sears rifle
The Lt. Governor-elect of Virginia, Winsome Sears

“We know Youngkin is a gun owner,” Gottlieb stated, “and we also know McAuliffe is a gun banner. Virginians made their choices loud and clear Tuesday, and we are optimistic the incoming governor will exercise good judgment and common sense where gun ban zealotry and social prejudice against gun owners have guided the agenda for the past four years.

“McAuliffe’s brand of socialism, with its strong anti-rights component, has been soundly rejected,” he said. “We are hopeful the new leadership will quickly reverse the extremist policies adopted by the previous radical Democrat administration. If Republicans capture the Assembly, as it appears they have, they should move immediately in January to repeal Northam’s one-handgun-per-month law, and restore state preemption for gun law uniformity across the Commonwealth.

“Congratulations, Virginia gun owners and governor-elect Youngkin,” Gottlieb concluded. “You gave every gun owner in America a reason to be excited about the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.”

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  1. Now the state can restore all the bullshit that was set forth by the gun hater McAuliffe.
    He actually thought his brand of anti everything freedom could win again.

  2. I do NOT agree that gun owners vaulted Youngkin over the finish line.

    Who did send Youngkin over the finish line? Answer: parents of public school students.

    Parents heard McAuliffe proclaim that parents should not have a say in the curriculum that public schools teach. That SERIOUSLY rubbed a lot of parents the wrong way.

    There are plenty of suburban moms who are at best ambivalent about firearm ownership. What they most certainly are NOT ambivalent about is their childrens’ education.

    McAuliffe scored the mother of all “own goals” when he said that. The election was his for the taking and he gave it away.

    • I think it was both and I think it is wonderful. We can make a difference and take our country back for our children!!!

    • I love the irony of Dem pushed lockdowns and remote schooling being the thing that opened parents eyes to the garbage the schools are pushing being the Dems undoing.

      Sweet, sweet stuff.

    • The USSC is the center of attention again mainly because the History of Gun Control is lost history for far too many gun owners.

      On one side of the courtroom sits those in favor of a centuries old document guaranteeing 2A Rights. And on the other side of the courtroom sits those in favor of Gun Control. Those in favor of such a diabolical agenda as Gun Control might as well be attired in nazi uniforms and in KKK sheets and pointed hats. At least for once there would be some honesty displayed about who is who and what is what. As it stands there is no Truth Told About Gun Control in any court and as long as that is the case the 2A is under the bus.

    • Your point is valid, they added to the anti-McAuliffe vote. But there’s a fact you’re missing, and that is how the gun owner vote is the absolute hands-down largest bloc of voters. When gun owners turn out to vote as one, nobody can stop them without massively rigging the election the way Dems have been doing lately. And with the Dems (I call them commiecrats) being under the microscope, they just can’t cheat their way to victory at 4am!!

      Either way, I am happy for Virginia. I just moved to northern Minnesota, and though this end of the state is deep red, the southern half is sky blue, and midnight blue in the Twin Cities.
      To say that conservatives have their work cut out for them is an understatement.

  3. While gun owners in the Southern and Western parts of the state DID make it more competitive it was the pissed off parents in Louden, Fairfax, Chesterfield (turned red) and Virginia Beach (turned red) counties that cut McAuliffs margins significantly enough to give the Republicans the win… But according to “Braindead”, people were just confused…

  4. Oh I agree the 2nd Amendment put the republicans over the top. And ramrodding CRT. And pushing boy’s wearing a dress to assault girls. Honestly I could list a dozen more. Miss that cheap gas?

    • Don’t forget the heavy turnout for the “Delta Variant” of TRUMPISM… The world according to Van Jones… Then we have the Joy Ried theory of “Racisssstsss” while ignoring the Black Woman who carried nearly the SAME percentage of the vote and then there’s that pesky Latino AG that also won by the same margin…

      • Look, here’s the deal Jack. It only seems like the, uh, Youngling isn’t racist because he’s using coded language. He’s using dog whistles that only racists pick up. That’s why we tried to warn everyone. The outgoing governor and attorney general were NOT racist. That blackface they wore on multiple occasions was all in good fun, unlike the dog whistles from, uh, that guy over there that just won.

        • Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm… Yeah, I just saw a clip of Nicole Wallace (white girl) explaing the dog whistle theory… But if it’s a “dog whistle” ONLY heard by racisssstssssss how did ALL those folks at MSDNC and Clinton News Network (black AND white) manage to recognize it?

  5. Congratulations gun owners in Virginia. You have showed all of us there is strength in numbers.Now you can press for restoration of your second amendment rights.

  6. The Lt. Governor-elect of Virginia, Winsome Sears, that FDE kinda clashes a little with her wardrobe but overall the AR-15 fits well.

  7. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth BUT… it truly blows my mind that we still “barely” got him in with all the scandal, corruption, and outright lying the Left did leading up to the election. I really thought it was going to be a “slam the door” victory. Funny how Dems always, ALWAYS manage to close the gap in the waning hours of every election…

    • Doc Samson,

      “Funny how Dems always, ALWAYS manage to close the gap in the waning hours of every election…”

      There is a very simple and plausible explanation which does not involve voting fraud.

      The official vote counters in rural voting precincts with relatively few votes are able to count their small number of votes quickly and submit their count early in the evening. The official vote counters in urban voting precincts with large numbers of votes take much longer to count and the vote counters go well into the whee hours of the morning to finish counting. Why is that relevant? Simple: rural voters trend heavily Republican and urban voters trend heavily Democrat. Thus, as the counting proceeds after the polls close, those rural precincts report early with Republican majorities and those urban precincts report late with Democrat majorities.

      • And THEN there was the Fairfax County debacle that caused ALL of the thumb drives containing ALL of the “mail-in” votes to mysteriously be erased during the transfer to the actual counting macines causing the need to “RECOUNT” all of the mail-in votes… They just could not “FIND” enough votes to overcome Youngkins lead… Apparently the dead folks in Alexandria didn’t get their ballots back in time…

    • The Left has hordes of Useful Idiot Government Plantation Dwellers…..whose votes are bought and paid for with We The Little Peeps money. Politicians see We The Little Peeps’ money as theirs to skim, scam, squander, and with which to buy votes via Government Plantation “Free” Shit.

  8. “Beleaguered Gun Owners Were the Difference in Virginia Election Wins”

    Yeah, but not completely although they did make a big difference that probably tipped it. There were lots of people unhappy with the jackass and wanted him gone even among the democrat voters that put him in office.

  9. When you show up you, the individual, and your fellow gun owners, can change the political situation. Now did putting a banana in an empty holster protest, in Texas, lead to Texas getting constitutional carry???
    I think it did.

    The bottom line is get involved and stay involved. Winning incrementally.

    “Second Amendment Sanctuaries Key To GOP Sweep In VA”

  10. “Beleaguered Gun Owners” may have contributed to the wins. But from my vantage point, LCPS Board clinched it.

  11. Favorite part of the article that had me grinning ear to ear is Lt. Gov. Sears photo above. Get some Devil Dog.

    • “Favorite part of the article that had me grinning ear to ear is Lt. Gov. Sears photo above.”

      That just *has* to blow some Leftist Scum minds, a black woman with an AR-15.

      *And* she knows damn well how to use it, thanks to the Corps! 😉

  12. The ex governor was certainly no friend of the law abiding gun owner, and his removal could certainly be an improvement. Who knows what mischief he might work during the remainder of his time in office. That said, another point comes to mind. In Virginia, the state legislature votes on legislative proposals. Virginia Gunnies need to remember how their elected representatives voted on the governors proposals.

  13. Freedom has been resurrected in Virginia. Let the beatdown continue across America until these home grown progressive Marxists have fled to foreign shores never to return. Thank you Virginia gun owners and patriotic parents for leading the way against the tyranny of academia, the media and teacher’s unions. May God bless America and restore our republic.

  14. In an election that takes place during the year, that ballot measure may then be adopted by significantly less than a majority of the voting population. No other citizen in the country enjoys such power.

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