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Regular readers may notice that I’ve removed the post on FPSRussia’s latest sortie. I’d named the faux Russian our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day. Again. Still. Again. While I’ll never say never again (being a Jewish James Bond), I reckon that’s it. Kyle and I are done. Several members of our Armed Intelligentsia rightly pointed out that TTAG’s FPS coverage put us on the onramp to rutland. Message received. Even as TTAG approaches its second birthday, even as our firearms-related recipe racks up over 300k unique viewers per month, I am fully committed to keeping the site funky fresh—without losing what’s good and true and right and proper and all that. To that end, here’s some of what’s coming down the proverbial pike . . .

Snarkmeister and pro snapper Daniel Zimmerman’s looking to add slow-mo photography to reviews. The sample above is from a test session with the camera’s manufacturer (who was chastened about the lighting and will return for another go). We’re hoping to get a sponsor we can boldly slo-mo where no other gun blog has been before.

Our Ben Shotzberger has completed General Dynamics’ simunition course—a rare honor for a civilian. We’re looking at running real world sims to get the facts behind the ballsitic rhetoric. Can a single armed individual take out a spree killer in a school room setting? Who’s best to do so, teacher or student? Nick Leghorn will crunch the data.

Webmeister and tale-spinner Brad Kozak’s readying a new site design. Click here and scroll down to 20 for the format I favor. Yamidoo magazine allows us to keep major posts (e.g. gun reviews) on the home page while still offering the same “photo and text leading to a link for the rest” blogging function.

The same, only better. That’s the basic philosophy for all site modifications and improvements. Never betraying our core mission statement: tell the truth about guns.

There’s more to come (I haven’t forgotten about the forum Rebecca). Meanwhile, rest assured that I’m aware of the dangers of complacency and repetition. As publisher, I will steer the site away from ruts and search ceaselessly for opportunities to improve TTAG’s content, style and functionality.

And we will always listen to you, our Armed Intelligentsia. If you have a comment or question about TTAG’s editorial stance or style, please ping me directly ([email protected]) or reserve your remarks for housekeeping posts like this one. (I don’t want to sidetrack posts with meta questions.)

Meanwhile, thanks to our passionate and talented writers and commentators and the industry-type who support our work with their products and services.  I promise all of you: the best is yet to come. Dasvidania!

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  1. What happened to the pic of the guy in the ATF hat using a muzzle to cover his right ear? Memory hole?

  2. That’s a little silly. I thought FPS was awesome. And with the number of posts per day on this site, I don’t think it really mattered.

  3. I hope we’re not going to lose the awesomeness of the current mobile interface to TTAG.

    That would suck.

  4. Regarding FPS Russia, I thought that’s why you have “life time achievement awards”, so you can move on.

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