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Earlier today, the  father of slain Virginia TV reporter Alison Parker reacted to his daughter’s murder by calling for increased gun control. Andy Parker vowed to dedicate his life to that pursuit and for good measure, vilified the National Rifle Association. Speaking to CNN, [not shown] Alison Parker’s boyfriend Chris Hurst had a different message: “There needs to be some action that is taken out of an event like this — out of an event like Sandy Hook, like Charleston, like Aurora, Colorado… where these things just don’t occur anymore . . .

We need to have a substantive conversation on what is going on in America that is allowing evil to continue to crop up over love? Is it because we are in the media? And the attacker knew this was going to get a lot of play, and here we are again, another mushroom cloud of coverage over gun violence?

I’m not exactly sure what Mr. Hurst means. I reckon he’s not too sure at this point either. But Hurst framed the debate perfectly. How do we stop evil conquering love? I could say something about self-defense here but the truth is sometimes we can’t. Let see gun control advocates put that in their pipe and smoke it. Meanwhile, again, our thoughts and prayers go to the friends and family of the victims.

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  1. At least a clearer head is prevailing.

    Unlike Mr Parker who is not looking for justice. He wants vengeance and doesn’t care who is punished in his crusade. Enemies imagined and otherwise.

    • Is it just me or does this guy seem particularly ghoulish? Look, I understand that he is hurting and losing a child must be devastating but why seek out the camera’s? He reminds me of Martinez who couldn’t wait to get in front of any camera so everyone could see him; trying to be the story. It all seems so unseemly to me.

      • Like that blubbering asshat in San Diego who wasted NO time sucking up to Bloomturd even though as many were STABBED to death and run over?

  2. Good vs. evil. The age old battle. The absolute dumbest idea is to take the tools out of the hands of the good people in this fight.

  3. It is obvious the fathers pain is causing him to not think rationally and his causing him to be misguided at were the real blame lies and that is the individual that murdered his daughter not the tool used. May God help him and his family come to grips with this insane tragedy.

    • Hmm…why is it I sense the Bloomberg crowd is involved in the fathers ‘determination’ to now devote his life to “gun control”?

      • The cynic in me wants to ask if the guy is even her real father and not some actor hired by CNN to spout Dumberg’s message. He said he vows to not stop until something is done, but I say he’ll be in the news for a few days then disappear like the rest of them.

  4. Maybe he had a moment of clarity, and realized the news media he and his fiancee were in actually threw the most gas on this lunatic’s fire. I mean he basically went down screaming “black lives matter!”

    • You can’t talk honestly about the state sanctioned propaganda ministry like that. Promoting the propaganda and ignoring the facts is an uncomfortable truth is the basis of the evil intentions of statism.

  5. Part of becoming an adult is realizing that bad things happen, all you can do is prepare the best you can, but you’ll never be able to stop bad things completely. Life’s tough, suck it up.

    This is why the left is the way they are. They’re mentally and emotionally stunted and immature, weak in character and will, and are thus wholly unable to accept this, instead adopting childlike naivety combined with psychopathic rage at anyone who would suggest otherwise. The very notion of suggesting that we should find a way to stop violence completely is so laughably irrational that only a moronic leftist could think it.

    Also lefties, if you wanna “reduce” violence and look at what’s wrong with the country, look in the mirror. You and your progeny are the problem. But you’ll never accept that because that demands thinking like an adult.

      • It was the homosexual, one of your kind, that killed the news people. Us ammosexuals, as usual, had nothing to do with it.

        But civil rights denying fascists such as yourself have to keep a lie going.

        • @Dog

          You Dog, are a perfect candidate for Natural Selection and men like myself are the dominant species that survive. Fortunately for you, most of us ammosexuals are Christians, who are showing mercy upon our enemies until they try to endanger us.

        • @Dog

          You Dog, are a perfect candidate for Natural Selection and men like myself are the dominant species that will survive. Fortunately for you, most of us ammosexuals are Christians, who are showing mercy upon our enemies, until they try to endanger us.

  6. We confuse advancing technology with human progress but humans are little different than they were 5000 years ago during the historical period of the bibe ir is Cain and Able over and over again

    To understand whete we have gotten ourselves you have to understand Nietzche. Most moderns assume that he joyfully declared an end to God. Not so. he was not a happy camper because with out God there are no limits human desires and therefore no check on human action. We have seen the results of Godless evil in both the macro and micro scales. Both the psuedoscientific Progressives and the cult of personal autonomy that calls intself Libertarian are Nihilistic manesfestations of evil. It fills the world with Nicolai Stavrogins, Dostoevsky’s archetype for the amoral man.

    • I’m a libertarian and a Christian. G-d gave the gift of free will to follow his commandments; primary of which is to love G-d with all ones heart, mind, body and soul; and to love all others, even ones enemy, as ones self.

      To make a law that regulates what two people freely choose to do between each other is a violation of their free will. This is something even G-d is unwilling to do. Who am I or you, to do otherwise?

      And so the early Christians did the same. The early Christians did not require, or need, the rest of the world to live by their Christians values, morals or commandments. They just hoped that the rest of the world would freely choose to embrace their message.

      People should be free to live by their own personal choices, and if those choices lead to the destruction of their culture and society, as the mostly Godless and Christian hating left does; then think of it as evolution, the survival of the fittest.

      And once the dust settles, those that embrace G-d’s will and direction will prosper, those that have rejected the unconditional love of the I Am, will just be a foot note in the long history of failed ideologies and the cultures that collapsed as a result of the rejection of the laws of G-d.

      • The early church had no responsibility for governance. That all changed with Constantine. At that point Christians became responsible for keeping the civil peace and maintaining Civil society. Go read St Augustine on the purpose of government.

        Free will does not equal personal autonomy. It is the opposite. It means that your actions embody the capacity to do good or evil to other people. To be a Christian and a Libertarian as defined by Reason Magazine is as contradictory as being a Christian and a Marxist. Why do you thing so many disciples of Rand and Rothbard are as virulently anti-religious as any Communist?

        • Hmm, the only thing that changed with Constantine was that Christianity, after some odd three hundred years of being a voluntary choice to believe and be guided by the laws of G-d, became a tool of governmental control and coercion.

          As the Inquisition and the Protestant and Catholic wars as only a couple of many examples.

          Now, finally after centuries of Christianity being used as a tool of oppression and tyranny, we are finally free to follow the guidance of G-d as we are guided by, as others are used as “useful idiots” by the G-dless liberal/progressives in their bid to destroy our civilization.

          So out of the ashes of the destruction that they are creating, Christianity will once again also rise out of those ashes, based on those freely following the laws of G-d.

          Freely following the laws of G-d.

          We can learn from the lessons of history, or we can repeat those same mistakes, and once again place Christianity as a tool of oppression, or as one of voluntary choice.

      • Respectfully: You say God gives us free will then you “seem” to say there is destruction for those who don’t follow his will.
        I’d say reading what JC said and asking God to show you the truth no matter who says it will bring you closer to your quest.
        Otherwise we are fighting over which sect of Christianity is the truth. We are afraid that some children in Halloween costumes will twist us from our faith. That yoga will stop us from being Christians. We have to want to know and have it be okay if someone else thinks differently.

        • No more than saying that the law of gravity is made by G-d and then if you step off the edge of a cliff and then blame G-d for the sudden stop at the end that injures or kills you.

          The laws of G-d is given to us to follow with our own free will. That law, if followed, gives us a vibrant, abundant, peaceful and free culture. When we choose to not follow the law, we, in time, implode as a culture and a people and fall into chaos and tyranny.

          Don’t blame G-d for the fact that we are given free will to obey the laws of G-d, like the laws of gravity, and that we pay the price when we choose not to obey those laws.

        • @H.

          Lets pretend I’m God.

          I give you Free Will.

          I also tell you that it’s stupid and sucks real bad to jump off the roof because you can flap your arms and fly.

          I ask you to obey that commandment, or you’ll suffer terribly.

          Did I strip you of your free will? Did my hope that you won’t do something really stupid and cause yourself suffering mean that Free Will is a sham? If my love for you clashes with your own stupidty and determination to destroy yourself, and I am left with no alternative but to shout out “obey me or it’s gonna suck for you!” HAve I stripped you of your Free Will? Am I a lair? Is it all a trap? A silly mind game?

          No. But your attempt to frame it that way says a lot about you…

    • Humans seem to have survived for a million years before the current “god” was even invented. Calling everything good that happens his doing and everything bad “mysterious ways” or whatever is just burying your head in the sand. Sending money to lying crooks for doing nothing, means more really capable and informed crooks will get in on the action.

      • Human beings have acknowledged the existence of something “higher” for at least hundreds of thousands of years. They have all called it by different names. But this “higher” something has very common characteristics, regardless of culture.

        But in the end, those that deny the existence of a higher intelligence beyond that of human beings have not given us anything “better” as a replacement. Just look at the examples of G-dless communists like Stalin, Mao and Pol-Pot and the hundreds of millions murdered in the name of the “Greater Good” in the last hundred years. And the on going genocide of the tens of millions of the unborn in this country alone.

        So no, as a once agnostic, and now baptized Christian, I can say that I am satisfied that we are part of something greater, and that greater something has nothing but unconditional love for us all.

        • Yeah, people believe that. But that is like saying the law of gravity no longer applies. Just because we have technology that seems to defy gravity, for a time; the price will be payed by those that try to live their life as if they can step off the edge if a high cliff without consequence.

        • That statement kind of reminds me of this one:

          “Only Police and Military should be allowed to have firearms in the 21st century! Case closed.”


          “There is no need for the second amendment in the 21st century. Case closed.”

      • No Church has ever threatened me if I don’t give them my money.

        The government you worship does it every day…

        I prefer my God. Thanks. Even if He’s not real, He still sucks a lot less than pretending people are better. Think about that…

        This is why I like dirt so much.

  7. I cannot imagine the pain the family members are feeling however the father of the girl announced today that he was going to dedicate his life getting politicians to require back ground checks for gun sales to make sure the “wrong kind of people ” can not buy firearms.

    I wonder what he is going to do when he finds out there is no back ground check for evil?

  8. Whatever happened to just living by the “Golden Rule”? If people all just stopped for a min and thought, “how would I feel?”, things would be much different. There are a lot of root causes to the issues we face as a society, a nation, and as a people, I think the biggest one being lack of parenting. I believe the most important lesson in life, which would help solve things the anti’s cry about, is the Golden Rule. Treat others, do unto others, etc…

    • We are always going to have people in society who care solely for their own desires, even above the life of others. These desires can take the form of thirst for power, greed or be a result of mental illness, but these people are always with us. We can preach the golden rule to the mentally ill or a sociopath all we want, it isn’t going to get anyone anywhere. They simply lack that kind of empathy.

      Unfortunately, what we need is a general populace that is comfortable knowing that violent people exist and that these people only understand force being used against them.

      Unfortunately, I have a violently mentally ill man that lives in the condo above my own. He reminds me very much of the shooter in this story. Everything is about him being discriminated against because he is black or because he is gay. Constant complaints of racially charged exchanges that are found to be completely without merit. Bizarre behavior and he seems to enjoy yelling and screaming at people over nonsense. Mental health resources are next to non-existent after 40 years of decreasing funding. This guy’s family and the local police know he is nuts.

      One day he may snap and kill someone although I hope he won’t. Until I can move, the only thing to do is to make sure that if/when this guy snaps that I’ve trained myself the hardest person that he will ever tries to kill.

      • Callous as it sounds, there was a time years back when communities dealt with problems like your neighbor themselves.

        “He needed killing…”

  9. This entire incident is all leftism. Progressive nutjob kills progressive people thanks to progressive ideology’s taint, which leads to progressive tyrants blaming nonprogressives. It’s like if a chimpanzee snatched a knife and killed another chimpanzee, and the zookeeper then saying this is proof why humans shouldn’t have knives.

    My apologies to chimpanzees for equating them with progressives.

    Once again, leftism is totally to blame for all of this, and yet the fascists attack people who just want to be left alone. I’m getting sick of it and I hope a whole lot of other people are too.

  10. The very core of gun control is surrendering your freedom to others and your attacker and hoping they won’t harm you.

    No thank you. It’s the antithesis of freedom and personal responsibility. I wish the gun control leadership would get out from behind their armed bodyguards and put their money where their mouth is and walk the streets of a crime-ridden neighborhood with a “gun-free” sign around their neck and put their logic to the test.

  11. “I’m not exactly sure what Mr. Hurst means.”

    I think his general idea is that people are engaging in high profile murder to get themselves a high profile in the MSM.
    Either shoot a President, or John Lennon, or a bunch of people, so that the talking heads will talk about you for a week nonstop. For if a nobody like this washed out local newsreader just committed simple suicide, nobody but his family and friends would remember him a year from now.

    The only way I see to break the cycle is to
    1. not beat it to death on the news.
    2. not refer to the perp by name, just call him “a loser who thought he could make something of himself by destroying others”.

    • So much this. Their names and faces are now immortalized. More people know more about the nut than they do about the most recent Medal of Honor recipient or a founder of a charity. Getting your name in the media, especially for something shocking, is basically a form of immortality.

    • Exactly. And instead of looking at what we’re doing to allow evil like this to grow unchecked across the country (and he hits on it- the news enabling), we’re going to just hide the whole thing under another gun control dust-up.

      Not an easy thing to do, being able to see a bigger picture like that through your own personal grief. Her dad gets my prayers, even though I shake my head at his lashing out. This guy gets prayers and respect.

  12. In 2010, guns took the lives of 31,076 Americans in homicides, suicides and unintentional shootings. This is the equivalent of more than 85 deaths each day and more than three deaths each hour.

    73,505 Americans were treated in hospital emergency departments for non-fatal gunshot wounds in 2010.

    Firearms were the third-leading cause of injury-related deaths nationwide in 2010, following poisoning and motor vehicle accidents. (You can’t hold up a bank or 7/11 with a ford explorer.)

    Between 1955 and 1975, the Vietnam War killed over 58,000 American soldiers – less than the number of civilians killed with guns in the U.S. in an average two-year period.

    In the first seven years of the U.S.-Iraq War, over 4,400 American soldiers were killed. Almost as many civilians are killed with guns in the U.S., however, every seven weeks.

    Over the past 30 years there have been more than 3 million gun deaths and accidents.

    I hope gun-whores see the problem. It is pretty obvious. but it will never happen since more innocents have to die in the name of “liberty”.

    History doesn’t support your claims Gun-Whores. The Framers didn’t envision everyone being in an unorganized militia, a concept that didn’t exist. They not only envisioned but legally required everyone (ie, men of fighting age) to be in organized militias, as per the Militia Acts of 1792. They didn’t want untrained, inexperienced people wandering around with guns, which is exactly why they required all fighting age men to drill with their organized militia units a couple times a year. Your assertions are simply not backed up by historical facts.

    As for the membership of the unorganized militia, as the current law you cited clearly states, only men 17-45 qualify, so women, minors, and older men aren’t eligible to own guns, by your own standards. That qualification was never extended when we expanded rights to others.

    Repeating that history supports your claims doesn’t make it so. Your quotes are nice, but they don’t refute my point, which is that the Framers only discuss gun ownership in the context of the organized, mandatory militia. They say nothing about private ownership for the “unorganized militia”, which legally doesn’t even include the vast majority of gun owners under the very section of the US code you cited ages ago. Not only did they discuss gun ownership for organized militia members only, they codified it that way once the constitutional government took shape, in the form of the Militia Acts of 1792.

    Why, if the Second Amendment is based on self-defense, does that term never appear? Why does the well-regulated militia concept appear instead? Short answer – because your argument is self-serving bunk, made out of desperation because of how thoroughly history disagrees with you.

    The 14th doesn’t extend the “unorganized militia” to cover people other than 17-45 year old males any more than it grants 17 year olds the right to vote or 20 year olds the right to buy beer or women the right to use the men’s room. If the “unorganized militia” is the justification for gun ownership, then only those explicitly in the “unorganized militia” get that privilege. There’s no way around it.

    Well, I see the ammosexuals are in for the night, stroking their derringers, hoping not to get an accidental discharge.

    Who thinks that the military will line up like Redcoats, waiting to be gunned down by right wingers in their bunkers?

    I know that this” overthrowing the government” fantasy is part of the conservative identity, but for the sake of their families and their finances, conservatives should ease off on this irrational belief that rifles are going to topple this military. If the military came for you, you’re done.

    If you want to topple a government that doesn’t allow you to vote (Hmmm, which party wants less voting?), you stop working, en mass. You can’t beat a superpower with little guns.

    That said, their guns are pacifiers that soothe their fear, and they can’t put a price on the relief they get.

    • @ArmedWithReason: “Firearms were the third-leading cause of injury-related deaths nationwide in 2010, following poisoning and motor vehicle accidents. (You can’t hold up a bank or 7/11 with a ford explorer.)”
      Not sure where you got your figures ? I don’t have the figures for 2010 but 2013 should be similar. In that year there were a total of 130,557 accidental deaths. Of those, 505 were related to firearm accidents. The firearm accidental deaths were a distant 7th place to all other accidental deaths with Poison in first place, Car accidents in second followed by falls, fire & smoke, water related and other deaths (20,779). However, I am a bit confused as you seem to be mixing up your statistics. There were another 41,149 death from suicides. 21,175 of those were from gunshots. Which is about half. But, would the lack of a gun have prevented those deaths? That did not prevent the deaths of the other 19,974. Guessing that many of those would have found another way to kill themselves. Total homicides that year were 16,121. 11,208 of those were stated to be firearm related. However, the statistics to not seem to show how many of those might have been justified self defense shootings. And the other 4913 homicides were not caused by or related to guns according to the CDC. If guns had not been available how many of the gun related deaths would end up being caused with an alternate tool ? There were a total of 2,596,993 deaths from any cause in 2013 which was just under 1% of the population. The total deaths from ALL firearm related accidents, suicides and homicides was 32,888 in 2013. That figure accounts for about 1.26% of all the deaths that year. By far the largest killers were cancer and heart disease. It really is all about perspective and whether more gun controls will really eliminate these deaths. Which I sincerely doubt. Why all of this focus on such a small number of deaths? I think it is more about politics than about saving lives. As to your comments about citizens with small arms being effective against large government forces and big budget weapons I would refer you to Vietnam and Afganistan as two examples that destroy that theory. Besides, a militia really does not need to fight a whole army. All they have to do is fight those that are protecting the equipment to the point that they start taking over some of that equipment and using it themselves. A good current example is ISIS. Weapons in the hands of our citizens is proof that this is still a free country. Only a free country would trust their citizens with weapons. Which is the whole purpose of the 2nd Amendment. And, some think, the main reason that many politicians will work very hard to find any way that they can to take those weapons away or make them ineffective. Very hard to control free men when they are armed. Especially if a government becomes corrupt to the point that it’s citizens recognize that and begin to rebel.

    • The history of gun use, rights, militias, and more is with academic precision provided for you in the Heller opinion. But you fancy your erroneous ‘facts’ about the militia and the real threats that required constitutional protection should be given credence? No.

      Our U.S. murder rate involving guns is not high. Marginalizing the homicides in the culturally ‘other’ minority ghetto areas ruled by drug-funded gangs you see our homicide rate below that of France.

      You include suicides in your gun homicides number, and shake with fear and indignation. That’s silly. Our suicide rate is lower than many developed countries. The preference for guns over locomotives, ropes, or drug overdoses is nothing remarkable, and not a reaonable feature of the gun regulations debate.

      Once again, as in almost all mass or nearly-mass murders in recent years, the perpetrator is a left Democrat whose life motivated by hatreds and resentments boiling over into misconduct repeatedly. His colleagues knew, but didn’t follow up very agressively, perhaps because the EEOC complaints made acting tedious.

      When the station found out that once again Flanagan was boiling over about how pairs of lovers had good lives at the station but he had not…they should have upped security significantly and called in the police. But no. Everybody wants to be nice, ‘understanding,’ until the problem they minimized starts stabbing, clubbing, burning, or shooting.

    • “Why does the well-regulated militia concept appear instead?”

      Because you’re too stupid to correctly read ‘well-regulated militia’.

      It was written in the late 1700’s.

      Regulated back then meant ‘properly running’, or ‘adjusted’.

      The proof of that is easy to find.

      The most accurate timepiece of that period was a ‘tall clock’, known today as a ‘Grandfather Clock’.

      The specific part of the clock that controlled the speed of the pendulum (to speed up or slow down) the clock has a name.

      The name of that part is the ‘regulator’.

      Refute that, jackwad.

    • And each year they save even more than that. Every country that has done what you want has seen more murders.

      • You mean to tell me that countries like the UK and the rest of the EU,Canada, Aus, South korea and Japan which has strict gun laws see more violence?

        Puhleeze gun-whores.

        These countries have the lowest rates of violent crime in the civilized world due to the strict gun control laws they have enacted.

        While countries like switzerland with pro-gun laws have seen more homicides and suicides in the civilized world.

        You are giving me nothing but recycled garbage the NRA and the Gun lobby feed to their brainwashed sheep especially gun-zombies like you who believe the myth that more guns equals less crime.

        Please tell me how through your delusional beliefs that these countries I’ve listed above are somehow some vile evil tyranny in your deluded mind despite their improve economies, excellent healthcare and education, strict weapon controls and very low crimes?

        • These countries have the lowest rates of violent crime in the civilized world due to the strict gun control laws they have enacted.

          This is more of an FYI for everyone else reading this, but the UK has a much higher overall violent crime rate (when adjusted for regional definitions) than the US.

        • I doubt you are armed, because you certainly lack reason.

          It’s interesting that even with that wall of text, it was mostly just based on perception and opinion. No actual factual data to back up your assertions or numbers (which I know you made up) coupled with what I call bait and switch logic, such as padding U.S. gun deaths with suicides, even though countries like Japan or Poland have a higher rate of suicide then the U.S. without access to firearms. Granted this is just my personal observation, but when I was in the Army, among different units I belonged to, I knew of three suicides and one actual murder. None of them were committed by firearms. (One jumped off the barracks, two overdosed on different pills, and the murder was done by knife.)

  13. I can understand her father’s position at this point in time. He is hurting badly as anyone who lost their daughter would be. And he wants to do anything he can that seems productive to ease his pain and stop this from happening to someone else. He just does not realize that his statements and his solution do not make sense. But he can hardly be blamed for that as I doubt he is feeling rational at the moment. This is a gut reaction for some that has been fueled for years by the Gun Control Propaganda which aims to make people believe that more controls on firearms will make a difference. It is an obvious direction for grieving people to go when something like this happens. Somehow, we need to let him know that we feel for him but that more gun control is not the solution he thinks it is. However, comments to him at this time will not be effective. Hard to listen past the pain. I feel for him and his family as this is truly a tragedy.

    • He’ll soon be, if not already, in the clutches of confiscation extremists who will encourage his vindictive resentment of all things, and people, of the pro-gun Second Amendment crowd. The Bloomberg minions will encourage and feed his passion, just as they have with some of the victims families at Sandy Hook, and victims of deranged shooter tragedies elsewhere.

  14. And in other news, 50 people are found dead in the back of a truck in Austria.

    Which news story is going to get greater coverage?

    But because those people probably died of suffocation and/or exposure, they don’t count.

  15. “The Framers didn’t envision everyone being in an unorganized militia, a concept that didn’t exist.”

    Oh, but they did. The over-mountain men who brought their long rifles and congregated to decimate an entire regiment of British regulars at the Battle Of Kings Mountain were no more organized than loose associations of near neighbors and, at best, associations of remote rural settlements. Being largely Scots-Irish, they were not much given to formal organization and were not officially a part the revolutionary forces. They didn’t band together until they were directly threatened by the advancing British military. At that point, with deadly intent and devastating effect, they became a militia. And after the battle, most simply went home.

    Although, this small fact will be completely lost on someone like you who wants to use history to politicize increasingly lame points-of-view, you should never try to impose contemporary values on historical events. When you do that you learn nothing.

  16. I’m not so sure Mr. Parker will have the same zeal when he gets through the grieving process. So far his outbursts fit the book. Mr Hurst on the other hand will likely fade from the limelight, he already understands reality. He may suggest self-defense measures.

    In the mean time two young soldiers died in Afghanistan and we have heard little of it.

  17. I’m not so sure about your conclusion RF-and a dad trumps a boyfriend any day. Remember dad is an actor and can mobilize the left -wing weirdos too. I’m sending money to the bogeyman-the NRA…this one is going to linger a long long time…

  18. Meanwhile the Triad (police, judges, legislators) snickers while side stepping responsibly for creating laws that deny lawful self defense in public. All the while filling the their coffers with coin of the citizens who pay taxes. Have a fiver that says not one cop, or anyone in government really gives s hoot about the two. Not enough to move the needle people.

    The remarkable thing is how shooter man pointed the gun multiple times and no one saw or reacted to his actions.

    The sum of all fears is its always open season on humans by the nut jobs. No law or any measure will stop it. If not a gun, a knife, a bat, a rope, an iron skillet, or ten bucks at the hardware department marking a pipe gun.

  19. To the everyday “normal” person, a heinous act by somebody would be thought of as being caused by a mentally disturbed condition of some sort. As others have mentioned evil exists. We in general don’t normally consider that there are just plainly Evil sadistic bastards in the world. Whether this case is mental or Evil we may never know. Either way it is tragic and we must be able to protect ourselves any way we see fit.

    As to mental capacity….
    Even a gun owner might say, Oh, sure let’s filter out people with mental incapacities. There are many levels we all would no doubt agree, are reasons for not being mentally qualified to own and carry a firearm, there are many more that are purely subjective, as has been recently seen from the government- with the VA, Social Security, etc.. that would even possibly eliminate many of you.
    How about driving your car, and changing lanes (too) fast in the opinion of a cop.
    You have just been pegged an AGGRESSIVE driver.
    If One is simply feeling for a moment bogged down and overwhelmed with the pressures in their life, family, work, finances or ? and maybe seeks clergy or a doctors help , does that mean one is not in control mentally?

    We need to be careful how we try to deflect and the concessions we might give in to as we are fighting to maintain OUR constitutional rights.

  20. PS: not sure just what Chris Hurst is trying to say, or if he even knows…

    Its clear his editor Kelly Zuber got the memo, as did WAPO- “its all about gun control…”

    never mind the elephant in the room, the crazy black gay guy who is calling for a race war…

    “Zuber said her reporters would continue to confront the task of covering a story that they have an all-too-personal stake in. The gun-control debate, she said, would be a part of that.

    “I think our journalists are up for the challenge, and they realize that there will be a political side to this as gun control is discussed,”

    Better STFU there Mr Hurst, and wait for the Talking Point Memo, so you know what your job is, as ordered…

  21. My prediction- this will get the obligatory 72 hour news cycle- burying any unfortunate “news” like more democrats running from the Iran deal, more immigration bad news, even another drop in the market and the shadow Depression underway, and of course- anything dealing with criminal investigation of HRC.

    By then the news of the week will be all about the weather- just like in Sharyl Atkissons book, StoneWalled, as CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN followed one another blindly to whatever the safest default topic was- when everything else is just too toxic to the Progressive Narrative, for the NY media elite to even consider covering.

    Nope, the blood dancers will never let this crisis go to waste, even if gun control is a non-starter, simply because its just too good to cover every other story that validates the absolute cratering truth and proof of imcompetence and corruption of Obama and the Democrats and Progressives on literally everything they have touched, from the economy to foreign policy, to homeland security.

    And the StateRunMedia is neck deep in it- so they have to double down.

  22. If the killer had a permit to carry and used a legally owned firearm which he had purchased after passing a background check then that’s a different problem than if he used an illegal handgun. In the former, we have to find out if he should have been disqualified and somehow got through the system. In the latter, there is little anyone can do, least of all make more laws, that would have prevented this madman except to meet force with force. Either way, the suggestion the father seems to be making, greater restrictions on gun permits ostensibly to prevent crazy people and those who might become crazy at some later time, from having access to a gun, would not help prevent his daughter’s death. It is already illegal to own a gun if you have maniacal tendencies, so what new restrictions would the father like to add? Black? Gay? Un-neighborly? None of the people already demanding tighter gun laws even know yet whether he had a permit. Seems kind of disingenuous for the father to leap to conclusions about the best solution when he doesn’t even know yet what the facts are other than that his daughter was killed. He can be forgiven for being raving mad but that doesn’t give him the right to decide who can and cannot arm themselves to defend themselves.

  23. As the father of daughters, I would be comatose had I witnessed an event like this on live TV.

    Mr. Parker seemed almost giddy at the thought of his 15 minutes of fame, and I find his response and comments bizarre at best, given that it was 24 hours after the murder of his daughter on live TV.

    And i can add yet another reason as to why I despise the political leftists in America.

    • You bring up an interesting point about Mr. Parker’s actions and comments. I have also seen elsewhere similar comments about Mr. Hurst’s actions and comments too, seeming somewhat odd. in tweets, interviews and the photo album.

      This seems far fetched but,
      I have read comments in other reports of people wondering if this could have been staged. Even people in Europe have noted that it seemed contrived that Mr. Hurst presented the photo album, trying to provide proof of their relationship.
      That the interviews and public comments made by Mr. Parker and Mr. Hurst seem scripted and odd after such a horrific occurrence.
      Being staged seems hard to fathom given the locally, now nationally
      High profile of those involved.


    • Yes!
      I wouldn’t be talking to the press.
      You know they show up and ask, “Well how do you feel now that your daughter is……”
      Tell you what. My friends and family wouldn’t let them near me.

  24. Does nobody care about the camera man?

    Let’s be honest, if this wasn’t about a dead white girl, no one would give a shit.

    Media would have given it a scroller at the bottom of the screen and kept reporting on Trumps latest tweets.

  25. The father has been on TV so much it’s obvious he loves the attention. Jeez buddy your daughter just died how about grieving in private instead of doing nonstop propaganda campaigning for the democrats. Same with the boyfriend, he’s digging all this attention, all he sees is an network anchor job and $ signs .

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