Ruger’s New 10/22 Target Lite with Red and Black Laminate Thumbhole Stock

10/22® Target Lite with Red and Black Laminate Thumbhole Stock

Press release:

10/22® Target Lite with Red and Black Laminate Thumbhole Stock

The new 10/22® Target Lite is a top of the line offering from Ruger. Featuring the BX-Trigger™ with a light, crisp 2.5 – 3 pound trigger pull weight and a cold hammer-forged barrel tensioned in an aluminum alloy barrel sleeve, this new configuration is paired with a red and black laminate thumbhole stock, and should appeal to shooters looking for performance, reliability and style.

10/22® Target Lite with Red and Black Laminate Thumbhole Stock

  • Adjustable length of pull laminate stock with thumbhole.
  • Features the BX-Trigger™ with a light, crisp 2.5 – 3 pound trigger pull weight with minimal overtravel and a positive reset.
  • Patented, detachable 10-round rotary magazine features a unique rotor to separate cartridges and provide reliable feeding.
  • Legendary action, a tried and true Ruger design, ensures consistent, reliable performance.
  • Cold hammer-forged barrel tensioned in aluminum alloy barrel sleeve features a 1/2″-28 threaded muzzle and is fitted with a thread cap which can be removed to allow for the use of muzzle accessories.
  • Positive, push-button, cross-bolt manual safety.
  • Combination scope base adapter for both Weaver-style and .22 tip-off scope mounts included.
  • Easy-to-use extended magazine release provides smooth, no-fuss removal of flush-mounted magazine.
  • Heat-stabilized, glass-filled, polymer trigger housing assembly is precision made of high-tech material for improved manufacturing tolerances, impact and abrasion-resistance and an unmatched ability to withstand the elements.


  1. avatar Lost Down South says:

    Soon to be banned for its evil features! (the red laminate stock)

    1. avatar Shire-man says:

      Speed holes on the forearm there make the bullets reach full semi double mega kill speed before anyone can dodge them.

    2. avatar Napresto says:

      You jest, but this stock is actually illegal in NY (state, not just city) because pistol grip. The fact that the rifle is chambered in highly lethal, mafia-preferred, supersonic .22 millimeter caliber is, surprisingly, not an issue.

      1. avatar DrewN says:

        California too maybe, though there is a rimfire exemption of some kind. I honestly quit paying attention.

    3. avatar Bobby says:

      I know you meant it as a joke but I bet it will not be allowed for sale here in California. Rugers MK II,IIS , etc., etc. are not allowed to be sold here. Why not? The insanity is truly difficult to believe.

      1. avatar bob999 says:

        Buy a few acres of Arizona desert, change your official state of residence, and problem solved. 🙂

        1. avatar Bobby says:

          Excellent advice.

  2. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    Not a big fan of the red and black, but I did put the BX tri gger in my 20+ year old 10/22 and it was a worthwhile improvement. They should just put that trigg er in all the 10/22s.

    1. avatar Forward Assist says:

      Running the BX as well. You don’t know how bad the stock 10/22 is till you get a BX.

  3. avatar 16v says:

    So, finally more accurate than a Marlin 60…

  4. avatar Kalvin in WI says:

    Really like the color. More guns should offer that.

  5. avatar RA-15 says:

    As 22lr go , this offering from Ruger appears to be a nice rifle. I personally like the stock. Actually like everything about the design. I think I may grab one.

    1. avatar David Walters says:

      I’m glad someone else said that first.

  6. avatar Anon in Ct says:

    If it has a threaded barrel, then it’s an “assault weapon” in CT thanks to that stock.

  7. avatar Packageman says:

    Looks amazing. I wonder if it’s legal in Komifornia?

    1. avatar Chipsa says:

      Oddly, yes. It is legal, because rimfire. Only centerfire is hindered by their “Assault Weapon Ban”

  8. avatar TommyJay says:

    I’ve got a Collector’s Series II, and it comes in at exactly 5.0 lbs. with a loaded mag. It’s got a very light polymer stock and an 18″ steel barrel. So it does feel muzzle heavy, but it’s so light that it doesn’t matter much. It also came with an aperture sight and picatinny rail mounted.

    I wonder why Ruger hasn’t mated a very light stock to a light alum. barrel? I’ll bet it would be close to 4 lbs.

  9. avatar jimmy james says:

    I guess this is meant to be a steel challenge gun because a “crisp 2.5 – 3 pound trigger pull ” will not work for accuracy off the bench.

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