Remington Defense Awarded Army Contract for Off-the-Shelf Carbines

Remington Defense Army Contract Carbine


Remington Defense, the LEO/Military sales arm of Remington Outdoor, has secured a contract to supply the US Army with commercial off the shelf carbines.

The company isn’t disclosing which carbines or how many of them, but you’d have to guess the deal would include their R4 AR pattern rifle or possibly the ACR. Or maybe both! Here’s their press release:

Remington Awarded Army Carbine Contract

Huntsville, AL – Remington is pleased to announce the recent award of a contract to supply the US Army with Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) 5.56mm Carbines.

This is the second significant award for 5.56mm carbines to Remington by the US Army on behalf of key international allies. Remington Chief Executive Officer Anthony Acitelli said of the award: “Remington is proud of our continuing contribution to public safety and our nation’s national security priorities worldwide. “We look forward to continuing our daily dedication to the design, production, and delivery of the highest quality military and law enforcement products for our public safety officers, warfighters, and allies alike.”

About Remington Arms Company, LLC

Remington Arms Company, LLC, (“Remington”) is America’s leading manufacturer of firearms, ammunition, and related accessories. For over two centuries, its products have been sought after by hunters, shooters, collectors, home and personal defenders, as well as by government users in the US and in more than 55 of our allied countries. Remington products served the US Military in every major conflict from 1816 to the present. Remington currently employs over 2,500 Americans, and operates major facilities in New York, Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, South Dakota and Utah.

More information about the Company can be found at


  1. avatar little horn says:

    shoulda went with SCARs from FN.

    1. avatar Jack Crow says:

      Why? Without knowing what rifle they chose, how can you even make that argument?

  2. avatar Roh-Dog says:

    So the Army is wasting more money to prove what exactly, the M4 is cost effective?
    Every. Frigging. Time. the good idea fairy bounces her fat ass into some GO’s head, instead of training, the General wants to waste it on reinventing the wheel.
    Army, I love you, but you’re out of control.

    1. avatar MilitantCentrist says:

      Huh? How do you know this isn’t just a regular equipment refresh?

      Besides, small arms are not that big a line item in the DoD budget. You could buy everyone in the department a brand new M4 every year and it would still be like two tenths of a percent of their budget.

    2. avatar California Richard says:

      “This is the second significant award for 5.56mm carbines to Remington by the US Army on behalf of key international allies.”

      These guns are being straw purchased by the Army for Mexico, or Iraq, or something. These guns arent for American war fighters.

      1. avatar Michael says:

        Could be for Your an instant citizen under Obamas new GreenArmy UN Blue helmet Recruits coming from Central America and Somalia with Mexicos Help?

  3. avatar Spectre_USA says:

    Shoot, I’d be happy with either one, as long as it has a giggle switch! 😀

  4. avatar DrewR55 says:

    “This is the second significant award for 5.56mm carbines to Remington by the US Army on behalf of key international allies.”

    So, if I read that right the US Army bought the Remington carbines to give away to one of our allies? That’s fine, maybe we learned our lesson about giving some ‘allies’ quality equipment like F-14’s and Stinger missiles.

    1. avatar DrewR55 says:

      Looks like the last order by the US Army for Remington M4’s went to the Philippines for approximately 56,000 and of those delivered around twenty thousand carbines were returned because they were defective.

      Bless your heart, Remington. You really are trying!

      1. avatar DrewR55 says:

        “Remington Defense, rifles built by the same idiots that f’d up Bushmaster”

      2. avatar New Continental Army says:

        I mean, if we’re going to be giving weapons away for free to questionable regimes, I think going with defective ones isn’t such a bad idea…

      3. avatar orion says:

        “defective” over a loose rear sight?
        except on NM sights, all colts and fn’s have slight movement in the elevation turret. the spring loaded ball bearing inside the turret works as designed tho.
        if the carry handle was coming loose under recoil… thats a different animal.

    2. avatar JMR says:

      Best comment so far.

    3. avatar Jeh says:

      They gave some remington R4s to the philippines…….feedback about the rifles hasnt been kind…..seems the pinoy troops are having all kinds of trouble with them….

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    Remington emerges from its pre-pack and is awarded a military contract. Corporate welfare at its finest?

  6. avatar Greg says:

    Lowest bidder, thank Christ I had a Colt when I was downrange.

  7. avatar How_Terrible says:

    I wonder if these carbines are for the Army , or if the Army is simply ordering them as part of a FMS contract for another country.

    1. avatar J.T. says:

      “This is the second significant award for 5.56mm carbines to Remington by the US Army on behalf of key international allies.”

      Looks like they are for another country.

  8. avatar Don from CT says:

    Its a trap!!!

    Now the politicos can say that the AR15 is a military weapon.

    1. avatar Ed says:

      I had the exact same thought. Watch the lefties spit wooden nickels about this.

  9. avatar Ed Schrade says:

    Never, ever, let bean counters run a company as it will lead to ruin. Make them stay in the back room and count beans.

  10. avatar Docduracoat says:

    Colt still owns the technical data package. Anyone who sells military rifles built to the tdp has to pay Colt a royalty.

  11. avatar orion says:

    COTS is an aid program for our allies and while these are carbines they’re not necessarily semi auto carbines.

    1. avatar Stanley Nick Jedrzejczyk says:

      They aren’t. They’re select fire.

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