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Jeremy reviewed the original CCP back in 2015 and only had one real problem with it: the takedown process. For some reason, this excellent concealed carry pistol required a tool to take the gun down for cleaning. Well, Walther’s been listening to the market and their newly redesigned CCP M2 can be taken down using only the ten fingers you were born with.

They’re making the CCP M2 in a black Cerakote finish or with a stainless steel slide. Here are some details from their product page:


The all new CCP M2 (Concealed Carry Pistol) in 9mm Luger has an ideal combination of style, ergonomics, size, shape, accuracy, and ability to conceal comfortably. The Walther SOFTCOIL™ gas-delayed blowback technology works to make the CCP an excellent concealed carry firearm.


The CCP’s SOFTCOIL™ gas-delayed blowback system uses gas pressure from the ignited cartridge by directing it through a small port in the barrel in front of the chamber to slow down and delay the rearward motion of the slide. This is accomplished by means of a piston contained inside of a cylinder located under the barrel that opposes the rearward motion of the slide until the gas pressure has declined after the bullet has left the barrel. This allows the slide to end its rearward motion, opening the breech, and ejecting the empty cartridge case.

Walther CCP M2

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    • Yep, quite like that. Kinda cool in that regard, though no squeeze cocker, which is either good or bad depending on how you look at it. Not a classic retro gun like the p7, but for the price not bad.

    • Yes, at a significant $$ savings. Don’t put your fingers on the dust cover in front of the trigger guard after an extended firing session, that gas port area get very hot.

      One of the easiest pistols to rack, very low recoil, a little more trouble to clean.

      • If only it was a little but smaller. Still, for a winter carry gun it’s hard to choose between this and the RAMI BD.

  1. just my opinion, but slide width is too wide for all this “concealed carry” marketing they are putting on it. 1.2″ wide is so 1980 for cc slide width. Love my PPQ’s, have them in .45 and .9mm, but would love them to really downsize the form factor (and not just the grip).

    • Good point.
      A P938 gives you 7+1 with acceptable recoil and a much smaller package for about six ounces less.

  2. One of the few firearms I regretted buying. Constant FTF/FTE regardless of ammo brand or load. A little digging on Walther owner forums shows how this is a piece of Umarex junk. The little gas ports and piston area are insanely sensitive to fouling, meaning even if you clean it perfectly you never know how many rounds you’ll be able to fire until it starts sticking. For me, after a thorough cleaning, it started sticking after just 2-3 mags.

    Walther CS tried their best but had to toe the party line and never admit it was a faulty design. They described it as highly sensitive to the correct amount of gas pressure, dependent on not only the brand and load, but also the lot of production. So even if Hornady CritDef (for example) seemed to work well, buying another box of CritDef from a different lot may have just enough irregularity in the powder burn to jam it up.

    Absolutely unsat for any firearm, much less one geared for self defense.

  3. My fun CCP story was taking my gf and her recently graduated from college daughter to the range. She wasn’t warming up to me and we thought this would improve relations. We rented a CCP and I fired it then the daughter then me. I loaded it up again and gave it to her and she fired a round and on the next one the gun had a catastrophic failure and the slide shot out into the range about 10 feet! Thankfully, it didn’t hurt her and I told her to put what was left down and then reported it to the range staff. Needless to say relations didn’t improve between me and the daughter but it’s been a couple of years and she’s ok with me now. I don’t believe the CCP was designed to be a range gun so I don’t blame Walther. But to me the benefits of easier slide racking are outweighed by the more finicky nature of the gas system.

  4. I can’t imagine this will be any better than the turd first gen CCP. Worst firearm I have ever purchased. Firing pin failed 3 shots in(out of the box) Walther CS was totally overwhelmed by the recall, took 7 weeks to get the turd back. Constant Failures (fire, feed, eject) I traded it in on a Ruger Mark IV, best move ever. The CCP should have been taken off the market, it is a dangerous firearm. I’ll never touch another Walther product, ever.

  5. Well everyone has an opinion, and sometimes things happen. I bought the CCP and had a little trouble firing it right out of the box. Took it apart cleaned and lubed it. Had a little trouble putting it back together.
    Have shot about 6 mags and no problems. I did buy extension for mag. Now I have 9 in mag and one in the barrel, 10 is a sweet number. Why carry an empty gun??

  6. With only 8 in the magazine , the Walther CCP-M2 is an outdated gun . The trigger-pull length and the trigger re-set length are both very l-o-n-g ; almost as long as with the miniscule Kahr CM9 . That’s not good . Furthermore ,depending on how you load the CCP-M2 for EDC , it can be either O.K. , or totally risky . For those who carry cocked-and-locked , the safety and the long trigger pull combine to offer adequate safety . However , for those of us who do not put a round in the chamber , but quickly rack the slide to do so in a crisis , the trigger only gets cocked within about the last one-eighth inch of retraction . In a hurry , if the slide is not fully retracted before being released , you’ll get a round in the chamber alright , but a dead uncocked trigger . Only another FULL slide retraction will put a new round in the chamber and cock the trigger . Me , I much prefer my S&W M&P9 Plus which re-cocks the trigger within the first quarter inch of slide retraction . Thus , very handy if to make it re-strike on a dud round and not at any time require that very last fractional inch of slide retraction to re-cock the trigger . So the CCP-M2 stays home and just get fully cocked with a round in the chamber on the nightstand during bedtime .

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