Judge blocks Defense Distributed 3D Files
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In a move that shouldn’t surprise anyone, a federal judge has blocked release of Defense Distributed 3D gun files. A consortium of states had filed suits in various jurisdictions looking for judge to stop the scheduled release.

After the company’s settlement with the Department of Justice over their long-pending lawsuit, the files were set to go up on their site at midnight tonight. But a Clinton appointee has issued a temporary restraining order pending a full hearing on August 10.

U.S. District Court Judge Robert Lasnik’s ruling comes a day after Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a suit challenging the Trump administration’s decision to allow the release of the blueprints, saying the move would provide broad unregulated access to dangerous weapons.

Ferguson is the lead attorney general in the multistate lawsuit that was filed in federal courts in eight other states including New York, Oregon and the District of Columbia.

You can read the case’s docket sheet here (PDF). Here is the salient part:

MINUTE ENTRY for proceedings held before Judge Robert S. Lasnik- Dep Clerk: Kerry Simonds; Pla Counsel: Jeff Rupert, Jeff Sprung, Kristin Beneski, Todd Bowers; Def Counsel: Joel Ard, Josh Blackman, Eric Soskin, Tony Coppolino; CR: Nancy Bauer; Time of Hearing: 2:00 p.m.; Courtroom: 15106; Motion Hearing held on 7/31/2018 re 2 MOTION for Temporary Restraining Order filed by State of Washington. The Court addresses the parties. After hearing the arguments of counsel, and for reasons stated on the record, the Court GRANTS the Motion for Temporary Restraining Order and schedules a hearing for 8/10/2018 at 9:00 AM in Courtroom 15106 before Judge Robert S. Lasnik. An order shall issue. (KERR) (Entered: 07/31/2018)


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  1. Perhaps Cody should have his phone off for the rest of tonight. Once they’re up, they’re up forever, and if the Judge didn’t get ahold of him in time to stop him…

    • Anyone who wants to find them already can. This would just make them more readily available to people who are curious and don’t want to go much further than ‘google.’ And those people probably don’t have a 3D printer hanging around.

      • Yep. The torrents must flow!

        To be honest, the files are already in the wild. 3D printed guns have been discovered in Police raids in Australia. You would have to be desperate to make a 3D printed gun as the setup costs are beyond most people.

    • Completely meaningless to anyone, except Cody. Years ago, I torrented out hundreds of copies of the Liberator II plans, and they went out to scores of different countries. The plans are in the wild, and there’s no way to stop them. The choices are ban 3D printers and CNC (crippling American engineering, innovation, and manufacturing), censor technical info of guns (and somehow enforce it), or accept that it’s going to happen. Can’t stop the signal, Mal.

    • Dude, these files have been on the internet every second of every day since the initial ruling that took them down years ago. When I heard about it, i went and downloaded the full pack of them from a torrent site, and have been sharing them continuously since (only torrents I actually seed… yes, I’m that a$$hole leech everyone hates). I actually checked the other day, and dividing the total amount of data I’ve uploaded by the total size of the file pack, I’ve uploaded the equivalent of about 4500 complete copies of the data files. Now granted thats now exactly how torrents work, but gives you a general idea. And I’m just one user. For anyone whose internet competency extends past opening Safari to check Facebook from their Mac, these files have been continuously available from uncounted different sources the entire time DEFCAD/Defense Distributed has been legally barred from sharing them publicly. none of these ruling shave made any change tot his, and none of them will.

  2. TTAG should post a video on how to make a slam-fire shotgun out of hardware store parts as a way to illustrate why this is a pointless thing to get worked up about.

    • Videos of how easy it is to make and operate a slam-fire shotgun from hardware store parts already exist.

      By the way making an actual hammer-fired single-shot shotgun with readily available hardware store items is only slightly more difficult.

    • Many years ago, just to show some doubters that it could be done, I made a .22 rimfire gun out of a piece of 1/4″ copper tubing, a spring-type clothespin, some wood scraps, a little glue, and the tip of a nail.
      It keyholed at 10′, would have a hard time hitting the broad side of a barn from the inside at 20′, but it worked. Several times.
      Zip guns are being made inside prisons (as we speak/type) out of stuff found there (except for the ammo, which is easy to sneak in). They really aren’t hard to make. I know how to make a .38 from found parts; all it takes is a basic understanding of the forces involved, a scrounger’s mentality, and a willingness to test to find the weak points, and go from there.
      I don’t need a milling machine or a 3D printer, but they would certainly make it easier.
      And that’s the problem with those who keep wanting to ban things; they don’t understand that things are easy to make, because they’ve never had to make anything.

    • “The NRA are a self proclaimed terrorist organization.”

      The “terrorists” are the bastards and bitches that are trying to eliminate the second amendment to the Constitution and helping to destroy this country.

    • So this doesn’t make sense to the NRA? Or doesn’t make sense to Trump? What did the NRA say? Have they released a statement? Or are you just reading what you want to read in this tweet? This is how fake news starts.

      • Official NRA-ILA statement from Chris Cox:

        FAIRFAX, Va.— Chris W. Cox, executive director, National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action, released the following statement on Tuesday:

        “Many anti-gun politicians and members of the media have wrongly claimed that 3-D printing technology will allow for the production and widespread proliferation of undetectable plastic firearms. Regardless of what a person may be able to publish on the Internet, undetectable plastic guns have been illegal for 30 years. Federal law passed in 1988, crafted with the NRA’s support, makes it unlawful to manufacture, import, sell, ship, deliver, possess, transfer, or receive an undetectable firearm.”

        This all began when Mario Biaggi and others were claiming that the then-new Glock 17s would pass through airport screening and Mario himself grandstanded by getting one past the screeners, who all knew who he was and knew they’d be in deep doo-doo for frisking him at what served as security before 9/11.

        While this statement may not satisfy some of the peeps here, if the firearm being printed is detectable (and it would be), what would be the problem? BFD if a felon prints one- said worthy would still be breaking the law by possessing it. These government creeps just don’t want anyone outside of themselves and their government enforcers having any means of self-protection, let alone exercising God-given right to arms as acknowledged by our 2nd Amendment.

    • The NRA are a self proclaimed terrorist organization.

      And you are a self proclaimed ignoramus. Why don’t you admit you are with Everytown since your posts never have anything to do with firearms generally, reflect no knowledge of firearms, but are all attacks on the NRA.

      like ALL politicians this president sometimes misrepresents things, and that is virtually certain to be the case with this tweet.

      But keep slamming the NRA — without which there would be profoundly more gun ocntorl than we have today


    • Ah, you missed LA, and San Diego, with its large military population, is a different beast entirely. And California wasn’t even a party to this (admittedly idiotic) suit.

  4. Why not, Trump gave him political cover today. I guess the “death of American gun control” will have a to wait a little while longer LOL. I don’t know who is more ridiculous, Wilson or the anti’s.

    • They’ve been up for years. You just need to know where to look. I have a cool P-90 style design for an AR lower… Actually works well as a 3D print thanks to the extra mass stabilizing things.

  5. and in the news tonight…the lib left wing media is holding Judge Robert S. Lasnik’s BALLS (very small) hostage and will squeeze them as they feel fit too!

    in tomorrows news today…a left wing organization will sue…via violating 1st amd rights while holding nose over the stench of having to defend the 2nd amd at the very same time….tears will be shed! tissues will be soaked!

    • Nope. The ACLU has gone full libtard and will ignore this, and most of the Left now thinks the First Amendment isn’t for White Straight Males or anyone with non-Socialist or leftward views.

  6. They have been up ever since they were first put up and they’ll be up an hour from now, a day from now, a decade from now.

    This is all so maddeningly stupid. May as well dig up Tipper Gore and have her sue to remove 2 Live Crew from the Internet or Generic Family Values Politician and have him sue to remove nekid pictures from the Internet.

    So many stupid people wasting so much time and money.

    • He doesn’t, and all those who claim they do, who obviously know they don’t, should be shot for treason by the nearest citizen.

      Yes, I mean what I said. A criminal, a foreign agent, or a traitor, do not have any right to live.

    • THIS times ONE MILLION!

      He does’t…there is NOWHERE in any law that says individual Federal Judges have this type of power and frankly it is time either the Executive took this up(ie Trump just ignoring these when applied to him in other cases) or the Congress to write a law making this perfectly clear.

      Fact is..this is a power purely made up by the Judiciary. And honestly…if ignored the worst that could happen to anybody is to be held in “contempt of” said court. So in the case of Trump…what would a judge do? Order his baliff to arrest him? Send some Federal Marshalls? Oh wait…Federal Marshalls are a part of the Justice Dept who works for the President…so yeah, that wouldn’t work.

      So you see..really…these Judges have zero power to enforce their madeup powers….at least with the Executive Branch. I REALLY wish Trump would push this issue. It would then force Congress to slap these @sshats down.

      Now in terms of me and you…again…worst that could be done is be held in contempt. That MIGHT mean a visit from the Marshalls but what is a 100 or a 1,000 people put these up on the internet? Not enough Marshalls to arrest them all.

      THe fact the ONE judge seems to think he/she has this much power is absolutley absurd. If allowed to continue we are not in any sense a Constitutional Republic. We might was well do away with Congress and the President as single Judges, if this stuff is allowed, have the power to overturn everything and anything based on their opinions alone! Think about it…if the President decided to do that…or ONE member of Congress they’d be impeached, arrested, or run out of town

  7. Part of me, 90% or so, the rational part of me, laughs at the hand wringing of these leftist twatwaffles. The irrational part of me would like the hang them from a yardarm for teason. Just sayin.

  8. Anybody ever heard of a wooden zip gun?
    A friend of mine has a whole collection of guns made by hand by prisoners inside the Missouri Penitentiary for Men.
    Tempest in a teapot, but for the constitutional issues of the 1st and, 2nd Amendments.

    • I think they play along with this crap to “seem reasonable” and then back away.
      I don’t much like this “bob and weave” “rope a dope” strategy

    • Their endorsement of the Hughes Amendment and the bumpfire stock ban weren’t enough to make up your mind for you?

      The NRA are gun control supporting c0cksuckers.

      • They didn’t endorse Hughes. They endorsed FOPA, which Hughes got attached to through questionable means. They were willing to accept the poison pill in exchange for mail order ammo, no record keeping for ammo, limited investigations of FFLs, interstate long arm sales, and safe passage (apparently ignored by NJ and NY). The NRA is far from perfect, but criticize them the things they actually did wrong.

    • I was able to make that decision for myself some time back. I had set aside money for an NRA membership, but after the bump stock fiasco, I instead devoted that money to a ghost gunner 2. Just got it two weeks ago, and just finished my tenth lower.

      Much higher quality than anything that can be 3D printed, by the way.

  9. So a minority of states somehow have the legal ability to impose prior-restraint of free speech on citizens of other states with no nexus in their jurisdiction?

    Imagine what such a ruling could do to liberal ideas.

  10. On general principles I downloaded all of Philip Luty’s stuff on making machine pistols. Next project is finding washbear an shuty files
    If this is the hill the antis want to die on, I’m going to make anything I can from Luty, Serbu, Royal Nonsuch and so on to prove them wrong

  11. WARNING:

    Be careful where you get your downloads.

    I wouldn’t put it past techno-leftist scum to embed viruses in the CAD files and let them circulate.

    • Blammo,

      I completely agree. As a file sharing enthusiast, I’ve seen the movie studios do this with various HD releases. They would create a 10 GB file full of noise or even a corrupt file and then set up lots of peers on their own servers to spread it around (and let’s not forget the Sony rootkit fiasco on their CDs). Haven’t seen that in a while now but a move like this from Antifa or BLM wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

      In the end, this is a fool’s errand. As has been said many times before, you can’t stop the signal. These pols and AGs are just grandstanding for the ignorant masses who don’t realize how widely available this information already is.

    • Eh, I doubt it. The techno types either have better things to do with their time (Let’s censor more tweets and Facebook groups!) or trend libertarian, from what I’ve seen. Get a good virus scanner and find a reasonable source. The files are now out there, they aren’t going away…

      And I don’t get the impression Antifa will have time to make a virus-version since they’ll be trying to print their own. Nor do I think the other groups really have the technical firepower to do this. It’s just not their bailiwick.

  12. How can a court in Washington stop a company in Texas from doing anything? What am I missing here?

  13. It’s a first amendment issue and it’s just information. Bobby Ferguson, the Washington state Attorney General is a flaming liberal and went full retard on this issue. He will lose. Freedom of the press and free exchange of information.

    But why make a 3D single shot when you can buy 5 packs of 80% machined lowers and jigs that using a drill press can produce you own machined AR15 lowers which is totally legal. It is not illegal to make your own firearm. Just don’t sell it.

    This whole issue is full on moron.

  14. For anyone saying that you can already get this, YOU ARE MOST LIKELY WRONG. Defense Distributed bought a whole lot of industrial tools for reverse engineering. This upload will likely include GOOD CAD files for all kinds of semi automatic rifles, and specifically their receivers. Forget 3D printing, imagine having good CAD models readily available for AK trunions, Gallil receivers, FAL receivers, think about it.

    Forget exploding plastic pistol, unless I miss my guess, the next step of DefCAD is to make it possible to manufacture commonly available rifles and pistols from scratch. Can already do that with an AR, but none of the others.

  15. I’m watching the local lefty news and they’re talking about 3D-printing AR15s and showed some guy holding a FAL… smh

  16. Defense Distributed should do like Phil Zimmermann did with PGP and publish the code in book form. Claim first amendment rights.

  17. A political tempest that has no validity even in a real world teapot.

    ONE – – It is legal to make a firearm at home, never has been illegal!

    TWO – – “undetectable” firearms have been illegal since 1988 – whether made in a factory, or at home.

    THREE – – The 3D print files subject to the various court orders already ARE in the public domain, some since 2013.

    FOUR – – 3D printers can only make some of the parts, and those parts are less capable, less durable and less accurate, than machined parts.

    FIVE – – None of the arguments against “releasing” the computer downloads (which are already in the public domain) can possibly stand up to a constitutional challenge. (1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 9th).


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