Obscure Object of Desire: Wilson Combat 1911 Parts

It’s a bit odd that Wilson Combat would call their 1911 parts “Bullet Proof.” John May’s mob knows there’s no such thing as bullet proof, what with today’s high-powered weaponry and kick-ass cartridges. And even if there was, you’d probably want to be wearing it rather than holding it in your hand. Still, point taken . . .

Wilson Combat makes killer gun parts (so to speak) and backs them up with a lifetime guarantee against defect or breakage, noting that “No parts sold by us are intended for installation except by a trained gunsmith, and parts and firearms sold by us are only intended for factory specification standard velocity ammunition. Any verbal representations made by us related to installation, should be confirmed with your local gunsmith, to assure safe operation in your particular firearm.” Your ammo’s velocity may vary.


  1. avatar Patrick Carrube says:

    I have many Wilson and Dawson parts on my competiton 1911. All are well made and have endured thousands of rounds of use so far. The only problem I ran into was with a Wilson oversized magazine release. The “oversized” button would keep falling off because the set screw would back out under recoil. It was a simple fix – red threadlock. If I need to take apart the mag release in the future, I’ll simply heat the part up with a soldering iron.

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