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Ruger LC9 9mm Alien Gear Holster EDC Concealed Carry

As so many of these gear submissions show, you don’t have to spend a lot of dough to have reliable, concealable everyday carry gear. For instance, take Robert Hanson’s choice of a Ruger LC9 carried in an Alien Gear IWB holster. That combination will run you about $350, leaving you plenty of cash for a good blade and all the rest of the gear you want to tote on a daily basis.

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  1. These days, you might as well just get the Ruger EC9. Fixed sights are ok for a pocket gun. Ruger should make an EC9 Pro however, without a safety.

    • A fair DM would usually allow a Saving Throw for when the enemy ambushed your party of adventurers.
      *rolls a 18*
      DM: “The gangsta’s pants fall down to his ankles as he raises his stolen HiPoint to level it at you – giving you time to draw your LC9 and squeeze off a round…”

    • Marty, ditto. He also needs to add a pocket protector for all those pens. Maybe a slide rule, too. On the other hand, kudos for the old school pocket knife with the bone jig handle.

    • LC9 is hammer fired. Mine has been 100% reliable through 1200 rounds including Blazer, Gold Dot, Federal HST and a host of ball ammo.
      LC9S is striker fired.

  2. I am with Yolo. You can get free trades on the Alien Gear holster shells, or just out and buy the right one for an extra 10 bucks. You might roll a critical hit down your femoral artery with that setup as-is.

  3. Raptor Jesus–NOT miserable at all if it is the sPro model. Love mine and it has run like a charm. Just a smdgen 2 big 4 summertime, go down 2 a lcp Custom in pocket carry then


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