RONI Recon Adds Rail Real Estate to Glocks


You know the feeling. You open your gun safe, take a look at your inventory and yawn. Same old guns. Nothing new. Nothing exciting. Right? Well Command Arms Accessories has just the thing to perk up that Glock that’s sitting there collecting dust. They call it the RONI Recon and it’s basically a drop-in tactical codpiece for your plain-Jane Glockenspiel. Sure, it gives you lots of rail space to tack on all the lasers, lights and sights your tacticool heart desires. It’ll add some sight radius, too. But don’t add a stock or what you’ll have yourself is an NFA-regulated short barrel rifle. And that’ll just mean a lot of paperwork. You can add all this tacticality and shooting range conversation potential for the low, low price of $349.


  1. avatar James Felix says:

    “But don’t add a stock or what you’ll have yourself is an NFA-regulated short barrel rifle.”

    I’d like to use that as a springboard to point out the complete lack of critical thought on the part of most gun control proponents. You start with a legal handgun. Then you fasten that legal handgun to a big lump of plastic. This plastic does absolutely nothing to the gun’s ballistic performance. It’s the same bullet coming out of the same barrel as before you put the plastic on. And since it’s made the gun both harder to conceal and more visually striking the lump of plastic has actually decreased the utility of the weapon to a criminal.

    Be that as it may, the lump of plastic has made the gun illegal. Do you know how much sense that makes? It makes the same amount of sense as saying you can’t paint a racing stripe on your car because NASCAR vehicles aren’t street legal.

  2. avatar Rabbi says:

    Wow, just when I thought I would never see a product as bad as the pistol bayonet.

  3. avatar irock350 says:

    There is something that makes a certain amount of sense about adding the RONI G1 to a Glock 18. Your adding a foregrip, sightrails, and a collapsible stock to a rather unwieldy machine pistol, ultimately giving you better shot placement and fire control. However for all the good it does for a select fire pistol, the RONI Recon does nothing for a plane jane-glock but making a plastic brick, heavier more plast-icky and impossible to holster. If you want to add rails to a Glock there are much easier ways, but if you are going to spend $340+s&h on a fancy new outfit for your Glock you might as well spend the extra $200, grab a couple of signatures and sit it out for an SBR so you can have the most Plastictastic Tactical mall ninja gun at the range.

  4. avatar Esteve says:

    Just look at it as a $350 holster for the more stuff hanging of my gun the better crowd.

  5. avatar 2Wheels says:

    I’d bet money that they created this for people who think the Roni G1 is the coolest thing ever, but they live in a state that doesn’t allow SBRs or simply don’t want to go through the SBR process.

    I think it’s completely stupid, but some people will pay money for it.

  6. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

    If they came out with a drop in 10” extended barrel it could really be something. A forward pistol grip on it will get you busted, just like adding a stock-go figure.

    1. avatar CUJO THE DOG OF WAR says:

      If you say the name fast enough you end up with RONCO, like the kitchen gear.

  7. avatar Gabba says:

    if you want a mp7 that badly just get an airsoft. if you want an upgraded glock get the 34 or 35.

  8. avatar Ralph says:

    I don’t know why anyone would want more real estate in this market.

  9. avatar Joe Grine says:

    Adding a vertical foregrip would also be verbotten, according to BATF.

    1. avatar Daniel Zimmerman says:

      Yeah. Cause we all know just how dangerous those…darned…foregrips…can be.

    2. avatar Rudy says:

      Everywhere or only on such thing?
      Regarding this “add-on”, I don’t get very idea of placing a lot of crap “around” gun.

  10. avatar Greg in Allston says:

    Just plain silly stuff for video game fan boys. I’m quite sure that they’ll make a bundle…..Shakes head dejectedly.

  11. avatar charlieinthebush says:

    tacticrap? possibly. but I have to consider my go-to 5.56 home rig. a sig 556 swat pistol with AAC can and Blue Force Gear adjustable padded sling that, with practice, works like a quasai shoulder stock. works more than ok, with no BATF bs. I can see this same set-up for my G22, also with a can on it with glock 22rd mags.

  12. avatar rayzor1 says:

    have gsg5 pk which would be fired in the same manner. up like arifle w/red dot optic. this tactic is fast and accurate /headshts @100yds. this system would definitely have advantages in cqb tight confined places. train and the weapon will serve.

  13. avatar says:

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