Austin 6th street shooting
Blood stains remain on 6th Street after an early morning shooting on Saturday, June 12, 2021 in downtown Austin, Texas. (Aaron Martinez/Austin American-Statesman via AP)
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The current administration has been engaged in a full court press for more gun control since the President BidenHarris took office. It took old Joe — or whoever is actually running things in the White House — some time, but he’s now in the process of killing off the 80% lower and gun build kit business, making millions of gun owners into felons by arbitrarily redefining what constitutes a short barrel rifle, and installing a rabid gun control advocate as head of the ATF.

The media, always helpful and compliant in furthering any political efforts to disarm Americans and limit their Second Amendment rights, used the fifth anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting to drive home the BidenHarris administration’s point that something must be done about “gun violence” in America.

Along those lines, CBS re-aired a three-year-old 60 Minutes piece on why the AR-15 is allegedly the “weapon of choice” of mass shooters (hint: it isn’t). And CNN used a convenient definition to claim that America had eight mass shootings just this past weekend.

We’ve looked at 60 Minutes’ bogus claim before. While AR platform rifles have been used in some horrific, high profile shootings, the truth is that the mass shooter’s weapon of choice is and always has been the handgun, which is used in the overwhelming majority of these crimes. A fact you’d think the big brains at CBS news could have determined on their own.

That brings us to the ink-stained jernalismists at CNN. Their ultra-well-researched reporting has apparently revealed that America has endured almost 300 mass shootings so far this year.

As the nation marked the fifth anniversary of the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando on Saturday, it has a staggering and grim new statistic to contend with for 2021.

So far this year, we have suffered 272 mass shootings, according to Gun Violence Archive. From Friday afternoon to Sunday, at least nine people were killed and another 47 were injured in eight mass shootings in six states, according to data compiled by CNN and the Gun Violence Archive.

In other words, CNN didn’t really do any reporting. They’re just regurgitating the “statistics” presented by that authoritative database of firearms-related carnage, the Gun Violence Archive.

As CNN claims . . .

The total number of mass shootings is about 40% higher than at this point in 2020, and about 65% higher than at this point in 2019, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive. There were an estimated 194 mass shootings in the US during this same period in 2020, and an estimated 164 mass shootings in the US in this same period in 2019.

How is that possible? Why isn’t the local and national news full of reports of these alleged mass shootings? The reason lies in the Gun Violence Archive’s definition of what constitutes a mass shooting.

When the average person thinks “mass shooting,” they think about Columbine, Parkland, or Sutherland Springs. The measure of a mass shooting as used by the media was always four or more people killed in a single shooting event.

But then the Gun Violence Archive came along and took a more…liberal approach to their definition. They call any incident in which for our more people are shot or killed a mass shooting. As CNN states in their post, they’ve now adopted the same definition.

That definition, of course, greatly expands the number of incidents that can be called mass shootings. Including standard criminal or gang activity in the number makes the total roughly seven to ten times larger than it otherwise would be. Lots of drive-bys are now considered mass shootings. When a drug deal goes bad and someone opens fire, those are now mass shootings, too.

The media are only too happy to go along with these gamed numbers. They quote the “authoritative” source of the Gun Violence Archive when they report the number of “mass shootings,” making the total number look much bigger and therefore more alarming to the average low-information “news” consumer. And that’s exactly the point.

The media, in their attempts to help politicians with whom they agree, quote the Gun Violence Archive’s inflated numbers to make their stories more alarming. They want to terrify the average citizen in order to win their support for more limits in the right to keep and bear arms.

Most of the shootings the Gun Violence Archive lists are, in fact, gang- and drug-related. But street crime-related shootings don’t concern the average citizen much. The GVA — and the media — know that John and Jane Q. Public are far too busy to dig into their numbers. All they’ll absorb is the “new” that mass shootings are increasing. And that’s exactly the way they want it.


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    • “CNN Trumpets 8 Mass Shootings Over the Pulse Massacre Anniversary Weekend“

      If there was just someway we could stop them from printing news we don’t like, maybe some sort of government agency that could stop them from running stories that reflected poorly on good people or organizations.

      You know, some kind of law about not printing news that makes other people unhappy or sad, or news that makes people upset.

      Yeah, some kind of official censorship, that’s the ticket!

      • “If there was just someway we could stop them from printing news we don’t like,…”

        Like the way Twitter and Facebook do now to conservative voices?

        • “Like the way Twitter and Facebook do now to conservative voices?“

          Those do not portray themselves as news organizations, so they have no burden of reporting any particular story. Their platform, their decision what they put up.

          Oh, I get it, they can do what they want with their private property unless the conservatives disagree with their philosophy, in which case they want government control, interesting.

          Of course, you do have organizations like Fox News that claim to be a news organization but when pressed admit they are merely entertainment. Was it Tucker Carlson who admitted his broadcasts were not meant to be factual, and you still believe his drivel, hilarious.

        • If i wasn’t a disingenuous ass-clown Geoff, I would have mentioned Twatter and Fakebook hide behind Section 230 protections.

          I also would have mentioned, if I wasn’t a puss filled pimple, that Twatter, Fakebook, and Goofle collude and are monopolistic.

          And I would have mentioned, if I wasn’t a witless fatuous ignoramus, that Twatter and Fakebook have become public squares.

          But since I am all of the above, I didn’t.

      • Just reread my lame condescended attempt at sarcasm.

        Why am I such a complete prick?

        That comment of mine was about as sharp as wilted lettuce.

        • “That comment of mine was about as sharp as wilted lettuce.“

          Fake Miner, if you were a real hillbilly you would know that lotta folks just love them some wilted lettuce. It seems you’re nothing but a soy boy with a Starbucks addiction.

        • Wait… Eating wilted lettuce is the litmus test for being a “real” hillbilly (as opposed to all those people trying real hard to be fake hillbillies)?

          And the only alternative is a soy boy?

          F*ck I must be a complete moron.

        • Wait…Now I am a “real” hillbilly AND an addictive latte drinking soy boy?

          I am one very confused Leftist.

          And why do I keep answering my own posts?

      • there is only ONE, truly effective cure for communism… cranial ventilation. Know your history, not the communist version. IF you don’t kill them, they will kill you

    • Well if the pompous pasty mouth democRat Party lint lickers at CNN are upset over what is clearly the criminal misuse of firearms they should be fit to be tied over the racism and genocide attributed to Gun Control.

      • minor49IQ…There is a difference between “news we don’t like” and the blood of defenseless victims being twisted and turned into sneaky Gun Control propaganda directed towards those who stand for nothing and fall for anything…Ring a bell?

  1. CNN has to do something to get more than a hundred viewers. They have taken a nose dive in ratings so they have to do something besides non stop lying.

  2. We just had a mass shooting in the People’s Republic of Portland. Apparently, some folks from Texas came to town to buy a shitload of marijuana from our local bootleggers. Perhaps there was an argument over price, but four of the local bootleggers got themselves killed while the alleged out of state buyers drove away.

    • Commie news nutwork couldn’t even label the Pulse massacre Jihadi terrorism. Who the he!! cares what they “think”? Off to buy some AR15 ammo…
      didja see 7000000 rounds of mostly 22 were hijacked off an Arguilla truck?!? The new peso😕

      • Saw that…Understood the shipment was heading to US distributers. Maybe we should get a couple of thousand of us and go get our ammo….

        Cartel leader to underling —“OMG! You stole the gringos ammo!?”

        • Whoever hijacked the Aguila truck should take the contents to a Texas gun show. They’d sell it all in an afternoon.

      • The suspicion is that perhaps the “Texas buyers” were local, loco bootleggers masquerading as out of state buyers. While marijuana has been decriminalized in Oregon, a black market remains. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has been quite diligent in regulating the recreational marijuana industry. However; the corrupt bureaucrats at the Oregon Health Authority who administer the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program have been abysmally irresponsible. The OMMP had even entered into a criminal conspiracy with the Oregon Marijuana Mafia to misappropriate the private property of innocent landlords for the purposes of committing Federal felonies by issuing address specific grow site permits for properties without the knowledge or consent of the property owner. The passage of Oregon House Bill 3200 during the 2019 session of the Oregon legislature ended that bullshit.

  3. CNN..! LOL.
    They let the wanker Jeffrey Toobin come back …

    In my perfect world there is media channels that actually respond in real time to all the lies MSM produces….and pokes fun at their non-sense and bubble-living attitudes. IIRC Rush Limbaugh used to do a side by side during his television days.

  4. Yes YOU MUST give up your civil rights in order to make the gays, and everyone else, feel safer.
    First of all they will never feel safe. Because I, a conservative, still exists. And I’m never going away. The g@ys who are socialist progressive, in their political orientation, are going to have to understand that they are on their own. No one is coming to save them.

    And of the hundreds of g@y people at the Pulse that night. Not one of them confronted the shooter???? They are weak people. A single, straight man, an Iraq war vet, stopped the shooting at the Oregon college. Empty handed. He still got shot.

    The massacre at the Cave of the Patriarchs was only stopped by the Muslim worshippers, when they used their bare hands to overwhelm the murderous Jewish Army Reserve officer, who was killing them.

    • btw
      It was children, JROTC students, who got other children out of the kill zone. And others who confronted a school shooter. Stopping him. Sadly they died in the process.
      The Adults need to step up. Get a gun. Get training. And get some guts and grow a pair.

  5. Well, since we are now including ALL shootings in the mass shooting thing can we finally have a discussion about some common sense black people control. They are both the shooters and the victims in more mass shootings than any other group.

    • Yes!! Let talk about the cause of violence.
      I want to talk about the white socialist progressives who support a black woman having 5 kids from 5 different men. And support replacing the black father with a government welfare check. And support replacing his guns with the guns of a big city police department.

      Or we can talk about a very good idea that Colonel Jeff Cooper, the founder of Gun Site, made decades ago. When he said just give guns and ammunition to people in the inner city. And they will solve their own problems.

      The white liberals won’t have to be involved at all!!! Amazing!

    • Yes, four is all an entire platoon of National Guard soldiers could gun down at Kent State, the military industrial complex can be rough on civilians.

      • And four also happens to be the amount of highly original thoughts I had today.

        No, wait…never mind…that was how many times I wet myself.

  6. “They call any incident in which for our more people are shot or killed a mass shooting.”

    not shot, “Injured”. if they ran and fell and got a booboo, that counts.


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