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19-year-old JaDerek Gray was shot and killed last Friday after brandishing a firearm at another driver. Splitting lanes and/or weaving through heavy traffic on his motorcycle (splitting lanes, for what it’s worth, is not legal in Texas as it is in some states), Gray was forced to weave around an SUV, the driver of which apparently did not see him approaching from behind as the SUV began to change lanes.

This was enough to incense Gray, who parked his motorcycle in a manner that blocked traffic. He then walked back toward the SUV with his handgun pointed at the driver. Allegedly the driver of the SUV told Gray to put down the gun because he had kids in the car. When this didn’t happen, or Gray gave some other indication of malicious intent, the driver of the SUV opened fire with his own handgun and hit Gray multiple times.

Police believe Gray fired at least once, but it appears nobody was hit.

Fox4 in Fort Worth has the story:

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. This should have never happened, obviously, but especially because, by all accounts, the SUV was not being aggressive and simply didn’t see the motorcycle. Nor would the driver necessarily be on the lookout for lane-splitting motorcycles as the practice is illegal in Texas. So is, incidentally, concealed or open carry of a firearm by anyone under the age of 21.

Be more like Elsa, and just let it go.


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  1. A registered Democrat, no doubt! As most of societies rules and written laws rarely apply to them.
    Oh, and a “good boy”, an “upstanding citizen”, a “loving father” (of what, six? Seven?…kids at 19!), and one of Obama’s sons.
    Glad the good guy and his family weren’t hurt.

  2. One less. Do not pull that crap on a citizen in Texas, this is not Washington or one of the other socialist states. We will not put up with this here !

    • Who got the bike? And the cops got the dead guy again, hustled off in their meat chopper to be shared at the cop shop.

      • I sure hope some cops and first responders had the good sense to take inappropriate crime scene photos of the deceased.

  3. Here in CA, if I remember correctly, lane splitting is allowed only if traffic is slowed way down. Like during the stop and go of a commute.

    Far as I know pointing a gun at someone without just cause is still illegal.

    • I see CHP lane splitting at freeway speeds all the time.

      I rode motorcycles over a period of two decades and *never* split lanes while in moving traffic. Only at red lights when all cars were stopped. On freeways, there’s just too much risk of SUVs not seeing you as they change lanes, and all that…

      • Some years back, I recall, CA was the only state which allowed it. In Japan, on the other hand, it is the national sport. They have a restricted zone at stop lights, right before you get to the crosswalk, which is reserved for motorcycles after they split to the front of the traffic que, specifically to get them out of the way on crowded streets, and it works GOOD! They are also not interested in how fast bikes are traveling in a country with a max posted limit (in 1990 anyhow) of 37 mph. A commute which took 45 minutes in a car was easy to complete in 15 on a bike, and I never exceeded 75 mph. The commute was almost as much fun as flying the jets!

  4. “ 19-year-old JaDerek Gray was shot and killed last Friday after brandishing a firearm at another driver.”

    There is no such thing as ‘brandishing’ in Texas. Legal or otherwise.

    • Yes, there is. It’s just not called “brandishing.” It’s called “intentionally or knowingly display[ing] the handgun in plain view of another person” if you are a license holder. There are two other parts of Texas code dealing with the illegal display of a firearm.

      • You sure that didn’t go away with the approval of open carry? Which always includes the intentional and knowing display in plain view of another person?

        • No, those laws are still on the books, I made sure to look them up. Open carry means the gun is holstered, you can’t charge someone for merely walking around with a holstered gun and behaving lawfully. It’s somewhat like if you carried concealed and bent down or over or something and someone saw that you had a gun and they freaked out and called the cops or security, you didn’t do anything wrong.

          The problem comes when you threaten someone who is not threatening to you by taking it out of the holster or even perhaps even pointing out that you have a firearm. You don’t have to unholster. If you carry concealed and you keep the gun in the holster, and if you lift your shirt and show your gun to someone who is not threatening you at all (this is key), as a sign to back off, you can be charged for that even though it stays in the holster.

    • Wouldn’t “assault” or “assault with a deadly weapon” be more appropriate?

  5. If that’s the best photo they can find for your post mortem you can be pretty sure you never amounted to much in life.

  6. Folks need to stop pulling guns and threatening. Just like this guy you’ll meet someone serious about their defense.

  7. Just a reminder, at least one of of three cars in Texas has a firearm in it. Carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle in Texas does not require a CCW/LTC. SO BEHAVE YOURSELF, a little curiosity goes a long way. Many of these young crotch rocker riders make these mistakes, where the scary looking big muscular 50 something Harley riders are still riding because they didn’t pull stupid shit and don’t ride like they are the only one on the road.

  8. “JaDerek”…short for dumbazz in Ebonics. The po-leece near Chiraq dont bother with homiecide.

    • Yeah, I had my Carnac hat on to see this one a mile away.

      How will we ever cure cancer now?

  9. This is tragic in so many different ways. Unlike some who post here I’m not going to assume that a young black male was a criminal. I have no idea what kind of person he was and what he could have become. His life was cut short and no one will ever know. I’m sure that he had people that loved him and will miss him now that he’s gone.

    Having said that I also feel bad for the person that was forced to shoot him. I’m fairly sure that he regrets having to take a life in defense of his family and that he had to do what he did while his children were present. In addition I hope that he does not face any negative consequences from his action like having a wrongful death claim filed against him. I do not know what the law in Texas is in regards to when a wrongful death claim can be filed.

    • No assumptions are required. The deceased was committing multiple crimes. He is by very definition a criminal.

      • jwtaylor. The assumptions I was referring to were the derogatory comments made by other posters assuming that this person’s life was worthless. I was raised to believe in the sanctity of human life and to not celebrate whenever someone dies. It’s not right to judge someone by the color of their skin and make the assumption that someone is evil. It’s not right when gun control people assume that just because I own a firearm that makes me a potential mass shooter. The level of inherent racists on this site is truly depressing.

        • There was no racism there in assuming that he was a criminal because no one had to assume that. The story clearly points out that he was a dangerous criminal.
          It’s great that you value human life. Really, very commendable. There’s no sarcasm intended there.
          Recognize that when people are satisfied that a dangerous thug is dead, they also value human life and they are celebrating an end to this threat to human life.
          I am sad this man chose to threaten an innocent human life. At the same time, I am glad that he was killed before he was able to carry out his threat. If you can see the consistency in this thinking, it may help you see why people are so often happy at the death of some others.

        • Other than his name, there was no indication of his race, his actions alone made clear he was useless to society and not likely to change, regardless of his race. I lost the great majority of my belief in the sanctity of *all* human life (whatever that is supposed to mean) in my first war, 1972.

    • But he was a criminal! His criminal conduct of using a firearm to threaten and incite fear is a felony in Texas, Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon.

  10. As usual the ignorant Far Right completely miss the boat on road rage. Civilized Countries long ago started giving a person a mental test to prove their sanity. They also interview neighbors as to their behavior with them and they do a thorough background investigation on them before issuing a permit for a deadly weapon. In Capitalvanaia any nut case can buy a second hand gun and even a new one without being investigated thoroughly.

    The success of other Nations in regards to their vetting systems prove that their systems work very well and ours does not.

    In Japan people do indeed own rifles and shotguns but you do not see them pointing them out of windows of cars and murdering people like happens in the U.S. every day.

    • In this case, it would have been a mental test before issuing him a motorcycle license.

      • “Civilized Countries long ago started giving a person a mental test to prove their sanity. ”

        One that you, by your twisted nonsensical rantings, obviously failed. Miserably.

        But credit where it is due; Typing all those words with only a straw in your mouth, while that white vest holds your arms, is quite the achievement.

        Bravo, twisted one!

    • If Japan is so great how come their suicide rate is almost four times our homicide rate? Even with all our guns.

    • If Japan and all these other countries are so great then move there. Have fun after the Chinese conquer it and you’re living under the boot of an Orwellian Communist state that will enslave you and force you to work in a cotton field for Nike.

    • Oh give it a break, Dacian. Nobody cares what “other countries” do or are doing ESPECIALLY since they do not recognize every INALIENABLE RIGHT like we do. Comparing Japan and the USA is like comparing water to sand…it just doesn’t work and it’s the height of laziness.

      • Pure ignorance. You ignore the facts and when one is aware of what laws work and what laws or lack of laws (U.S. case) do not work then one learns how to solve a societal problem and guns are a big problem in Capitalvania.

        And many Constitutional Scholars have stated 2A had noting do do with any individual rights to own arms rather it had to do with the States rights to form a militia independent of the Federal Government. It was an inducement to get the States to come into the Federal Government. When you consider how much the Criminal Founders of the U.S. hated democracy one could not for a moment believe that they wanted the people to rise up against their rich privileged lives. Politicians were as big a liars back then as they are today. Its called human nature and its lust for power and wealth at the expense of humanity. You can always count on the naked ape living down to his lowest level of blind greed and violence.

        • So the naked ape lusts for power, and you prefer to allow only certain naked apes to have guns. Because they are the good naked apes and would never harm the riffraff naked apes. We see this demonstrated in history all the time. And by “all the time” I mean “never.”

          You aren’t the dumbest person on the internet but it’s close.

        • “….It was an inducement to get the States to come into the Federal Government….”

          “Wait wat?” No you silly goose. The States created the Federal Government and the States have the power under the Constitution to change or even abolish the Federal Government. The process is called a Constitutional Convention. States did not “come into anything”
          Now, unless you say English is a 2nd language for you, you get a stool to sit on..whilst wearing your hats.

        • “You can always count on the naked ape living down to his lowest level of blind greed and violence.”

          Thank you for so clearly stating the reason why peaceful people must ALWAYS retain the right to keep and bear arms.

        • “You can always count on the naked ape living down to his lowest level of blind greed and violence.”

          That’s called ‘projection’, little boy.

          Look it up… 😉

        • “…2A had noting do do with any individual rights”

          Right, because “The People” referred to in the 2A are a completely different group of people mentioned in the 1A, 4A, 9A, and 10A and in the Declaration of Independence.

          The Supreme Court has already ruled “the people” has a consistent meaning throughout the Constitution.

    • Because, never in US history has competency testing been used to deny rights to minority groups; it’s a great idea before allowing citizens to exercise what is supposed to be a right.🙄

      • You ignore human nature and reality. You have no rights. As Mao Zedong once said “Power comes from the barrel of a gun” and the government always has the most firepower and the most brainwashed robotic young men who act before they think of the consequences of their actions both short and long term.

        The only rights you have are what is miserly doled out to you by the corrupt power mad rich people in power. You are expendable and considered dirt under their feet. They play on your tribalism to divide you and your xenophobia to induce you to get your head blown off in their wars of rape, pillage and conquest which enables them to laugh all the way to the bank. Its like taking candy from a baby. You would have to be naïve to think that the U.S. government is any different from all the others.

        • “As Mao Zedong once said “Power comes from the barrel of a gun” and the government always has the most firepower”


          A bunch of goat-herders just 30 years back defeated the ‘mighty’ Russian army, sending them packing for home with their tails between their legs like a frightened puppy.

          Oh, and a bunch of hicks 200-odd years back kicked the crap out the best army in the world at the time, England… 😉

        • “They play on your tribalism to divide you and your xenophobia to induce you to get your head blown off in their wars of rape, pillage and conquest which enables them to laugh all the way to the bank.”

          That much is true…

    • As usual, the mentally unbalanced “antifa” commie fails to absorb the facts of the case.

      The article clearly states that the deceased was not eligible for a “permit for a deadly weapon” under any circumstances. He was carrying a pistol illegally.

      Furthermore, if mental health checks render the mentally unbalanced and murderous unable to acquire deadly weapons, how do you explain the recent beheading of teacher Samuel Paty with an unpermitted machete and the somewhat less recent massacres at the Bataclan Theater and Charlie Hebdo which featured for-real assault rifles, in one of most weapons-restrictive countries in Europe?

      And those are only the most famous incidents; there are many, many, many more mundane armed crimes out there that put the lie to your claim.

      • quote————–, how do you explain the recent beheading of teacher Samuel Paty with an unpermitted machete and the somewhat less recent massacres at the Bataclan Theater and Charlie Hebdo which featured for-real assault rifles, in one of most weapons-restrictive countries in Europe?———-quote

        Like most of the uneducated Far Right you are too terrified to watch any foreign news programs because they often reveal to you that your country is not always the best in everything especially in regards to gun control.

        The facts in the Charlie Hebdo incident proved that it was not a failure of the gun control laws of France. It was an act of war from a Foreign country that supplied and trained the people that carried out the attack. An act of war is not a failure of local gun control laws.

        • If Charlie H was an act of war because the perps were trained by the enemy, than potg are at war with the left. They are training more people everyday to give up their rights and fight against what this country stands for. Happy 4th to all

        • They all acquired their weapons in France, which means by definition that the laws, both local and national, failed to serve their ostensible purpose. And innocent people died as a result.

          If you prefer that result to the one in this story, I urge you to lose no more time packing your bags and moving to any of a hundred countries across the world whose laws will suit you perfectly.

        • Hey, Ing!

          I finally realized something, who do you know that uses a writing style like “quote————–,” ?

          It’s Vlad, he’s back for another humiliation!

    • Civilized countries…yes, those that don’t allow their citizens to defend themselves like this man in the car did to protect his family. Two men had a gun. One used it to threaten lives. The other saved lives with his. For some idiotic reason you cannot comprehend what actually happened. If we transported these two parties to Japan, the motorcycle guy most likely would have never been in this situation. But they weren’t in Japan. They were here. One man died because he was stupid. It was his choice. Did he steal his firearm or did he buy it legally? I don’t know. JaDerek Gray was 19 and too young to have a LTC, too young to buy from a FFL. Not sure how neighbor interviews are going to help with those. But that’s how you, ah, smart people roll.

      The problem isn’t the weapon. The problem is morally repugnant people. Law-abiding folks don’t stop on the highway and threaten others with their firearms.

      • In a civilized country like Japan neither man would have died. Obviously the perpetrator would never have been allowed to own a firearm in the first place. Is this getting to complicated for you?

        • He wasn’t allowed to own or carry the gun he had, SA-Mann. I realize you are low iq but try to keep up.

        • Oh, right, the civilized country of Japan. Let’s put them in the civilized country of North Korea, where neither party would have been on the freeway, period.

          This is the United States <— see this, moron?

          We have guns, we have people. In fact, we have more guns than people. That is the reality you do not live in. Gee, how do we stop criminals? Oh I know. Let's interview neighbors, add 502 more background checks, 18-month waiting periods. Crime will grind to a halt. We'll never see a bad guy pull a gun on anyone ever again.

          Give me your address so I can send you a 5-foot-tall participation trophy for not making this "to" complicated.

        • Dacian, you know you sound like someone in a bad marriage. You just keep complaining about how much it sucks but you won’t leave it. If Nancy Japan wants you why stick it out with Betsy America ?

        • quote—————We have guns, we have people. In fact, we have more guns than people. That is the reality you do not live in. Gee, how do we stop criminals? Oh I know. Let’s interview neighbors, add 502 more background checks, 18-month waiting periods. Crime will grind to a halt. We’ll never see a bad guy pull a gun on anyone ever again.————–quote

          You can exaggerate Japan’s vetting system or the Europeans for that matter but you cannot refute the fact that their systems work and work much better than our lack of a system does. That is reality like it or not.

        • Sorry, where did I exaggerate Japan’s vetting system and/or Europe’s? Oh that’s right – I didn’t. This is what I did: explain that the things you slobber over do nothing to deter crime in a country full of guns. It is almost impossible to own a gun in Japan and in Europe, on the whole. When there are no guns in the system, it’s kinda hard to find guns. It’s got nothing to do with vetting.

          Hello, is this thing on?

          I pass the baton to someone else because it’s clear you are an honest-to-God idiot.

        • “but you cannot refute the fact that their systems work and work much better than our lack of a system does.”

          Then go there if it’s so much better.

          I damn sure wouldn’t want to live in a country I hated.

          I’ll make you a deal, I’m willing to raise taxes to pay for one-way air fare anywhere in the world for the likes of scum like you.

          See? I’m what you said was impossible! I’m a conservative willing to raise taxes! 😉

        • You do know a vehicle can be used as a weapon? As one of your downtrodden progressive comrades proved with a truck in France.

        • If you read carefully, the bike rider was in possession of the handgun ILLEGALLY. The bike rider was underage for legal possession of the handgun. You can make laws until you’re either blue in the face or the cows come home, but such laws are ineffective against criminals who choose to ignore them.

          The bike rider chose the thug life. He chose poorly.

          I am NOT saying don’t have laws. I am saying laws have limits and only affect those who obey them or those they are used against.

        • So the Japanese believe they cannot be trusted and are not worthy of owning firearms? And you agree with them? Then you should move to Japan.
          Wanna bet the Japanese gang members are *the only ones* with guns in Japan?

    • DACIANASS He is a criminal that broke the law, so vetting is not an issue in this case.I dont care about Japan either.
      I think its a feel good story about a man protecting his family. Its a crime issue not a gun regulation issue.
      Happy Independence Day

      • “If you read carefully, the bike rider was in possession of the handgun ILLEGALLY.“

        Wait a minute, I thought all gun control laws were unconstitutional?

        Oh, that just applies to certain hi-toned folks, I get it…

        • F u minor!
          All gun control laws are unconstitutional, but presently they are laws. So yes he was breaking the law. Does NOT mean the law is right. No you don’t get it

        • You are right, I don’t get it.

          But seeing I am an intense race hustler, some call me mini-Sharpton, I not could not pass up a chance to inject some skin “tone” to the discussion.


        • @Miner49er
          This is where the lack of critical thinking (not to be confused with critical theory) comes into play. Let’s say it was legal in the state of Texas for this individual, age 19, (regardless of the color of his skin because apparently that’s a burr in your saddle for this example) to carry a firearm. He still broke the law by splitting the lane in his vehicle, and then threatening the SUV driver with a weapon when the SUV driver did not start any altercation with threats of life or bodily harm. Whether or not there is an anti-2a law in place is almost irrelevant here.

    • Dacian, you know what’s great about this country? You can write bullshit like that and we won’t throw you in jail.
      But you know what’s even better? We also have the right to not give a fuck. And dare i say it, we can defend that right with guns. So your argument is invalid.

      Have to go now, my FFL just called that my Biden certified nukes arrived…

    • dacian
      Your an idiot.
      Per our constitution there should not be any vetting system whatsoever. Anything you have to say in response is bs. Read the document.

      • “Per our constitution there should not be any vetting system whatsoever.”

        So the 19-year-old in possession of a firearm wasn’t a criminal?

        • Yes it was a crime but only because of unconstitutional laws. The constitution does not put any age restrictions on arms ownership.

        • Being in possession of the handgun wasn’t his crime, SA-Truppfurher. His crime was pointing the weapon at the innocent.

          The only reason him having the weapon was a crime is due to folks like you subverting the constitution.

        • Oh jwm,

          So stopping traffic by blocking the freeway, and pointing a gun at another, with likely verbal threats to match, WAS the crime(s).

          Ohhhhh! I think I got it?

          I think.

          It was all going a bit fast for me, and I wasn’t able to keep up.


          No, no, I still got it.

          I think.

    • Go to Japan then. Problem solved.Your telling us about how fcked up America is ain’t doing nothing. I happen to like America, that’s one vote for and one vote against. I Win.

    • Pointing rifles and shotguns out the windows of cars? Dude, you don’t actually read the news much, do you? It’s PISTOLS that are used in almost all crimes. If you’re gonna comment on a gun forum, you should probably know something about the subject. Mainstream Media talking points just don’t cut it here.

    • Rifles and shotguns in Japan are kept under lock and key not available to the owners except under certain circumstances and at certain times. And yet their suicide rate is FAR in excess of the US.

      If there were such a thing as common sense, he would have been run over, along with his motorcycle, before he could dream of drawing. You do not “stop” an SUV with a motorcycle and survive.

  11. I own a fast Kawasaki too and have had my share of close calls, etc. And the idiot stopping traffic and drawing a gun and pointing it at a driver with kids got exactly what he deserved. I bet the bike didn’t like that idiot either, hopefully the next owner will be an adult.

  12. As the song goes….”Another one bits the dust hey hey”!
    Once you pull a gun there’s no guarantee of anything especially walking away! No pity for this one!

  13. Well, that just makes motorcyclists look bad…

    Don’t assume malice. On the road, not everyone is out to get you, but not everyone can see you. Mistakes happen folks.

  14. Give that SUV driver an award. And a $10 gun store gift card to get back the ammo used.

  15. Never pull a gunm out and walk towards someone. Only cops do that, and they do it in numbers. And if it’s a bad shoot they get a reprimand, a paid vacation, and more bullets. Us, we get our gunm took away and go to jail. That’s no vacation.

  16. Stopping a motorcycle on a freeway so as to stop oncoming traffic
    is the act of a deranged person.
    Confronting another person with a handgun while being told children were in the car is the act of a depraved person.
    Pointing a gun at another man who has an obligation and purpose to defend his children is an act of suicidal intent.

  17. Stop feeding their victimhood. It leads to a sense of entitlement. No impulse control, or rational thought process. What was he going to do, shoot the driver? If you pull a gun, you better really mean it and be ready for the consequences.

  18. in ft worth heard through the grapevine . biker dude was dumb wise ass . looking for trouble
    guess found it , cost him his life , dumbie .

  19. Debbie W. Says, “why not just call him the n-word” ?
    THIS INCLUDES ALL BLACKS, get the out of our police forces the government the White House and Capitol Hill. Since Democrats told them, “NO REPARATIONS, REPARATIONS ARE UNFEASABLE” they’ve been going crazy. May they all die and cleanse this darkened nation. It is because they are here in this country as to why America is in decline, as soon as they are gone watch the USA return to GOD and have a bright future. 1 down 39,999,999 to go!

    • Dude. Get some help. Turn yourself in. Before you hurt somebody. That’s madness talking.

      If you can’t control that sh*t, please go away. Nobody here wants to see this. No sane person would say it, or think it, or agree with it.

      • John – My guess is that they’re a gun-grabber posting to try to prop up the “gun rights are racist” narrative that their lobby has been pushing heavily the last several years. Post the racist rant, then screen-shoot it to share as evidence that gun rights advocates are a dangerous bunch of white supremacists.

        • You may be right, and I would not be surprised; However, things like that (both the message AND the writer) must be called out, immediately and emphatically.

          A curse upon them.

    • You and SA-Truppfurher miner49er are in accord. He’s more subtle about it. He supports the most successful genocide strategy in history. It was developed by A woman named Sanger.

      All other racial groups in America have increased but thanks to folks like SA-Truppfurher miner49er and planned parenthood the black population has declined.

      You and miner are soul mates.

      • “All other racial groups in America have increased”

        You need to check your fertility statistics for the various racial and ethnic groups in America. The number of Americans of European descent is DECREASING, not increasing. The only ethnic group that is growing is Latino. The “official” forecast says that he US will become “minority white” in 2045. That is, your grandchildren will be a minority, if you are white.

      • Anyone who supports Planned Parenthood’s mission is complicit in genocide.

        Beyond any doubt, the number of blacks killed during the US slavery era would pale in comparison to those snuffed out courtesy of PP from 1973 to the present day.

    Well as I always told my kids , ” Wanting ain’t getting.”

  21. Under the circumstances, even if I were armed, I would have accelerated and nailed him with the SUV.

  22. Have to love the framing of the Headline. Should have read “Another Successful Defensive Use of a Firearm When Family Attacked on Highway”

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