I carry my Caracal C in a custom-fit RKBA holster. It’s completely comfortable and conceals completely. But it is nowhere near as cool as basshead87’s see-through Glock holster. Transparently so. When my nine-year-old daughter goes to college and I can open carry without worrying about abandoning her for a jail cell, that’s the way I’m going. Given that my main man’s manufacturing schedule keeps pushing further and further out, if I order it now it should be ready in time.


  1. You kids and your pet rocks. In my day dinosaur skin was good enough for a holster. Next you’ll be saying you want to give up flintlocks, damn pups.

  2. I had a clear holster for my Glock 17 and matching mag pouch. It was make by High Desert Holsters (I think it was also known as Cendex for awhile). I haven’t seen one in about 8 years now.

  3. This gives a whole new meaning to “showing clear.” Now, if some genius will bring cellophane pants to market, we can achieve the elusive inside the waistband open carry.

    Can shower carry be far behind?


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