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Oh, Ri Ri. Whenever the mononymous pop star wants to generate a little buzz – lately at least – she seems to head for the gun range. And tweets like there’s no tomorrow. reports that “[t]he ‘bad girl’ visited the shooting joint and was quick to take to social networking site Twitter to share her extravagant shenanigans with her millions of followers, with the caption: ‘Bad gals do it well! We got our guns in the muthaf–kin air,’ Rihanna tweeted, adding, ‘I’m just sayin.’” But if that’s her target, being bad means shootin’ good. Problem with that?

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  1. She appears to be extremely insecure and in desperate need of a career and self-esteem boost.

    Sorry, Honey, but that’s not what guns are for.

  2. “We got our guns in the muthaf–kin air,”

    lets watch those muzzles please, and where are you pants and shoes that cover your feet? what the hell kind of range permits people dressed like this to step up to the firing line?

  3. I can’t take famous people who flaunt their “love” of firearms, seriously. Especially when they make a huge show out of it.

  4. I’m all for her doing this because it helps show guns aren’t bad. Anytime a popular celebrity with younger audiences shows it’s not bad, it just increases the likelihood that some of those followers will embrace firearms instead of scoff at them. And her audience is probably full of younger people who live in and around cities. The NRA should try to make an ad campaign with her, it could do wonders.

    • +1. As a younger (31) firearms enthusiast, I welcome the opportunity for the younger crowd that is tend to be self involved and liberal leaning to see that firearms can are fun and aren’t the crazy mind altering killing implements that the anti-gunners make them out to be.

    • I’m alright with it, too, but I could go without the lyrics that violate gun safety rules. She’s probably the hottest chick on the range, so that definitely counts for something. As long as she shoots safely, I think it a good thing that she promotes firearms.

  5. I first saw this on the daily mail, and it included multiple photos of this trollop sporting clothing with pot leaf designs. I was going to comment on it there, but they shut down the comments… wonder why??

    She openly uses cannabis and advertises it on her clothing – so why the hell is she anywhere near a shooting range? Like it or not, there are many gun owning citizens and veterans who choose to use cannabis (my late father, a Brown-water navy vet, was one of them) and if they advertised it openly something tells me authority figures wouldn’t like that. Because they are normal people, they are forced to be quite prudent if they value their rights. It seems “bad girl” Rihanna has no fear, but I think that has more to do with money and privilege than any real street cred on her part.

    This is shallow, wannabe gangster culture at its worst, but it seems police would rather go after the little people like you and me than mess around with the pretty little lip-syncing princess of Barbados “with her guns in the muthaf–kin air.”

    And people wonder why urban youth in this country are turning out so stupid and violent? They have crudely inked role models like Rihanna and Chris Brown to look up to and learn from – Here’s an example lesson: Guns are toys for irresponsible stoner skanks and don’t forget you can beat the crap out of such women and they will still love you.

  6. While I’d welcome more sensible celebrities who are responsible firearms users, Rihanna strikes me as someone with serious issues… in her case, she’s just another bad example of woman who was in an abusive relationship, who despite getting physically assaulted by her then boyfriend Chris Brown, is now actively pursuing him again. Terrible, right?

    Not the kind of woman I’d want my daughter to look up to.

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