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Ron Maag is the representative for the Buckeye State’s 35th district. Now that Ohio’s done its decennial redistricting, he’s running for reelection as the rep for the 62nd district. What better way to solicit campaign donations than buy giving constituents a chance to express a little full auto support? This isn’t the first political “machine gun social” we’ve seen and we certainly hope it won’t be the last. While it’s possible we’ve missed it, we can’t recall seeing one — select fire or semi-auto — that was sponsored by a Dem. Surely that can’t be. So let us know if we’ve missed one. And if we haven’t, why do you think that is?

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  1. I haven’t seen any but then again I live in Maryland one of the few May Carry states left but I would guess there might be a few Southern Democrats some of whom are more conservative then some of the New England Republicaians have.


  2. Me and my dad were preparing to go to this but ended up installing two garage doors due to the availability of a carpenter friend of his. The shoot was going to be held at the fishing lake/soon-to-be-gun-range but a bunch of old guys who run it/own it refuse to imagine the place any different then what it was 50 years ago.

    Kind of sad i missed it, but home repairs trump gun fun.

  3. From what little I know about Maag, I like him. He’s trying to get rid of the duty to inform after the incident in Canton (and others like it) where a CCW holder was nearly killed by a lunatic cop after informing him that he had a gun.

  4. Democrats are mostly liberal, open-minded, concerned about others, , tolerant, fair, educated and they include the gun control folks.

    Republicans are mostly conservative, close-minded, self-centered, intolerant, unfair, also educated and they include gun-rights people.

    That’s why.

    • “Democrats are mostly liberal (except about gun laws), open-minded (unless you own a gun), concerned about others (unless you own a gun), tolerant (unless you own a gun), fair (unless you own a gun), educated (I’ll give you that one) and they include the gun control folks.”

    • Dems aren’t liberal if they keep trying to curtail our civil rights. Quite the opposit. Gun control, in this country at least, started by the southern dems to keep guns out of the hands of freed men of color. Racism and oppression is the name of the game with dems and gun control. Always has been and always will be.


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