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I support the Second Amendment, but— How many enemies of the Second Amendment qualify their impending tirade with that preamble? It’s like saying I support TTAG linking to Israeli supermodels but they shouldn’t use URLs to do so. Next thing Richard Fowler’s gonna say the militia clause of the Second Amendment was meant to limit Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Yup. There it is. How can a man who moots a ban on handguns and “assault rifles” claim to be pro-2A? Chutzpah. On the positive side, you gotta give the founder of Fowler Nation props for quoting a lyric from Waylon Jennings’ High Time You Quit Your Lowdown Ways. Come to think of it, that’s good advice for you, Dick.

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  1. Whenever someone says “I support the Second Amendment, but” … you know the next few sentences out of his/her mouth are going to disprove that assertion.

  2. I remember from reading Fahrenheit 451 in 6th grade that the totalitarian society therein idolized Benjamin Franklin. Initially the reader is puzzled by this contradiction. Later in the story it is slowly revealed that their beliefs about what BF believed and did were completely twisted.

    Most liberals will say they love America, the Constitution, Freedom, etc.; it’s just that then they say these words they mean something completely different than what I mean when I say them.

    • That Sir, is perhaps the most accurate asssessment of a liberal mindset I’ve seen yet. They simply, don’t think, like I do.

      • Liberalism is less a school of political though as it is a form of mental illness. Many people outgrow it, sort of like bedwetting, but there are those who are lifelong sufferers.

    • liberals would know the truth if it hit him in the head. This president has done nothing but lie since he came into office. Herman Cain would have been a better president at least he ran some of the lemonade stand.

  3. The same voices that have proclaimed that early sex education programs will simply make sure children are informed are now telling us that gun education programs will put guns “in the hands of children.”

    Bonus points for ignoring all legal and economic precedent and stating, with a straight face, “If we had a ban on assault rifles, if we had a ban on handguns…if you had to go through an arduous process to get these guns, there wouldn’t be a black market for these guns.”

    And of course, as RF stated, the obvious…he supports the second amendment, but we need to ban guns.

    I wonder how many takes he had to do before he could get through this without laughing out loud.

    Or maybe the term “cognitive dissonance” is finally obsolete.

    • I doubt he’d be in favor of the militias as they existed in the 1790s (with all the modern weaponry the NG has).

  4. Never let the safety of children interfere with a good meme. Do they really want children to be so ignorant about firearms that when they come across their friend’s mom’s pink .380 they think it’s a toy and shoot their friend? (Don’t answer that.)

    • Kids shooting themselves are down since the Eddie the Eagle campaign started. Can’t have that, wouldn’t support the narrative.

  5. Anyone who says “I support the Second Amendment, but… ” will lie to you about other things as well.

    • “Baby, I support the Second Amendment but my wife and I are going through a hard time right now and I just need to talk to someone”

  6. Ah yes, “but”, the great negator. It negates everything said before the “but”, yet folls so many into thinking it hasn’t.

    I’m not fooled.

  7. The youtube comments are hilarious. People seem to think they’re going to be teaching first graders how to shoot.

    • BB guns are great for that. My sone had a Red Rider at the age of 5… still have it for the youngest boy.

    • Yup. Ten seconds into that video, I already knew the game. Their meme is being rinsed and repeated frequently. Fvck them.

  8. I stopped watching the video about 30sec in after he didn’t like the fact of children having guns….I was taught by my father at the age of 5 and will do the same with my son…nothing is worse than a kid with curiosity handling something that is dangerous combined with ignorance. Knowledge is power and will keep you safe.

  9. Perfect example of seeing “NRA” in a headline and immediately jumping to conclusions. The class they are talking about is gun safety, not gun use. IE, how not to kill yourself or loved ones as a child when you encounter a weapon, because you’re ignorant on how they work and how to treat them. Anyone in their right mind would look at this two ways:

    1) Gunowners/people who frequently visit gun owners: Oh good, a class taught by professionals to teach my children to respect (not fear) firearms and what they are capable of. Now I can be much less worried about an accident in the home or elsewhere!

    2) Non-gunowners/people who are anti-gun: Oh good, a class taught by professionals to teach my children to understand that firearms are dangerous weapons and should not be played with. Now I can feel secure that if my child encounters a big scary gun somewhere, they will not hurt or kill anyone accidentally.

    I fail to see how ANYONE with half a brain (or less) would see danger in telling kids how to properly handle a weapon. Not load the weapon, not fire the weapon, not how to aim the weapon, simply how to NOT to kill yourself or someone else if you happen to encounter a weapon. I’d love for my kids to learn that from a professional, I’ve certainly taught them the basics but having someone seen by them as an authority on the subject would definitely reinforce the things Daddy told them.

    This Richard guy has no critical thinking skills, I feel sorry for him.

    • To be honest these types of school training ideas are, in essence, for the dumbed down and ignorances of society that refuse to educate their own children in the ideas and concepts of the world around them.

      Civil liberties, Sex, Firearms, etc. If parents did their jobs then these types of things would be unnecessary.

    • “Oh good, a class taught by professionals to teach my children to respect (not fear) firearms and what they are capable of.”

      That is what they are afraid of. If there is nothing to fear about guns, then they (progs) wouldn’t be able to brainwash their children into the “guns are magical instruments of death that turn good people into crazed murderers” narrative.

  10. “I support the second amendment, but…”

    Its the equivalent of someone saying “I’m not a racist, but…” Followed by something extremely racist.

      • aren’t you afraid they will get ahold of one of those “fold up thingys” and it will make them crazy and kill everyone around them?

        • That is just a nasty stereotype spread by bigots who don’t like them because they are black(rifles).

    • I support The First Amendment, but… when it’s misused to advocate against the rest of The Bill of Rights, it’s time to just shut up.

  11. Well, I for one am DAMM glad that at the ripe young age of 9, a good, good, good, good (GREAT) family friend suggested to my Dad that we take the little whipper snapper (me) shooting for the first time on his back 40. My Dad hunted and the gun case in the house seemed as natural as a lamp or TV. But thanks to Mr. Bruce Buck, I got to shoot a 686, .357 magnum before I hit double digits in age. I might have found paper with one or two rounds, but after that, I was hooked. The Shooters Bible from that year on was always in my room and I couldn’t wait for our summer trips Wisconsin and shoot our friends newest collection of handguns and rifles for the year.

    IMHO, you can’t start the process soon enough. 1st grade is about right…. I’m just bitter I had to wait until the 4th grade!

    • This^^

      I am glad my Dad took me out with his .38 and Grandpa with the .22 when my brother and I were young. I was taught gun safety and respect at the ripe old are of 7, when I got my first BB gun and went shooting with them.

      I am proud to do the same with my own sons. On my friends property this summer while shooting with them, my friend commented that my sons shoot as well and safely handle firearms better than some of his own relatives.

      They don’t fear firearms, they ask to hold them and I teach them how to handle the, safely. We go through what they would do if they find one or a friend of theirs gets one without an adult around.

  12. So making it “arduous” to get something eliminates the black market for it? I guess Prohibition proved that, right?

  13. I wish the NRA had as much power as these jackasses think they do.

    The Governor passed a law? All by himself? Really? No legislators were involved that know they will be held accountable by their constituents?

  14. back in the 1990’s a woman published a booklet, “The Meaning of But”
    In this case the meaning is “I don’t”

  15. Government officials don’t need to “support” the second amendment, they need to obey it. It’s like a teenager saying “Don’t worry, dad, I generally support my curfew.”

  16. I find it amazing that they are able to spin that a program that teaches kids not to play with guns is actually a program to put guns in the hands of children.

  17. “The right to bear arms comes with limits” ???

    Show me, in the Constitution or Bill of Rights, where it says anything of the sort.

    It states, simply, “The right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”

    Since you are such a dumbdick, let me clue you in that SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED means NO LIMITS

    • He’s 100% correct it does come with a clearly stated limit “the right of the people” and “shall not be infringed”

  18. How many horrible things came out of “I support an end to slavery but….” ? Segregation, Jim Crow, Affirmative Action, etc… All institutional, state sponsored racism. There is no “but” after rights and liberty. None. You’re either free or you arent.

  19. I never heard of this guy. On first look he’s a total idiot the way he pretended that Missouri is going to “put guns in the hands of first graders.” The plan I read about was to use the Eddie Eagle idea of not touching the gun with the very young kids.

    It’s a shame when guys on my side have to resort to tricks and twists that are usually done best by your side.

    • Tricks and twists like noting that the end goal of all this bullshit is the complete eradication of firearms from American society? Tricks and twists like what exactly? That gun owners generally and CCW holders specifically are more law abiding than police officers? Guys on your side “have” to resort to this sort of obscurantism because you have nothing else. No facts, no law, no logic, not one shred of anything. Go on Mike, you couldn’t help yourself with that little dig, now dig faster, you loathsome little worm.

    • Trying to get people to believe you are engaging in dignified discussion in one paragraph doesn’t usually work if you throw it out immediately with the next paragraph. That just makes one look insipid and petulant.

  20. Did this asshole really say “If you had to go through an arduous process to get a gun, there would be no black market for them”?


    That right there tells you everything you need to know about his intelligence and education. He thinks that “arduous” licensing requirements eliminate black markets, rather than enlarge them. We’ve banned drugs for years now, totally. You will note the complete lack of a black market in drugs. Some things are so stupid you can’t even satirize them.

  21. What a fool! If we ban firearms it will get rid of the black market in guns?
    Black markets exist explicitly to trade in goods that are banned. The stricter the controls the more profitable the black market becomes.

  22. I support Richard Fowler’s First Amendment rights, but not when he opens his smarmy little mouth.

  23. I support your right to quote ol’ Waylon for your own agenda but…you’d be missing a couple teeth if you did it in person.

    Waylon himself had a few interesting things to say after Columbine. Evidently Mr. Fowler couldn’t be bothered to do his research.

  24. I took hunters saftey class when I was 8 years old. This followed 3 years of going “hunting” with my father using a bb gun to practice fire arm safety. I was not being taught how to use guns in violence, I was taught how to use them safely. Every Child that is or may be near fire arms needs to have this education. Then we can see happens when we breed respect instead of fear and I think we’ll find a lot more individuals like myself who practice and teach fire arm safety for a lifetime.

    TLDR; I learned as a child, the world would be better if everyone knew firearm safety.

  25. Wait wait wait wait. He says he supports the 2A and the constitution and then says its a state militia thing; so he supports the national guard? Nevermind that this has been dis proven and the 2A is an individual right, he then goes on to say that it should be as hard as possible to exercise your rights under any circumstances. Also, why do gay people suddenly want gun control? And womens groups? Why the fuck have the courts and the anti’s collectively been completely ignoring Heller/McDonald?! It’s like they never even happened. We need another SCOTUS decision i guess. This guy is fucking clueless.

  26. My comment on the video, at least they are still allowing comments…

    You sir, are sadly misinformed. You should do a little research before commenting on a safety program for kids. You neither support the second amendment or the constitution. You are a typical progressive statist, who ignores the real facts and relies on uneducated voters to believe the crap you spew.

  27. “For whatever benefit may be derived, if any, by those actively engaged in the ongoing study of the so-called new age ‘liberals’ and their digressive movement, perhaps it may be of value to recognize that the vast majority among them don’t ‘think’ at all —they just emote.”

  28. When he said the NRA has used the 2nd amendment to destroy America I quit watching. Saying the NRA used the 2nd amendment to destroy America is willful ignorance of years of progressive programs that destroyed the family and inner cities combined with unions and global trade policies that gutted American jobs and manufacturing leading to the sorry state of affairs of today. At least the 2nd amendment keeps blue collar factory workers employed and provides recreational activities where families can hunt and shoot together.

  29. My mom used to say “there are no ifs, ands or buts about it” to convey she was not buying whatever I had just tried to justify, like not completing a chore or seeking permission to go somewhere I knew she would not approve. Anytime I hear “but” I likewise don’t buy it, can’t believe anyone would.

  30. “Soon we’ll have guns in prison” – ummm…. he needs to check on that “soon” part…

    “Even the constitution places limits on the second amendment”…………

  31. The underlying basis for the so-called new age ‘liberals’ and the digressive secularist movement has been suggested as that of attempts by some to re-manifest the comfort, safety and relative security of the ’Garden of the Womb’ into the societal structure.
    The Birth Event itself has been described as one of the first and most traumatic experiences of every individual, involving no less than being rudely expelled in an untimely manner from the Garden. This in turn establishes an abiding sense within the affected individual of separation, rejection and VICTIMIZATION.
    Simple observation indicates that many individuals do in fact, overcome the initial trauma and progress through the various phases of personal development quite nicely, and go on to achieve increasing measures of ‘Independence’.
    Obvious to everyone but themselves are persons who remain in various phases of arrested development, maintain their VICTIM status and externalize blame for whatever it is they find to emote to at the time.
    Of the latter group, some either figure out how or manage to stumble into various manners and methods of acquiring income by championing the CAUSE of VICTIMIZATION and transposing the CAUSE into business ventures.
    The most successful freely prey upon unknowledgeable, uninformed and easily duped by finally managing to morph their VICTIMIZATION business into highly lucrative Rackets.
    ( Feel free at this point to choose your own keyword(s) here. Healthcare, climate change, race, disenfranchised youth, jobs, welfare, social inequity, student loans — just to mention a few — and of course lest we forget, GUN VIOLENCE & GUN CONTROL. )
    ( editor needed, inquire within )

    • I’m not sure he’s a dumb as he… Yeah, he’s as dumb as he sounds. The NRA needs to send Colion Noir on to destroy him.

  32. What’s so pathetic about this is that somewhere a gang of libtards is watching and nodding their heads.

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