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I’ve put my application for a RI concealed carry permit on the back burner. My English daughters are finishing their summer vacation in the Land of the Free; I resolved not to wear my workaholic shoes this year. Even so, I managed to find enough time to walk it down to the American Firearms School and complete my Rhode Island qualification. Here’s what I had to do . . .

Training Requirements – No person shall be issued a license or permit to carry a pistol or revolver concealed upon his or her person until he or she has presented certification as prescribed in § 11-47-16 that he or she has qualified with a pistol or revolver of a caliber equal to or larger than the one he or she intends to carry, that qualification to consist of firing a score of 195 or better out of a possible score of 300 with thirty (30) consecutive rounds at a distance of twenty-five (25) yards on the army “L” target, firing “slow” fire. The “slow” fire course shall allow ten (10) minutes for the firing of each of three (3) ten (10) shot strings.

Truth be told, I’m not much of a .45 guy. I can perforate a plum-sized bullseye at a twenty-five yards with my XD while hopping on one leg singing Live and Let Die. When it comes to combat bullets, I’m a graduate of the More Bullets is More Betterer School of Self-Defense Handgunning.

But I understand the value of a larger bullet as much as the next armchair ballistic expert. I want to keep my options open. And I want to be able test the carry ergonomics of .45s and .45-compatible holster systems on TATG readers’ behalf. So I sent the L target downrange with a .45 on the table in front of me.

I made my first run at the RI qual wielding a $2300 Wilson Combat X-TAC (currently visiting the Carrube-ian for a full test). Wilson certifies that an X-TAC owner can shoot match-head sized groups from the next state over. In Rhode Island that doesn’t mean very much; if you’re not in the next state over, your bullet soon will be.

It was my first time experiencing X-TACy. Mr. Squishy Trigger here is still getting used to firearms whose triggers are so light they make a French soufflé seem like a Big Mouth Burger®. Hang on. Did I mean to fire that bullet? That soon? For 1911 newbies, sometimes you fire the X-TAC, sometimes the X-TAC fires you.

Not to worry. As always, trigger control keeps things safe. I shot five bullets at a time, gradually getting the measure of the beast. I racked up the required 195 points. Exactly. One-ninety-five. On the nose.

The second time ’round, I’d calibrated my finger to the Wilson smash-and-grab trigger. Holes were appearing in darkened spaces on a more regular basis. At some point, a bystander told me to ease up. “You’ve qualified,” he said. “You don’t want to get too high a score.”

Here’s the thinking: if you score too highly in the qual, it can work against you in court.

“You’re a crack shot, aren’t you Mr. Farago? Says so right here. Two-hundred-fifty-five points out of 300. That’s only fifty point away from a perfect score. So why did you feel the necessity to shoot Mr. Insert Non-Ethnic Name Here seven times in the chest? According to this paper, you could dispatch an alleged attacker with a single shot. Why did you shoot him in the chest anyway? Couldn’t you have aimed at his leg or shoulder?”

Alternatively . . .

“Mr. Farago, this paper says you are an expert marksman. And yet you only hit the victim once in, how many shots was it? Ten? Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. One hit. Thank God no innocent bystander was hurt. Given that you’re such a great shot, given that you only hit my client in one out of ten shots, would it be safe to say that you were out of control during the alleged attack?”

Apocryphal? I’ll make some phone calls. Suffice it to say, neither scenario is unimaginable. Not in a state where there’s a seven-day “cooling off” period for all gun purchases. A “shall issue” state, despite the fact that . . .

If the permit is not for employment, a typed letter must be submitted by the applicant stating the reasons why a permit is needed on a full time basis.

I’ve already explained my main motivation to get an RI CCW: my desire to protect myself and my family against violent criminals. Although I do security consultancy, rumor has it the RI licensing folk like to issue rent-a-cops with work-restricted permits. So that’s out. But I still reckon I need . . . more.

I carry a lot of expensive guns from dealers and manufacturers to my house to the range and back and forth. Thanks to this website, my movements aren’t exactly Classified. I also accompany my FFL dealer during firearms appraisals, schlepping hugely expensive firearms to and fro, hither and yon. (I’ll lay off the Shakespearean language for the app). And I eat downtown on a regular basis.

Does any of that qualify me for a RI concealed carry permit? We shall see. But one thing’s for sure: I have no desire to shoot anyone, ever. But if I had to, both RI and I now have a reasonable expectation that I could do so without harming innocent people. In some states (e.g. Indiana), you don’t have to prove even that much. How great is that?

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  1. It’s a year later and no update on the out come of your quest for your permit. I’m a retired Navy Chief now living in a great area of Warwick it is also the area that Craig Price killed in. I’ve thought about getting a weapon and getting a permit if for no other reason than it seems more and more nutsos are going around shooting people. I would like to be able to protect my Wife and Grand Daughters when they are visiting. Why do I need to jump through so many hoops to be able to have something the Constitution guarantees and I spent so much of my life to protect?

    • CCP Issued Out of Warwick or RI in general… GOOD LUCK! EVEN IF YOU NEED ONE! I hold a C&R federal firearms license and also make frequent trips back and forth to the Range, several Dealer and collectors and want a carry permit to defend my life, family and property only if that level of force is needed. Warwick is by no means a crime free city and RHode island is getting worse by the day. I had obtained my Carry Permit 4 years ago thru the Warwick Police Dept’s licensing division,and had no trouble at all during the time it was valid.
      Get a load of this now.. this past May 2012 i filled out the paperwork to renew my permit, as i did the first time and submitted all of my information only to be told that my application was going to be denied if i did not withdraw it and i would have a reject status on my record.

      I asked why it would be denied and was told that i did not have enough’ proper showing of need’ After a breif screaming match involving myself against the police cheif, and the only 1 member of a 4 man commitee who could speak, the others had nothing to say, i reluctantly withdrew my application to do some reasearch because MAYBE, i was missing something. I wasn’t.
      There has been a page added to the ‘application packet’ that you get and is titled ‘proper showing of need.. ” using this page of 10 questions, defined as a tool for the Attorney General to use as a guideline, the Warwick Safety Comittee used this page to force me to withdraw my application. in hind sight i should have forced them to deny it and send me the denial letter.

      My Permit has expired and I’m seeking Legal assistance to beat this false requirement – researching the laws i don’t see anything that shows you need 6 out of 10 showing of need questions to obtain the permit. they negated my answers by offering their own ‘Suggesstions”. cities and towns are over regulating and the committees appointed are clueless as to what their actual role is..

      so if you are seeking a concealed carry permit in RI.. GOOD LUCK. i have to fight to get mine back and i never had a problem.

      so i never had an issue where i needed to use a pistol to defend myself – they say i dont need one.

      My Girlfreind – opposite end of the spectrum, has an ex that stalks and tries to harm her and her daughters, her daughter has a stalker ex boyfriend that also has a restraining order because he was and is physically abusive.. and BIG. they cant fight him off. but also, the same safety committee that told me i don’t need one – took my girlfreind into an interrogation room for 2 hours and made her drag out her life’s story, the interviewing detectives ok’d her for a permit, and the safety committee still forced her to withdraw because they didn’t think she needs one.
      the very next day her daughter was being followed by the abusive Ex and drove into the West warwick PD parking lot where he then punched out her window and dragged her out of her car. and attempted to beat on here but fortunately he was grabbed by 4 cops.

      SO i’m a leagal law abiding citizen with no criminal background, never been victimized… i don’thave reason to carry.

      She has been victimized to this very day and does not have enough reason to carry..

      So i ask everyone.. who then IS qualified to carry a concealed weapon?

      here’s a link to the Attorney Generals site and pistol permit application ‘Packet” load your printer with more paper before printing.

      Anyone know a good lawyer?

      • Wow im working overnight as a security officer doing research on my ccw. Came across what you wrote and just praying ill receive one. Im trying to get a better paying armed gaurd position and obviously cant get hired without one,and wanting to protect my Wife and 3 children from these criminals that wont think twice about assaulting us or robbing us. I want my Wife to feel safe so she is also applying. Isn’t this our right as Americans? All political. Im sorry about tour daughters experience and it blows my mind they didnt give her her Constitutional right to use. I guess because we live in liberal heaven and conservative hell. What do you have to up-root your whole family and move to Vermont or Alaska to be able to carry for defense. I forget who said this but “A gentleman may never have to use his sidearm in defense his entire life,but if he does thank the lord he had it.” Well here I go for a long journey just to try and protect myself and family. And do you think criminals go through the paperwork and all the hoops to carry,and they are looking for trouble look what we have to go through to protect ourselves from criminals!!!

  2. I think we need to be careful and push this at every angle. I think other states could use the RI way as an example and it scares me to death. However, I feel it is a bad example of keeping liberty in a glass box. You can see it but you cannot touch it. The RI AG holds all the power from the people. A disgrace……..

  3. Well, nothing has changed in Warwick, Rhode Island. Last night I went before the Committee on Public Safety to be interviewed about my application for a concealed carry permit. Within a couple of minutes it was eminently clear that the committee had NO intention of approving my request. I was told to “avoid dangerous situations” “modify my behavior” and “call the police” if threatened. I was also all but accused of trumping up the letter of need I had written to support my request. I was then given the opportunity to withdraw my application but, perhaps foolishly, wanted the Committee on record as having denied the request in the event I decide to seek legal redress.
    I am a physician, an honorably discharged Air Force officer well versed in firearms and do not have so much as a traffic ticket on my record. If I can’t be trusted with a firearm in the City of Warwick (a “shall” issue city BTW) I wonder who DOES qualify.

    • People who have a carry permit are more sane, have more common sense and know how
      to use a gun. According to facts on the net and you can look it up, law enforcement are
      six times more likely to commit a crime than we are. Besides the fact they can’t size up a situation
      before firing their weapon. Take the shooting in Providence, the man was boxed in with nowhere to go.
      A little bit of common sense is to take out his radiator and tires. No, instead they knock on his window
      and I guess nobody answered as seen on TV. There could have been young kids in that car telling their
      father, please dad calm down and lets get out. You would think that after they didn’t get their heads blown
      off after knocking on the window they would just break it. Their twelve year old mentality says, come on guys lets line up and start firing. Imagine firing into a vehicle you can’t even see in. So they let 40 rounds
      fly and of course one can’t imagine how many missed. Those rounds traveling at about 1100′ per second
      probably passed police cruisers doing the same speed. All speeding like morons because again their mentality says, how dare you take my gun from my cruiser because I’m God. The sickest part of all this
      is their superiors patted them on the back for a fine job. The State Police were not at the news conference,
      because they were getting their ass reamed for stupidity. This man was shot because they say he was endangering others. He was trying to escape by pulling forward then going in reverse. A few feet to the front and a few feet to the rear. No one was in their cars, the only ones in danger are were the brain dead you know what who put themselves in harms way by stepping between the cars. Shooting the radiator would have ended quick. My point is, here we have the Warwick Police Dept. deciding if you should carry a gun when in reality it should be us deciding if they should carry. People who have carry permits simply do not get in trouble, so if they gave people gun permits who are responsible it would be a lot more safer. I would call a fellow member if I needed help, at least we would make the right decision. You have parents who’s kids have been drugged and can’t control them so they call the police, what are they thinking.
      Your kid picks up a knife because he has no control because of drugs and the police you called blows
      him away. Why, they are taught to shoot to kill, go for the chest you can’t miss. This is because of several reasons, their mentality, their training, and common sense. Then don’t have the confidence or the skill
      to simply, yes I said simply shoot the suspect in the leg. He gets up shoot again. They figure most law enforcement will panic so the best way is to hit the big spot and kill. If it was their kid they would be crying
      that you could have shot him in the leg. You have a gun they have a knife and ten feet away, where’s the threat. The media does what is does best, make it go away. They know we are stupid people and will forget.They won’t talk about the lawsuit showing how incompetent people are and the millions it will cost for shooting the innocent bystander in the vehicle. Don’t forget insurance companies don’t care how much
      because they eventually take it out of your pocket. Only RI, what better place to be a politician. Where can you go get elected, screw everyone, work fours a day making believe you give a shit, the other four hours
      stuffing your pockets full of money, get caught, say your sorry and the get elected again. The best part is we deserve it, because we are stupid people, you can’t fix stupid. No time for corrections and I need to leave this house before the owner comes home!

    • Are you still looking to get qualified sir? If so feel free to call me. I’m an NRA certified instructor and cannot only certify you, I can also walk you through the process of getting your permit. 401 234- 6159 Tom

  4. I really can’t believed the rubbish people have to go through to practice the 2nd amendments (Protects the right to keep and bear arms). These criminals carry weapons on their person without any worry in the wold, hold anyone up as they feel, and shoot at their “enemies” as they feel, and again have know regards about stray bullets. Welcome to Rhode Island, a bunch of legal and illegal, thugs and bullies (Criminals and Politician). Other States you don’t even have to be a resident to get a concealed permit, better yet you don’t even have to go there in person, this all can be done online. I really don’t know what this State thinks when they “make” and try to bend the amendments to robbed people of their own constitutional rights. wow!!!!!

    • +1 for Guntucky for reasonable gun laws, guns galore, and 50 state permit recognition! Plus the frequent and charming 2A festivities at Knob Creek are close by. Just don’t be bringing blue state politics with you LOL

  5. Anyone who has a C&R FFL may use that for a reason to obtain a RI AG issues permit. The permit will say “C&R use only” however talking to my lawyer and multiple cops, that doesn’t matter. The only restrictions that do matter are the “work purposes only” and “target range only” (not sure if they have the target restriction anymore.) As far as Warwick is concerned, they used to charge $160 (admin fee) AND $40 permit fee but they were sued and now it’s the straight $40. The Chief of Warwick no longer has the say so if you get it or not (he is a strict but fair man-) it’s up to the Board Of Public Safety however if you jump through all their hoops, they will issue you a permit. Unfortunately yes, there is a “proper showing of need” issue and “self defense or preservation of ones life” is not good enough for them. I was told a few times by different police officers that it’s their job to enforce the law, not to protect the population. Guess the whole “serve and protect” thing went out the window. I am a gunsmith and an NRA instructor and have been safely dealing with firearms for more than 25 years.

  6. Well, this thread is not encouraging…
    I just moved to RI, and am in process of completing the CCW application… Have heard a mixed bag on if should apply via the Providence Police Chief, or go via the AG. Opting to try the AG packet first ($40 fee, vs $250 fee?!)
    And, have read that AG office is statistically more likely to approve: >70% of all permits in RI are issued via AG, with ~98% of total applications via AG approved. (vs only ~87% approved at City/Town level.)

    Granted, I was just told I have to be a registered voter in order to get the town hall office to sign off on their form, (which is another 30 day wait!) Meanwhile, I’m self-employed at the moment, as an NRA Certified Instructor, insured and with clients, but have been told that “self-employment” could be an issue as well.

    Coming from a southern state where a CCW permit is a background check and a small fee… I am wholeheartedly opposed to suits in well-guarded offices restricting access to rights with tangled processes, while we’re out here “in the wild” without the means to preserve life, limb and eyesight if some idiot or nut decides to get violent.

  7. We have a Constitutional Right to own and bear arms and don’t have to get the nod from anybody to exercise that right(which is the whole point of the way it was worded). If I have to get the okay from the Attorney General or the Police Chief or the safety committee then I am under the same autocratic rule of the aristocracy that our forbears fought a revolutionary war over to be free from. A society of armed cops and cons is not a free society it’s a half-assed police state at best and we have an enemy(domestic) that is currently stripping us of our inalienable(so called) rights and it doesn’t appear to me that we are going to get them restored until we are ready to fight for them!

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