“I’m Not Feeling Very Safe with All These Empty Guns Around Here”

Watching Mr45Bullitt and Low Cost High Def Camera on YouTube is only slightly more exciting than spectating at a sailboat race. But the web-slinger’s got a line on the truth: a lot of gun guys get anxious if their weapons are unloaded. Or, God forbid, they don’t have a firearm on their person. Once you’ve tooled up, de-tooling is a traumatic process. That’s one good reason to keep a spare gun or ten in a locked safe and not talk about them with your neighbors. If you’re ever involved in a shooting, kiss that firearm goodbye. If the cops see your “extra” guns (mind if we look around?), say bye-bye to those firearms as well. If they ask your neighbors “Does he have a large gun collection?” they might be able to get a warrant to open your safe. You have been warned.

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