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When is a racial hate crime not a racial hate crime? When it doesn’t advance the left’s, and the Democrats’, narrative.

When white teenager Kyle Rittenhouse shot three white men who were violently assaulting him, it somehow got treated by the press and politicians as a racial hate crime. President Joe Biden (falsely) called Rittenhouse a white supremacist, and the discussion of his case was so focused on racial issues that many Americans mistakenly thought that the three men Rittenhouse shot were black.

But when a black man, Darrell Brooks, with a long history of posting hateful anti-white rhetoric on social media drove a car into a mostly white Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring dozens, the press was eager to wish the story away. (The New York Times buried it on page A22.) Even when a Black Lives Matter activist connected it to the Rittenhouse verdict, observing “it sounds like the revolution has started,” the media generally downplayed it.

Were the races reversed, of course, we all know that the press would be turning its coverage up to 11, with deep dives into Darrell Brooks’ associations, beliefs, friends and family and more. But doing that here wouldn’t fit the narrative.

In fact, though, there is a thread connecting the Rittenhouse shootings and the Waukesha mass murder. But the thread isn’t so much racism as awful Democratic politicians.

— Glenn H. Reynolds in A common thread in Waukesha tragedy, Kenosha shootings: Government failure

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    • Down below is darcian aka darcydodo who is obviously a democRat that assumes he/she/it can rewrite history by hanging centuries of democRat Party race based atrocities around the neck of The Party of Lincoln. Not happening.

      Before darcydodo points another finger first he/she/it needs to grasp reality and understand the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities belong to his very own democRat Party.

      Second darcydodo needs demand he/she/its beloved democRat Party make Monetary Reparations payable to those who endured any of the aforementioned atrocities or to their relatives.

      Justice can only be served when the guilty Party pays. That means democRat darcydodo and he/she/its stuff gets moved to the sidewalk and a family of Black Americans fumigate darcydodo’s crib and move in. Now that’s Justice.

  1. “A Shooting Becomes Hate Crime When It Further’s the Approved Narrative”

    Truthfully, this works both ways. Each side sees the other as evil. I wonder how many SS actually saw the third reich as evil and how many saw it as righteous. There is a reason why it’s often said that history is written by the victor.

    • Prndll,

      “Each side sees the other as evil.”

      While that is certainly true, there is a ginormously important difference between the two sides.

      Progressives (the Far Left) see the other side as corrupt/evil for failing to embrace Progressive ideology.

      The other side sees the Far Left as corrupt/evil because the Far Left rejects basic inalienable human rights and timeless objective standards of wrong-versus-right.

      As I have stated on this forum before, a Progressive says that it is okay to proactively and offensively exploit/abuse/harm “others” whereas “others” only advocate harming a Progressive for self-defense and categorically condemn exploiting or abusing Progressives.

      Sadly, there is no peaceful resolution to this chasm.

      • I don’t question the difference between the sides. I’ve chosen a side. I stand with freedom, the American flag, and Christian ethics. With or without Trump, I will vote Republican.

        My comment refers to the statement and how things can be misleading. So much is interpretation in this life.

      • I’ve been saying this on TTAG for years now. And I know the Libertarians Liberals and the Left don’t like, it but it’s true. They support emptying the jails of child molesters, murders and other criminals. They complain there are too many people in America who are locked up.

        “The district attorney facing criticism after the alleged Waukesha Christmas parade crash killer was freed on bond two days before the carnage previously admitted his progressive reforms “guaranteed” killers could be put back on the street.”

      • Upon his very first appearance in the original Star Wars, he casually broke a Rebellion officer’s neck while demanding information. When the immediate moments prior to that scene were expanded in Rogue One to show what led up to it, he casually killed scores of men upon boarding the ship. Darth Vader wasn’t misunderstood; he was evil.

        • We knew he was evil, but he didn’t. Killing the evil (from his point of view) rebels was a necessary means to an end. He actually did know he was evil, but it was repressed. Luke showed him that to save his soul.

        • The rebel scum was going to be executed anyway. Vader just saved the Empire to cost of feeding and housing them, as well as the future need for E-11 power cells or plasma cartridges. Vader is practically an environmentalist and should be suitably rewarded

        • Blasphemy!!!
          Lord Vader was the savior of the Galaxy. He was a disabled veteran, a burn victim, and a loving father who risked everything to be with his children. He was the man who overthrew (quite literally) the emperor and restored democracy, all while destroying the slave hording pedophile ring that was the Jedi.
          Never forget that “Master” Yoda was a dirty old man who hung out with a bunch of little kids in a bathrobe in his Ivory Tower where he could make them forget his crimes.
          Vader didn’t kill a single person in those scenes, just Rebel Scum.

    • Yep. Even the EMT that Rittenhouse shot (Gaige Grosskreutz), who was portrayed as a good guy that just failed to renew his CCP when he testified at the trial had a lengthy criminal record.

      The other two (Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum) had very long violent crime records and Rosenbaum had recently jumped bail.

      Rittenhouse’s so-called victims were repeat offenders. If anyone was a “victim”, it was Ritenhouse as these 3 were out to commit crimes that night and Rittenhouse wasn’t.

      • What are the chances that the 4 men who attacked Kyle all were criminals? I doubt if these were the only 4 thugs present. It’s almost as if the opportunity to riot brings out the criminal class.

    • Yes, the man known as “jump kick man” during the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse was identified by the defense on Thursday as 39-year-old Maurice Freeland of Wisconsin.

      The previously unidentified man who jump kicked Kyle Rittenhouse while he was being attacked in Kenosha has now been identified as a local resident with a long criminal record that includes domestic violence, car theft & escape

      • All of KR’s attackers were role models for antifa and blm members. Their criminal records show the oppression they lived under.

        Sarcasm directed at antifa and blm, and one “member” in particular.

  2. Like someone said; when everything is racist nothing is racist! The race baiting “news” outlets understand that, they just hope you dont!!

    • … we now take a break from Reality and Rational Thought for a few hundred thrown together sentences from our own resident Idiot, take it away little d…..

  3. The Rittenhouse case erupted in a culture class war between the Far Right Jack Booted Brutal Racist Nazi’s who supported the cops because they have the erroneous idea that Cops only torture and kill black people compared to White people of Conscience who realize that “Qualified Immunity” is simply “A license to kill” for the cops and that cops often kill white people as well which puts every American citizen in danger of being executed by brutal cops who know it is easier to convict a ham sandwich than a cop for murder, brutality, and violation of Constitutional Rights.

    There have been a few exceptions as in the brutal torture murder of George Floyd that went viral worldwide because people had filmed the brutal horrific act on their cell phones. As a consequence of this outrage the U.S. image was tarnished and the U.S. justice system, or rather a lack of a civilized one, was shamed into prosecuting Derek Chauvin, the mad dog killer cop. and his accomplice cops. Still the Far Right Racist Nazi’s praised and exonerated and made wild excuses for Chauvin, a jack booted viscous Nazi Cop if there ever was one.

    If we as Americans want to live in a civilized country we must reform the police and be willing to override the stingy, cheap, Jack Booted Republicans who consistently refuse to fund money to professionally train police, vet out deranged applicants for police employment, and prosecute mentally ill cops who commit blatant murders or practice brutality toward U.S. citizens, otherwise the cop murders and out of control cop brutality will go on and on.

    White vigilantism must end as well. Untrained assault rifle toting Far Right Racist nut cases like Rittenhouse and Racist Nazi Far Right groups like the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys must be arrested when they try to act as police at protest demonstrations. If such steps are not taken we will see again and again the same murders and brutality that existed in Pre-WWII Germany where Liberals and Far Right Jack Booted Nazi’s shot it out on the streets of Germany.

    • Ladies and gentlemen,

      Notice that dacian is a mental mess who posts outrageous comments in a sad effort to get attention. He/she has zero interest in an honest and truthful intellectual exchange.

      Do not reply to dacian. Replying will simply encourage him/her to post more outrageous comments and distract/derail us from productive discussion.

    • Blah blah blah TLDR we all know the hate you stand for; those of us you oppose don’t care what you believe or do just don’t tell US what to believe or do.

      THAT is the difference between us

    • Obviously the propaganda pimp darcy dodo wants readers to believe The Party of Lincoln would run to cover up a cop who plows through a parade or lend cover to a bullying, bigoted cop, etc. That’s right darcy dodo…The Party of Lincoln wants dirty water, hates old people, loves jack booted thugs, etc. What the insane, slanderous, libelous darcy dodo needs to do is shove a handful of suppositories up his behind and stay close to a toilet.

    • STFU YOU COMMIE SYMPATHIZER You understand nothing but your own misguided, twisted, evil agenda and commie propaganda.
      Too bad you weren’t there IMO.

    • dacian, Still at it huh? Spewing your Leftist-Socialist hate? Police only kill when it is necessary to protect the lives of others or themselves.
      Yes, there are police who have used excessive force, and they have been disciplined by their department or prosecuted where appropriate.
      Do you really care about Constitutional Rights? Your Socialist masters clearly do not.
      George Floyd was NOT “tortured”. He was in fact resisting arrest. He was high on drugs and the officer was held responsible for his excessive use of force. As I have pointed out before you and your ANTIFA & BLM thugs are closely related to Fascism and Nazism; I guess you still have not Googled the name Giovanni Gentile, the ghost writer of Mussolini’s Manifesto and a hero of Adolf Hitler.
      We do not need “police reform”; we do need to put criminals in prison where they cannot prey on innocent people. We don’t need “bail reform”; we do need to use the bail system to INSURE that the accused go to trial and appear in court as required.
      Police are “professional trained”. Most Departments today require that a recruit be a college grad and go through as much as 52 weeks of classroom and OJT.
      What do you really want? Tell us? Or are you just spouting Leftist propaganda spoon fed to you by your Leftist-Socialist masters.

      • to Walter Jed Clampet of the Beverly Hillbillies

        quote—————–Police are “professional trained”. Most Departments today require that a recruit be a college grad and go through as much as 52 weeks of classroom and OJT————quote

        There are some U.S. police that get as little as 4 weeks training. Now lets compare on average the training U.S. thug cops get compared to civilized countries as in Europe.

        The U.S. averages less than 500 hours.

        Finland gets 10 times as much 5,500 hours

        Germany over 4,000 hours which takes 3 years to complete

        Austria 4,000 hours

        England 2,500 hours

        Canada 1,750 hours

        More people are killed by police in the US than in any other developed country, and there are growing calls for improved training to reduce the use of lethal force.

        About 1,000 people a year are killed by police officers in the US, according to an independent project that tracks police violence. Most are shot dead.

        The majority of the world’s police forces carry firearms, but no developed nation uses them against their citizens as often as officers in the US – and disproportionately against African-Americans, compared with the percentage of the population they represent.

        • dacian, And what police departments are those that only have four weeks training? Be specific. Where did you get your “500 hours for US police training?” New York State Police, the Municipal Police Training Council require 26 weeks. (I don’t know how good you are at math but that translates to 1040 hrs). That training is followed by another 26 weeks of OJT, with a Field Training Officer (FTO) I know for a fact that the State of Pennsylvania requires 919 plus OJT with a FTO. The State of NJ requires 840 hours plus OJT with a field training officer. The State of California requires 888 hours plus OJT. The State of Colorado, 1040 hours plus OJT with a Field Training Officer.
          Field training officers are require to submit weekly (usually) reports to a precinct commander and the department head. If an officer is deficient in any area he is given time to make up his deficiencies. If he fails to, he is let go. Probation for a police Officer is pretty standard at one year, during which time the department can fire the probationary officer for any reason, no cause is required.
          Let me put it another way. You are lying again.

      • To Walter Jed Clampet of the Beverly Hillbillies.

        quote————-George Floyd was NOT “tortured”. ———–quote

        Only a sick jack booted storm trooper like yourself would claim that 9 minutes of slow suffocation to death was not torture.

        quote————-We do not need “police reform”;——–quote

        In 2012 U.S. cops killed 1,200 people, Germany killed 12 and China 4. Only an ignorant brutal racist hillbilly that supports Nazism would claim the U.S. police do not need reformed.

        quote————What do you really want? Tell us?—-quote

        I just did. Have your wife or a 5th grader explain my post to you.

        • dacian, are those “sick jack booted strom troopers your relatives from Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy?
          Whoopie whale dung, German has only 12 people killed by police. Last I recall, Germany does not permit the general population to possess firearms? How many of their officers are killed every year?
          As to China? You really believe your Red Chinese allies? ROFLAMO.
          AGAIN, what are you really trying to sell us? Your Leftist-Socialist propaganda?

        • To Walter Jed Clampet of the Beverly Hillbillies.

          quote————Last I recall, Germany does not permit the general population to possess firearms? ————quote

          You never cease to prove what an ignorant person that you are. Germany is awash in privately owned firearms. Germany and many other European countries are awash in firearms and even gun shows. The only difference between civilized Europe and uncivilized us is that they do not sell guns “over the table” without paper work or training.

          I am willing to bet that you have never been to Europe in your life.

        • dacian, Golly gee willikers. I caught you in another one of your lies.
          Germany has some of the strictest gun laws in Europe
          To get a gun, Germans must first obtain a firearms ownership license (Waffenbesitzkarte) – and you may need a different one for each weapon you buy – or a license to carry (Waffenschein).Jun 16, 2016

          Here is the scoope on France:

          Spain requires a special permit to have a handgun.
          Shall I go on?

          Seem you are “awash” with a lot of B/S!

    • dacian the delusional, demented, dumb@$$,

      Wow. Props to you. You have managed to exceed your normal level of extreme ignorance and stupidity, and achieve truly world-class levels of delusion and babbling idiocy. I didn’t think you had it in you – but I should never underestimate the potential evil of a poison-souled, mindless “Progressive” drone, should I?

      First, p***-brain, you TOTALLY bungled and/or misunderstood the “ham sandwich” analogy (congrats for mental density approaching neutronium-level).

      Second, YOU have absolutely NO FRIKKIN’ IDEA what conservatives/libertarians think or believe. You’ve never been one, you’ve never known one, and when one of us tries to engage you in ACTUAL debate on this forum . . . you run away like the cowardly little insecure child that you are. WHAT was your much-touted (but never specified) alleged educational background????

      Go away, small, stupid, poison-souled little “Progressive”. You will NOT be missed.

      • I sometimes think, based on writing/word usage, that ‘dacian’ is a State Troll. Can’t quite put my finger on it…yet. TTAG is not the only site he/she hits.

  4. Give it a rest Racian. If you cannot learn to be a better troll, go back to your cave.
    You are exactly the progressive the author is speaking of.

      • I don’t know. Dacian serves his purpose for those of us who live in reality. Besides, comic relief (I showed a few of his posts to relatives yesterday. Bruce laughed so hard he began to tear up.) he provides a barometer of what the far whacko left believes. Misguided though they are.g

        • No. He needs a smackdown from the collective. His grip on reality is tenuous at best. He rants and raves about things that happened in the 60s and 70s as if they were common place last week.

          He must have lots of text files to copy and paste his daily rants. Unless he feels the need to type them manually to raise the levels of anger and vitriol.

      • Uncommon,

        Sorry, don’t agree. dacian the stupid won’t be dissuaded by silence; he MAY be subject to being embarrassed and laughed at on the daily (assuming he is capable of embarrassment, as so for unproven assertion). And, as Gadsden mentioned – he’s SUCH a fun pinata of a mental midget to punt around. dacian – always wrong, but never uncertain. He’s God’s gift to comedy.

  5. What do you expect from a sick pro Gun Control media? Wisconsin is a story the media cannot spin without looking more stupid than they already do so they sweep the filth under the carpet.
    Parades are as American as Apple Pie. Anyone who has ever attended a parade felt pain when imagining if were them, etc.
    We have not heard the last of this tragedy or have we seen the last of the terrorist perp when he faces justice. What hurts the media the most is seeing The Truth therefore…

    1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

    2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

    3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

    • NSDAP actually rolled back gun control laws imposed under Weimar- but hey, I know you don’t read much.

      • Partially true, but…

        It is sort of like saying that if BidenHarris banned all guns, then rescinded the ban for Antifa/BLM, they would have technically “rolled back gun control laws”.

      • Hi, nameless troll!!!

        I see you’ve managed to up your game from MERE personal attacks to personal attacks bolstered by absolute lies. Props to you for always seeking to ‘improve’ your hideous, hateful, classless comments!!

        Yes, the Nazis, once THEY attained power, rolled back gun control (slightly) for them and theirs – but expressly NOT for their so-called enemies. Notably Jews, unionists, and Communists. Read a book why don’t you?

        • You can tell when lil’d is losing and getting frustrated. He starts personal attacks and insults such as booger brain. Just like a pre’teen.

          He claims in a post from yesterday he grew up in the 50s. Did he hide in the basement to avoid the draft? Otherwise he would have to be the methuselah of the antifa barracks.

        • Southern,

          dacian the stupid claims many things – he has yet to provide specifics on any of them. He may, AFAIK, be of the age he claims . . . he writes like a teenage or (at most) early 20s community college student taking classes in Minority and Gender Studies. The boy is dumber than Balaam’s off ass (and it amuses me to no end that dacian the stupid will sit scratching his lice-and-flea-infested scalp as that insult passes COMPLETELY over his empty head!!).

        • JWM doxxed this fool years ago, when he was posting as Vlad, and knows exactly who he is. Dacian/Vlad is a millennial college dropout and suffers from severe (obviously untreated) mental illness. Almost everything he says about himself is a lie.

        • Muhmauser,

          I have no problem with armed communists. Or armed anyone else. I am armed, and I have a fair degree of confidence in my ability in respect of self-defense. I may be proven wrong, but I will die on my feet, not on my knees. Like you would have me do. P*** off and expire, Leftist troll.

  6. Why haven’t the other two Rittenhouse attackers been arrested? This was felony assault upon Rittenhouse, why have they not been arrested and charged?

    “Jump Kick Man” – known in the Rittenhouse trial as “unidentified attacker” – has now been identified as Maurice Freeland who is a known violent convicted criminal felon with a long rap sheet. he has not been arrested for his violent felony assault upon Rittenhouse

    Gaige Grosskreutz – a known violent convicted felon has also not been arrested for his violent felony assault upon Rittenhouse.

    • Because you support the jogger. Because you threw the people who protested to save the General Lee statue under the bus. Because you aren’t in the street marching to demand the release of Derek Chauvin. Because you call anymore more right wing than you a troll. Because you punch harder right than you do left.

      You can’t wait to show the left how “not racist” you are, and can’t understand how badly you are losing in the culture war.

      Your son is on opiates, your daughter is dating a jogger, and you stopped going to church because TV told you it wasn’t cool anymore.

      If you want people like jumpkick man in prison, you’re going to have to start supporting and demanding things the TV tells you are racist. Until then, you’re playing defense.

      We live under a ******* occupation government. The Republican Party is controlled opposition.

      • So stunning!! So brave!! And was your blanked out epithet POSSIBLY Zionist??? Anti-Semite, much??

        You aren’t “conservative”, you’re either a troll or a fascist (but embrace the healing power of ‘and’!!). Please just go away, no one cares about your half-@$$ed opinions.

        • No he isn’t. He never said anything disparaging towards Arabs. You’re clearly the stunning and brave one. Nobody cares about y’all’s Buzzword Labels anymore.

        • Muhmauser,

          Sorry you can’t read and understand simple English – probably your public school education. “Anti-Semite” means someone prejudiced against people of Semitic extraction – meaning persons ethnically descended from people from the Middle East. Yes, that includes, but is NOT limited to, Israelis. Unfortunately, the modern “Left” is horribly prejudiced against only one (small) cohort of “Semites” – the Jews. Do try to keep up, will you?

      • did you forget to take your medication today?

        A General Lee statue under a bus?

        LoL 🙂

        “Because you aren’t in the street marching to demand the release of Derek Chauvin.

        Because you call anymore more right wing than you a troll. Because you punch harder right than you do left.

        You can’t wait to show the left how “not racist” you are, and can’t understand how badly you are losing in the culture war.

        Your son is on opiates, your daughter is dating a jogger, and you stopped going to church because TV told you it wasn’t cool anymore.

        If you want people like jumpkick man in prison, you’re going to have to start supporting and demanding things the TV tells you are racist. Until then, you’re playing defense.

        We live under a ******* occupation government. The Republican Party is controlled opposition.”

        I’m sorry, I do not understand gibberish so I really can’t reply to these parts.

        randomly put together gibberish, I’ll be kind and call them, “thoughts” is all this is. Have you ever heard of the English language?

        • .40 cal,

          No, no he hasn’t. As I said to his “defender”, Muhmauser, probably the result of public education. (In the spirit of full disclosure, I, too, graduated from public school – but fortunately I had the benefit of intelligent parents, who valued ACTUAL education).

          My experience is that it only takes a brief conversation with your average “Leftist” or “Progressive” to determine that they a semantically, grammatically, historically, economically, and politically, pig-ignorant. But boy to they have their talking points memorized!!!!!!

    • Why? Because it would not fit the prosecutor’s narrative that Rittenhouse was the aggressor. By charging them, Rittenhouse’s self defense claim would be established. So Grosskreutz was given immunity in exchange for his testimony–which testimony backfired on the prosecutor.

    • Since much is already known about Gaige Grosskreutz and his information and pics can be readily found on the internet, I’m going to cover Maurice Freeland because people did not know about him until recently.

      This is (pic below) is Maurice Freeland. He is the black man who violently attacked Kyle Rittenhouse (the attack shown in the pic with this article). During the Rittenhouse trial he was known as “Jump Kick Man” and “unidentified attacker” and in the jury instructions and in court as “unknown man.”

      Prosecutors in the Rittenhouse trial informed the Rittenhouse defense team on Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021 that Freeland had come forward claiming to be “Jump Kick Man”. It was too late to bring his identity into the case by then as the jury was in deliberations.×400.jpg.webp

      This is a pic of Freeland from FaceBook

      Maurice Freeland has (still) open charges for drunk driving with a passenger under 16, disorderly conduct with a domestic abuse modifier, and marijuana possession. The case was filed in June 2021 in Kenosha County. He was out on a $1,500 signature bond. Court records say he was in court for a status conference in that case on October 29, 2021, and he had just been released from custody. Maurice Freeland was on the streets the night of the Rittenhouse shootings less than two months after getting a plea deal and probation in the domestic abuse case.

      Freeland has several Facebook pages. His most recent is in the name of Maurice Gohard Freeland and says he also goes by the name King Reese. According to court records; Both prosecutors in the Rittenhouse case, Thomas Binger and James Kraus, handled some of Freelands’ previous court hearings on other charges, and he has appeared before Judge Bruce Schroeder (the judge in the Rittenhouse case) in a past case also.

      Supposedly, Freeland has expressed extremists anti-white views and is best described as a ‘Black Supremacists” advocating for the death of white and black alike along with those of other races. However, this has not been completely substantiated as of yet.

      Freeland was listed as being in the custody of the Kenosha County Jail as of Nov. 16, 2021. His most recent booking is listed as a probation hold with no bond.

      Even though he is shown as being incarcerated on Nov. 16, 2021, its possible he could get out again. If you see this man, he is violent (and may wish to do you harm) so stay away and if he comes to you then be prepared.

      Gaige Grosskreutz, is also a violent person and seems very volatile. If you see this man, he is violent (and may wish to do you harm) so stay away and if he comes to you then be prepared.

  7. The unequal application of the law was the desired outcome of the passage of all hate crime legislation.

  8. Classic SS/antifa tactics. Recruit criminals and the insane to their ranks. These people have no problem with rape and murder. They did it in Germany in the 40’s and they’re doing it here and now.

    We need a repeat of Nuremberg.

    • SS/Antifa?

      You realize the SS were fascists, and Antifa are anti-fascists- right?

      Why are you so opposed to fascism? Because the TV told you it was wrong? People stop listening to you when you say historically wrong and stupid things. You just call everything you don’t like “fascist” because the TV told you it was ok.

      • Jethro W M is a high school drop out. Jethro knows no more about Nazi Germany than he does about rocket science. His ignorant posts equating the liberal Antifa with the conservative Nazi’s are really laughable. In reality Antifa fought the right wing conservative Nazi’s in the streets of Germany pre-WWII. Later in time U.S. WWII troops called themselves Antifa.

        Jethro W M follows Nazi ideology word for word in his hatred of Liberals, Educated People, fear of foreign people, intolerance of other religions, intolerance of other races, and appreciation of the contributions of minorities, refugees and immigrants to the U.S.

        Jethro W M votes for his own worst enemies the Republicans who have prevented affordable health and drug care from being past and drug review boards that would have made drugs more affordable to the public as well as stronger Unions that help insure livable wages and benefits for workers.

        • drug care from being past (PASSED?)

          If you want to present yourself as the “smart one” you should suffer NO mistakes, especially your own… OBTW: Calling oneself ANTI-FASCIST does not necessarily make one ANTI-FASCIST especially if you use the same tactics as the Fascists…

        • Mirabile dictu, I actually agree with one, tiny part of your incoherent rant, dacian the stupid – Antifa and “liberals” (meaning “Progressives”) ARE alike, and they are both insane, unlawful haters of individual freedom, and fascist creeps. Like you.

        • Why and duncian. Agreeing with each other, because, they’re soul mates. Corporate billionaires bought the left and converted it to fascism.
          Duncian w. jethropedo is just to mentally ill to see that he is, in fact, a nazi. Kind of proves my point, doesn’t it? Recruiting criminals and the insane is an old fascist tactic.

        • dacian, it is very clear, you certainly are no rocket scientist. More like a puppet or a parrot for your Leftist-Socialist Masters.
          ANTIFA is not more “liberal” that a cockroach is a clean bug. They are thugs who riot, loot and burn just like BLM thugs. Birds of a feather. For you to say you are “educated” is like saying that black is white.
          You aren’t educated; you were indoctrinated.

      • SS/Antifa…

        Nomenclature. It is the splitting of hairs to say one group from long ago was fascist due to the definition at the time, and the other is anti-fascist due to their spoken credo. But they both have demonstrated the same tactic of terrorizing the general populace as their primary means of action. Both are brownshirts. One might be a different shade of brown than the other, but they’re both brownshirts.

        ‘jwm’ is correct.

        • Lenin or Stalin had a name for such people. “Useful fools”, who in their belief don’t realize they are being taken for fools.

          What use are revolutionaries when the revolution is over? Fascists and Communists both turn on their own eventually.

          No matter which theater, the play is always the same.

      • So, in your mind, a company calling itself Ecological Waste Disposal could never be guilty illegally dumping toxic waste?

        A vast majority of Antifa’s victims aren’t fascists. Antifa are communists who use fascist tactics to justify physically attacking anyone who is an angstrom to their political right by labeling them as fascists.

        • True. Anyone who is not Antifa is automatically a fascist. Antifa are anarchists who desire to burn down “The State” in order to replace it with a communist utopia.–controlled by them of course, just as it was after the Russian Revolution.

        • I have some news for you, little fella. Socialists are kin folk of Nazis and Fascists. I suggest you Google the name Giovanni Gentile. you will find that he was the ghostwriter for Mussolini’s Manifesto. Gentile was a well known socialist and a favorite of Adolf Hitler. The claim that Fascists and Nazis are “right wing” is a propaganda ploy foited on the world by Socialists after Hitler betrayed his “ally” Joseph Stalin. In other words, another BIG LIE!

      • I’m sorry, did you ACTUALLY assert that Antifa is “anti-fascist”????

        That’s so CUTE!!!

        P*** off, fascist scum (and, unlike you, I actually KNOW the definition of “fascist”).

      • “You realize the SS were fascists, and Antifa are anti-fascists- right?”

        Today’s fascists call themselves anti-fascist. Their roll today is what is called the fascist ‘Brown Shirts’ of the 1930s.

        It’s one of the oldest tricks in the fascist handbook, accusing your opponents of doing what you yourself are doing.

        “Why are you so opposed to fascism? Because the TV told you it was wrong?”

        Wrong, dumbass. Read pretty much any history of the 1930s. The Brown Shirts carried out the ‘Kristallnacht’ or the ‘Night of Broken Glass’ :

        “The Sturmabteilung (German: [ˈʃtʊʁmʔapˌtaɪlʊŋ] (About this soundlisten); SA; literally “Storm Detachment”) was the Nazi Party’s original paramilitary wing. It played a significant role in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the 1920s and 1930s. Its primary purposes were providing protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies, disrupting the meetings of opposing parties, fighting against the paramilitary units of the opposing parties,…”

  9. It isn’t complicated as long as you know the difference between right and wrong. The ends do not justify the means when the means are wrong. That’s the problem we’re dealing with. It’s very easy to fool a certain group of people with the endless propaganda because those people already dislike the “other” group of people.

    There is blood on the hands of the Democrat politicians and their media that keep pushing for hate and division as they continue to lie to us over and over again. They collect their big checks and sleep like babies at night. They aren’t just bad people. They’re psychopaths. And yes, the alternative political party is full of cowards that benefit from the status quo as well.

  10. It was a Hate Crime. 3 Idiots Hated Kyle and thus Attacked Him. In the Course of Kyle Protecting Himself from Their Hatred. Two were Killed and One survived, albeit Not in Original Condition. Do Not Surrender the Narrative to be Bastardized for Liberal Agenda Purposes.

  11. it somehow got treated by the press and politicians as a racial hate crime.

    Watched a “man on the street” type interview about the Rittenhouse verdict a couple of days ago and three out of five black people talked to actually said it was a shame that white boy got away with murdering all those black folks… Those same people are probably not even aware that a black man intentionally ran down nearly 50 white people at a Christmas parade killing 6 including an 8-year-old boy …

    • I heard that several media outlets in London were reporting that Rittenhouse had been found not guilty after murdering black men. How can they be that stupid/lazy and keep a non-menial job?

      • It’s absolutely true, they were. I saw the headlines.

        They can be that stupid/lazy — or evil and wrong — precisely because they’re in a non-menial job. And not just any non-menial job, but possibly the world’s cushiest job for idiots and incompetents outside of academia.

        Menial labor doesn’t reward laziness or abject ignorance of the task at hand; they may not need to know much, but menial laborers DO need to know what they’re doing. Journalists in legacy media, not so much. If they espouse the correct politics and can string sentences together without *too* many grammar and spelling errors, nothing else matters.

  12. I know a scum sucking whore of an attorney who once put a marijuana bootlegger on the witness stand and misrepresented him as a “gun expert” to provide perjured testimony that a 12 gauge shotgun isn’t a deadly weapon. This TactiCoolFool “explained” that a fellow marijuana bootlegger could not have been shooting lethal slugs or buckshot at children from an alleged “antique, Remington 1870, 12 gauge shotgun,” (it was actually a modern Remington 870, tactical variant with a 20″ barrel) because it had a choke. ” The barrel would explode, just as happens to Elmer Fudd when Buggs Bunny sticks a carrot in the muzzle of his shotgun.”. It is going to be easy for a scum sucking whore of an attorney to suppress the evidence of this mass murderers’ racists opinions and convince a jury specifically selected for gullability that an SUV isn’t a deadly weapon.

  13. Total horseshit. There’s tons of coverage of Darrell Brooks crime and his history on all media. If you ain’t seeing it, it is because you are avoiding seeing it.

    • Just like there was tons of coverage showing that the Russia Collusion Hoax was a lie from the beginning. Yet that didn’t stop you, along with countless others, from believing that Trump was a traitor since they didn’t cover that on the MSM. As a matter of fact, they intentionally pushed the lies, and decided not to report on anything counter to the narrative. It’s wild that you still fail to understand how that works.

  14. “Further’s” ?? With an apostrophe? Really? Are we putting apostrophes in everything now? Is it random, or is there a plan I missed? If you can’t use the English language properly, you have no credibility, because sloppy language = sloppy mind.

    • Didn’t you get the memo with the plan outline? Look, start showing up for the meetings where all us gun owners get together and plot and plan like the anti-gun freaks say we do and you would know these things and be able to get on the memo distribution list.

      “apostrophe’s” are the plan for this week’s agenda’s of reckoning’s.

  15. Dacian^^^^ BAAAAHAAAAHAAAAHHHAAAAAA!! so after reading as much of the SHIT dribbling out of it’s useless piehole I could stand…I thought I might use some of Da new micrasoff EddGe shit I recently acquired on dis heer pUtEr…dis is what the search came up with for his troll ident… Dacian
    relating to or characteristic of Dacia, an ancient country of southeastern Europe, or its people or language.
    “the Dacian kingdom”
    a native or inhabitant of Dacia, an ancient country of southeastern Europe.
    “the Dacians became a united nation under a single ruler”
    the language of Dacia, an ancient country of southeastern Europe.
    “no lengthy texts in Dacian exist”

  16. O and BTW…Fuck blm & antifuuukstick!! and the little WHITE troll from arkansas in da video…well…come to OUR neck of the woods..I dare ya…

  17. And did it take dAcIan more than 4 weeks of training to become a BIG WET FLAPPING DOUCHEBAG?? BBBAAAHAAAAA!!! Thanks btw for bringing me down to your dubba digit iq level…it’s soooooo much fun here…fuckstick.


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