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If you haven’t seen these memes before, it’s usually a handful of beloved things all related to a single theme (e.g. different foods, movies, fast food restaurants, etc.) and the challenge is choosing which one you could live without. In this case…um…I think we’d all be thankful to be in a position to make a choice from this selection.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. 11/25/1781 On this Day. King George III received word that General Cornwallis had Surrendered the Bulk of British Forces to General George Washington after a Devastating Defeat at the battle of Yorktown, Virginia on October 19.

    • To each their own. I would double 1, 2, 3, and 9 and ditch most of the rest, but in PA #3 is not a thing at all 🙁 . I’m also throwing a flag on combining stuffing and cranberry sauce. Many of us like one and not the other, and we aren’t all on the same side of that. We have a constitutional right to individual side dishes 😉

  2. Drop the beans and the greens. Went with Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes. No green bean casserole either. Scalloped Corn instead.
    We did send several hundred rounds down range after dinner though. Mostly reloads.

  3. Here’s a late-night drop for you, there’s a new Covid, and the current vaxxes may not protect from it :

    “Futures are sliding on Thursday night when, with most US traders snoring in a tryptophan coma, the world is suddenly freaking out, and algos are hitting bids, amid fears that a new coronavirus strain detected in South Africa, known as B.1.1529, reportedly carries an “extremely high number” of mutations and is “clearly very different” from previous incarnations, which may drive further waves of disease by evading the body’s defenses South African scientists said.”

    Just what I’ve feared, new strains cropping up, with higher levels of ‘activity’.

    This has the potential to take out humanity in general…

    • I’ve heard it has already traveled from South Africa to Hong Kong. Let’s hope it jumps the border into PRC.

      “Return to sender, address unknown…”

      • Look at the statistics, specifically fatalities per capita. Covid-19 is a thousand times more lethal for Caucasians than for East Asians such as Chinese. Fauci’s Gain of Function technique was utilized with caucasian tissues to develop a disease that would very specifically target China’s enemies.

  4. Obviously 5 (ATF) would be the first pick.

    That said, I can honestly my family never had 3,4,6, or 7 at Thanksgiving. We ate them a lot (except for cornbread and greens, which we never had), but never on Turkey Day.

    I’d have to substitute candied yams (i.e. sweet potatoes), Mom’s coleslaw (the sole “vegetable” I ate on Thanksgiving), Brussels sprouts (only Mom ate those) and lots and lots of Stroh’s beer.


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