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In this widely circulated image of Aisha Gombi Bakari, you can see the homemade revolving shotgun that she uses to hunt Boko Haram Islamic terrorists.  The lock up does not look impressive, but it will do for a small number of shots.

The cylinder is probably turned by hand. There are index cuts to make sure it’s lined up with the barrel. Aisha is supposed to be paid about $25 a month, but the payments are spotty. An official has recently been indicted on embezzeling $1.8b dollars marked for anti-terrorism efforts.

It appears she has factory ammunition. Even very poor people with limited tools can make repeating shotguns. But they would be far better served with AK47s, GPS, radios and real support from their government.

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  1. The government in Nigeria isn’t trying very hard to beat the BH. Anti-terror money is flowing into their pockets and who wants to ruin a sweet deal like that? They know where the BH operates yet they have ceded large swaths of territory to them. Corruption at its finest.

    • Well, it’s no wonder Nigeria doesn’t have the money to give the anti-terrorist fighters.
      I, personally will receive well over $20 million from various government agents; all I had to do is turn over my banking information so they could wire me the money, after I paid a small handling charge. I am assured the money is forthcoming.

  2. A shotgun is just about the best defensive weapon there is. But if you’re taking the fight to the bad guys( and no, more dead soldiers, boko haram isn’t a group of freedom fighters) you need a rifle. And machine guns. And mortars. And armor. And…..a sword in case all else fails.

    • A shotgun is just about the best defensive weapon there is.

      At ranges to about 10 yards and facing a few attackers, I agree.

      When you are defending yourself from attackers who are 100 yards away and there are dozens of them, a shotgun is useless.

      • Slugs would still be fairly effective out at that range. Obviously not ideal, but is an option in an emergency.

        • Good for her! I’m glad someone is standing up to BH. She does need/deserve to have a rifle.

          Also, call me sexist, but war should generally be men’s work. As C.S. Lewis said, “battles are ugly when women fight”.

          Still, it is better that she fight with her homemade shotgun than die without it.

      • When I praise a shotgun for self defense I’m praising it’s utility in a typical American house defense situation.

        This woman here needs a Lee Enfield.

  3. Thanks
    I have been trying to find stories about African gunsmiths. I have seen BBC pictures of them hand carving gun stocks. They have very few power tools. I’m writing a college paper on poor people and guns. This is a great reference.

    This reminds me of the beginnings of the Deacons For Defense and Justice. They started out with just 22 caliber rifles and break action shot guns.
    Within a year they had M1 rifles and Thompson Sub Machine Guns. The second amendment is for everyone.

    • Have you seen the gunsmiths in Afghanistan making fairly nice semi-auto handguns and rifles in extremely primitive conditions? Look it up if you have not already. You will be astounded.

    • It’s kind of sad that some people don’t realize that guns are just specialized machine tools that can themselves be made of off the shell tools. I’ve seen videos of illicit gun smiths in the Philippines churning out commercial quality 1911 copies in grass huts in the woods.

      • That paper would be interestig to read. Look up then Khyber Pass, thats a place in afghanistan a lot of gun copies and oddly designed improvised guns come from. Forgotten Weapons on youtube has a few good videos on khyber pass guns.

  4. Several bomb runs with B52’s and B1and B2 bombers loaded with 1000 lbs. HE will work nicely. Don’t worry about so called collateral damage. We all know they hide among civilian populations. A price must be paid to remove the evil. The biggest reason we no longer defeat these types of evil is because they know we won’t attack them when they hide among civilians. We won WW II simple because We knew in order to stop the evil many would have to die. You can compare it to cancer surgery, Sometimes you have to take some good parts in order to get the bad and save the whole.

  5. Something seems a miss here and with the other “trackers” who hunt boko haram and other terrorist groups in Africa. Most of the trackers I have seen photos of have and use shotguns.

    How does that work exactly? They do not seem to have big numbers or are well coordinated. They are going up at the least AK’s (it is Africa). Jihadis often run in packs so how are a couple trackers with shotguns going to seriously take on 10+ guys with AK’s?

    Government anti-terrorist and anti-poacher squads often suffer casualties when fighting armed young men. And those government units are way better armed then these trackers. At first glance it looks like an entitlement/welfare program. I very well could be wrong but someone has got to show me the details.

    • If she and the others are true trackers/hunters with real skills, they probably don’t assault a group of ten guys with AKs. You would track them as a group, and pick them off individually as opportunities arise. Even terrorists have to wander off to take a shit now and again. It’s very likely that most of the Boko Haram assholes aren’t well-trained, relying on their numbers to intimidate, not their battlefield skills. BH are mostly young guys who joined up because having a real job sucks, not because they are elite warriors.

      • With the sword I could see taking them out on the sly – but with a scatter gun? And the length of that shotty does not lend itself to any kind of in close assassinations.

        Again they are trackers not force recon. If they are just tracking for a team or unit I could totally believe that.

        Yeah African bandits are not great anythings but many/most will at least return fire. I just can’t see a bunch of African versions of Mic Dundee taking out a B.K. cell with break open shotguns (that is what I have seen before this chick seems to have the deluxe model of tracker long guns).

        Again, could happen I just want details. I am skeptical as I am fairly familiar with how third world fecal holes work. The idea of a bunch of indigenous trackers (especially if they too are Muslim) w/ inferior weapons taking out a bunch of Jihadi A-holes is exactly what pale-faces love to hear. This has many of the markings of security theater.

    • One adapts one’s tactics to the tools available or vice vera. A prolific collection of shotguns, especially in a place where the AK-47 is ubiquitous, strongly suggests that the preferred tactic is very close range ambush. From the sidewalk to a car on the street, or across the room in a house, the shotgun is king.

      Of course, seeing only one individual, who happens to be armed with a shotgun, might only mean that this person happens to be the shotgunner in a squad with mixed arms.

      Or it could be that the scatter gun is being loaded with something special, chemical, impact detonating explosively fragmenting and incendiary, as well as flechets cone to mind.

      Also, where true machine guns aren’t readily available, a couple of shotguns with heavy shot can substitute to provide suppressive fires well out beyond their ‘effective’ range.

      Or, loaded with sabot slugs, this gun may be a dedicated anti vehicle weapon.

  6. Cylinders and mag fed? I’m having a difficult time on understanding…
    Maybe I just need more coffee.

    • Look closely. The “magazine” appears to be made of wood. Possibly put there for looks, to make her weapon appear to be a mag-fed rifle.

    • Doesn’t appear to be a magazine. Maybe it protects some otherwise exposed aspect of the lockwork. Maybe it holds a few extra shells.
      Personally, I think its just a block to keep the trigger guard from getting smashed when swung open too far.

    • There are revolvers, shotgun revolvers specifically, that the cylinders can be removed to allow a full load to be dropped in.
      Also, the cylinder is a mag, just a very crude one.

  7. If that lady uses that crude shotgun to fight terrorists, she’s brave indeed. I wish her the best of luck.

  8. True story. A few years ago a brief news account appeared about a group of revolutionaries/bandits who were decimated as they approached a remote village in the area where Congo and Uganda meet. As the band of 20 armed men approached the isolated village, they began loosing men. One at a time, at random intervals, somebody would be shot or just disappear from the band. This kept up as they moved closer to the village until, finally, having lost several of their band, they decided that it might be a good idea to go plunder another village. Obviously, somebody in that village knew how to fight and, even better, knew how to stalk an armed band in the jungle without being caught. Although I looked, nothing more was said about this. That village had somebody in it that was damned good. Hunters are useful when you need to hunt other hunters. We should not underestimate the ability to tribal societies to take care of themselves.

  9. In most of the third world a shotgun is allowed. Any size caliber rifle is considered a military weapon and is banned from the civilian population.

    I think in the state of Ohio until recently you could only hunt with a shotgun or black powder only. These crazy laws are in America as well.

    • What you say about Ohio is true: now straightwall cartridge rifles are allowed for white tail. Until a couple of years ago though it was shotgun, black powder or nothing.

  10. With a few notable exceptions most of Africa is hopelessly corrupt and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

  11. “An official has recently been indicted on embezzeling $1.8b dollars marked for anti-terrorism efforts.”

    That’s impressive even by Chicago standards.

  12. When fighting for your life you use what you got ! This is a serious lesson we in the west need to heed, even when the odds are not in your favor you need to fight on. In the battle with these parasites on humanity there is no dignity in surrender.

  13. I will pledge $5ØØ in four payments of $125 each for three years to support her via direct payments (circumventing the corruption that’s robbing her and her compatriots blind).

    Put up- Or shut up, so called supporters.

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