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Soon-to-be Ex-NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly (courtesy

“Outgoing Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly wants to take half a dozen detectives to protect him and his family after he leaves the NYPD, DNAinfo New York has learned. “Citing the fact that he will remain a ‘high profile target’ after he leaves office, Kelly informed insiders at Police Headquarters that he will request the contingent of detectives — each will remain on the city payroll making about $120,000 a year — to shepherd him around town and protect him and his family during their travels.” Three-quarters of a million dollars to protect a former Police Chief who’s about to pull down at least that much per year as Head of Security for JPMorgan? Plus royalties from his forthcoming hagiography? And speaker’s fees that could double his income? Geddowdaheah! And while some might say “wimp” I couldn’t possibly comment.

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  1. If six unemployed people can be found to volunteer and can be trained, they should be provided, at minimum wage. He doesn’t deserve any less.

    • Actually, he does deserve less. A lot less, in fact. How about we go ahead and round that down to zero bodyguards, much less armed ones (which would automatically make this anti-gun POS a flaming hypocrite anyway).

      • …this pig of a Human Being deserves to be tried for treason…found guilty and hung..along with he and his family (and corrupt friends) who have benefited from his corrupt conduct all along…find them all guilty of treason and hang them..


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

        • Oh, go on, R.J. Tell us how you really feel.

          Anyway, I wouldn’t go so far as that. But he definitely does NOT deserve any armed guards. After all, he could just call the police if he needs any help right? I mean, NYC is supposed to be safe with all those stringent gun control schemes, is it not?

          Oh, wait…

          He’s an arrogant little shit for thinking he’s that damned important. Nobody, but nobody, would even know his name if he left NYC. Come to think of it, that’s exactly what he should do if he really did make that enemies there, which really wouldn’t surprise me being the anti-rights, Statist shill piece of gutter trash that he did ultimately proved to be.

          His request for bodyguards is simply more proof positive of what we’ve all known all along: gun control in any form or fashion on any level doesn’t work at all.

  2. I am honestly flabbergasted to hear that a New York City police detective makes $120,000 per year. I guess I got into the wrong business.

    Or is $120,000 per year the total cost per officer — including benefits, supplies, patrol car, expenses, etc.?

    • He’s afraid that if he doesn’t have security, some citizen that didn’t like his policies might try to “stop-and-frisk” him.

  3. Did anyone else notice that the two promiently featured guns were “dressed up” mini 14 and an sks? I know that picture has probably been out for awhile but it’s the first time I ve seen it.

    • I noticed the one in his hand was a ska with tapco, wonder if NYPD dressed it with that tapco to make it look scarier…

      • +1

        I was gonna post the exact same thing when I saw it. I could see the NYPD wanting to remove the wood stocks from those guns to make them “look scarier”.

    • Yeah I noticed the same. They probably confiscated them in original condition and then put the tactical stocks and goodies to make them look more scary. Because wood stocks and low-capacity mags aren’t nearly “assault weapon” enough for the NY elite.

  4. Give him a .38 snubby and advise him not to let the door hit him on the ass when he leaves.

    • Why would he deserve ccw more than any other citizen? Let JPMorgan pay their protectors protection.

        • But until everyone else in NY does have that right, he should obey their draconian laws like every other civilian. Police are still civilians, they can follow the same laws the rest of us do.

        • He is obeying their draconian laws – cops get a carve out. That’s part of what makes them draconian. Now politicians on the other hand…

  5. Why does he need bodygaurds? He helped to create a gun free paradise in NY. Is he admitting the failure of gun control?

    • That’s what I was wondering. NYC has some of the most strict gun laws in the nation… why should he have to worry?

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if he was. It also wouldn’t surprise me if body armor was illegal either in NYS or NYC. Naturally, the Statist liberal overlords would happily give one of their own some kind of special dispensation permit or something.

      Conversely, why should he even have to worry? NYC has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, right? 😉

  6. I’d like to see a survey enumerating how many New Yorkers know the Commissioner’s name and how many recognize his face. Since I’ll bet that number is down around zero I simply can’t imagine that he is a target anymore than the rest of the city’s citizens are. What should be is that all of NY’s state and city laws on firearms possession should be repealed, the he and everyone else can provide for their own defense.

  7. You can’t say the guy doesn’t have a real set of brass balls. The hypocrisy and sense of entitlement, though completely predictable, is still pretty astounding. He’s going to work for JPMorgan fercrisakes, let them and their shareholders pick up the tab for the jerk.

    • He wants the armed bodyguard, one would guess, because it will keep him seeming important, official, and “high profile” as he goes about his JPM duties. It’s the security consultant version of wearing Marc Jacobs or such. Otherwise he might seem overpaid for such an old, slow, wrinkly guy. Nothing says ‘big wig’ like young armed bodyquards in suits. Additionally, he won’t have to lean on JPM to get gun permits for his goons. They are already exempted. The scams never end. If somebody goes after Kelly, it will probably be some JPM staffer resentful of the new Full War on Terror security BS. I note he’s going to work for a corporation that has recently acknowledged committing a host of indictable federal felonies….for which they only have to pay money. No jail time.

  8. Should the retiring police commissioner qualify, he should absolutely be allowed to purchase a SAFE Act compliant 7 round handgun. At his own expense – the taxpayers have already paid him a fortune. Let the commissioner navigate the long and convoluted process to obtain a carry permit, and allow his family the same.

    Other than that, this man shouldn’t pull a single cent in taxpayer-funded protection.

    • I imagine the soon to be former commish and his family will have a much easier time navigating the NYC permit maze than mere mortal groundlings would.

  9. Ray, Ray, Ray… It must be hard to bounce awake at night with the sudden realization that you will shortly be one of us, a minion. Of course, as a retired LEO you can conceal carry anywhere you reasonably want to, which is not something we can say, but hey, we’ll give you that.

    I mean, what really do any of us have to fear, particularly in a gun-free zone the size of NYC? I mean, who would be out to get you once you hang up the blues? Certainly not one of the 2.7 million participants in the degradation you perpetuated for Walking While Brown. I mean, it was for the common good, so certainly no one will fault you for invasion of personal liberty and all that jazz. I mean, really. This is the 21st Century. Certainly the good citizens of New York will foster their good will and gratitude on you and your family as you deserve as true leaders in the progressive movement.

    New Yorkers could do no less, I mean they just elected a Sandinista the new mayor – they are a truly enlightened, progressive ground swell that will put you on their shoulders as a hero of the revolution. I daresay you will never have to pay for as much as a cup of coffee in New York as the citizenry – if I dare call them that – will line up to share their gratitude for your enlightened leadership.

    So, Ray, what’s there to be afraid of? I mean really? What is it that frightens you? You are living the high life in the progressive capital of a brave new world you helped create. Embrace it and welcome the peoples’ gratitude for your service.

  10. There are aldermen (and former maor daley)in chiraq who think the same thing. Guess what – FOAD! You created a utopia that is so safe and secure, all you have to do is worry about the sh!t the ponies and unicorns leave on the golden paved streets under the rainbow.

    And if incoming NYC mayor Deblasio goes along with this crap, he needs to be called out. Same for Bloomberg – you don’t get or need a security detail. You are perfectly safe in YOUR paradise.

    I will take it one step further – we need to make sure ANY former govt official in any level of govt who made it their mission to disarm us is themselves left defenseless when they give up these cushy govt jobs. No need for police and secuirty when you made us all safe. C**ksuckers.

  11. Maybe the real danger he faces is from activities at JP Morgan? Then again there’s probably a lot of pissed off innocent people who have been “Stopped and Frisked.”

  12. The man needs to learn to shoot by taking a personal defense course at far less cost.

    I can grudgingly accommodate security for high profile politicians. But I’d never heard of this guy except perhaps in passing before today. If the citizens of NYC want to pay for it, fine.

    But I think it’s absurd.

    • Oh hell no!! Have you seen how “accurate” NYPD shoots? Hell he would kill 37 innocent bystanders and 14 people in the Statue of Liberty tryin to shoot a rabid dog in his own yard!! Screw him!! He is nothing more or less important than anyone else in NYC. Let him fend for himself!!! What a puss!!

    • +1 on the not high profile thing, I thought they might be talking about R Kelly the rapper until I read the whole article.

  13. And this is precisely how our economy crumbles. Not from the top down but the bottom up. Our cities and some of our states will have to eventually realize that they can’t pay for all the pensions and perqs that they have promised political appointees and public sector union members for the last 50 years. The fed can just keep printing money, but Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, etc. can only finance themselves with debt for so long. And the fed can’t afford to bail them all out.

  14. In NYC you can only carry a gun if you can pass the “poll tax” of affording to hire a gun caddy to carry it for you.

  15. I think he’s an egotistical delusional person.
    What makes him think he’s any more of a target then the next guy?
    As the Commissioner of NYC police. The only enemies he might have made are the common man, who he looked down on all his public carrier,,,,,,,,,

  16. Remember that this is the same guy who when he first retired from the NYCPD got his mustering out physical and the doc noted a “heart murmur”. Under the insane union inspired “heart bill” for cops, he has been collecting 3/4 pay (a 100,000 bucks a year ) for several decades already and will until his death. This on top of his retirement pay from the Marine Corps reserves. Plus whatever he gets from the Feds for his duty as head of US Customs service. Gotta love this guy…

  17. I believe Ray Kelly has Many enemies after decades being at the NYPD. He needs something, but not 6 full-time Detectives.

  18. Meanwhile, Mike Bloomberg, New York’s own Little Napoleon, has hired his entire 17-man armed security detail. Seventeen guys with guns at about $150,000 a year each. I believe he’s paying for them out of his own pocket. He’s probably using all the money he saved by having on-the-clock NYC employees run MAIG.

    He won’t let a New Yorker get a pistol permit without a “donation,” but he has seventeen guys with Uzis covering his ass.

  19. Yeah, and I want to hit the lottery and have Jenifer Aniston show at my door in the middle of the night cold wet naked and scared! How’s it feel to want?

    • Outstanding observation tdiinva, Rick Rescorla was/is a real American patriot and hero. Kelly is an elitist shill.

  20. I seem to recall that when Mayor Richard Daley (King Richard the First, not his son) retired, he was provided a security detail of three police officers, i.e., one officer for each eight hour shift. Seems to me that that should be sufficient for any high profile politico, especially for someone living in the “safest big city in the country” (TM). Nor did he live in some high security condo, but rather in a modest three bedroom bungalow that he and his wife had lived in for fifty years. (His lieutenants couldn’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar, but Hiz Honer was actually a very modest man in terms of worldly goods.)

  21. Do I want that SKS stock for my beauty of a Russian model? It has the hammer and sickle on it and the proof marks of the factory it was rebuilt at.

  22. 10 miles out of NYC no one would would even know who he was. What an arrogant shit he is, to even think he is that important after he retires.

  23. Quickly! I need armed men to protect me from the peons and their guns so they don’t hurt me! Oh wait they cant have guns…well I can keep my guns and need body guards because im better then you!

    Go fuck a nice day commissioner.

  24. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: He’s a punk. Now that he’s going to become one of the “sorta” Common People, he’s afraid he or his family will be attacked? By who, the rabid Republicans?

    I know he was counting on the DHS goon protection when he became Secretary, but now that DC is too hot for him this feeding from the public trough has got to stop. Half a mil a year in NYC money to protect his well-padded butt? Watch De Blasio point and ROTFL at that one. Maybe if he was from Chicago, but not New York, which is completely fed up with Bloomberg and his cronies’ municipally-funded gravy trains.

    If JPMorgan thinks his hide is that valuable, they will provide the bodyguards, as they routinely do for other, lower-profile executives. Of course, if his overhead cost is that high (in both dollars and karma), they might just rethink their employment offer. After all, don’t they have enough trouble with pretty much every homeowner on the planet without adding a municipal gang-banger to the payroll?

  25. I thought NYC agreed with the SCOTUS in saying that police had no duty to protect any individual citizen… I suppose they meant just us, the lowly peasants.

  26. He is a have and he is protecting himself from the have nots. Nothing more. Our gov, the banks and most corporations are all intertwined with each other, even though many are at war with each other at the same time much like in politics and agencies like the CIA, but this is what those that join forces with the rulers of this nation do, they have protection because they are future targets and they will suck as much tax-payer money they can so the don’t have to spend their own or their owners money. In general people from NYC think they are special, can you imagine the ego of some in power from there like this a-hole? I imagine this guy doesn’t even wipe his own butt anymore.

  27. No government employee should have tax payer provided bodyguards. I would even disband the Secret Service. Let the government employee hire protection out of their own paychecks, not mine.

  28. Sounds like a NY tax payer problem to me. Mr. bloomberg could afford to pay that. Arent they big buds?

  29. If having the entire population of NYC disarmed for the concept of safety for everyone is good enough for the average citizen, why isn’t it for him? Or…is he willing to admit that the archaic gun laws of NYC do not keep one safe? Because if he needs armed guards…he’s admitting it’s not safe at out there…and unless everyone is getting six armed guards…why not entrust them to at least be their own guard?

  30. Let him pay their salaries out of his own pocket. Or once he’s retired let him apply for a CCW permit in NY LOL. In other word FOAD him and Bumberg.

  31. He’s 72. He’s almost dead anyways. He probably won’t last 5 more years, so that’ll be around 30 million total.

  32. Jamie Dimon and the top executives at JP Morgan chase have armed security, who are probably ex-NYPD anyway. He’s close enough to the c-suite to get some of those guys on his detail on the company dime.

  33. In reference to the Boston bombing Raymond Kelly said there is no guarantee of safety in a free society. Go be free Ray, just not at the taxpayers’ expense.

  34. 120k? Wow, that’s almost 100k more than I pulled serving in the Army. Talk about picking the wrong job. Should’ve known corruption paid more.

  35. Looks to me like he’s setting up a few of his chums for overtime, expense accounts and free holidays. Crook.

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