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In the wake of the Springfield Armory/Rock River Arms deal with anti-gun Illinois legislators, Sioux Falls-based retailer Gunway has issued the following press release:

Gunway Liquidates Springfield and Rock River Inventory; Donates Proceeds to NRA-ILA

SIOUX FALLS, SD, May 1st, 2017 – In response to Springfield Armory and Rock River Armory’s selling out our Second Amendment rights in exchange for Illinois state anti-gun regulatory exemptions and for their support of anti-gun legislators, Gunway, Inc. will immediate liquidate their inventory, at cost, of the aforementioned brands across their locations and donate all proceeds to the NRA-ILA to fight for our Second Amendment rights.

“We sell thousands of firearms per year between our two gun shops and ranges and the number of firearms we sell will increase dramatically with our planned growth this year,” states Dan Hall, CEO of Gunway, “We categorically denounce Springfield and Rock River’s actions. We will no longer stock their products in our stores.”

Gunway encourages other gun shops to follow suit.

About Gunway
Gunway is a Veteran-owned and operated company of gun shops and ranges with locations in Sioux Falls, SD and Pompano Beach, FL. Gunway focuses on customer service, competitive retail prices, and a try-before-you-buy approach along interactive live fire training simulators (ever wanted to shoot zombies in the head? Now you can at a Gunway range).

For more information about Gunway visit or email us at [email protected].

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  1. Yeah, been reading about quite a few gun stores having ‘Sellout Sales’ on SA and RRA stock…I think this is going to leave a mark.

    • Was I the only one who felt violated by the Saint marketing campaign? I felt the sellout at SHOT.

      Looks like my spidy instincts were right. The knee-deep BS covering floor of the Springfield booth area at The SHOT Show was staggering, and only outdone by the full color display of cooperate arrogance.

      • I wonder if this flap has anything to do with the promo SA is running:

        Purchase ANY new Springfield Armory® 9MM, .40SW OR .45ACP pistol February 1 – June 30, 2017 and receive:


        “Defend Your Legacy”

        Bite me. That sad thing is (if you can call it sad), is that SA finally started making a poly gun I was considering buying. The XD-E.

        Not any more.

        • Yeah if only Springfield actually made their Plastic Fantastic xd’s. They’re actually made by another manufacturer in a different country and relabeled and imported by Springfield as the XD Series of pistols what a joke.

  2. That’s how you hurt SA and RRA. Don’t go after them, go after their distribution pipeline. Once the orders dry up, it may be time for a principled member of the gun community to buy up their operations at the bankruptcy fire sale. Given the current climate, I guarantee that they are financially leveraged to the gills. Shut down their distribution pipeline for a couple of months, and they go under.

      • Bob Owens is rowing with both oars out of the water.

        Wonder what nom de plume he’s posting under defending the despicable duo? (SA/RRA)

        • Maybe Bob Owens is getting sponsored by SA a/or RRA…

          At this point, anyone who supports either company is a sellout to the 2A.

        • Owens shows off freebies he is sent (last was a CZ, check his site)

          Lots of industries give out free stuff for good reviews (Amazon Vines is an extreme example)

          Reviewers like this rave about stuff to keep freebies rolling in.

    • As much as I understand the contempt for SA and RRA, and notwithstanding the fact that they deserve to get bit in the @$$ for their self-serving sellout, truth is that losing either or both of those companies would not be good for Illinois gun owners.

      And the other truth is that neither of those companies is going anywhere. Despite what we read here and on other gun blogs, 99% of gun buyers don’t know about their politics and will buy their products (or not) based on the product, not the politics.

      • We’ll see.

        I would rather see gun companies leave IL. The state is broke, and more high profile companies leaving would hurt the state pols more than the Citizens. Plus, the smart folks already are putting IL in the rear view mirror.

        • “more high profile companies leaving would hurt the state pols more than the Citizens.”

          ‘Scuze me? How do you figure?

          Regardless what happens to what’s left of Illinois industry, Madigan and the rest of the Chicago criminals in Springfield will keep getting elected by the entitled idiots who have voted for them forever.

          If SA or RRA leave, get bought out or go tits-up, honest, hard-working, freedom-loving American citizens in Henry County employed by these two companies will be unemployed and the local economy would be thrown into the crapper.

          Sheesh. Take an economics course.

        • Curtis in IL:

          If SA or RRA leave IL, then those “honest, hard-working, freedom-loving American citizens in Henry County employed by these two companies” have every opportunity to “vote with their feet” and follow them to another, more-freedom-loving state. Did you miss that part in Economics class?

      • Maybe you’re right, but wouldn’t it be uesful to hurt them a little so that they take that into consideration the next time they make a business decision that adversely effects their customers?

      • If the bill passes, losing them does present a hiccup for IL gun buyers, since there won’t be a “zero-rated” major Left to choose from. Other than that, I fail to see the cost to IL gun buyers. But, I may be missing something, living outside of IL.

        As for the gun buyers who don’t care about politics, they might not. But, when distributors refuse to carry them, the 99% won’t be able to buy them. And that means buying something else new or buying used – both cases resulting in $0 towards SA/RRA coffers. Calling for boycotts is pretty meaningless, I agree, but shutting the pipeline will kill a manufacturer.

  3. That’s all well and good, but after the deal the NRA-ILA cut with the Texas legislature this week I’m not sure that’s the organization I’d donate the money to.


    • If you are an NRA member, call them today and urge them to take action against the Illinois bill.

      The idea of SA/RRA proceeds going towards fighting those very companies is perfect.

      • I just replied to the NRA-ILA guy that emailed me the alert about the bill, asking if he was aware of SA/RRA involvement in supporting the bill, and what specifically he/NRA was doing to spread THAT newsworthy item

    • Yep. The NRA isn’t about the 2A anymore. Now it’s about their instructors instead of the individual. They refused to answer any of my repeated attempts to get answers about their ‘A’ ratings of Tennessee politicians, despite those same pols killing pro2A bills in subcommittees. I called and emailed and the best I ever got was “we’ll have to get back to you”. I’m no longer a member. I’ve joined the GOA, and we’ll see how that goes.

  4. Kudos to them for taking the stance. Time for us (me) to order something from Gunway, in support of this effort.

      • Actually that makes it easier. Dissolve it, fire their lobbyists, claim plausibly deniability and start over with new names.

        • Deniability is only plausible if their lobbyist doesn’t have documented communication with RRA and SA that shows they knew what kind of deal he was going to cut. I’m not saying that such documentation exists, but the fact that he hasn’t been thrown under the bus yet does seem a bit suspicious.

    • They are the IFMA. Dennis Reese, Springfield CEO/owner, is the President and his dad (I believe) is the secretary. Springfield and RRA created the IFMA, are the only companies associated with it, and run it. The IFMA is comprised of four people from those two companies plus their paid lobbyist.

    • Even if they dump IFMA the bill is still in motion. Unless they can defeat the bill in the house or governor office I don’t see how they could possibly get the stink off for years to come

  5. 1. Selling troubled inventory at cost can sometimes be a benefit to the seller. Sure beats taking a beating on it.
    2. Were they already giving that much a year to ILA, or is this a one time donation? (if giving large donations to ILA was already part of their business practice, that’s reason to buy from them in and of itself)

    • Hi FedUp, Springfield pistols, particularly the XDs, were a popular seller for us. Even with their recent actions, we have no doubt that some people will still buy Springfield products. There may be a slow down but selling product at cost is lost revenue for us but we feel it is the right thing to do. In terms of the donation to the ILA, this will be above and beyond our normal support of the NRA and NSSF. We will be following up with TTAG on the donation once our inventory is liquidated. Thanks,

      Dan Hall
      CEO, Gunway

      • Thank you Dan for making a stand.
        Yes this will be a financial loss to you since you already cut a check to them for the stock you have.
        At least this will move the product out of your store, and you can stock it with something different.
        It is my sincere hope that more retailers will follow suit. It is time we as a market wake up and pay attention.
        Maybe we can get distributors to cut off supplying California? Yes I am stuck here behind enemy lines. As long as the LEO’s, and State government don’t feel the inch, then they will continue to do what ever they want.
        If retailers, and distributors stopped doing business with them, then they would act. Yes it puts our LEO’s in a bind, but what other way can we force the politicians to change their minds. They have a super majority at the moment.

        • Dan, get them to stop suppling California LEOs and departments with any firearm that is not legal for a legal resident to buy.

          LE are civilians and do not have any rights over other residents. This is the type of thing that stresses the militarization of police. Any product for martial arts use that is legal to police should be legal to all Californians. This includes batons, numchucks, shocking devices and containment devices like shackles, handcuffs, etc. Sap gloves and the like are not legal here, but there are officers that have them in different departments.
          Higher capacity mags, even stock mags that came with the gun as well as the gun should be legal for all. We can not even get many C&R handguns because the mags hold more then 10 rds. If you use a mag made for another gun that holds 10 or fewer rds, it really affects if they are still C&R(to other collectors and maybe even the ATF). Sadly, I can not buy a CZ82 because of the 12 rd mag, unless I want to purchase a CZ83 mag that holds 10 rds. I can’t even get one with a disassembled mag, so that I could make it a 10rds.

      • Some of us may not think that the NRA is the best choice, but I thinknwe all agree that what you are doing is outstanding! We can only hope that other retailers will follow suit. Best of luck going forward and the utmost respect to you.

      • Some of us may not think that the NRA is the best choice, but I think we all agree that what you are doing is outstanding! We can only hope that other retailers will follow suit. Best of luck going forward and the utmost respect to you.

      • Thank you Dan! !As a resident of Illinois I am used to being betrayed. I will tell the MANY FB groups I belong to buy from you too!

      • Hey Dan, I’m about 20 minutes from Pompano, Florida & don’t see any listing for your shop. Where are you?


  6. excellent may they not be able too make a buck in the USA again! We are too support them as they sell out us deplorable s, they probably donated too the Demonic Party of Jackass’s as well.
    The only bad part is the workers have too suffer for the Big wig Wank BS,

    • Hi Travis, thanks for pointing that out. This situation and Springfield’s actions have developed very quickly. We immediately pulled our physical SA and RRA inventory down after TTAG’s last post. I will ensure that we pull their product down from our website as well.

      Dan Hall
      CEO, Gunway

      • Dan, are you the fellow who was quoted last week as saying you pulled them off the shelves to get people to stop heckling your sales staff about the SB1957 sellout?

        What’s the general consumer market looking like for Springfield, do you think this is likely to cost them lasting pain and/or insolvency?

        • Hi FedUp, our two stores didn’t see any push back from the original IL bill, although to be fair, our stores are not located in IL. I imagine IL gun consumers feel much more strongly. I don’t think this debacle will hit SA or RRA hard in their pocket books (most gun consumers will be ignorant of their actions) but they do have a full-blown PR nightmare on their hands that will make other brands take notice. And that is at least something.

          Dan Hall
          CEO, Gunway

        • “they do have a full-blown PR nightmare on their hands that will make other brands take notice. ”

          Just ask United. American Airlines was very quick to publicly change (e.g. increase) their own reimbursement policy for overbooking after the United debacle came to light.

          This episode might make other OEMs & lobbying groups a little more sensitive to who (and what bills) they support going forward.

          Couldn’t hurt.

      • As an Illinois resident, I want to express my sincere thanks for your willingness to take a stand, even if it means you loose revenue. Good luck to you, and Thanks!

  7. I am now going to have to liquidate my ownership of an NIB SA M1A Loaded and go procure a James River copy.

    • If it’s liquidated by fire (lost-at-sea is kinda suspicious), would firearm insurance cover it? Although now I suppose that saavy insurance types will now view all claimed total losses of SA and RRA firearms as suspicious lol.

    • The Springfield is a copy too, and a less faithful one at that. Springfield Armory, Inc. is not even a descendant of the famous Springfield Armory and is not even in Springfield.

  8. Some a$$clown on mahogany row dicks up and then lets the shareholders and employees eat the sht sandwich so he doesn’t have to admit his wrong doing and fall on his sword to save the others.

    • I wonder if HS Produkt in Croatia knows what’s going on yet? On the bright side, it’s a fine firearm. Someone will rebrand it stateside and keep the lights on in Karlovac.

      • Dunno. They signed a long-term contract with SA in 2001 according to this page:

        Maybe someone should give them a heads-up before their contract gets renewed/renegotiated/whatever.

        They seem to make a decent product. Shame for them to suffer for the apparently duplicitous actions of a business partner.

        • that “long term” contract likely has a contingency for when one party voluntarily sticks their penis into a hornet’s nest.

  9. Curious to know what the SA Range Officer dealer cost equals? Consumers near their physical stores are in for a super sales day!

  10. That escalated quickly. I imagine if the Ruger and Smith betrayal had occurred in this connected information age neither company would have survived.

  11. Was just at the lugs. Watched two sales people walk customers right past Springfield armory pistols and on to glocks and sigs.
    Wow. I don’t know what they are going to do with their stock, but it doesn’t seem like they are too keen on selling it.
    When one of the patrons asked about an xd, the sales person said and I quote ” oh those? You don’t want those.”

  12. I do feel bad for the hourly workers who could lose their jobs because of the stupid actions of some idiots in the big offices. As usual the innocent will suffer while the top execs will get huge buyouts if the company is liquidated.

  13. There is a lesson for all gun manufactures. Get out of anti-gun states. Eventually you are going to be forced to make an accommodation with the powers that be and the wrath of the community will put you out of businesd.

    • Sure. They should all do what Magpul did, right?

      Meanwhile Henry is in New Jersey.
      Sturm, Ruger & Co. is in Connecticut.
      Mossberg is in Connecticut.
      Smith & Wesson is in Massachusetts.
      Savage Arms is in Massachusetts.
      Springfield is in Illinois.

      There must be reasons why they stay where they are.

      • I think Ruger is HQ’d in Prescott, Arizona. Says so right on their guns. They may have another plant elsewhere.

      • And Barrett is in California. Henry is in Bayone, New Jersey, of all places. Mossberg is in Connecticut. Kahr is headquartered in New York (but I think they moved their plant across the border into Pennsylvania). Beretta USA is in Maryland. And Remington is in….no one cares where Remington is. So your point is? Politics doesn’t seem to be too much of a reason for major gun corps to pick up and move their factories elsewhere.

        • Barrett HQ is located in Murfreesboro TN, right down the road from me. It’s a lotta fun to take THAT tour.

        • Barrett is in Tennessee, as is Beretta.

          Certain companies have union shops which require timing to extricate themselves from. Some are as simple as the CEO’s wife doesn’t want to move.

          Regardless, NONE of them have pulled a backstabbing anti-2nd Amendment move like SA/ RRA/ IFMA

          Maybe they got promised Illinois LE contracts for their treachery.

          They should be nuked from orbit, just to be sure, the resultant craters serving as signposts for other manufacturers contemplating sleeping with the enemy.

        • Beretta’s HQ is still in Maryland. I didn’t know Ronnie had pulled up stakes.

      • This is really a reply to all.

        And I bet if you look hard enough they have all made accommodation with the powers that be at some point.

      • Only Ruger headquarters are in CT. Manufacturing is done at Newport, NH; Prescott, AZ, Mayodan, NC. There is some speculation that Mayodan will be new QH in the future. All versions of American Rim Fire, some American center fire, all AR556, all SR762, all SR 22 pistols, the original style LCP (not the II) are NC products. Also is their call center and home of Shop Ruger. NH is revolvers and other style rifles. AZ is semi auto pistols excluding the ones made in NC. General consensuses is that when the people in CT will retire that plug is pulled.

      • Henry may be in NJ, but they sourced many of their parts in Wisconsin, and are now manufacturing many guns in Rice Lake, WI (gun friendly state). My guess is that they are hedging their bets for the future. You can be sure that having long time employees and lots of families with ties to the area, like many folks, they are hesitant to uproot and move away.

        I’ve exchanged e-mails several times with the President Anthony Imperato. (He actually contacted me first over a website issue I’d found). He’s got his priorities straight.

        Doesn’t explain the other mfg’s, but suspect it is like the frog in the pot that is slowly heating up. Most are just sitting there trying to make do, not realizing they are slowly getting boiled to death.

        Change is a hard thing. (To paraphrase “the Duke”, it’s even harder when you’re stupid.”) Hopefully, as you point out, more mfg’s will move out of gun unfriendly states.

  14. Gunway is going to donate a bunch of money to the largest anti-gun organization in the US. That’ll teach ’em.

    • They’re pro-gun if you’re either one of their instructors or if you PAY their instructors for the PRIVILEGE to own a firearm.

  15. Drain the blood from their veins, then sent in the vaulters, rip apart what is left and make good use of it. Maybe someone actually believing in the 2A starts a new company on the ruble that will be left.

  16. BOTH Springfield and RRA immediately distanced themselves from the IL law and both said they were not aware that they were being given special consideration, and were not consulted about it, beforehand. I’m thinking we should all be giving them the benefit of the doubt.
    Even if it turns out that they DID know ahead of time, and distancing themselves was simply a response to all the bad press they got, we should STILL give them the benefit for the doubt, because it will be, in effect, “rewarding them” for responding to the “gun community” quickly and appropriately. Rewarding them for this will make them less likely to go along with anything similar in the future-a sort of “lesson learned” thing.


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