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I don’t know about you, but if I see someone pull a gun, I’m doing something. Run, fight, hide, something.

The “frustrated” woman above¬†should have been disarmed by speed, surprise and violence of action. Ever seen someone pull a gun? What did you do?

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  1. Other than at the range, I’m the only one I’ve ever seen “pull a gun.” Not completely relevant, since it was a shotgun… but still. The guy who was attacking me was not impressed and continued until I shot him. If I saw someone else pull a gun, I’d be looking for cover and trying to see what was really going on, if possible.

    Sometimes people just don’t pay attention when they should. This idiot, irresponsible gun owner is in a whole different class. And I’m not sure jail time is going to make much of a difference. Some people are simply not bright enough to come in out of the rain.

    • Yep. Reminds me of the somewhat recent Ocala Internet Cafe shooting. Lots of sheeple with no situational awareness. Except our hero:

  2. She should have went to Great Clips I never wait in line and never have to pay. I just go in there with my gun in my hand from the get go and I get the quickest service. She waited to pull her gun out that is where she messed up.

  3. Yep, twice. First time was a security guard who mistook myself and a buddy for people that had broken into a property earlier. We were just walking across a lighted parking lot at night and heard “FREEZE!” and glanced behind to see the gaping maw of doom – which is what a 12 gauge looks like from the business end – and a very nervous security guard. In that case, I did EXACTLY what he said. Took a couple of minutes to convince him we weren’t the droids he was looking for (couldn’t resist, sorry), and we went on our way, though the adrenaline took a while to abate.

    Second time was a police that drew down on a couple of guys in a car that were trying to drive away from a stop in a parking lot (perhaps I should avoid those?). I was outside, having a cigarette and watched it all go down about 50 feet away. When the cop drew, I went backwards around the corner of the building (a hotel), though I admit to continuing to peek around to see what was happening. When the people drove off – cop did not fire – he was radioing for help and missed seeing which way the driver went out of the parking lot. He ran up and asked me if I saw which way the car went. I replied hell no, you had the gun, I was watching you!

  4. Long story but at my old job (no longer employed at this hellhole) a woman who worked on payrole and a customer had an existing beef, well our employee made a crack about getting her a drink if she could spit in it (this was a restaurant) the customer very politely said that if there was a problem she’d like to speak outside so not to disturb the other customers. Well the two went outside and some heated words were exchanged before our employee’s son decided to be a complete moron and pull his rifle from their truck. I have no idea what exactly his intentions were and he was talked down before I could get to mine in the car but he was arrested a short time later and out employee was throughly chewed out and fired.

  5. Yep. Many years ago at a factory job. And in a bar because I was dancing with someone’s hag(unknown to me). Nothing happened in either although the idiot factory boy shoulda’ been arrested…

  6. Had a sawed off shotgun pointed at me and my mother as we drove to an appointment. He was a road rager, happened to be mad at someone else. Didn’t know it was a gun when I honked the horn, we both told him to quit picking on little old ladies, the person he was originally mad at. Then he proceeded to get out of the car, and yell at us, while we were looking at a double barrel. Police later told me it was loaded. Oh, happened 25 years ago, no cell phone at the time.

    Another time, waiting for a table at a well known Dallas Eatery in the bar. Someone was brave enough to come into the bar, at the back of the restaurant, and rob the cash register. I hid behind my brother’s date.

  7. Yes I few times while at work. Mostly just people mildly brandishing by raising a shirt or showing me the stock of a long gun from an open door of a house or vehicle. Never had one pointed at me but did have one old guy come at me at the low ready. I’ve had coworkers that had guns pointed at them before and one that had to dodge warning shots fired around his truck while exiting a customer’s property. 0/10 would not recommend it… all of this while having to leave my CCW in my personal truck per company regs….

      • Almost as bad… I am the cutoff man. I work for an Electric Utility and I get to turn off people’s power when they don’t pay the bill. Risk my hind end every day for $300 worth of unpaid electric usage. Oh well the benefits and retirement plan is good… if I ever get to use them!

  8. About 20 years ago I was driving north on I-35 on the south end of Dallas-Ft Worth right after it split into E and W and came up on a van that was pulled over by the local fuzz. Right when we got up to it a man took off running around the back of the van and up the hill and right behind him came the cop who drew his pis tol and pointed it up the hill as we passed.

    We kept driving.

  9. Wife did. She was alone at her business closing up in Las Vegas when an altercation happened next door. Three men, one seriously injured left the place and got into a car and left. Not even 30 seconds later, another man came out, and right in front of her shop (maybe 10′ away) pulled a revolved and fired multiple shots at the car. Wife hid as best she could and called 911. After that, she got her CCW and won’t be caught “naked” again.

  10. A few times; fired on once, guy emptied mag, not one hit. Evidence recovered at scene matched burglar’s gun that shot himself when home owner came home unexpectedly. Sweet justice.

  11. Four sheriff deputies, three city cops and two state troopers — all but one of those in the same instance when a beat-up old Chevy came screeching into a yard diagonally across the street, followed by two sheriff, one city, and one state cop car.

    We dropped behind the kitchen counter with its plywood construction and stainless steel liner until things got quiet, and afterward took one bullet out of my sister’s car door and another out of a tree by the driveway. Turned out the guy the cops were chasing had been seen dealing drugs, fled the scene at high speed and gone to ground at a friend’s house.

    Of some interest is that over the next three years there were four more drug busts at the same house. After the last the owner pulled it down and had it replaced with a very nice duplex, which he sold and then moved away; since then, no cops with flashing lights and guns pulled in the neighborhood.

    The other was when a friend and I were answering questions as witnesses to a scene when someone came charging up on a city cop’s right side without considering the fact that he would appear as a blur in the officer’s peripheral vision. The cop spun and drew at the same time; the guy rushing in did an impressive duck-and-slide worthy of sliding to home plate, putting his hands up while calling out that he’d seen the guy they wanted.

  12. Twice in civilian life: once at the Walmart I work for, the other on the street when a crackhead on W. Colfax cornered a dedicated winter cigar smoker in a business’s alley alcove, for an involuntary donation with the broken end of a surveying stick.
    I was tucked into another alcove a few spots down trying to enjoy my own cig break; this citizen had been standing huddled with both hands in his jacket, cigar clenched in teeth, when the crackhead zeroed in on him with obvious bad-intent. Once the idiot had a decent brick backstop behind him (instead of straight down the alley), out came the snub .357. No shots fired, crackhead ran, and the cigar was finished in due course.

    The other is a half-occurance, since during the second incident neither Walmart customers’ pistols (one OC, one concealed) actually cleared leather. A crazy guy in the store started screaming about cutting throats (but without a weapon); while everyone else scattered, these two took cover, immediately noticed each other as armed citizens and observed, hands on hilts. Crazy guy ran off, and they calmly went back to shopping. I don’t think anyone else even noticed those guys, but they certainly had picked up some knowledge about situational awareness.

  13. Yup. Ran for cover a couple of times (still got grazed once), took cover & shot back once, & one time the guy was drunk & so close, with his finger kind of jammed in behind the trigger on some crap revolver, that I just punched him in the face when he began to turn to point it at another guy. I was much younger, faster, stronger, (and less wise) in those days. Probably a few other instances where I was far enough away to just leave.

    What I would do today would vary significantly depending on the variables. GTFO is pretty high on my tactics menu, these days.

  14. 35 years ago headed up to the local high school gym on a Sunday night for an over 30 basketball league. Jogging, wearing a dark blue watch cap, dark hooded sweat shirt, sweat pants and carrying a dark duffle bag. Squad car going the same direction swings a U-Turn, lights come on, LEO exits car, takes position behind hood with pistol leveled at me. 10 minutes earlier someone had broken into an elderly man’s house and robbed him. I had passed within 100 feet of his house on my way to the school. I’m not carrying ID because no locks on the lockers at the gym. A little tense but because of small town, LEO and I had some mutual acquaintances. I was dressed like I came from central casting so understood the situation.

  15. as a kid i saw a car turn in front of our house trying to elude a squad. he hit and killed an old elm, then fled on foot. cops got out and one of them fired a few shots. missed.
    as a teen we were leaving the tally- ho at closing and these two nimrods started up with us. it escalated quickly and they pulled what was probably a .25 and threatened us with it. in one second “strogilo” (boy with large head, in greek) had the gunman’s arm locked straight up and made him drop it while “boom boom, where’s the action, leave the bottle” (got knocked out a lot, loved poker, drank jack) had the other kid in a choke hold. they relinquished, and if that doesn’t sound stupid enough, we gave them back their gat and let them drive away. as they passed i crouched behind a mailbox.
    at bedrocks one night, before the henchmen and wheelmen became angel’s and outlaws, some shorty took umbrage to our presence and shot apehanger in the face (again, probably a .25) point blank. i don’t even think he went to the horsepistol- the slug bounced off of his cheekbone and exited near his ear. they scooped up vato, never to be heard from again.
    one night i was stepping out on foot, taking the alley route, and saw a discrepancy with one guy shooting and another running. this was before the “shot in the ass- o- meter”, but would have qualified. i hid behind a tree. i mexican carried a p380 zinc special by this time but was not confronted. so i continued to the pm club.

  16. Once, about 20-25 years ago. I was a teen, on some scout trip headed back home, we’d stopped at a kinda shady looking McDonald’s right off the freeway. Our scoutmaster was either a active duty or recently retired LEO, I don’t remember which at the time. Some tweaker was trying to aggressively hustle us (I’d say it was robbery, but really he was just trying to scare a bunch of kids into giving up their dinner money, and I guess we were the easiest looking targets). Our scoutmaster verbally warned him off several times but when the guy just wouldn’t go away, he unholstered and basically told the guy that whether he knew it or not, he “didn’t want none.” Tweaker saw the gun, suddenly got polite and took off pretty quick. I guess he suddenly remembered where he left his wallet.

  17. Once, many, many years ago. A friend got into a heated argument with some redneck at a bar, and the disagreement tumbled outside. The redneck (who called himself the Griz) opened up his trunk and a pulled out a stainless .357 and pointed it at ME, even though my friend was the one he had an issue with. Filled with bottled courage (and the stupidity that accompanies it) I told him to go ahead and shoot. There was quite a crowd in the parking lot by now, and the barmaid came out and yelled that she had called the police. The Griz decided my life wasn’t worth it, put the gun back in his car, cursed at my friend, and drove off.

    I like to believe I am a little smarter today…

  18. I’ve never had a gun pulled on me, but have been in close proximity to a couple of police involved shootings and a takedown.
    The first was in New Orleans. A 16 year old thug held up two old people in front of my house.Unfortunately for him, a plain clothes cruiser was just happening by. The kid fled next to my house and around a corner, chased by two cops; he made the mistake of popping off a shot over his shoulder. That cost him his life with two shots to the back of his head (from about 40 feet).
    The second was a take-down in San Fransisco. I had just gone to bed (late) when I heard the unmistakable sound of breaking auto glass. I (made the mistake of) investigating the garage behind the building, and saw a Bic flickering inside the car that had been broken into. I called 911; must have been a quiet night, since the police showed up in, literally, 35 seconds. This huge black cop crept down the alleyway to the garage, saw what I had seen, and yelled “Freeze.” I guess the perp didn’t act appropriately, and the cope yelled, “I said freeze motherf***er!” This time, the guy complied.
    The final time was when a crackhead stole his mother’s car at 3 in the morning, and the police chased him from the next town up the road, while he was firing through the shattered back window. He ducked into my neighborhood, killed his lights and tried to hide. One of my neighbors, in the same colored car, was pulling out of her driveway to go to work; a cruiser followed her, lit her up, and then a rookie put two .357s through her back window and one thorough her side view mirror, a couple of hundred feet from my front door. Oops.That’ll wake you up fast! Meanwhile, the junkie had ditched the car a street over and across the ravine from me. The police found him in some bushes, and ordered him to surrender. He didn’t, firing a shot, which was immediately followed by a substantial burst from an M-16, thus ending his short life. Needless to say, it was “exciting.”

  19. No, but I saw some 50-something mallninja the other day whose full-size Glock was printing in an obvious way.

  20. Twice in emerging markets. Once a drunk customs official waved it at a smuggler in a truck I was in, with me covered incidentally. When mocked for probably having no bullets in the gun since he was a drunk he popped out the mag and showed it to everyone before popping back in and pointing, I wouldn’t say aiming, at everyone again

    Second incident was a sober customs official who didn’t receive the proper respect (bribe)

    I assume both were ak variants

  21. Many years ago I had an encounter with two friends I will simply call #1 and #2. #1 is now a respectable engineer and #2 is deceased so there’s no reason to mention any names. Anyway we were all young men and a little foolish. I was sitting with #1 on his porch and we were enjoying a cold beverage. #2 was a collector of exotic animals and he pulled up in his 70 VW bug, gets out and announces “Hey guys I’ve got something to show you.” He reaches into the passenger seat of his car and pulls out a big Tupperware container. Out comes a six foot long python that #2 holds up for us to see. Friend #1 drops his beer and runs into the house. He comes back out, shaking and pale as a ghost, with an old Stevens 12 gauge side by side. He broke the gun open, loaded two shells, and then closed the action. Then he pointed the gun at #2 and shouted “there’s one barrel for the snake and one for you”. I was sure that I was going to see a killing that day. Today this old man would get away as fast as he could. Back then I didn’t want to see somebody who had just bought me a beer go down for murder, so I jumped in between my two friends. I pushed the muzzle of the shotgun into the air – yes I know that was a very stupid thing to do – and yelled to number #2 to take his snake and go down the road. So #2 got back into the VW and left town. I calmed #1 down and got him to unload the gun – then I left. The next day I asked #1 if he would have shot. He replied “I hate snakes.” I said “I’ll remember that for future reference.” Friend #2 died of cancer five or six years ago.

  22. Obviously, a glaring example of the foolishness that “innocent” people should be permitted personal firearms on their persons. She is one of yours. Like it or not. She is one of yours.

    I did notice that no one commented that this woman benefited from the fact that a lack of other people (good guys with guns, I am sure) having pistols at hand probably saved her life. And many others. Imagine the confusion if three other people pulled guns at once. Who would be “the bad guy”? Could you be certain that the second person to “draw” was going to coordinate shots with other “good guys”, or maybe that second person was an accomplice?

    This is one incident, in a small crowd, where the possibility of confused firing of handguns would have made a blood bath. But I suppose it is only “common sense” that a wild shootout is a natural, civil, human and constitutional “right”, eh?

    • I’m pretty sure that pointing and discharging your firearm while being “confused” about your target violates at least two (three if you count the one about the finger) of the Four Rules of Firearm Safety. Remember those? You do know them, right?

      • “…the Four Rules of Firearm Safety. Remember those? You do know them, right?”

        In the heat of the moment? Faced with life-threatening danger whilst in a confuse crowd? (Better to be judged by twelve, than be carried by six…remember that?). Spur-of-the-moment excitement and fear (adrenaline dump, right?)? And you are quite convinced that everyone carrying a gun is well trained in gun use, outside the range, and in a dubious crowd? Why should I suppose that everyone who presents a gun even understands “the four rules”?

        • Perhaps you truly believe that slinging lead is the default setting for humans. For the vast majority of us it is the last option, and we’re not stupid people who use deadly force lightly or indiscriminately. Some do. This minority usually winds up incarcerated or met with an early death.

        • Looking at the video, there is essentially only one effective line of escape; front door. given the situation of being “penned in”, if several people had drawn firearms, what is the likelihood that multiple people would be shooting at each other? Who is going to “wait and see” what those with guns drawn are going to do? Who is going to try to put down the bad guy? How many? This is a situation fraught with bad outcomes, if guns were widespread among the patrons. None of this considers the possibility that uncoordinated gunfire would result in someone moving in in support of returned fire, in front of someone who pulls the trigger at the same moment.

    • “She is one of yours. Like it or not. She is one of yours.”
      No not one of ours. Ours are responsible gun owners. Waving a firearm around is not called responsible. She is a privileged twit that should be arrested and charged.

  23. In my misspent youth, I had long hair and a healthy disdain for authority. I had several occasions when policemen pointed a gun at me. Had my father open fire on my brother and I. At the age of 21, had a .380 pointed at me in a bar. By the grace of God, I was never shot.

  24. On a very bad first date back in my college days: We had just finished hiking over a small hill to a natural spring. When we arrived at the spring, the girl had a full grand mal seizure. Not knowing that she had this medical condition, I was quite shocked. To make matters worse, within a few seconds the local farmer who owned the spring came from out of nowhere and started screaming at us to get off his property while pointing a hunting rile at us. Adrenaline kicked in, I threw this young lady over my shoulder, got out of dodge, and her to the hospital. I ended up dating her for a while afterwards, but never returned to the sight of the incident.

  25. In Guadalajara in 2009, some friends and I got pulled over at 3:00 am for driving without a license plate (it wasn’t such a big deal in the small towns we were coming from), needless to say the cops were confused why a guero was driving around a shady looking ’79 Buick at that time of night. I woke my two Mexican-American buddies, as they would have a better chance of explaining ourselves, and we talked the cops into letting us just “pay our fine right now”. While this was happening a belligerent drunken man walked up and got in the cops’ faces, saying he had seen them shaking us down, that he had pictures and would use them to help us out. The cops, one big and fat, the other smaller and skinny, had just taken our pesos when this dude came up, and he was yelling at them and cursing their mothers; then all of a sudden he shoved the smaller of the two cops into a fence and that cop then drew, and racked, his pistol (carried Israeli style) and put it in the man’s face. My buddies and I were seriously considering running into a strange neighborhood and ditching our car there, but the skinny cop didn’t shoot the dude. Unbelievably, or not so unbelievable considering that alcohol is a hell of a drug, his immediate response to the pistol in his face was to say “Chinga su madre pendejo, si quieres como asi voy a mi casa para mi pistola pendejo!!” The cops got the guy go on his way then we got to follow them to a long term parking garage and caught a bus for Vallarta. Dios mio.

  26. On a road trip I stopped in at a gun store, you know the kind with a ton of odd guns stacked everywhere, and as I walked in one of workers who was sitting in a chair talking to the guy behind the counter pulled out his pistol and pointed it at me. I raised my hands and offered to leave if I wasn’t welcome. He re-holstered and apologized ” I thought you were a friend of mine”. I let him know that having a loaded gun pointed at you was no way to treat a customer (or his friend) and he just muttered sorry and went in the back room. I just turned and left.


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