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The Survivalist Blog reminds me of a session I attended at the National Guild of Hypnotists’ convention on “Alien De-Possession Hypnosis.” The cool part: everyone in the room assumed aliens possess humans and cause all sorts of problems, from smoking to agoraphobia. The post-session Q&A was all about technique (e.g., if the client has both a spirit and alien attachment, which one do you treat first?). No one stood up and said “Excuse me, but where’s the scientific evidence that this idea is anything but deeply delusional?” OK, I did. And the seminar leader came right back at me with chapter and verse. Followed by applause. Brilliant. The Survivalist Blog assumes that the world will go to hell in a handbasket. When not if. And you better be armed, boyo! And so blogger M.D. Creekmore [above] addresses the thorny issue of, well, killing people . . .

I think the situation will only become lethal when and if people can’t feed themselves, ZERO OPTIONS! If that happens, then the citizenry will do whatever they must, and that’s when good, prepared citizens will have to defend their property and possessions. That’s when you’ll wish you had weapons for self-defense, if just for simply frightening people away. Because if you don’t, all that you have, or ever could or will have had, will be taken from you, by force most probably, and that could result in serious injury to you and yours, but likely worse!

I don’t want to hurt anyone, I never have. But I’ll do absolutely anything to protect what’s mine in a life or death situation. And the way our government is behaving, the way our government has continuously acted, in its horrible warring and endless debt creation and now, money printing, it’s as if they are planning on and making way for our nation and its’ people to break down and totally fall apart! It’s as if they want us at each other’s throats, stealing, hurting, and ultimately, even killing one another!

For a very long time now, the Elites have made it very clear, in their various group writings and position statements, that population control and forced population reduction are necessary in any manageable future human earthly existence. They believe that the Earth’s carrying capacity has been greatly exceeded and abused and corrections are now necessary – vast, brutal corrections – and therefore all the little people must and will pay, because we’re all quite unworthy anyway. No wonder America exports so much death and destruction! It’s sadly become what America does the very best. And that may all be for the very worst for American citizens, and their future!

If you have no say in controlling anarchy, you’ll not survive anarchy. And we all may not be able to survive a coming anarchy, but we can sure try to control it for a good little while. That’s my plan anyway. It should be yours!


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    • Wow, that’s about 10 lbs of crazy in a 5 lb bag.

      Spend a few years reading the last hundred plus years of original sources of politicians, academics, and the corporatists and see if you can dismiss it. For well over a century the elites have been saying the words “New World Order” and talking about the things this guy touches upon. The desire for a mass death to correct the overpopulation has been a popular theme for over forty years now.

      • A Critic says: “Spend a few years reading the last hundred plus years of original sources of politicians, academics, and the corporatists and see if you can dismiss it.”

        Okay, I’ll dismiss it. It’s looney tunes.

        • Okay, I’ll dismiss it. It’s looney tunes.

          Yes, but what’s really crazy is that the conspiracy to form a one world government is carried out in the open. Political elites keep calling on the world to establish the New World Order, academics keep discussing their plans in their journals and in their books, and corporatists such as David Rockefeller are mighty happy with what they’ve done.

          If there wasn’t any basis to the New World Order conspiracy, you wouldn’t be able to verify hundreds of uses from the elitist academics, corporatists, and politicians. One or two vague references, sure, but over a century of New World Order this, New World Order that, from our nation, from our neighbors north and south, from South America, from Europe, from Asia and the Soviet Union, from Africa, all talking about the same Marxist all powerful state – it seems a little too much for a coincidence.

        • Oh, please. It’s not a Marxist conspiracy. It’s the Illuminati, and they’re only taking orders from their alien insect overlords.

        • Oh, please. It’s not a Marxist conspiracy. It’s the Illuminati, and they’re only taking orders from their alien insect overlords.

          No, it is the Marxists, as very well documented in their own words. Just in recent times in this country since I was old enough to start paying attention there has been a continuous promotion of the “New World Order”, from George H.W. Bush’s infamous “New World Order” speech to all of Congress, to Richard Perle’s fascinating column “Thank God for the death of the UN” justifying the invasion of Iraq as being necessary to the establishment of the “New World Order” (he uses the phrase three times) because the UN has failed to do so (it’s reason d’etre, as Perle admits and as “conspiracy theorists” have been saying for decades)), to Obama’s Berlin speech (in which he follows the tradition of calling for the New World Order, but manages not to actually say it, instead saying only “new world”), to Rockefeller’s autobiographical confession/profession there has been plenty of evidence of the New World Order being documented in the mainstream press.

          You can choose to ignore it outright or by ridiculing it – but you can’t and won’t be able to stop the politicians, academics, and corporatists from talking about it or working unceasingly towards their plans for a global dystopia.

        • I hate to agree with magoo almost as much as I hate gungrabbers and liberals, but the truth is the thruth: It is not a marxist conspiracy, it is the Illuminati.

        • Of course, the Illuminati is led by a deeply cloaked, rotating committee of 28 seemingly ordinary citizens who have never met or spoken and don’t know they are in the Illuminati. This is what makes the conspiracy so fiendishly difficult to expose. They could be anyone. You could be one of them and not even know.

  1. I am not an end of the world guy. Even in a place like Somalia where everything went to torment, trade restarted and various forms of order do reoccur. The concept that the US is headed to a “The Road” end of life scenario, and our only chance is a yurt in Idaho is stupid.

    I like reading FerFAL for real advice. Why? Argentina in 2001 was a LOT like the US of 2007-2011. Their economy essentially collapsed. The world didn’t end, but people counting on the stores for instant gratification suffered.

    Think about it: WalMart keeps around a one week stock of food in any one store. Any hoarding event (snow storm, rumor of shortages, etc.) at all wipes it out. For most of the US, it’s impractical or impossible to “back up” gasoline capacity with gas from out-of-region refineries. I almost got stuck in Atlanta for class one week because gas supplies were low from the working refineries (oil shortages from the Gulf), and Georgia threatened to prosecute any retailer selling gas high enough to justify trucking it in from other areas.

    If a New Madrid Fault event shut down the refineries in the Ohio River basin and the Arkansas area (even temporarily), then the major groceries lose just in time shipping. Think about WalMart (and Kroger, Meijer, etc.) shelves are bare for a week or so.

    How about a bank holiday? The major banks books look more like Swiss Cheese than sound financial institutions. One Chase ex-employee testified that they knew 60% of their home mortgages were liar loans. Bank of America is 100% exposed to Countrywide’s fraud too. All it would take is one of them to fail, and the other big guys collapse in a haze of credit default swaps.

    One of the local small town banks barely held off a run and a shutdown because the locals heard rumors that it was in trouble. A large bank shutdown could easily spark a panic run. The government would declare a bank holiday and shut the entire system down at the first whiff of trouble. Credit cards, ATMs, everything. Couldn’t happen? It did to FerFAL and the Argentineans.

    I won’t even start up on the US dollar headed towards toilet paper status. Or the fact that the US is practically incapable of servicing (much less paying off) its national debt. Or that several states (California, Illinois, etc.) and a lot of cities are functionally bankrupt.

    Are we facing the zombie apocalypse? Of course not. However, look at Mexico and Argentina. Kidnappings, robberies, and home attacks are up. If the easy money (welfare, drugs, etc.) start to dry up, the need to defend ourselves will increase just as the government’s ability to pay the buffer (police, soldiers, etc.) collapses.

    • +1.

      And plus this: mix 20% national average unemployment and any destabilizing catastrophe (earthquake, dirty bomb, basically anything that disrupts travel, communication, distribution, etc.), and the authorities will have very serious problems maintaining order. Katrina was a “snack-sized” example.

    • Fair point. I’m a lot more worried about a localized SHTF situation than some sort of epic zomg-teh-illuminatiz-are-coming cataclysm. Six weeks ago Japan provided us an object lesson in the wake of a truly massive disaster, and the Katrina aftermath suggests that Americans are not likely to immediately pull together in a heartwarming tale of solidarity and community spirit worthy of a Hallmark channel movie.

      Society will rebuild itself, it’s just a matter of timing. The trick is being able to ride out the storm until it happens, which is more about being prepared to live off the grid for a few weeks than squaring off against the legions of eeeeeeevil communazi stormtroopers from a bad 80s movie.

      • Actually communities of long term residents (such as rural towns with low turnover) are far more likely to react well and help each other in a disaster. Pockets of urban poverty will always sit around and wait for someone to come and help them because that is all they know.
        My neighborhood? I am probably screwed. It is a highly ethnically diverse community. Only 2 houses on our street have been owned by the same people for more than 10 years. Most turn over about every 4-5 years, and there are large pockets of inexpensive (at least for this area, they would be highly expensive most places) apartments very nearby.

  2. Argentina in 2001 was a LOT like the US of 2007-2011.

    Relatively speaking. Our food system has gotta be a lot more screwy – a sustained power loss will kill chicken farms as the ammonia from the chicken waste will kill the chickens without mechanical ventilation. We are also heavily dependent on a long supply line to China for necessities. The people are very dumbed down. I could go on for many hours describing the many weaknesses and faults that will not allow us to recover from a major disaster, but I gotta go clear some land to grow food on.

  3. Americans have always been an apocalyptic people. A decade ago the Y2K bug was going send us back into the Stone Age only to be replaced by the dreaded EMP death of America cult described in “One Second After.” (Don’t even try to debate me on this. EMP is one the elements in my portfolio. ) Societies are lot more robust then our survivalist friends think it is. The only things that are capable of producing a doomsday scenario for the US is a large scale exchange of nuclear weapons or an eruption of the Yellowstone caldera. Having enough ammunition is the least your worries at that point.

    I agree that if we end up a poorer society then your need for self protection will increase as more of America will look like Detroit. At the Rich Warren’s 2008 sort of debate gave a pretty clear indication of what Obama wants America to be. When he answered Warren’s question of what is rich with $70,000 per year he was saying he wants 20% of Americans to be on welfare, 95% to be working poor and lower middle class all ruled over by a 5% Kleptocracy headed by him of course.

  4. Malthus predicted that population would exceed the food supply and we’d all die. Well, Malthus is dead, the Malthusian Doctrine is dead and we’re still here and reproducing like Arizona jackrabbits. And some of us are fat — excuse me, I mean overweight. Eventually, Old Sol will go supernova and smoke the planet. Until then, don’t hold your breath waiting for the end of days.

    • Long before the sun goes nova ol’ Sol will turn into a red giant and engulf the planet. The end is near (in cosmic terms) we have less then a billion years left.

    • Well, I’m not a survivalist but I still agree with that 100%.

      Ammunition is like fuel: The only time you have ‘too much’ is when you’re on fire!

      • Agree with your sentiment. I keep between 2000-2500 rounds of 22lr, 500-600 rounds of 9mm and 45 ACP and 300-500 rounds of 308. How about the rest of you.

        • I as a rule make sure I have at least 1k rounds per gun.

          No, I am not foolish enough to think I am lucky enough to fire them all and live through it in an apocalyptic nightmare scenario. Nor am I so stupid I don’t realize there should be tons of guns and ammo just lying around after a small amount of that is expended and I still draw breath.

          But for those who haven’t noticed, few things in life can be guaranteed to increase in value. It used to be thought that houses were this way, but not so much anymore. Gold, other precious metals, precious stones, alcohol, guns, and bullets are the only things left that can be counted on to retain or increase in value. So guns and bullets can not only be counted on to come in handy from time to time, but they are also an investment. My collection is just starting to reach the point that a gun ban means I just hit the lotto. My biggest fear for my investment is a repeal of the stupid gun import laws, that could devalue my collection, but it is an extremely low risk and is about the only risk.

          Just saying.

  5. People can dismiss the NWO stuff if they want, but the underlying potential crisis still remains. If there is a disaster or food shortage or whatever, and it’s a bad one, you’re going to want food, water, guns, and whatever else. You don’t have to believe in a big The Road outcome, but it’s not like it’s too hard to be prepared for something less major.

    How many people even have candles or lanterns or something if caught in an extended period without electricity and they want to be able to see past 7pm, ya know? How hard is it to have a gun or three in a safe “just in case”? How hard is it to be prepared at least as good as a Boy Scout? Not hard at all.

  6. Ah, yes. The ever-present and imminent post-apocalyptic, zombie hoard, SHTF scenario we keep hearing about in blogs and message boards.

    I’ve got a pantry filled with bomb-shelter food, not a bomb-shelter filled with bomb-shelter food. I think I’m good for 6-8 weeks of total isolation and I could probably stretch it to twice that if I had to. That’s about as much time, money, space, thought and other resources I’m willing to devote to the apocalypse.

    Certainly be prepared for what’s likely to happen. But if you’re devoting so much time, thought and resources to the most extreme scenario, you might not just be preparing for it to happen, you might be to the point you’re hoping it will happen. After all, what if it doesn’t? You’ll just end up looking like a fool in a bomb-shelter. And nobody likes being wrong.

    Be careful that your vigilance and preparation doesn’t become a full-blown descent into madness.

      • What’s your point, though, Robert? Sure, some people we hold in contempt use this argument (i.e. that “preparation” can cross the line into “wishful thinking”) but does that invalidate the argument? I think I’ve made the argument myself that at some point, “being alert for trouble” merges with “looking for trouble.”

        And in any case, isn’t saying “people we don’t like use that argument, therefore the argument is bad” pretty close to saying “people we don’t like use guns so guns are bad?”

        Back atcha! 😉

        • Personally, there is no doubt in my mind that for some, people are brewing their own paranoid mindset. I saw it again the other day here at TTAG when people were describing recurring nightmares about attackers and home invaders. That ain’t normal. That’s screwed up. The nature of the dreams is especially revealing. In my humble opinion, people are driving themselves nuts.

        • Or, could it be that they prepare for what worries them, and dream about what worries them? I am sure the Brady bunch have nightmares about OC people suddenly snapping at a mall.


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