Mr. Brownell may not be the most dynamic speaker ever to drop sound bytes on a sycophantic—sorry, sympathetic reporter, but the NRA Board member has his heart in the right place. Responding the Violence Policy Center (VPC) attack on the NRA’s finances (including Brownell’s contributions), Mr. B. reckons that gun control advocates are only a few rounds away from embracing their Second Amendment rights. I’m not so sure.  While a trip to the range will convince people who don’t care one way or the other that firearms are OK, not even serious trigger time with one of Joe Matafome’s Smith & Wesson 500s can dislodge a die-hard gun grabbers’ idée fixe. Guns are bad. This gun is bad. Bad gun! Bad! Even so, it’s a numbers game. A shooter earned is a right saved. Or something like that.


  1. People at the range are always amazed by the 500’s because they’ve never seen a handgun with so much power. I own other powerful 44’s and 357’s, and they don’t even come close to the powerful blast that the 500’s unleash. You just have to stand behind someone while their shooting and your entire body will feel the after shock. I often let other experienced shooters fire (one bullet at a time) them because it’s something they never had a chance to do before. I don’t let new shooters fire them because they’ll surely drop them after they get whacked in the head by the barrel.

    • Yeah, the muzzle climb on that beauty was a beast. Recoil, however, was pretty mild. Maybe even pleasant. Your 500s are great revolvers, Joe. The next time I need to shoot an elephant in my pajamas, I’m getting one of those.


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