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From the department of redundant redundancy departments comes “The Squad” backbencher, Congressnon-man Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), pushing legislation that would force gun dealers to have locks available for every firearm they sell. Not included with the firearm, mind you, just available for sale and the store must also offer said lock or safe storage device at the time of the gun purchase.

Apparently she’s unaware that all handguns sold in the U.S. already must come with a secure gun storage or safety device, which is usually in the form of a cable lock. It’s Federal law. Some states require the same for long guns, and some states such as California go above and beyond these laws by requiring secure storage in state-approved safes / lockboxes.

Even when not required by law, most manufacturers find it easier to stuff a $1.85 cable lock into the box with every single long gun that goes out the door than to change their packaging practices on a state-by-state level.

Furthermore, groups like Project Child Safe provide locks completely free of charge to anyone who requests one. They’ve provided hundreds of thousands of locks to police departments around the country, meaning there’s almost a 100 percent chance that your local PD will also provide you with a free lock upon request.

Then again, it’s neither the horrific hurdle of a $3.75 gun lock nor education about the lock’s availability — putting aside the fact that the vast, vast majority of firearms already come with one in the box in the first place — that leads to Tlaib’s shock and horror in the following Tweet:

Seems like those children are much better educated than Rep Tlaib. Further claims made by her and other representatives that this legislation, despite being entirely redundant on multiple levels, will save the lives of hundreds of children every year cannot be factually accurate. How do we know this? Well, just ask the CDC:

The most recent data available shows 54 accidental firearms deaths nation-wide among children in 2018 (zero in Tlaib’s Michigan, for the record, despite her Tweet sensationalizing the danger). That’s 1.4 percent of all unintentional deaths, making it one of the very least likely causes of accidental deaths that has a category for CDC tracking rather than being lumped into “other” because it’s so incredibly rare. So that’s 4.6 million children apparently living in homes with loaded and unlocked firearms, and 54 annual deaths that may or may not be associated with some of those homes or have anything to do with the clear implication that the child found an unlocked firearm and discharged it.

Each and every one of those deaths is a horrible tragedy, of course. But whether we’re speaking of children or adults, the risk of unintentional injury or death from a firearm is being blown way out of proportion. In fact, the shooting sports (including hunting) result in lower injury and death rates than most common sports like skiing, swimming, football, golf, etc.

Click to enlarge image

Click on the image above to enlarge it. Note that the “hunting with a firearm” injury figures include things like falling from tree stands and every other way you can hurt yourself while out enjoying the dangers of nature. You’re over 7.3 times more likely to get injured golfing than you are hunting with a firearm.

I know what you’re thinking. “But what about golf with a firearm?” Yes, yes! That’s called sporting clays and I highly recommend it. It’s safer than regular golf, apparently.

…And when compared to other causes of unintentional deaths:

All of the stats images are pulled from the NSSF Firearm-Related Accident Statistics annual report, which compiles official data from the CDC, FBI, and other sources.

Putting on my overly-charitable hat, it seems like Rep Tlaib’s heart is in the right place but her brain is AWOL. Chalk it up to ignorance on the topic that has lead her to create and promote legislation so impressively redundant that it’s not only effectively already in-place (in many cases with far stronger requirements than her proposed law), but it’s targeted at dealers who are already intrinsically motivated to sell accessories like storage solutions with every gun purchase (Tlaib is no fan of the free market, so it’s no surprise she doesn’t understand this, either) and it’s targeting a problem that barely makes the top 20 list of concerns to consumer safety by any stretch of any statistic.

Though it is politically controversial, which helps her get her name into articles like this one. I guess if she’s trending on Twitter then she’s fundraising and therefore winning. Much better than doing anything useful. She can put the money toward her rampant antisemitism.

More on this topic can be found in a Fox News article here.


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  1. A Democrat Congress Critter lying…how novel!

    It’s almost like she has never read or studied the U.S. Constitution or any of it’s related documents establishing the founder’s rationales for the document establishing our individual Rights and what the government may or may not do..

  2. Our Palestinian princess is dumber than a box o rocks. I just got ANOTHER cable lock with my Maverick88 quite recently. I have quite a collection🙄😀

    • STOP insulting rocks. They have many beneficial uses, including throwing them at people when being attacked. Tthey are also useful for holding things down, for chucking at menacing dogs, and filling potholes.
      One more enefit of rocks: if you ignore them they stay where they are and don’t meddlewith you.

    • Really like my mossberg 88, bought the optional heat sheild and installed it. Loaded up with nickle plated 00 buckshot in case.

    • President Donald Trump was correct. When he banned people from coming to the United States from select Muslim countries. Because they don’t support civil rights and or are terrorists.

  3. She’s a moron, every new gun I ever purchased came with a lock in the package. Threw them away, a gun should never be locked, defeats the purpose of the gun.

  4. was she like oxygen starved for a bit at birth that made her this way?

    she’s an idiot.

  5. What a freaking moron!! Apparently both she and her staff have never purchased a gun because they would have seen the lock that in included in the box be it a trigger lock or the chain style lock!!
    So being stupid and uniformed is an obvious requirement for introducing possible legislation!! Not knowing that Federal law and many state laws require the sale of a gun to include a gun lock with the gun is the result of just being lazy in failing to ascertain whether there are already similar laws on the books.

    As a result stupid people elect even dumber representatives to go to Congress and we wonder why we are a declining power. Just love that people who were not born here and become citizens elect people who know have no real working knowledge about many aspects of American life and elect them because of nothing more than their expressed heritage from another country!! Hence Taleb gets elected. Just because she went to Law School doesn’t mean she is smart. In most cases people like her may have been accepted because of checking the correct sex and racial boxes regardless of brains!!

    • She buys guns either from the trunk of a car behind the adult theater or from Uncle Joe’s roving gun trucks. In the latter you have get behind the cheese to find the stash.

  6. Every gun I’ve ever purchased already includes a lock of some kind.

    Which I do not need, because there is plenty of room in the safe, and I still have the old ones somewhere.

  7. Owning a few handguns I can safely say the cable locks are the crappiest locks in existence. Apparently no one here has ever looked at the near featureless key that open them. Requiring the dealer to make some superior lock *available for sale* is just a bridge too far for some idiots.

    • I removed the vinyl covering from the one that came with one of my last purchases… it resembles a fixture pullchain. After looking for and unable to find a key for it, I opened it with a (very) small screwdriver.

  8. “Aww, f*ck !!!…. Ilhan and I just invested in a Chinese lock supplier. I’m too stoopid to actually EARN a living, what’ll we mandate next??

  9. California requires a gun lock which is satisfied by fed law or waived with a gun safe cert. Some COUNTIES (like LA and SF) have safe storage requirements that apply even i f you have no children in the house unless on your person. Designed to spit in SCOTUS’ eye after Heller.

  10. I threw the gunm away and held up the liquor store by swinging the gunms locking device at the cashier.

  11. My cousin, Richard, keep his guns in locked cages in the living room. He wants visitors to see his collection but not to touch. The guns sit on rubber mats because the cages are electrified. Not sufficient amps to kill, but voltage enough for a disturbing “Ouch!”.

    Richard once explained to me that he has a lot of liberal/woke friends. “They know I own guns and used to feel uncomfortable when they visited because they didn’t know where the guns might be and if they would somehow cause an accident. So, this system keeps all the guns visible. My visitors can see where the guns are, what they are doing, and that they have no way of getting into the wrong hands. Everyone is happier and my guns feel safe from the gun-haters. I never tell my friends I have a gun under my shirt. They can’t handle the truth.”

  12. Where does one file for a refund for the moronic Tlaibs that have been FORCED to purchase with every firearm. A illegal TAX.

  13. Most of the guns I’ve bought have come with some sort of cable lock or trigger guard lock or something. But I’m sure even more laws will do the trick.

  14. Thank you Jeremy for NOT including a giant photo of that stupid Congresswoman.

    And my breakfast thanks you as well (which I might have vomited up if I saw a giant photo of her).

    • I had to look up her pick and golly I think shes cute.
      I’d feel as if I was cheating on Hillary C though. I’ve went through a lot of jars of warm vaseline with that woman, her Limited Edition Swimsuit collection, mmmm, mmmm, yeah.

  15. Thank you to the open borders crowd. Who have helped to flood the United States with people who don’t support civil rights.

    Because the muslims are taking control of local government. And banning the h0m0sexual rainb0w flag.

    And removing all the h0m0sexual materials out of the public schools. And banning the g@y agenda. Now go look up on the Internet and see what’s going on in the state of Michigan.

    It says a great deal about these racist atheists. Who hate Christianity. And believe they can flood America with dark skin muslims. And they believe they can control them.

    Instead the muslims are just as independent thinkers as christians. And resist the authority of a tyrannical atheist government. Atheists are s0ci@list pr0gressive in their p0litic@l 0rientati0n. They have never supported the 1st amendment. And most are very weak on the 2nd amendment.

  16. I like the way Tleib just keeps proving she is THE A#1 dumb ass bitch. You’d think the someone besides us would recognize just how big a dumb ass bitch she is……
    Just sayin’…………

  17. Already happening in Wa state via their recent legislation…used gun with no lock they add $5 to the purchase at lgs.

    • Jimmy – you can still buy any sort of gun in WA? I thought that with all of the restrictions it was impossible to buy them anymore (being a ‘bit’ facetious).
      Sounds like a VAT – charge 5 bucks extra for a 2 buck item. What will be next – a ‘modest’ surcharge on paper receipts – gotta save the trees doncha know.

  18. Tlaib’s a Dumba$$. If she’d have researched it, she’d find out that just about every gun on the US market already ships with a lock. NSSF pushed for voluntary compliance and received overwhelming support from the manufacturers, years ago.
    What a Cupid Stunt.

  19. Wasn’t there a Forrest Gump quote that applies to her?
    BTW, for those suggesting she be sent back to from whence she came IIRC she was born in de toilet – maybe somewhere else in that benighted state.

  20. These clowns need to do a little research before they start pushing garbage legislation down our throats.

    You have Jerry Nadler who didn’t know what a pistol brace was, but voted against HJR 44 anyway; Carolyn McCarthy couldn’t define a barrel shroud, but thought it was that thing that goes up on your shoulder; Biden claiming that putting a pistol brace on an AR pistol creates a more powerful and bigger caliber; Sheila Jackson-Lee believing that an AR rifle weighs more that a bunch of moving boxes and it shoots a .50 BMG round out of its barrel. Dumba$$es!

    I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. Now Talib’s wanting to file a bill that’s already in law. SMH!!! Do your homework Talib!

  21. So the wench really finally comes out as being an award winning dumbass. Does any of the democrats in congress know anything about anything more than five minutes ago? FJB

  22. I thought it was already required. My local shop has a big bowl of trigger locks on the counter.

    They give you a trigger lock with every purchase, and almost everyone just takes it and puts it back in the bowl.

    It’s like recycling, or the old “take a penny, leave a penny” bowls.

  23. I have more gun locks than guns. I honestly have no idea how it happened, and I’m a little concerned about the situation.

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