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Among the great mysteries of the world (why do people drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?) one that has bedeviled gun owners and gun rights advocates for decades is the preponderance of gun manufacturers that are located in decidedly anti-gun states. For some companies, this is due to history and inertia. Colt’s been in Connecticut for almost 200 years and it’s frickin’ expensive to move a business, particularly a manufacturing operation. But at some point, the fact that you aren’t wanted begins to outweigh the costs of re-location and Remington may be reaching that decision point . . .

The Freedom Group holding has sent a letter to New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo threatening to redirect new business – and possibly move their existing facilities – if the state’s proposed microstamping legislation becomes law in the Empire State.

“Mandating firearms micro- stamping will restrict the ability of Remington to expand business in the Empire State,” company chief strategy officer Stephen Jackson Jr. wrote to Cuomo.

“Worse yet, Remington could be forced to reconsider its commitment to the New York market altogether rather than spend the astronomical sums of money needed to completely reconfigure our manufacturing and assembly processes.”

But reports that one of the primary sponsors of the proposed regulation is willing to call the company’s bluff.

Senate bill sponsor Jose Peralta dismissed Remingtons warning as “just another tactic being used to try and block microstamping, which is supported by many crime-fighters.”

He said gun manufacturers didn’t leave California and Massachusetts when those states enacted ballistic identification rules.

Cuomo during his 2010 campaign called microstamping a “common-sense” and “pro-law enforcement” gun safety law.

The governors position has not changed, even with Remingtons threat to leave, Cuomo spokesman Josh Vlasto said.

In a competitive marketplace among states to attract thriving businesses and jobs, it certainly hasn’t escaped Remington’s managers that there are plenty of more hospitable options out there.

If the company actually announced a move, they would have to hand out line tickets to all of the representatives beating a path to Remington’s door from states that would not only welcome a gunmaker with open arms, but would also dangle significant business-friendly economic inducements such as tax breaks, free land, infrastructure improvements, lower individual tax rates and manufacturing-friendly right to work laws.

New York’s microstamping bill’s not expected to become law – at least not now – as it probably doesn’t have the votes to get through the Republican-controlled Senate. But Remington evidently felt a warning shot from Iliona was good insurance. And whether the law passes nor not, if I were running the economic development authority of a gun-friendly state that wanted to bring a thousand or so good-paying manufacturing jobs home, I’d have a trip to western New York penciled in on my calendar.

UPDATE: Click here for news of the NY State Legislature’s latest move on microstamping.

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  1. I understand that South Dakota has made numerous overtures to various firearm manufacturers in gun-averse states.

    • I wish they’d make those same overtures to gun owners located in this craphole state. I’d move to South Dakota in a moment if they’d help.

    • If you were going to expand your company’s operations with a brand new facility and you could do it anywhere, would you choose a location that has onerous regulations on the products you produce, high taxes and demonstrates that it hates your very existence? Or would you do it in a place where your business is welcomed, there are no individual income taxes and you’re free to hire anyone you want?

      • I think he was asking whether the company’s future destination was already a foregone conclusion. Namely, Florida.

  2. “…thousand or so good-paying manufacturing jobs…”

    Not to mention property tax, utilities services, the workers families ( even more income and sales tax) moving as well.

  3. Good for the Freedom Group, let’s hope Rey follow through and completely pull out of New York.

    And just how many firearm manufacturers are there in California and Massachusetts? If there are any in CA then I imagine they haven’t left yet because the micro stamping law hasn’t been enforced yet. Is MA enforcing their law yet?

    • It is not law in Mass yet. (Correct? I hope?) I was at the committee hearing on June 22 last year, and have heard nothing about it since. Unless there was some rip van winkle operation going on, I assume I would have heard something from GOAL or NRA, or even on the forums.

      • The microstamping law was passed but never went into effect because of the absence of technology to allow implementation. As I understand it, there is one guy who has the patent, and believing he’s sitting on a gold mine, refuses to license or sell. On top of that, no technology has been shown to be reliable.

        • More specifically, the law is written such that micro-stamping will go into effect “when the AG says so”… so, although it’s on the books in CA, it will likely never be put into effect. And yes, there are several (smaller) firearms manufacturers in CA and yes, they will most likely flee in a heartbeat if the AG starts the program.


  4. F-them. After years of the gun industry experiencing NY and certain other state’s (Il, CA, MA, etc) anti-gun and anti-freedom politics, the Freedom Group is now making threats? They just recently relocated Marlin (a once great arms maker) to NY. Real smart FG boys. Couldn’t they see the distant writing on the wall?

    Ruger not only makes their guns in America (not Austria, Germany, Japan, China), they manufacture them in Arizona and New Hampshire two states that believe (more than others) in liberty and in the RKBA.

    “New York’s microstamping bill’s not expected to become law as it probably doesn’t have the votes to get past the Republican-controlled Senate”.
    — I’m not a supporter of when the media features stories with sensationalist leaning headlines only to later read disclaimers that the upcoming events probably won’t happen. I do think a post covering the irony of so many gun makers being located in anti-gun states is fine by itself to read.

  5. Almost funny. Most of the ghost towns in upstate NY (and there are many) became ghost towns during the first Cuomo regime. I doubt Andrew could find Ilion on a map that isn’t labeled.

  6. Please enlighten me. Does this law force putting an identifier on the firing pin, or is it laser etching of each cartridge? In the latter case, the patent holders made a huge lobbying effort to force ammunition manufacturers to adopt the patented method, which no doubt would make billions for the patent holders. I suspect that the firing pin identifier has the same underlying motives.

    • Im not quick sure either, but just like the serial numbers that criminals care so much about, couldnt and etching on a cartridge or any stamping on the firing pin be removed by anyone who can field strip a gun? And what does this mean for reloaders? Lastly, i already paid 25 bucks to gun, if its the cartridges that are unique how much will they inevitably try charges to “register” those?

      • Or just use a brass catcher on the gun, then stop at the range to pick up someone else’s cases and leave them at the crime scene. This law is a joke.

  7. Freedom Group says “we’ll move if you go forward with microstamping,” but what they mean is “we’re losing our shirts so we have to consolidate plants, but it sounds better to the gun community if we blame microstamping.”

    May I say from the bottom of my heart: FU FG. Oh, wait. Jose Peralta already said that.

  8. Shouldn’t we all be investing in the stock market? Aren’t Ruger, Remington, Smith and Wesson liable to go through the roof between now and when Obama wins the election, and even for a while after?

    You gun lovers would have no moral dilemma like I might. Are you all invested? How come I never hear about it?

    • Actually, I have invested in gun companies. I also have investments in energy, medical, technology, and the service sectors. I like investing money in successful companies, because I like making more money to buy guns and ammunition.

    • Do you have your money in a bank that is part of the Federal Reserve System the private banking cartel whose monetary policies make it impossible for the poor to feed their children or do you belong to a free independent credit union? Do you use FRN (greed paper banker monopoly money) rather than barter with physical gold, silver, and trade? Will you vote for Obama again who is ultimately responsible for Fast and Furious, and therefore hundreds of dead Mexican civilians? Since guns in America save and protect far more innocent good people than other users harm I am in full support for investing in gun makers. BTW, buying government bonds puts future generations into deeper debt slavery so never buy those bonds.

    • Why yes, since you ask, I am invested.

      I started with a meager outlay in the mid-90’s, continually bought shares, and retired at the age of 40. I’m still enjoying the only thing that Obama has ever done that benefits an honest, self-reliant man.

      Please, PLEASE don’t tell him that I’m a cracker, lest I be assessed reparations on top of capital gains taxes.

    • I’m invested in commodities, such as precious metals and guns and ammunition. I need the latter to protect the former.

  9. If you ask some of the politicians, I’m pretty sure some of them believe they’re doing the factory workers a service by having the evil gun company move and lay them off.

  10. I’m with the Democrat – they’re not going to do it. Companies stopped having principles decades ago. They’ll whine and throw a fit and then bend over and take it in the ass because they’re run by cowards who’d rather run the business (and eventually the entire industry) into the ground than lose a few cents off their stock price in the short term.

    • They bend over, as you so colorfully put it, and then take a tax break to make themselves feel better. Think of a tax break as an anesthetic suppository.

    • It’s hard to say whether they’ll move, but you’re probably right. Companies that move tend to do so much less fanfare. I’ve seen two Silicon Valley companies, one a moderately large player and one a huge player in the tech industry, expand their operations dramatically in the (non-Californian) area where I live. They aren’t jumping up and down squealing about the hostile business climate or leftist nutjobs running the state (and in many cases local) government; they’re just quietly taking their business elsewhere while their California operations wither.

  11. Many of you may be aware that Para (formerly, ‘Para-Ord’) left Toronto, Canada, after the former anti-gun Mayor (David Miller) banned firearms manufacturing in the city. Para is now located in North Carolina, having taken good jobs and tax revenues with them.

  12. Probably Remington is blowing smoke, but they are playing politics like about everyone else. Get a bunch of offers to relocate and see if any are worth while. See what other states will offer in aid, environmental, labor, and infrastructure. I thought Ithaca being in Ohio makes more sense than NY. I know Ithaca is really a different company now. I think liberal anti-gun New England States blow and I would move the stuff to the Mid-West or West. Illinois does not count. Aw…heck move it all to Indiana.

  13. Maybe they should just do it now and get it over with. They’re going to be forced to at some point, might as well be when the gun industry is strong as hell!

  14. With record sales and record profits, now is the perfect time to move out of the anti-gun NY and to a pro-2nd Amendment state.

    Think of all the tax write offs for moving and constructing a new manufacturing facility! I’m guessing Remington could also get special tax incentives from their new “home” state.

    Do it, otherwise Obama and the Dems will tax and spend your profits, anyway.

  15. All you execs keep in mind there are no income taxes in TX.

    Bring the NYSE while you are at it.

    Its just a matter of time until finance moves as well.

  16. I would not want to be holding Freedom Group stock after November when Obozo gets his clock royally cleaned.

    • Mark, is that just wishful thinking or do you really think Obama will lose big?

      Consider the bozo candidates on the GOP side, is such a thing really possible in your mind?

  17. In this context, “Common Sense” means “Appeals to the prejudices of a particular constituency, but cannot withstand even moderate scrutiny.”

  18. Remington headquarters are located in North Carolina and they already manufacture some guns in Kentucky. Remington is part of the Freedom Group family of companies which also includes Bushmaster with facilities in North Carolina. I could see Remington moving more manufacturing to North Carolina or Kentucky to be closer to both management and customers.

  19. I live in Ilion, NY home of Remington Arms since its founding back in 1816. Generations of my family have worked there and my brother currently works there right now. I actually went to Remington grade school the large building on the bottom right of the picture. I’m extremely mad about the new laws. It’s not just about the negative effect this will have on my community and the value of my home. It’s about our freedoms and the principals of the founding fathers being eroded away.
    I listened to the SOTU. Obama pushed his anti-gun agenda during his speech saying the dead deserve a vote. My immediate response question: You say the dead deserve a vote. What about the millions who died fighting to preserve our Constitutional freedoms? What would they say to and about a president who betrays his presidential oath of office?

  20. Let me put it to you this way. I will not buy products from manufacturers who pay taxes to state governements that continue to restricts or hinders the rights given to all Americans by the USC. If the big logo brands will not stand up for my rights, there are PLENTY of the local gunsmiths and dealers who will. I am sorry, but I will not allow my purchase to be taxed by the liberal fascist state governements.

  21. The Obama-nation removed God from their platform until a national outrage forced them to put it back in. Obama-nation college professors want to rewrite the USC because they feel it is outdated? Obama-nation fascist liberals want more gun laws the criminals will not obey, but law abiding citizens will have to. So, criminals will still have guns and citizens will not. Gun bans have failed in EVERY blue state that has them, but the they insist we need a national ban. Fact: Crime actually went down in states where the gun bans were lifted – why? Because the criminals knew the citizens were no longer hapless sheeps for the picking. They had to think twice before comitting a crime because the sheeps may actually shoot back. The Obama-nation always wanted to ban guns and was just looking a reason to do it! The liberal fascists know it it harder to oppress a “well armed militia”! That’s why we have the 2nd Amendment! Think America!

  22. All LE Agency’s should be made to have all their firearms micro stamp retrofitted in order to protect the public and officer in case the officers gun is stolen and used in a crime.
    Anyone that went along with this is a Nazi.
    Did you ever wonder if any of those non-booked guns from the phony and illegal gun buy backs ever made it back on the streets ? No way of knowing because they were not purchased legally through an FFL and entered into an A & D Book ? Good way for criminals to have evidence go missing.


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