Remington Says Green Ammunition Boxes Are Appearing on Shelves Across the Country Again

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We’ve certainly seen gun makers beginning to catch up the continued high level of demand for all things that go boom. Ammunition makers have had a tougher job meeting the unprecedented demand and getting enough product into stores and on the shelves.

After buying the Remington Ammunition business out of the Remington Outdoor bankruptcy sale, Vista Outdoor had its hands full making the changeover and getting the plant back on line…and doing all of that in the midst of the pandemic.

But Remington Ammunition’s president, Jason Overbrink, wants you to know that they’re up, running, and cranking out product 24/7. So much so, according to the video above, that ammunition is actually starting to appear on retailers’ shelves again.

Is that what you’re seeing in your neck of the woods? Yes, we know the prices aren’t what it used to be. Get used to it, because those days are likely gone. But in terms of availability, are you seeing more ammo in your local gun store (in green boxes or any other color)? Are you starting to find what you need again in a store near you?


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  1. Yes for about 6wks. Seems to be more obscure rifle cartridges (or perhaps the popular cart are snapped up instantly).

  2. Been seeing them for awhile on line. seeing 5.56 in the 50/60 cent range and 9mm in the 40s at bulk ammo, still some gougers trying to hang on to those rediculous 1.00 to 1.50 prices… They’ll have to come down, partys over and you can’t eat bullets…

    • Ammoseek tells the story. 9mm has been coming down for the last 2 months. Cheapest is currently 32.8 cents a round.

  3. Green Ammunition Boxes Are Appearing on Shelves Across the Country… for about 15 minutes.

    • This.

      Local hardware store got in a buttload of Thunderbolt .22lr value packs. At $40 a pop and limit 1 per day it vaporized off the shelf.

  4. The only ammo I have found lately on store shelves us 5.56 x 45, 7.62 x 39, 350 legend, 22lr & 12 gauge both hunting and defense. Nothing in the common handgun clambering. Clerks tell me that the handgun ammo is being delivered but is sold out within 30 minutes of being placed on the shelf. Even then it’s running close to $30 for FMJ. It’s going to be a while longer before handgun ammo starts to stay on the shelf.

  5. I was at a Bass Pro Shop in NV last week and saw plenty of Winchester and Federal ammo on the shelves, with no limits. No 9mm, which wasn’t surprising, but pretty much all other pistol and rifle calibers and cartridges. And for 40% less (per round when averaging) than the prices I saw at a nearby LGS only weeks earlier. I was pleasantly surprised.

    No Remington green box, though.

    • Could you please buy some shotgun ammo and send to me because we cannot find any? I will pay you for your time and effort.

      • LOL, I’m actually going back to NV and to that very same Bass Pro (on my way thru Vegas to another destination) in a couple of weeks. Federal regulations were recently updated to require anyone shipping ammo to possess a current license. It used to be that you simply paid extra for the ORMD designation, but now you need an actual license.

        Government…enough micromanagement of your life is never enough…

      • Too many damaged and poorly assembled rounds, and inconsistent performance issues over the last 40 years. I quit buying it years ago, and this latest bankruptcy and subsequent buyout by Vista Outdoor doesn’t inspire confidence in their product.

        • Wow…about a third of my ball ammo is Remington and half of my Hollowpoint ammo. (9mm). Never had much of a problem with any Remington Ammo except for Thunderbolt 22s. (They evidently get stale like saltines).
          Golden Sabre is one of my preferred defensive loads in 9mm, 38, and 357.
          Zero malfunctions in hundreds of rounds.

        • Considering I invested in Vista a while back, this makes me happy. Remington re-opened one of their mothballed ammo plants after Vista provided the capital.

        • Where are you buying that ammo because I have been buying Remington shotgun shells for hunting and have never had a problem with them?

        • It should inspire confidence. The previous owners of Remington were an investment group with no background in firearms or ammunition manufacturing. The result was a slow but constant decrease in quality due to their management. They essentially drove the business into the ground until it became a liability.

          Enter the purchase by Vista, a company with a huge amount of experience in firearms and ammunition manufacturing. Vista is the complete opposite of their predecessors. Obviously only time will tell the whole story but Big Green is in a much, much, much better position now.

  6. The worst ammo that I have ever seen was Remington Green box. There were 10 different bullet seating depths in a singe, 50-round box, and this was long before the shortage.

    Will never buy Rem ammo, ever.

    • I also reload my own. It’s just-plain better than the commercial mass-produced stuff.

      Recently bought 1000 spp for $100 delivered, but only because I didn’t have 5K in March 2020. That will change.

    • I’ve never had a problem with any Remington ammo, in any caliber. My only gripe was when Winchester “white box” FMJ target ammo went through a period in which it fouled up my guns and resulted in a disappointingly high rate of FTFs. Haven’t had any issues over the past year with newer boxes, though, so hopefully Winchester (or Olin, or whoever manufacturers it now, I haven’t looked at the small print lately) fixed it permanently.

      • I bough a bunch of the Winchester Grey Box .22 LR’s at a good price in 2019, and it’s been disappointing. 2 out of 10 failures to fire. The cheap Mexican Aquila’s been more consistent.
        The only issue I’ve had with Remington’s, I’ve had was with .300 Blackout Bucket of Bullets. I noticed inconsistency in bullet seating depth in that format. The same cartridge in 20 round boxes were consistant. I joke that the Buckets of Bullets are the stuff they sweep up off the floor.
        The .300 AAC’s are the only Bucket of Bullets cartridge I’ve bought in that format, so I don’t know if any of their other bulk cartridge buys Remington offers have that same inconsistency.

        Looking through my small stockpile, I’ve very little Remington. I used to use Golden Sabres for my CC, but switched to Hornady Critical Duty +P’s 5 or 6 years ago.

  7. Very little Remington up here…lots of Aguila and Norma ammo. 9mm 124 FMJ Norma white box 50rds @ $23.99. .25 ACP, 32 ACP, .380, 45 ACP and .22 LR in Aguila.

  8. I’m starting to quite a bit made in other countries. One local range advertised this HUGE shipment they got and when I went it was all made in Turkey. I’ve been seeing Monarch and Red Army coming and going.

    I haven’t seen any Remington brand yet but this will confuse people since there is essentially no more Remington (company). I would guess that large swaths of people don’t know Vista owns the equipment.

    • was all made in Turkey… Nothing wrong with Turkish ammo, I have gone through a thousand or more brass 7.62×39 made in Turkey, never a problem in my AKs or the AR… cheap reliable ammo… I buy by the 1100 round crate…

      • I’m sure Turkish ammo is quite functional and just as lethal. I don’t buy their guns either.

    • Russian ammo is starting to come back to where it used to be pre panic in terms of availability and price. It pays to have some guns chambered in those rounds. Lately I’ve even been able to go shooting again because of that.

      • I’m all for having multiple calibers. If I were stuck with 9mm only, this last year would have been a lot rougher.

  9. The only green box ammo I’ve seen in NE IL/NW IN is obscure stuff. Never a fan of any Remington ammo but when you have Winchester making squib loads it makes you go “hmmm”!

  10. Good deal. Just in time too cause I’m buying more from folks starting to sell them off

  11. Mine arrives tomorrow.
    Remington L9mm1B has been my preferred 9mm for years. I was ecstatic when it finally showed up again.

    • Havnt seen a box of any ammo in any store in months in wis. Its like it doent exist anymore. Even the local gin store cant get it.

  12. I picked up a few boxes of hornady match 147gr 6.5 creedmoor for $37/box.

    I saw the exact same ammo about two hours south the next week for $99.99. I asked the owner how he was getting away with those prices. He just shrugged.

    We are seeing more and more ammo up here, just no 30-06 M1…which is a bummer…I’m picking up my Garand from my ffl tomorrow. I’ll be the proud new owner of an $800 club.

  13. Federal’s website shows more in stock than a couple weeks ago. Just got a package from them today. 2-3 week processing, but inventory is building back up and prices coming down.

    • Cabelas has reasonable ammo at times. I don’t hang out like a friend does. He gave me a 100 rounds Blasér Brass 9 mm he paid $40 for. They were swash in Winchester M193 556 @13.99 per 20. A tiny discount on bulk. I got plenty of 12 gauge I never shoot.

  14. Just at my LGS. They have 300 round buckets of Remington 380 ball for 160.

    They also had buckets and range packs of 223 but I didn’t notice the price. Said they got it in on Monday.

    I guess they got a pallette of each because it was everywhere in the store.

    Maybe prices will continue to creep down. I’ve been buying some 9mm when I see it for less than 40 cents a round.

    Got some Browning ball a couple of weeks ago in 150 packs for 33 cents a round. Encouraging.

    Rural King had a bunch of Igman Ammo last week for 21 per 50. I see they are out of Bosnia and Herzegovina. New one for me.

    As a rule, I don’t buy steel case ammo and haven’t needed to so far.

  15. It will be nice if things get back to normal. The last few years has seemed like buying a box of ammunition or a gunm is like pulling off a bank heist. ” Wow, I got away with it.”

    I like Remington ammo.

  16. Meh. I have enough ammo for now. With prices the way they are I see myself doing bulk reloading. I haven’t checked lately, but once the components start being available for reasonable prices I’ll start rolling my own for all my calibers rather than just for rifle rounds. At least if there are QC issues it will be my own fault.

  17. I’m in Michigan, and Dunham’s is a good benchmark for ammo availability.

    5.56, .308, .270, and 30-06 are regularly available at about $1/rd. Cheap 22lr is about $0.20/rd, but I haven’t seen a Minimag or Velocitor in forever. 9mm ball is starting to show up for $0.60, but at least it’s there. 12-ga. buckshot is easy to find, but 12 and 20-ga. bird and target loads are spotty at about $8/box.

    If you like 7.62×39 plinking ammo, you’re in high cotton.

  18. Primers seems to be the biggest issue right now. Online at scalper prices is all I’m seeing. All the LGS’s say they haven’t received a primer shipment in over a year now.

    Locally, the only Green I’m seeing is in obscure loadings like .300 Savage, 30/40 Krag and so on. If the more common use cartridges are coming in, they’re going out the door the same day.


  20. Here is the problem I have witnessed. We opened several boxes of Remington ammo and every box had damaged/deformed bullets. Smashed tips, etc… Remington still has a ways to go. They probably go bang but I want more from rifle ammo. QC is terrible so far and so I am uncertain if they will go bang.

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