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Democrat Kevin Leon, otherwise known as Kevin de León, wants to unseat Dianne Feinstein as one of California’s US Senators. His campaign platform includes unrelenting gun control for the little people. Meanwhile, as he campaigns against guns for you and me, he retains his armed security.

The San Francisco Chronicle spilled the beans on Leon’s hypocrisy:

Kevin de León’s no longer Senate leader, but he still rides like one

Since giving up his leadership post in March, former state Sen. President Kevin de León has been allowed to keep at least one perk — an armed driver and car at his beck and call.

All on the state’s dime.  …

(Secretary of the Senate Daniel) Alvarez couldn’t immediately provide us with a breakdown of the costs, but he estimated the state is spending “a couple of hundred thousand dollars” to furnish armed drivers this year to both de León and his successor, Atkins.

As for why de León isn’t paying for the car and security from his U.S. Senate campaign coffers?

“It’s just a judgment you have to make,” Alvarez said.

That’s right, de León wants Californians to send him to Washington so he can take guns and rights away on a national basis. Welcome to the Democratic Party gun control plantation. While he doesn’t care about the little people’s ability to protect their families, you can rest assured he, as an overseer, will have guns and security to protect his.

Where have we heard that before? Oh wait. Where haven’t we heard that before? Bloomberg, Pfleger, Shannon Watts, Mark “Facebook” Zuckerberg, Barack Obama and Hillary just to name a few.

Not only that, but California’s taxpayers get the privilege of paying for Mr. Leon’s armed guards.

Kevin Leon and former close ally and staunch gun control advocate Senator Leland Yee made for great friends in Sacramento. At least until Yee’s arrest for…gun trafficking.

Yes, de León loves his gun control. Hailing from Los Angeles, de León has supported every gun control measure introduced while in office. Not only that, but he has spoken out aggressively against “ghost guns,” beclowning himself.

Doubt it?  Watch!

In short, Kevin Leon wants to take your gun rights away while making you pay for his armed security. He deserves to lose.  Big time. And soon.




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  1. Kevin Alexander Leon (his actual name) is the new Leland Yee. Let’s hope they can share a cell at FCI Ft. Worth.

    • Kevin Leon changed his name so as to confuse voters and illegal aliens into thinking he is of hispanic decent,all for votes.

  2. Saying de’ Leon “beclowns” himself is an insult to clowns.

    This man is a complete mental fucktard.

    • I hope ICE makes identifying, rounding up, and deporting his illegal alien family members.

    • Not if you are a true Constitution supporting citizen.
      If so, you get the government forced upon you by progressives.

      If you are not, then you get the government you deserve.

  3. The saddest part of all of this? Dianne Feinstein is preferable to this chowderhead. Of all the terrible possibilities for Senator on the planet, California’s choices had to be Kevin De Leon and Feinstein (we use this idiotic runoff system where the top two vote getters in the primary compete in the general election, rather than people competing by party). I may (note MAY) even vote for the harridan, because Ms. Assault Weapons Ban is the lesser of two evils, but I’ll have to sanitize my hands for a week after doing so.

    • Not only is he legislatively worse than the swine, he’s likely to outlive her, so we can be stuck with him several decades into the future.

      I never dreamed it would be possible for me to be rooting for DiFi…

      • I never imagined many things before coming to California. I never imagined I’d regret when Governor Moonbeam left office (since Newsom, the almost certain next governor, is far worse). I never imagined I’d prefer Feinstein to anybody. I never imagined I’d actually wish De Leon hadn’t left the State Senate (since he personally sat on Socialized Medicine for California since the bill had no way of paying for it, and the gun bills aren’t getting any better with him gone). I never imagined that the kooks in office I gawked at from saner states would actually be the sane ones compared to the alternative. I hate lifetime stents in public office with a passion, but even a lack of term limits looks better with what the alternative is here. Of course, I never imagined anything could convince me to live here, but here I am. It sure as hell isn’t because of the politics.

        • Term limits. He had to go, he had his two. Many of these guys, the professional politicians, either run for federal office or find some safe state agency to head, like Dept of Corporation, Department of Insurance….you get the idea. Mr. Lee got caught up with the Chinese Mafia because he was in debt $70,000 from his last run for the Senate, and needed money to run for Secretary of State.

      • Ugh yeah, i dont want to support her either/ever, but if we did, and then she died (naturally of course) before she could do anymore damage, i guess thats a win? Rock and a hard place…

        • If you have listened to anything Frankenstein has said of late you will notice she shares some mannerisms with Penisenvy and Killary. All three have been stumbling over their words, making really space case remarks, and more. Meanwhile, 8 second Kevin can still utter his lies without tripping all over himself.

    • He will be running for Feinstein’s Senate seat during the mid-terms. The DNC is actively supporting Leon over Feinstein, as reported a couple of week’s ago.

  4. Just another depraved Democrat who no doubt can be described in five words:
    deceitful crooked immoral treasonous and socialist!

    • James Farmer believes that if ANYBODY has beliefs or convictions which diverge from his own personal preferences then, by definition, they must be “deceitful crooked immoral treasonous and socialist”.

      In 1966, former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover made the following observation about political extremists during his Congressional testimony.

      Extremists “…parade under the guise of patriotism, anti-communism and concern for the destiny of the country…While pretending to formulate their own particular theories for improving our Government in solving complicated social, political and economic problems, the extremists merely offer emotionally charged solutions to the gullible and unthinking person who craves for the simple answer. They call for improved government, yet continually defame those in high office.”

      How do we identify political extremists?

      One way is very apparent. Political extremists always present their personal opinions as being the ONLY possible correct interpretations AND they also pretend that their personal political preferences are the ONLY possible correct and moral and principled choices we have.

      In addition, political extremists (left or right) ALWAYS describe ALL their perceived opponents in the absolute worst possible terms. In other words, there is no such thing (from the perspective of an extremist) of a legitimate, alternative, competing point of view nor is there any legitimate alternative public policy proposal which should be considered.

      INSTEAD, political extremists describe ALL their critics and opponents with language calculated to produce revulsion, contempt, disgust, and fear. ALL opponents are “working to undermine the American Republic” OR they “want to steal” our liberties.

      Political extremists see themselves as the ONLY honorable, decent, moral, principled, and patriotic actors in our political debates. EVERYBODY who does NOT share their beliefs is automatically demonized, de-humanized, and presented as a grave threat to our continued existence as a free society.

      THAT is why the extreme left (Communist Party USA, Socialist Workers Party, and other radical left groups) and the extreme right (Birch Society, white-hate groups, and right-wing conspiracy organizations of various types) use the EXACT SAME LANGUAGE in their written and verbal communications and in their publications. They actually are two-sides of the SAME coin

      • Why don’t you get a life for once! You aren’t proving anything here by your vindictive
        tirades you continue to chronically post! Hopefully readers will see through your
        political agenda for what is really is: fraud!

        • BTW — why don’t we ask James Farmer to provide us with HIS definition of “vindictive tirade”?

          Keep in mind, James Farmer is the person who posted the following comment and it is HE who demands that NOBODY respond to it:

          “Just another depraved Democrat who no doubt can be described in five words:
          deceitful crooked immoral treasonous and socialist!”

  5. You gun owners in California should all vote for DeLeon so that he can retire Feinstein.
    DeLeon is the sort of nincompoop who will get caught up in the Washington money train and sink himself. Feinstein is the much greater danger, it’s probably the last chance to dump her before she is 95 or 100.

    Driving a big wedge between white liberal democrats and Hispanic democrats would be good for the Nation’s gunowners. Just hold your nose and mark the ballot.

    • No, don’t vote for either feinstein or leon. It’s CA so a dem will win but don’t give him or her a single vote to stroke their ego’s.

    • Electing De Leon won’t do that, electing Feinstein will. The state Democratic establishment is actually behind De Leon, it’s really only the people who don’t pay attention, or see De Leon is more of a wingnut, who are behind Feinstein. Given that most of the people here are in the first category she’s ahead by a mile, which is why I probably won’t vote for senate this year (but who knows what will happen if it gets close).

  6. Don’t really care about CA politics since I don’t live there, but for the gun owners in CA I hope y’all can flush this ahole. In the meantime y’all might want to stock up on ammo and guns in some other state. I won’t tell if y’all don’t. Might be time to be an Outlaw( as opposed to being a criminal). There is a difference .

    • “Don’t really care about CA politics since I don’t live there,…”

      You really ought to care.

      Bad Leftist ideas germinate there, and have a bad habit of spreading nationwide…

  7. Dems are two faced slim. Guns are good for them running for what?? Office but no good for little Ole me and protecting my family.
    F#$%^&k off to them and their body guards.

    • He is utterly stupid. DiFi is not, in fact she is smart and not senile. Which should we prefer in the Senate, an idiot junior senator who will remain in office for the next thirty years, or another six years of one of the most powerful senior politicians in D.C.?

      • You few sane Californians have my sympathy, indeed. Tell me Mark, does CA have a provision for a write-in candidate in the general election? Find the highest Republican vote-getter from the primary, and start a campaign to write him in.

  8. Let California become a lesson for anyone who still supports Liberty. I will say it because others are scared.
    Don’t be afraid to be called a homophobe or a racist when a homosexual or a racial minority tries to confiscate your guns.
    As a black gun owner will resist anyone.
    I will not comply.

  9. “Remove his ARMED Security Detail!!! No more ARMED protection muscle !!! People of Kalifornia need to put on a voter initiative !!! “Remember, what’s good for YOU….Is good for THEM !!!”

  10. May he never stop speaking publicly. Leon is the gift that keeps on giving.

    There’s a deeper lesson here as well. We don’t have to accept compromise, stalemate or defeat, regardless of numbers. 5 million Leons or people who’d vote for him wouldn’t matter because they’re morons, they can be lead, deceived, made fools of. …As long as we keep our position clean, don’t bog it down with a bunch of social conservative pearl clutching. Like Larry Pratt did, most recently, that I know of.

  11. A Limousine Liberal who doesn’t know anything about the problems regular people face while he lives in his gated community and pretends to care about the Illegals and Minorities who vote him into office. He is the epitome of the DNC, and fits in with Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi.

    • That is so, but notice how such creatures obtain public office, where they make laws that belabor the rest of the body politic.

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