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We don’t know if the fact that Kirk is a sculptor accounts for the fact that he carries three knives, but we certainly understand the GLOCK 26. See the rest of what he’s toting at Everyday Carry . . .

edc everyday carry

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  1. Okay. Sure. I mean, if you were to dump out both my pockets AND the contents of my backpack… Sure, you’ll see more than two knives…
    That… that’s not weird…(glances around nervously)… I’m not… strange…(gently fondles the Gerber Applegate/Fairbairn Combat Folder clipped to top of pocket). 🤠

  2. Dayum. At first glance I thought the battery holders were some folding ninja nunchaku..op-er-ay-tur.

    I think I might give up a knife and carry a spare mag though…..

    • Exactly what I thought at first, Nunchaku.

      But no, it’s a battery holder.

      OK, I’m cool with that idea.

      Say, what? Thirty bucks to hold a few batteries?

      I’m fully aware of the dangers of LiPo, LiFe, ect. batteries, especially what can happen when shorted. Is anyone aware of something not so expensive as an alternative?

      • We need a lot of stuff to hold our stuff.

        I just keep two-packs of C and A batteries in my truck.

        I use an old film canister or test strip bottle to hold AAAs in my pack.

        What can i say, im cheap….lol

  3. Is that a “butterfly” knife I see?

    I haven’t seen one of those for years. My brother use to have one back when we were kids in the 80s. Lots of fun to flip around, and pretend to be a ninja. 😊

  4. I can assure the good folks here that a Balisong knife is just about useless as a stabbing implement and not very efficient as a stabbing implement. So not worth its weight…


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