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Aspiring TTAG gun reviewers have until August 1 to submit their magnum (or lesser calibered) opus to [email protected], in the hopes of winning a lightly-used SIG SAUER Legion P229. Truth be told, we’re not exactly flooded with entries at the moment. I’m going to go ahead and assume that the trickle reflects the fact that entrants are busy shooting, taking pics, writing and generally assembling their review(s) for submission. In any case, I reckon your odds of scoring the gun or a cash prize, and maybe landing yourself a reviewers’ gig at TTAG are pretty darn good.

Of course that still depends on the quality of your work. Once again, here are les règles du jeu . . .

First, click here to make sure TTAG hasn’t already reviewed the firearm you’d like to review. (Feel free to review an “old” gun.) Then click here for our gun review guidelines. In general, follow the format of any existing review. Don’t forget specs and star ratings! Humor and the occasional firearms-related digressions are features, not bugs.

Write it up, take great pics, send the text in the body of an email with jpegs attached to [email protected]. Put the words “GUN REVIEW” and the model reviewed in the subject bar, all caps. Like this: GUN REVIEW SIG SAUER P229 LEGION. Only not that one.

I’m going to miss her. But I know she’ll go to a good home: the gun safe of someone who knows how to appreciate a fine firearm. As SIG’s Swiss founders might say, Wir wünschen viel Glück!

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    • Did you get a chance to compare this with a regular SIg with the SRT installed? I know there is more to the Legion other than the trigger, but I was just wondering how close you can get with the short reset kit and a set of VZ grips.

      • With the combination of the SRT and the Grey Guns Intermediate trigger, there is practically no difference other than cosmetics. I have those in my 226, which is the most basic you can get, and the trigger feel was the same as the Legion of someone else, possibly a little smoother since I polished and greased some of the bearing surfaces and the other was quite new. The reset is very short, over travel is just enough to be confident that no amount of gunk will keep your bang switch from working, and the trigger shape is much better than the short reach trigger on most new SIG’s.

  1. “As SIG’s Swiss founders might say, bon chance mes Amis!”

    Maybe, maybe not. Since they were in the German speaking region of Switzerland they may have said something along the lines of, Wir wünschen viel Glück…

    Just saying…

      • RF, it sounds like a few folks (myself included) submitted over a week ago and haven’t heard back or had their reviews run.

        Is there any way we can get feedback as to why? Should we resubmit?

  2. Will the prize be transferred through FFL? I’d prefer to avoid a background check if possible.

  3. I don’t have a gat worthy of review. You COULD run a contest of loyal TTAG commenters 😉

  4. Question about the reviews, would an LR308 build qualify? It’s not a “gun” review per say, since it’s parts from all across the manufacturers, but I made it with a specific purpose in mind.

    • Second this. I have a nifty side charging AR in 9mm that’s a home build. Any interest?

  5. Even if I don’t win anything, I’d love to review for TTAG. Especially as an el cheapo specialist, I love affordable guns

  6. I sent mine in 10 days ago but it hasn’t been run yet.

    Hope it didn’t get flagged as spam.

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