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In case you missed it, TTAG is counterpunching Everytown for Gun Safety’s #WhateverItTakes hashtag campaign – Trump style! We’ve created a Facebook page of TTAG readers who’re putting their own spin on Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop. To submit your #WhateverItTakes photo, click here to go to Everytown’s page (can’t be helped), print their poster, fill it in your way, snap a selfie (guns welcome!) and send it to [email protected]. Put the word FEELINGS in the subject bar. The best entry wins a box of their favorite ammo. Maybe two.

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  1. That was very well done.

    A very attractive lady, standing in front of a bunch of kids’ toys, and a bunch of stuff written on the MDA sign that leaves you thinking she might be a member of MDA. There’s nothing overtly pro-gun on the sign or her attire.

    It isn’t until you notice she’s packing on her left hip that you go “ahhhh, I see… a southpaw!”

  2. I pack when doing conservation work in hopes of “deterring” coyote attacks on people. Somehow I don’t think “Dear tourists” would be very striking…..

  3. Except for when I put your safety and well being in the hands of complete strangers in day care and school systems, because no one was ever molested by a teacher or assaulted by fellow pupils. CCL and home school.


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