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Spike's Tactical anti-Muslim rifle (courtesy

Spike’s Tactical is marketing an assault rifle it claims was ‘designed to never be used by Muslim terrorists,'” reports. “The AR-15 assault rifle is laser-etched on one side with a Knights Templar Long Cross – a symbol of the Christian Crusades to reclaim the Holy Land from Muslims – and Psalm 144:1 on the other side: ‘Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.’ The company’s spokesman, former Navy Seal Ben ‘Mookie’ Thomas said he came up with the idea and believes . . .

…no devout Muslim would touch such a weapon.

“Off the cuff I said I’d like to have a gun that if a Muslim terrorist picked it up a bolt of lightning would hit and knock him dead,” Thomas said.

“No-muslims allowed” gun ranges and dealers and “pork-laced” ammo and now this “Tactical Crusader.” Enough already. As the Jewish son of a Holocaust victim, as someone who’s watched the unconscionable murders carried out by the ISIS fascists, as someone who has no illusions about Iran, as someone who sees the millions of Syrian Muslims fleeing lethal oppression, as someone who will never forget the horror of 9/11, I get it.

Muslim extremists are our enemies. But, as decorated combat vet Jon Wayne Taylor will attest, not all Muslims answer to that description. Some, in fact, fight alongside us to defend innocent life against extortion, torture and murder.

American firearms industry-related Islamaphobia does nothing to keep right-thinking Muslims on the side of good, and much to drive them into the arms of evil. Stop. Please.

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  1. Thank you, Robert

    The gun culture is rife with islamophobia. It’s disgusting, really.

    Someone who spouts off about jews or Israel will be ridden out on the rails here, but mention muslims and it’s a freaking party.

    • +infinity. The first person to use a permitted concealed firearm in WI is Muslim. He’s a POTG and I would break non-consecrated halal bread with him any day.

      • A good person is a good person. The minor details that encompass who they are aren’t important.

    • You guys are being played. Thomas’s statements refer to “Muslim terrorists.” Maybe the gun is kind of a dumb gimmick, or a PR stunt, or even tone-deaf, but it doesn’t look like the company is trying to be hateful toward all Muslims.

      • So I guess the guys from Spike would be ok with the crazy norwegian guy using this gun to kill children, since he is non muslim terrorist.

        • So what sort of markings do you use for a rifle that a crazy Norwegian would not want to buy?

          Or any of the random crazies that pull off mass shootings in this country?

          The former would have, like, no market. The second one I think you could sell, if you could figure it out.

          Next up, we’ll figure out how to market a “protection gun,” and not a “murder gun.” And for the hoplophobes, we can sell them a projection gun. Not that they really need one.

      • I kind of doubt you or anyone believes that.

        This product is bigoted, no way around it.

        Also it’s overpriced.

    • “Islamophobia”… lets break this word down.

      Phobia- An irrational fear of something.

      Islam- A religion that supports the murder of those who don’t hold the same beliefs.

      Now lets put it back together.

      An “Irrational” fear of people who want to kill me because I’m different….

      The only thing that’s disgusting is your willful ignorance of a religion that only assimilates to a peaceful society when they are not the majority…

      • Now that gets a real +1
        When the people representing Islam stop lopping off the heads , crucifying , drowning , burning alive , raping and pillaging people simply because their beliefs are different from their own and their is a raging cry from Muslims everywhere to root out and destroy these radicals then there is no such thing as Islamophobia . I am not afraid of these demonic creatures and I will destroy them like roaches if presented with their threat as long as I am afforded the right to bear the arms to do so .

    • >> The gun culture is rife with islamophobia. It’s disgusting, really.

      The gun culture, by itself, is not. The modern political culture of right-wing conservatism is, unfortunately, and because the two intersect significantly, you get such an impression.

    • WTF is islamophobia besides some made up bs?
      Even if a Muslim is not engaged against unbelievers, his religion features that as one of its highest callings, the highest in fact.
      Since I will not convert, pay the tax, or die for them, muslims aren’t on my a-list.

      • I think he’s making a comment about the “zombie” trend of ammo and bright green guns, and that the islamophobia trend will likely stick around longer. I hope…

        • I hope you’re right, I still can’t decide one way or another after re-reading it several times.

          I’ll assume that’s the case and just say that I’ve done a poor job of putting my thoughts into words on more occasions than I care to count. C’est la vie.

  2. The local Orlando NPR radio station covered this over and over again, since Thursday. If Spike’s was looking for free advertising, they sure as heck got it.

  3. Gross. Yes. Make it stop.

    Also, this idea is silly on it’s face. A terrorist is going to use the rifle regardless. If they were fighting for what they believed they would not give a hot damn what is on the rifle. As far as they are concerned, their place in paradise is secure as long as they die as a martor for Islam. There may even be a bit of satisfying irony in using this rifle to kill non-Muslims.

    • Is it really any different than the logic that got trijicon in trouble a few years ago?
      When push comes to shove, being offended by a clearly visible inscription on a receiver is a lot more plausible then being offended by a obscure set of serial numbers on the bottom of a scope. To be fair, both scenarios are absurd, but if one is enough to trigger a witch hunt, the other is plausible enough for people to capitalize off of.

      • The problem with the Trijicon ACOGs is that they were military issued. If they wanted to just sell it to the public as a separate product line, nobody would’ve cared.

        • The military made a (unit level typically) government purchase of the civilian ACOG to fill an immediate need. This happens pretty often as government procurement programs are often too lengthy to fill immediate needs. The military bought these off the shelf guys. They were not ‘made for the military’ until later, and those dont have the verse. They knew what they were buying, and its a good optic. I have personal experience in this process. I even had to technically damage governmemt property to remove the verse reference from my units ACOG when folks started getting sensitive about it. I find it more offensive to be shot…

          I dont care what is obscurely referenced in the serial number as long as the equipment works. This is not fantasy where the rune engraved gun/sword/bow has special powers. If you dont like it, dont buy it. Personally i kind of like the verse reference on the sight or gun. Though if it were a good quote from a famous warrior, founding father, the Vedas, Kojiki Kojiki, or many others i would still be interested. The Scripture verse is just more up my alley as a believer. However, im a cheapass with three kids to feed so neither gun or sight is in my near future.

    • Nonsense. They would actually prefer to use this gun to kill an infidel.
      Number of comments hitting well into the triple digits is exactly
      what the fool wanted. Free advertising.

  4. This is marketing, plain and simple, and it’s working. Every “gun blog” and “gun website” currently has a story about this rifle on their front page.

    Spikes Tactical makes top shelf rifles in case anyone was wondering.

    • It’s good marketing too. I think I will get one.

      Think about it. They didn’t put it on there to make Muslims NOT buy their product. They put it on there so SELL a product. I like the product. I just may BUY it.

  5. The “War”, “Peace”, and “God wills it” for the selector positions is kind of clever. But for $1,395……

  6. Robert’s right, I can’t argue with what he said. But…. I like the rifle. I thought it was cool and a great idea. Regarding Islam, O is providing cover for radical Islam, and most, yes most of it, is radical. Everything is a capital offense in Muslim countries, if not by law then by mob. Apostasy, adultery (for the women), blaspheming their “prophet” and the list goes on. Given the context of our current situation (destroying our allies, helping our enemies, taking war off the table as an instrument of foreign policy, bashing Christians for things they a millenium ago (which were justified by the way)), it’s reassuring to me that there are Americans who do see radical Islam for what it is, an evil, tyrannical political ideology cloaked in religion. And they’re motivated enough to put it on a rifle. 🙂

    • “Regarding Islam… …and most, yes most of it, is radical.”

      Gee, you sure know how to make a guy feel welcome.

      • “A” guy? I can’t talk about Islam without A guy getting offended? So be it. If what I said about radical Islam doesn’t apply to you then why are sticking up for the many who are? If you’re an American who believes in the Constitution and the principles that make this country great and you’re also a Muslim, God bless.

        • To clarify, your labeling of everything being a capitol offense (by law or mob) in Muslim countries is not true for most of the Muslim world. Lived for two-years in Bahrain as a beer-drinking shirt/short-sleeves wearing American and never had a problem. This is also true for Dubai, Oman, and most other countries in the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. Saudi Arabia’s Wahhbist interpretation of Islam is not the norm.

  7. Meh muslims(devout or not) would pick this up in a heartbeat…They should use the name of JESUS(oh wait -still Jewish)…oh well.

    • The name Jesus is actually Latin. Yeheshua(Joshua)is actually the Hebrew, If we are keeping it kosher…or gentile, doesn’t matter. Arabic sounds about the same phonetically.

      • The Muslim version of the name Jesus/Yeshua is Issa (pronounced EEsah), and I had an Iranian instructor in college who had that name (a lot of Iranians fled the revolution in ’79 and ended up in STEM disciplines here). I didn’t realize at the time what it meant.

        ]edited hastily to add, perhaps it’s merely the Iranian version.]

        Now why would a Muslim use that name? For the same reason people name their children after other people in the Bible here. Muslims consider Jesus a prophet in a similar class with Moses, Ezekiel, Isaiah, etc. (though obviously they don’t think he was the messiah or son of God) and maintain Mohamed is the last and best prophet. So to them Jesus was one of a long series of forerunners to Mohamed.

        • I’m describing my understanding of what they think. Not my understanding of what anyone else thinks, including myself.

        • It’s normally spelled “Isa”. Similarly, Moses is Musa, Abraham is Ibrahim, Solomon is Suleiman, Job is Ayyub (now you know what that name means, too!) etc.

          Oh, and it’s not Muslim, just Arabic. An Arab Christian will also say “Isa” when you’d say “Jesus” in English. Just like “Allah” literally just means “the God”, so, again Arab Christians would also refer to God as Allah.

        • Interesting information there. And yes, I should have said “Arabic” not “Muslim”

          I do know that instructor spelled it “Issa” but that could have been anything from a Persian variant to just him deciding it was less likely to be mispronounced with a double ‘s’.

  8. I read the title and didn’t need another reason to boycott Spikes. A classless attempt to increase business by fomenting religious prejudice. As a Christian, former Marine, raised in Appalachia, now living in Florida with AMERICAN Muslim neighbors, I find this DISGUSTING. My wife and I both served in Iraq early on, and had the privilege of the hospitality of many good people in the country (Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Agnostic). When your ideology intentionally prejudges and persecutes the beliefs of others, you align yourselves with the jihadis, Nazis, Klansmen, etc., that feed radicalism. Please Spikes, go choke on yourselves. And by Choke on yourselves, I mean eat a Donkey schlong.

    very sincerely,

    Two American Patriots

    • You call yourself a Christian, yet say that Muslims are good people? How can they be good with out Christ as their basis for morality? Anyways, I could care less. It’s pretty tasteless, though they are not advocating its use against those who don’t need it. I pity the defense attorney if it’s ever used in a self defense role.

      • Ajax (you must be a tough guy with a name like that) Yes, I am a Christian. Yes I have met Muslims that are good people (trained more than a few, and had a few laying cover fire for me). If you are shocked that Muslims can also be good people, then I feel that labeling you as a bigot is fairly appropriate.

        • It’s what good people have had for the 2000 years since Christ died. He’s gone and forgotten, just like mohammed, get over it. Jews, muslims, hindus, agnostics, atheists, whoever. Coming up with only one fruitcake cult which can possibly be moral is the pinnacle of immoral bigotry. Congratulations.

        • Your argument is viciously circular. You define morality as something that good people have, and you define good people as having morality. Do you not see a problem with that? And clearly, there is at least four people that haven’t forgotten Him-you certainly haven’t.

        • And again, please define morality outside of Christ.

          And Jesus doth said: “Go forth, and be an asshole to everyone who is not a Christian.”

        • No, but we are to be able to give a reasoned defense of our faith. And do note that it is you that is using foul language, and dodging my question.

      • Good does not mean ‘saved.’

        The Muslim immigrants I’ve met love America……the nationals that came here for education are all pro-American… know….kinda like blacks and whites….

        Now, I disagree completely with Muslim organisations using civil rights techniques to promote their ‘agenda,’ but as a Christian, I do not judge unless I am to be judged… that somewhere….

        I have 4 members of my family with about a dozen tours of duty ‘over there’…..BTW…..

        • So, unless they are saved btbojc, they are sub classed/substandard humans? I’m not trying to infer or misconstrue your meaning, so please elaborate.

      • >> You call yourself a Christian, yet say that Muslims are good people? How can they be good with out Christ as their basis for morality?

        Hmm, how did Moses manage? Or say, David?

        And even if you posit it as a hard requirement only post-crucifixion, what about those poor sods who never heard about Christ in their lives, like Native Americans before Cortes?

    • I read the title and didn’t need another reason to boycott Spikes.

      Bill, obviously you didn’t watch the video because the designer said pretty much the same thing you did. So as a fellow Christian, let’s not pre-judge.

      • Mr Griffin,

        reapectfully, a weapon is a weapon. A radical is a radical. You could wrap the rifle in bacon and bathe it in Glenn Livett. However, if a radical sees it as a weapon of oportunity, I guarantee, some radical Mula will promise diapensation and many virgins if he utilizes it. Spikes’ entire effort is to sell firearms based on bigotry.

        • Bigoted against murdering radical Islamist extremists who want to kill me? I’m okay with that.

          You should read my piece, “Should Christians Carry Firearms?”

          (Hint: the answer is usually yes.)

    • The only problem with your comment is that Islam isn’t a religion but rather a death cult.

      Death cults don’t deserve constitutional protection.

      • Who gets to be the arbitrator on what constitutes a “death cult”? You? Me? Christianity is awfully fixated on what happens after death. I’d say that sounds like a “death cult” to me!

        See how arbitrary bullshit like that can be twisted around against you? Freedom for all, or freedom for none.

        • Freedom for all, or freedom for none.

          Christianity pretty much allows maximum freedom to choose. The entire New Testament is based around that, including choices one makes after becoming a Christian. Islam, not so much.

        • The “arbitor” is the last couple thiusand years of “the fruit of the tree”. Christianity spawned western civ and liberty . Islam spawned death and misery. Sorry to burst your professor blown leftist bubble.

        • The fruit of the tree that I see is the inquisition, conquest and colonization from Christian Europe and incredibly advanced science, math, and literature out of the Middle East.

          After forcing, often through cruelty, our values on a people, we get upset when segment of them clings to the only thing that wasn’t overrun so strongly that they start to see violence as normal? Sometimes I wonder if we would have been better off if the Crusades and expulsion of Muslims from Europe had failed. Shoulders of Giants and all that.

        • Christianity pretty much allows maximum freedom to choose.

          Not even relevant to the discussion.

          The “arbitor” is the last couple thiusand years of “the fruit of the tree”. Christianity spawned western civ and liberty . Islam spawned death and misery.

          C’mon, at least use spell check. Western civilization spawned out of the pre-Christian Greeks and Romans. Democracy and the Republic were all both ideas and practice long before Christianity even started.
          After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Islamic world became the center of the scientific advancement of many disciplines, including astronomical foundations that are still in use today. Those numbers along the top of your keyboard? Arabic numerals. The Islamic Golden Age kept humanity moving forward while Europe was still floundering after the collapse.

          Sorry to burst your professor blown leftist bubble.

          Cute, but the only college credits I have were from my time in service. Sorry to burst your little far right propaganda bubble.

        • Grindstone , I will try to live my life without standing in judgment over other people , as much as I know I probably fail at it daily . Every time I let some crazy driver frustrate and anger me I am judging , but I have studied quite a lot on Islam since 1977 , I have read the Koran at least three times and have written a dozen notebooks on the various subjects that I find most interesting pertaining to Islam and I now emphatically believe that Islam is the ancient Babylonian mysteries religion spoken of in the Christian prophetic scriptures . Islam appears to be a mirror to the Gospel , an opposite new covenant .
          Christianity teaches the death , resurrection and ascension of the Son of God ( Jesus the Christ ) and through this process and our faith in it comes the conquest of the sin state . Islam teaches that to believe this very doctrine is Idolatry and the two cannot coexist and explicitly instructs it’s followers to destroy anyone who is an idolater .
          To make this statement I am not judging those who follow Islam but I am making a personal and informed judgment about the system of faith they are associating themselves with . I believe I am instructed to do this so I can steer myself and perhaps others away from it .
          As usual I make these statements not in chase but in clarification and with respect to your positions I humbly yield the floor . God bless .

        • >> Christianity pretty much allows maximum freedom to choose. The entire New Testament is based around that, including choices one makes after becoming a Christian.

          Historically speaking, Christians (or people calling themselves such – but then there weren’t really any other, that type was mostly fed to the lions by the end of the second century after Christ) didn’t exactly base most of their societies on maximizing individual freedom. Neither in general, nor, for that matter, freedom of religion – just ask the Jews (who, ironically, would often immigrate to Muslim lands whenever some or other Christian ruler decided to drive them out of their kingdom in a fit of piety, or just squeezed them too hard for cash).

        • int19h Yes , you are correct , there have been a lot of real evil people doing a lot of very bad things in the name of Christianity since Jesus’ ascension and His request that those first followers that were witness to His torture , murder , resurrection and ascension would unify and carry His message to all the world . Let not the deeds of evil men impart blackness in your heart , keep your eyes on the prize that is to carry the cross for Chris and humbly and with all humility , love the unloved , feed the hungry , comfort the widow , care for the sick and support the poor , the way YOUR heart leads you .
          Just because others have failed miserably does not mean we can’t succeed . I believe there will be liberals and conservative and Libertarian and all walks of life sharing the kingdom of God , as long as their hearts are concerned for ‘all ‘ of Gods creation and they carry the fire to lift God above themselves He will honor and reward their service .

    • It’s a little classless, but your reaction to it is over the top. This is how it always is: We talk about some Muslims (or any other group that is the new “feelings protected class”) and we get attacked for damning all Muslims. It’s PC BS, and sometimes it’s more than that, as in there are ulterior motives. It’s a fact that Muslim ideology is dangerous. The fact that your neighbors are great people is great, and I mean that. But we’re not attacking your neighbors. They’re not included in the class of radicals according to you and that’s great. But unless we can actually have a discussion about topics without sending people to hell, there’s no progress.

      • Wow, yeah that’s cool! Let’s be cool and discriminate for pure marketing reasons. I have another great idea; let’s have separate bathrooms and schools for Muslims, eventually separate and laws. I mean, hey, that’s the best way for them to assimilate. Y’know to protect our Constitution, way of life and all. Look at the BIG picture. Please
        I’m out, and probably won’t be back.

      • Wow, yeah that’s cool! Let’s be cool and discriminate for pure marketing reasons. I have another great idea; let’s have separate bathrooms and schools for Muslims, eventually separate and laws. I mean, hey, that’s the best way for them to assimilate. Y’know to protect our Constitution, way of life and all. Look at the BIG picture. Please
        I’m out, and probably won’t be back.

    • So the verse is from the Jewish Old Testament which might be attributed to King David. I am not really sure a Muslim would necessarily be offended by stated verse as they usually consider bible prophets and heroes fore runners to Mohammed.

  9. Let the market decide. Don’t like it – don’t buy it. It doesn’t appeal to me and that is as far as I am going to trouble myself with it.

    • Let the market decide. Don’t like it – don’t buy it

      I agree. I think it’s better than some of the other stupid styles Spikes has, like that skull thing (Punisher) or Zombie. C’mon! I have built one AR out of Spikes parts, I would definitely use this lower. In fact, I like the look of the entire gun.

    • “Let the market decide. Don’t like it – don’t buy it.”
      As a hard-core Classical Liberal (i.e. Libertarian) I agree with you. As an atheist, I find the constant need for Evangelicals to insult and deride gun-owners not exactly like themselves to be very alienating. Sure, they have the right to make and sell what ever guns they want, and I have the right to point out how counterproductive it is. Gun ownership is not a White, Heterosexual, Evangelical only club, and the sooner you realize this fact, the happier and freer we all (Jews, gays, Catholics, Muslims, and atheists) can be.

      • I suspect there’d be a lot of fuming outrage from the same parties were Spike to create a gun intended to be abhorrent to “extremist” Christians, with a “there is no god, it’s only a superstition” engraved on the receiver.

        • To a realist, all such inscriptions are meaningless. The important question would be “Is the gun $100 cheaper with those inscriptions?” If not, who cares about them?

  10. They should do their research. The book of Psalms is something the Muslims hold in high regard. It’s called Zabur for them.

    But now I won’t be buying more of their lowers. The price is also atrocious.

    Why is it that nobody gives a shit when there’s some sort of anti Christian, anti Jewish stuff like this…..and why, as a Jew, do you feel the need to worry about the politically correct view?
    It’s their business and their risk….we’re all grown ups and can make up outer minds about whether or not we want to buy one of these OR give our business to a range where Muslims aren’t allowed. There are plenty of places worldwide where Christans and Jews aren’t welcome and many of those places if you are one of the aforementioned where your very LIFE would be in danger for trying to go there. Quit worrying about hurting Muslim feelings….I think they need to get used to the fact that they should have no special protections and join all the rest of us in the 21st Century.
    Just my opinion and I hold nothing against Muslims in particular….I simply think what is good for the goose is just fine for the gander as well.

  12. Anti-Muslim terrorist, maybe, which I think most of the western world is…and a major portion of the Muslim world, too, come to think of it. But they and us have better things to worry about than some gun company catering to people who think iconography will act as a magic talisman to drop someone through tactical divine retribution.

    Please, disembark the sensitivity train and let our “friends” from the fifth column all climb aboard. Maybe it’ll steam itself right over a cliff eventually.

  13. This magical gun is going to make gentle Muslims rape girls and behead infidels!? Holy Cow! Maybe Shannon Watts is right, guns do have evil powers.

    • Well played.

      I don’t know, I kinda like the thing. Whether by incident or not it is “Islam proof”, not relevant to me. I like the shield, I like the Psalm, I like the Latin selector. I was thinking of getting the lower, not the entire rifle though.

  14. Thanks be to God. It’s worth every penny to finally put the thought of ISIS savages trying to import $1300+ range toys into the Middle East rather than grabbing a $30 fully functional & battle tested AK from a barrel five feet away to bed. This stroke of genius also has the advantage of keeping the local Mussies away from them too. Now true it’s only really this one and there are thousands of other combinations they could buy (as the 2nd rightly allows), but every little helps.

    To any doubters, my experiments and this rifle prove symbols of the one true religion make it impossible for muslims to touch. I myself have been leaving bacon drenched in holy water laying around in public parks and on bus shelter benches, they won’t even touch the stuff like garlic to a vamp.

    I’m currently lobbying all my local restaurants to give brown folks plastic sporks rather than the standard metal, I’d like to eat in peace without having to wet myself in fear every time a jihadist type like Dr. Anwar raises his butter knife to spread some foreign yellowish muck on his roll. Now the local halal place does seem dead set against it but they’ll come around with a little persuasion I’m sure.

    Keep up the good fight fellow patriots, ignore the ignorant haters like Robert (If that is his real name *cough* Muhammed *cough*) Farago

  15. We’ll stop when Islam is a thing of the past. When every last one of them lies dead in a grave, or converted.

  16. So much hate. So many killings. Too many wars. All in the name of God. Maybe if there were more atheists the world would be a better place?

    • Yup. Atheists like Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro and Kim Il Sung….

      You know if people had ragged on my father and his fellow soldiers as hard as this during WW II for calling Krauts and Japs nasty names, I wonder what he would have thought. But they utterly destroyed their enemy and buried their murderous ideologies. Thank God nobody made them feel sorry about not being politically correct while doing so.

        • I didn’t know German was a race. I thought they were white like me.

          I didn’t know Muslim was a race. There are Muslims of all races. I thought it was a murderous religion/ideology, like the ones the Nazis and Japanese believed in.

          As for the Japanese, my Dad and his fellow soldiers didn’t hate them because they were Asian — the Chinese were on our side in that war — they hated them because they were making war on us, and were especially brutal and evil about it.

          Your “racism” card is expired. It doesn’t affect me anymore, when people whip it out every time someone says something they disagree with.

          I long for the days when we could identify our enemies and not have to pretend the problem was that we just weren’t being nice enough to them.

        • Oh, sure. There totally wasn’t anything racist behind the anti-Japanese slurs and depictions. None at all. Not like rounding up american citizens based on their ancestry and locking them up for the crime of being born of Japanese decent was racist or anything. Obviously that doesn’t count anymore, either.

        • Roosevelt locked them up for their nationality, not their race. He didn’t lock up Chinese and Koreans, who are of the same race. Their nation was making war on us. You can legitimately disagree with Roosevelt’s decision, but it was about nationality, not race.

          I’m sure things would have gone much better if we’d had you as Commander-in-Chief instead of Roosevelt.

        • >> Roosevelt locked them up for their nationality

          Roosevelt locked people of Japanese descent, regardless of their current or former nationality (citizenship). Many of the people were second- and third-generation immigrants who were born American citizens, and never even set foot in Japan.

      • No, what he actually said was, “Come, and know all that god knows. He keeps you in the dark, ignorant and unlearned, so that you do not understand the nature of your enslavement and do not challenge his authority; but I, who already did, will shine the light on you, and you shall have the knowledge and learn the truth. Then you will know that knowledge is power, and gods are merely people who know more than you.”

        It’s rather telling that he is referred to as Lucifer (light-bringer), even in the Christian tradition, where he’s supposedly a bad guy. The archetype shines [pun intended] through the decorations.

        Remember, Heaven is a kingdom, with an absolute ruler wielding unlimited power. And Lucifer was the first person to say, “down with the tyrant”.

        Lucifer is Liberty! 😉

        • Wow !
          Rules for Radicals .
          You are so intellectually solid , I wish you were not so spiritually challenged ( my opinion only ) . You could be a great warrior for Christ but something seems to have hardened your heart . Jesus will always receive you . The high you get with a very personal relationship with Christ is incredible .
          As always God bless .

          • Intellectually, I am an atheist: as the saying goes, “I have no need for this hypothesis” (to explain the world around me). This includes gods, demons, fallen angels, spirits, and all that other kind of stuff.

            On the emotional level, however, I see religions and myths as the reflection of humanity’s collective subconsciousness, so to speak. So the prominent figures that you see there are reflections of the various archetypes of that subconsciousness. This is more obvious with the pagan gods, which were fairly blatant anthropomorphic representations of very concrete concepts – sky and earth and ocean, love and war, hunt and harvest, childbirth and death etc.

            As time went by, and humanity became more sophisticated, so did the archetypes become more abstract and less obvious. A monotheistic God of Judeo-Christian-Islamic faith continuum is an archetype of the “perfect government” that will solve all problems if you only submit to it; kinda like the philosopher king of Plato, or the enlightened despot or benevolent dictator of later ages, but turned from an unreachable ideal that earthly rulers must strive to achieve but never will, to a promise of the real thing, and an eternal one at that. Heaven, then, is a representation of the archetype of the perfect land, governed by such a perfect ruler. It’s all very straightforward: submit yourself to the benevolent rule and the higher law that the ruler devised for you, and you will never know hardship again! All it takes is loyalty. But at the same time, explicit refusal to submit is treason, in and of itself a heinous crime that is more severe than anything else imaginable – and, just as the benevolent ruler is eternal and perfect, so is the punishment for treason against him ever-lasting, and consists of suffering perfected to such an extent that it cannot be compared to anything in this life.

            Islam, being the latest development in this line of thinking, has made this all explicit in the name of the faith itself. But Christian titles of God (“Lord” etc), believers deferentially calling themselves “servants of God” and even “slaves of God” (especially common in Orthodox Christianity), and repeated references to Heaven as Kingdom, and God as a ruler of that Kingdom from his Throne – also common in Judaism – are all indicators of the same attitude.

            Satan was a later development, not present in Judaism (because in it this concept was not yet quite fully developed, as humanity itself did not yet develop to the notion of a perfect benevolent ruler quite yet; Judaic God is merely better than any earthly ruler, but not necessary perfect), and only introduced by Christianity. Quite obviously, being in opposition to all this perfect government business, he represents rebellion against self-appointed authority. But there’s another streak there, that of knowledge-seeker: if you look at the creation myth (or rather its current Christian interpretation), God denies humans the access to the tree, the fruits of which will give them knowledge (and with it, sorrow), while Satan is the one who encourages them to go and eat them and acquire knowledge.

            And indeed, the parallels with the real world are quite obvious: all dictatorships, everywhere, always position themselves as the “perfect kingdom”, and the more depraved and oppressive they are, the higher they ramp up that rhetoric, and the more their leader is presented like God. But to do so, they must deny their subjects the knowledge that would disrupt that picture of the world by demonstrating imperfections. So of course, the one representing the spirit of rebellion against tyranny must, by necessity, also represent the spirit of knowledge-seeking and knowledge-sharing; because it is the knowledge (that things can and should be different, and better) that comes first in any revolt. It’s only when that knowledge is there that an armed revolt is possible to cast the tyrants down; an armed populace is just as like to support the tyrant instead if they are blissful about the alternatives to the tyranny, or consider it the natural state of affairs.

            It is this particular aspect of the bigger archetype that comes to my mind first and foremost when the name “Lucifer” is brought up, given its meaning. It’s also the one that resonates most with me on emotional level. I do think that constant rebellion against the current state of things is, in a way, the essence of human development and progress (and beyond that, life itself is a rebellion against the dead static or cyclical perfection of nonliving matter), but I’m not much of a rebel myself. What I can do, however, is enable those that are, by obtaining, preserving and spreading knowledge, with the belief that eventually someone, somewhere, will inevitably put it to use for the sake of advancement of liberty: liberty of the individual from the tyranny of other men, gods, and ultimately, even nature itself. And so, I call myself a Luciferian, making that aspect my role model, and striving to live to the expectations that it sets.

        • Well , with all of that said , and let me come clean up front and admit that I too have contemplated all the theory’s you just exposed , and we both know , there are thousands more , I have but one question and with it one suggestion .
          Do you believe that a real historical man existed on earth , in Judea , that believed himself to be the prophesized Abrahamic Christ , that He was crucified , buried in a tomb , was resurrected , dwelt among his followers , was seen by thousands and witnessed ascending into sky ?
          If you do not believe this , using your obviously high intellectual skills , do some up to date research with an open unbiased mind and get back to me after your studies .
          There is a growing number of young JEWS that have converted or are converting to the Gospel based on modern intellectual adventures .
          Truth is , I believe you have the foundation to become a strong Thomas figure and could influence many people who would witness Gods Spirit work through you .
          Anyway , I enjoy our discourse here and I love talking guns , politics and the many facets of our common humanity . As usual , Thanks and God bless

          • >> Do you believe

            I generally refuse to “believe” on matters that only require one to know. Belief is for philosophical and ethical issues, where knowing is inherently impossible (e.g. I believe that it is possible to know, to begin with – some philosophies reject that idea outright).

            On factual matters, we either know it to be true, or know it to be false, or don’t know enough to make a conclusion.

            >> that a real historical man existed on earth , in Judea, that believed himself to be the prophesized Abrahamic Christ , that He was crucified , buried in a tomb

            It’s not 100% certain, but I consider it to be more likely than not, on the preponderance of evidence. FWIW, we know that there were many people making similar claims in that time period, though none quite as far fetched.

            >> was resurrected , dwelt among his followers , was seen by thousands and witnessed ascending into sky ?

            That part I consider pure fiction, both on account of not having any historical support, and also because the earliest gospel, Mark, from which others are likely to be derived (on the basis of literary analysis), in its original version, does not recount any of these events; merely an empty tomb – which can be easily arranged by far more mundane means. I also find it curious that not once in the Gospels Jesus refers to himself as God, but only as Son of God, which is actually a fairly common allegory that has been used elsewhere in a non-literal sense.

            All in all, I find the Pauline Christianity hypothesis to be rather convincing – i.e. that there was the corpus of the original teaching of Christ, which seems to have focused on personal ethics and morality, with love as the fundamental theme, and deeply rooted in non-violence and broad acceptance. And then there is the reinterpretation (and likely some changes/additions) made by Paul, who wanted to make it more of a coherent belief system that could be used to create communities and societies, and who added a more outward moralist militant regulating streak to it, which was wildly successful, and further development of which culminated in Christianity becoming a state religion of the Empire. The former didn’t really focus much on the divinity of Christ, and most likely didn’t even postulate it, as it didn’t really need it; but for the latter, it was crucial to make Jesus (and through him, Paul) the ultimate authority on everything. Kinda like Stalin elevated Lenin to near godhood status, and then selectively picked, and in some cases outright invented, his claims and positions to support his own agenda, with extreme success.

            To me, the difference between what Jesus said, and what Paul said (assuming the canonical New Testament as a valid source for both) is so extremely striking that there’s no way the two can be reconciled in a consistent manner, which also explains why there’s such a wide range of Christian beliefs in practice – it’s all the matter of which parts any particular denomination prefers to ignore or creatively reinterpret to shoehorn them to the other part.

  17. Whatever.
    There’s nothing innovative about Bible verses or religious symbols on firearms. It’s been done befoe! Heck, I even have a holster with crosses stamped on the belt clips. The hoopla on this gun is just a marketing gimmick that has generated free publicity according to plan.

    Seems kinda stupid though, to lump something this innocuous in with “No Muslims allowed” policies. There’s nothing discriminatory about designing a product to appeal to a particular subset of the market (pink camo?). Plenty of other rifles out there if you don’t like this one.

      • Ben Thomas is guy who got kicked out of ST before he earned his Trident. According to guys in the know he got canned for being a turd before going operational.

        • According to the link you provided, he is in fact a SEAL. He just didn’t last long on the teams because he was an ass.

        • I was reading a forum on an unrelated topic and what appeared in the thread but an explanation of what happened to Ben Thomas. Rather than paraphrase what I read, I’ll just paste it here.

          “Mr. THOMAS graduated from BUD/S training with Class 211 and DID complete SEAL Qualification Training (SQT), but did not successfully complete his subsequent probationary period and he was never granted SEAL status by the award of a Naval Enlisted Classification (NEC) code of 5326. Although he completed the basic training program and was briefly assigned to a SEAL Team, he did not pass his final evaluation and transition to ‘Operator’ status and thus was never officially/formally a SEAL.”

          So yep, you are correct. You aren’t actually granted SEAL status until you complete your probation, and BT did not pass his final evaluation and so was let go.

  18. I am against ANY (name a religion or race)-phobia. But I think it hypocritical that Farago is decrying Islamophobia after promoting multiple rounds of vitriol about something Pope Francis alleged said, which was taken out of context. Those rounds of criticism were allowed to go way beyond the statement itself and got into religious criticism and even religious bigotry. BTW, I’m not defending the pope. I don’t agree with what he said even in context, but it seems TTAG is getting all PC-sensitive about someone criticizing a religion, a sizable segment of which is promoting terror, while declaring open season on one that is not.

    This gun manufacturer is wrong-headed, but he still has his right to free speech. However, it would be interesting to see if the government would still allow him free speech if he engraved “Black Lives Don’t Matter” on his rifles.

    • I’m sure TTAG would be okay with #blacklivesmatter engraved because it’s socially accepted right now since we now cherish political correctedness over the right to free speech.

  19. When the Nazi’s came up with the Final Solution, most Jews didn’t realize it actually meant “we want to kill you all”

    Muslim scripture clearly lays out it’s final solution, the extermination of all non-muslims. So when there is documentation backed by rhetoric that “we want to kill you all” my default position is to believe them..

    Feel free to ignore the vaginal mutilation, honor killings, child rape, sex slavery and myriad of other atrocities being performed by non radicalized muslims if your desire is to be viewed as “tolerant”. The Nazi’s didn’t start exterminating Jews right away either.

    History is repeating itself, people just aren’t listening. So go ahead and keep believing that an entire sociopolitical “religion” isn’t capable of the same atrocities. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

    • Same can be said of other religions. Mostly just talk. In the virulence of contemporary, secular values I trust. *yawn*

    • 34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

      35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

      36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

      That ain’t from the Quran and it ain’t Allah talking.

  20. They should have engraved pigs all over the gun! Big pigs, little pigs, pigs screwing, pig rolling in beacon!

    • I agree , religions are whacky human endeavors with crazy rules and nutty leaders and silly proclamations , just like the humans that create them .
      Accepting Jesus the Christ as your personal savior is incredibly exhilarating and life changing . I really mean it , I can explode inside with unbelievable joy , laughing and crying at the same time , in Christ . I experience the world in a completely different way than I used to . I can love even you , knowing you probably think I’m nuts .

  21. “Spike’s Tactical is marketing an assault rifle it claims was ‘designed to never be used by Muslim terrorists,’”

    1) An AR-15 isn’t an assault rifle (I despise that term).
    2) An AR-15 is just a machine and therefore doesn’t care who pulls the trigger.
    3) Printing Psalms on an AR lower doesn’t qualify as designing. You’re just etching something someone else designed.
    4) Not all Muslims are terrorists. This whole movement to try to deny Muslims things because you haven’t read their Koran and haven’t studied their religion is nothing more than racism and bigotry.

    Get over yourselves. You’re more likely to get shot by a non-Muslim in the USA than anyone else. Your “anti-Muslim” gun won’t save you then.

  22. This is retarded, unamerican and so misguided as to make me wonder if Spike’s is a false flag operation. They certainly aren’t doing anything for gun rights with an operation like that.

    And I say that as someone who is firmly in opposition to any and all forays made by political Islam.

  23. Nothing wrong with using controversial subject material to gain free publicity and increase sales, it’s called marketing. Last time I checked, America is still a moderately free and semi-capitist nation – Spikes is free to promote their products in whatever politically incorrect manner they want.

    Billions of people believe islamic idealogy is a “religion” and as such their “peaceful” followers should be granted cultural acceptance and protection from criticism. But, islam is NOT a religion. It is a political movement masquerading as a religion, compelled by a small minority of its followers to violently expand it’s political authority over those who do not wish to be forced to follow its ideology. The peaceful followers are still complacent accessories to goals of the overall political movement (ie: not all democrats want to take your guns, but they keep voting in politicians who work overtime to grab them).

    Bona-fide religions do not grant their followers a free pass to commit acts of violence under any circumstances (except self-defense). In the case of islam, violence is an accepted method of maintaining and expanding their political influence (the sharia). Anyone who honestly believes otherwise either ignores the lessons of history, is politically tone-deaf, or both.

    • According to documentation in the Doge’s palace in Venice, a thousand years ago the Doge sponsored a Christian army to go on a crusade (to Constantinople, I think) to loot and kill, and bring him back riches in return, which included the 4 golden horse statues now on display there. ALL cults seek to conquer more morons to support their power and make excuses for their greed, trying to find something to differentiate one from another is an exercise in deception.

      • Ah yes… a Crusade against Constantinople, capitol of the Byzantine empire, which was Christian (not Muslim) but it was the “wrong kind” of Christian (Eastern Orthodox).

        Had this crusade not weakened the empire, it’s possible Islam would never have taken the city.

      • Ah, that old argument…the Crusades…yes, because it’s highly relevant to compare a no-longer accepted doctrine driven event conducted like 1000 years ago, during competing doctrine driven events (like the Moors conquests…etc.) at a time of clearly inferior societal development and morals…to a current religious dogma and doctrine that is accepted and gleefully followed by perhaps 1/5 of the entire worlds current population. Yes that’s extremely relevant to tell someone today why it’s excusable for significant populations of Koran-familiar Muslim faithful to hold the kind of beliefs and intents that another religion supported 1000 years ago. Well done there.

        (And I say all this, not supporting nor having any affection for the extremist view espoused by others that all Muslims are radical or terrorists. However I am also not so naive as to ready up excuses for those Muslims that are, or deny that many a significant population of Muslims are – currently, today, and not 1000 years ago.)

    • But, islam is NOT a religion. It is a political movement masquerading as a religion, compelled by a small minority of its followers to violently expand it’s political authority over those who do not wish to be forced to follow its ideology.

      Wait, are you talking about Islam or Christianity in the US? Because it kind of sounded the same.

  24. Why is it perceived as morally unacceptable for Christians to express their faith or assert themselves? Nobody explicitly says this, but Christians always have to “tone it down” or “resign themselves” when other groups are encouraged to be bold and resolute?

    • In America Christians tend to be pushy with their faith, and in Muslim countries they tend to be pushy with their face. You hear it so much in America because it’s Christians try to convert people door to door, trying to place pieces of their face in government buildings, and trying to deny rights to people they don’t like. Muslims aren’t doing that in America.

      • Travis, you better cruise the net and do a little reading. Muslims are very much pushing their agenda in America.
        In Minnesota, they go on tv and complain and talk about pushing for laws regarding food banks because the food banks do not conform their dietary needs. There was also a school that operated for several years that finally got shut down. Because it was part of their religion and culture .. they kept refusing to meet the states standards of education.
        Ever heard of sharia law and the push through out the country to see it used instead of the nation`s law ? Some cities have actually agreed to allow it as an alternative. Look up C.A.I.R. browse through their policy studies and stated agendas that are passed onto their fellows in government offices.
        Don`t be so simple. wake up and see what is happening around you. America is being taken away, and most people don`t even see it or understand why.

  25. Funny how a bunch of people here are claiming, “Never buying Spikes again!” I’m fairly certain I could find at least one bad thing to say about every manufacturer out there. It’s a gimmick, Thomas even stated it as such. I think the major issue is people haven’t figured out how to deal with the lack of political correctness and it’s starting to chap some asses.

  26. Personal opinion, but I like my rifles as rifles, not as bumper stickers or memes. Even all the zombie stuff is derp in my book, but the anti Muslim stuff is beyond the pale. However, while there are no pro 2A zombies to alienate, there are certainly plenty of Muslims who’d gladly use ISIS themed targets next to you at the range…if there weren’t people pushing stuff like this.

  27. Ok, yeah it is marketing, some Christians will want the lower for the Bible quote, not my thing, but whatever. In any case the Iranian backed terrorists over there mostly can’t even read their own language, much less read English and likely enough wouldn’t recognize the symbol on the other side. These people are ignorant and uneducated making them cannon fodder for Iranian schemes. The terrorists use old beat up guns that they steal from local government supplies or are shipped in by Iran, fit and finish are not high on their list.

  28. Spikes is just another racist backed crap house trying to stir the pot to keep the strife going. And I’m certain that muslims wouldn’t have trouble picking up said rifle and putting a well deserved bullet in Mookie’s vacuous skull.

  29. As a Christian apologist, this is certainly not the approach I would take to get a message out. But then, for me while Islam may be the enemy, Muslims are my mission field. They are brothers as fallen as I am and I’ll deal with them with love and reason.

    By the way…. Muslims DO recognize the Psalms as inspired scripture. Putting that verse in it wouldn’t be an issue.

    As an Amercian, I appreciate from where he’s coming and will defend his right to do so. I’ll also defend my country from anyone who wants to destroy it. However, I also think that America is at its best when we take the high road. The intent of insult taints an otherwise beautiful weapon.

    Personally I’d love that rifle from an “Ineard Christian Soldiers” perspective but not as an intentional insult.

    • Define which book of Psalms you mean. The Koran recognizes “Zabur” (Psalms) as scripture as well as the Law and the Gospels but out of apologetic necessity Muslims say these previous scriptures have been corrupted. These previous scriptures flatly contradict the Koran even though the Koran says they were sent by God. So yeah Muslims will mentally ascend that there is/was some legit book of Psalms in existence but generally Muslims in the know would not call the Psalms in your “modern” translation of the Bible “scripture”.

      And not all men (including Muslims) are my brother.

      • Oh,absolutely on the islamic argument of corruption. Most commonly that is applied to the gospels with the excuse of Pauline corruption, but it is certain applied to any portion the has content with which the disagree. Funny thing is, the part where they most like to argue corruption – the gospels – is far easier to defend. The scale of conspiracy required for a corrup NT is incomprehensible.

        The real irony is Muslims will make that argument while excusing the contradictions of the Q’ran. What Mohammed says last is what counts? That’s not an argument I’d use in conversation with a Muslim because that ends the conversation. The strength of the Bible is enough that I don’t have to resort to polemic.

        Brother as in sharing the same fallen nature and natural state. Jesus hard teachings, ministry to the Samaritans as well as Prter and especially Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles makes the position clear.


        That absolutely does not imply any sort of pacifism in regards to either personal defense or defense of nation or just war. We fight on two levels – spiritual and physical. We can’t compromise either for the other.

  30. RF you have got it so wrong. The West, no less America, has not fought a RELIGIOUS WAR in many hundreds of years. We have forgotten by what rules these things get fought and won by. As they say “generals always fight the last war”. RF as an armchair general that is what you are doing. Unlike the Jewish population of Europe during WWII they were not combatants fighting as unified force under a single flag. ISIS is.

    If we used today the tactics we did 75 years ago, to SAVE YOUR BRETHERN, against ISIS you would be squirming and weeping like a baby.

    • You mean like tens of millions of civilian deaths due to carpet bombing, fire bombing, and artillery leveling towns, deliberate gassing, on and on? Them were the days, huh?

  31. I’m not saying every Muslim out there is some kind of violent anti-liberty theocrate, but it’s plainly obvious that Islam’s bad reputation is the result of many Muslim’s own bad actions. After all, I don’t see very much animosity against Hindus or Buddhists from gun-owners (at least gun-owners who aren’t Evangelical nutters).

    • Yes, and those muzzies who do not openly condemn islamic terror consent to it and approve of it by default.

    • If anyone paid any attention to the massive amount of Buddhist terrorist attacks in Burma, it might be different. But Islam is the “enemy” du jour. Always has to be a boogeyman to scare the yokels into voting more power to the government to go kill people in other places.

      • Don’t be pretentious, not all of us are followers of “Abrahamic” religions.

        Some of us still are true to older gods.

  32. Firstly, I agree that this rifle is in very poor taste, and it casts an unfair negative light on the majority of gun owners. But allow me a few other observations.

    I am not a racist, but I am a culturalist. I believe that if somebody is raised within a culture, they will tend to behave according to the norms of that culture, unless they have a very independent character.

    Islam is not a race. Islam is a culture. And as cultures go, it’s pretty backward. While I agree that the average Muslim has little to no interest in waging Jihad or achieving martyrdom, those values are ingrained into the culture, and serve as inspiration for a disproportionate number of extremists coming from Islam.

    A person who believes in moral equivalency might correctly point out that most religions, including Christianity, also condone violence and martyrdom within their scriptures. But all those other religions went through a period of enlightenment, when they learned to balance secular humanism against their religious beliefs. Islam has never been through such a reformation, and is badly in need of one. Violence is not part of Islams past, it’s a very active part of Islam’s present.

    Other people who have expressed these views (like Bill Maher for instance) have been painted as racists by some in the liberal community. I think that’s unfair. A person cannot change their race, but they can change their cultural behavior. And those changes within the Islamic community are long overdue.

    • I think that it is encouraging that the vast majority of posters on this site are expressing nuanced views in favor of social justice. It speaks well of the gun community.

      • “Social justice”…….trigger words! dog whistle! white privilege!

        I do believe I’m getting the vapors……

  33. It is not insulting to anyone and just a bible verse. If it had a picture of Mohammed on the receiver with a pmag shoved up his @$$ then maybe I’d understand why some have sand in their private parts.

  34. It took me a long time to realize, maybe even too long, but at the end of the day an immediate threat to myself or those I love is that and that alone, demographics be damned. I’m more worried about would-be assailants on the sidewalk or trigger happy cops than ISIS, but that’s just how I see it. As for this stunt by Spike’s, well, I never heard stellar things about their products either. If their rep goes to sh!t over this, then that’s that. You reap what you sow on the open market.

  35. I didn’t know TTAG was apart of the political correctness crowd. It’s the first amendment and they’re entitled to do or say what they want with appropriate backlash. The way I see it, it’s just a bible verse on the lower, c’mon… I’m not anti-Muslim nor do I don’t see how this is offensive. Maybe TTAG ought to spew some #blacklivesmatter posts next or talk about the history of how the NRA was racist?

  36. I don`t think what you are seeing in this trend is a fear of Islam. I think it`s more an acknowledgement that there are some very serious issues with with many Islamist s. They have this eagerness to see harm and death done to their fellow man. ( Note I did not say all of them..) It`s identifying a problem..and a building anger that there seems to be zero effective effort to address the violence prone teachings of many of the Imams and their followers. Same thing can be said for so many things and about various movements. Police that abuse their power,outright murder people…Black marches calling for outright murder now….
    .You error when you start calling something fear because ether people are pointing out an issue,or there is much harm involved in the movement/teaching and warnings are given about said movements/beliefs. We used to call this facing reality. And if issues aren`t addressed by those associated with Islam ( or any other collective group) ,then it only seems to be prudent to say need to keep an eye on them. They won`t police their own,so that`s passive support. Passive support can be just as harmful as direct action.

    • They won`t police their own,so that`s passive support.

      The majority of Muslims may not be radical, but the peaceful majority are irrelevant.

  37. I agree with this post, but I still laughed at Mookie’s comment and I would buy such a rifle if it existed. Not this rifle or one like it that depicts me as a crusader, though. I don’t like the crusaders and I don’t want to be one. I have no desire to conquer the middle east and declare “convert or be murdered”. Maybe the crusaders weren’t all like that, but neither were the saracens all murderous hellhounds. The fact is, I don’t want to be confused for an oppressor who has declared war on Islam. I’m defensive, not offensive.

    • You do know that the crusades were the catholic churches response to muslim aggression, right? They were taking over Europe and slaughtering it’s people. The church finally had enough and decided to fight back.

  38. Do they know that this same verse is in the Quran? It’s just silly. The Quran provides pretty clear distinctions on actions taken out of necessity, especially in defense of land they view as theirs, I don’t think this inscription would stop a single one of them from using the weapon.

  39. Fvvv Islam. In fact fvvv Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Nothing more than oppression and control of people disguised as a way to “save ones soul”.

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