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U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch (courtesy

“We have seen violence strike at all segments of our community. It is a sad fact now that no one is safe.” – U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch [via]

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  1. I have no idea what the heck she’s talking about I’ve got a couple rifles and shotguns and a four wheel drive and I’m safe as all get out What’s wrong with these people are they mentally retarded? Because I think they are And how in the hell did these people get in office Must have been some kind of shading is going on there Another dirtball politician Pretending to be an attorney general What a joke!

    • She testified that she was not “Holder in a skirt”. Sotomayor asserted that Heller was “settled law”. Kagan said McDonald was “settled law”. First thing the two justices did was try to re-litigate both cases and this twat IS Holder in a skirt.

      • This. So much this. I wish I could say I’m surprised but i’m not. I know all too well that the gun issue is not a left or right issue but with frightening consistency you see democrat appointed justices, cabinet members, and policy makers calling for more gun control. I don’t see the other side of this. To me it is right and left as long as the leadership stays that way and I will continue to vote right for that reason and that reason only.

  2. Sounds like Lynch has realized Obama’s quest for total anarchy and understands Americans aren’t safe. If that’s not an endorsement for less gun control and to return to strict adherence to 2A I don’t know what is.

    After all, it’s for the safety of the children right Madam AG?

  3. If that is her attempt to start a run for the top spot, she isn’t very good at it. Of course, since she was Obama’s pick she is likely to be less than stellar at anything she does. Besides, anything she actually manages to do to move that needle would have to count for Obama being the best gun salesman in the history of the world.

    Funny thing is that he keeps searching for his legacy and it is staring him right in the face just waiting for him to embrace it!

  4. Move to another “community” that is safer, one with a lot of pro 2A residents, you know out of DC/NOVA/Maryland. You’ll feel much better at night.

  5. She is right, if you live in any Democratic controlled city you are not safe, thanks to gun control, the war on cops, the welfare state mentality, and the eroded morality of this nation. Democrat commies have made the entire world less safe. They are the obvious enemy of your safety.

  6. They are trying so hard to make citizens feel as though they must count on the government for protection. All I hear from this is, “You can’t protect yourself anymore, but don’t worry we will. Just give us total control and we’ll keep you safe…”

    Nope, don’t think so lady! Time to clean house in Washington.

  7. We’ve had close to 7 years of someone focusing on exploiting the differences between the races, going to funerals and making public statements based on skin color. I’m not saying the current problems started with him, but he has done nothing but fan the flames. The funny thing about equality is that both sides should expect equal treatment. You look at the increased rates of violence towards our law enforcement professionals and wring your hands and wail and weep, but then you promote a #onesidematters approach and, by example, lead a large portion of the nation to do the same, then the fault lies squarely in your court. But then again, when a minority race member pulls him or herself out of the gutter and turns into a contributing member of society, he or she tends to become conservative, and that would defeat your purposes and limit your power base. So let’s blame everyone else and try to make it their fault because that won’t make everything worse?

  8. Nobody, ever, has been truly safe. But I’m in very little danger where I’m at, so sod off Lynch.

  9. So, if no one’s safe now, can we fire your fat ass for incompetence, and dissolve the ATF, LynchMOB? Or will you continue ruining others’ lives, Mostly Over Bullshit?

  10. If I were to find that I was totally safe the first thing I’d do is escape to somewhere a little less reputable, a little more fraught. Nothing in life is so dull and so prone to drive humans actually insane as there being no risk in anything you do. Risk:Reward calculations are a foundation of the way humans perceive and interact with their environment. It’s how we decide what to do. If there’s no way to solve the equation we’ll lose our bloody minds. We’re very much literally not wired for a risk free existence. No life form on the planet is meant to be in a risk free environment. If they were evolution would have produced much less biological diversity. The moment you make my life completely risk free you not only take all the flavor out of it leaving us with being sentenced to life in a very comfortable prison. You also put us in a situation which we are biologically not built for. No matter how safe and comfortable the prison, it’s still a prison. No matter how good a swimmer a human is, they’ll never be a fish. You cannot live in an environment which is laid out contrary to your fundamental biology.

    • I hope you live in interesting times, and you never find what you are looking for.

      😀 because love!!!!!!!

      ^^^^ he understands

    • @ some dude: Great answer and I totally agree. Most of us yearn to live in a place where there is a nice balance between risk, comfort and potential rewards. But to live in a place where there was no risk would be worse than death.

  11. “It is a sad fact now that no one is safe.” – U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch

    Now? When was anyone ever “safe”? Back in the early 1990s during the heyday of Gun Control and when violent crime was at the highest level in the recorded history of the United States of America? Or is Ms. Lurch Lynch claiming that we are less safe now that our violent crime rate is at the lowest level in 50 years?

  12. Now we’re not safe? Lady, nobody was ever “safe.” In fact, we’re safer in the U.S. now than we’ve been in the last quarter-of-century. Even globally, there’s less violence now than there was at any other time in the history of Humanity.

    This just goes to show us how well-insulated the tiny, tiny bubble that these people obviously live in well and truly is. They are so disconnected from the reality that those living at the base of their jewel-encrusted, platinum-plated ivory tower live in, that it doesn’t even factor into their decision-making calculus because they have literally forgotten it altogether or have literally never lived in it themselves.

  13. I feel pretty safe. Knowing a lot of my community takes personal responsibilities for them selves.
    Here we don’t depend on our Gubbermint for our personal safety, Our politicians for the most part trust us here. I sure wouldn’t feel safe in a Democratically controlled State or town for that matter. Over 2 million CCW carriers cant all be wrong in feeling relatively safe here.

  14. “We have seen violence strike at all segments of our community.”

    Possibly true, but the overwhelming majority of the violence occurs in the gangbanger segment of the community. Too bad we’re not allowed to have an honest discussion about that, though.

    • @Stinkeye: Agree. Wonder what the real violence statistics are if you take out the violence cause by inner city gangs and drugs and suicides ? My guess is that most of us that do not live in one of the inner city hellholes are very safe and very unlikely to meet up with violence. Much more likely that we will die of heart disease, cancer, a car accident, drown or fall down a flight of stairs. So why aren’t all of those things illegal ?

  15. Gee, I feel pretty safe here in small-town Idaho where 90%+ of all households have guns. Of course, if I lived in a Democratic-run hell-hole like WashDC, NYC, LA, Frisco, Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, etc., I wouldn’t feel too safe either.

    Did anyone else notice her mistake where she goes off the “blame the eeevil guns” mantra:
    “…she has asked some U.S. attorneys to set up similar meetings in their own areas because “specific causes” of violence are “different in every location,” she said.” They will have to walk that one back.

  16. “… no one is safe now.” Were we ever safe? The heart of the gun grabbers logic is false sense of security. We actually are safer now than we were several decades ago, statistically speaking, but when there are no guarantees for safety, I’ll take the gun please.

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