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YouTuber and firearms trainer Reid Henrichs isn’t happy with President Obama. Specifically the Commander-in-Chief’s antipathy to Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. He wonders what the President actually likes about the United States. And then declares that the American people have had enough of the President and gun control. Reid doesn’t recommend any particular course action to resist the President’s gun control agenda. Suggestions?

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  1. Coming from my (Canadian) perspective, I think that the current course of action by US gun owners has been effective. Joining rights-oriented groups, lobbying for improvements, supporting politicians when they support gun rights, introducing new shooters to the community, being proactive and promoting positive images of shooting. Combine that with the increasing reach of sites like TTAG, I think that you are in fairly good shape for the future. It will take continued effort, of course, but I don’t see how a dramatic change will really accomplish more than the current path.

  2. Suggestions?

    Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution says, “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

    Seems like violating our Constitutional Rights, repeatedly, would qualify as Treason. Can’t we impeach him for it?

    • Actually violating the Constitution is merely violating the Constitution and does not constitute Treason.

      People throw around the term impeachment without understanding what it means. Impeachment is an indictment and not removal from office. To remove the President, you need to convict him in the Senate which requires 67 votes. Do you know how to count?

      • Wouldn’t get enough Senators to convict in order to remove, it’s questionable if it would even get to trial in the Senate before the end of the term. I think the argument for impeachment is less to get an actual removal and more to lay down a marker that this type of behavior at this level is too much.

        I would be perfectly happy with a House vote to impeach in November/December of 2016 regardless of the ability to actually try the case in the Senate. Or maybe try him after he’s out of office and if convected, pull his pension.

        • I understand your sentiments but it is only an effective deterrent if you are successful.

      • Technically, it’s only 2/3 not 67. All we have to do is start by removing about a dozen treasonous -D senators. I think DC has plenty of walls we could use.

    • I’m on the side of impeachment, you’re good with me. It gets down to being forced to actually have something more than words to impeach for. The pres would have to complete an action. That said, when millions of American’s are so angry they suggest impeachment it is clearly saying something. As American citizens it is appropriate to protect the foundation of the structure and to call-out those who are undermining it.

      • Sometimes when people start ranting about impeachment or arresting the man I challenge them to propose the charges and the basis for the charges they need.

        The constitutional and legal literacy of these people is lacking to say the least, I understand the dislike of his policies and I’m personally offended by some of the things he has said (and some things he has neglected to say) but the fact is there is little to nothing you could actually charge the man with. The first thing is always obamacare and the idea that we can’t be coerced into buying something. And in the original plan it was coercement. But the system did its job and that was shot down on constitutional grounds then came back as simply a tax with an exemption.

        Functionally perhaps the same but perfectly legal and something most opponents to the act has long since accepted as legal normal and even beneficial.

        Then comes the idea that even that should be illegal, that even proposing something that is found counter constitutional should be an impeachable or arrest able offense. As if THAT wouldn’t have consequences to our own side.

        People need to think more than five minutes in the future. Some seem willing to do such drastic things right now, things that would have negative reverberations later if they were accepted as reasonable and legal.

  3. I still think a Million Mag March on DC would be good.
    David Gregory masks optional.

    Do what the potheads did/are doing. Ignore the law. They regularly congregate and smoke for the cameras in town centers and town hall lawns. Nobody is ever arrested. Nobody ever ticketed because the numbers make it impractical.

    • Pot heads doing that are already doing so in decriminalized fashion. They’re not committing felonies in the action. Would I love to see a million potheads light up in front of the White House? Absolutely. Would I love to see a million people march on Washington with rifles and 30 round mags? Absolutely. Convincing a million people to do something that could potentially render them gun-less after the fact, is a whole other issue.

      I love where your head is at, just need a legal process to do so.

      • If a million pot-smokers blazed up in front of the White House, Obama would probably burn one to express solidarity.
        But if a million (or even a few thousand) people congregated in front of the White House with rifles and prohibited magazines, they’d just get blazed by DHS (sooner or later).

      • We already have a perfectly legal means. It’s called voting. Too bad Americans, including conservatives, can’t be bothered to get off their butts and do it, let alone do it effectively. I would never endorse any violent action to rescue lazy Americans from themselves. I believe Sophocles said it best: Screw ’em!

    • You should keep in mind that weed enthusiasts currently exist in a friendly environment created by this administration.

      We already know that the response to a domestic shooting will be different to an act of terrorism. The latter brings pleas of solidarity tolerance and rational discourse, this is great IMO. The former sadly brings calls for discrimination and the enactment of more laws that are guaranteed to put innocent Americans at the wrong end of the states own firearms. This is less than great obviously.

    • We TTAGers have been long on the list. Don’t worry. Just pray they don’t Apache us from 1000yd away looking through FLIR, and all will be well.

  4. When and where not unconstitutionally prohibited, consider open carry. The next big step in defeating gun control is to normalize the civilian carrying of weapons in public without drama. And by this I do not mean slung scary rifles or shotguns in inappropriate places like malls or urban centers or near schools. I am talking about holstered side-arms. Scaring the muggles with over-the-top demonstrations accomplishes nothing. We need to show that we are just like them and not a threat to law-abiding people.

  5. What does Obama like about this country? That’s easy, money, power and an electorate that is willing to elect him.

    • Aren’t you? The more the lair in chief spews his idiocy it seems the more Americans are getting absolutely fed up. I for one(of many) am tired of seeing him proven wrong only to spout the same emotionally based bs the next time he feel fit. He does this without a hint of the obvious irony might I add. It’s a disgrace to the human race and this country that he hasn’t been throw out office and left on the Canadian side of the border.

      • I am just one of Thoreau’s ‘mass of men’. I have little energy left after just keeping my head above water, even for being angry. Being angry about things as massive as the politics of hundreds of millions of people is like being angry at the weather, maybe not quite as hopeless but very unlikely to make it any better. As for Obama, he is just a focus of a problem and not the problem himself. The problem is many magnitudes larger than him.

        • I would agree mostly. I will say that it’s probably more like being angry about the weather if I was a cloud. Well and if cloud anger was contagious or at least as contagious as cloud appethy is. Not sure I made my point but that’s as hard as I’m going to try to convey it tonight.

      • The nation was specifically designed to be resilient enough to suffer poor leadership or wannabe tyrants. I think the system has functioned admirably during the recent “tests” of this administration and its local level supporters.

        Except for the fact that at the national level they have yet to take the message to heart and change their tone I see no reason take the unseal step of vacating the office early. Especially considering the next in line.

  6. my·o·pi·a. – [mīˈōpēə] NOUN 1.nearsightedness. •lack of imagination, foresight, or intellectual insight:

    BARRY’S “A Problem” not “The Problem”. The problem (that you will still have after next December) are all the evil POS blue (D) out there for which B. Hussein IS NOT EVEN EXTREMELY LIBERAL ENOUGH, but are more than happy to hold you and them over with a 4 – 8 year stint of either Hillary or Bernie.

    Provocation, prevarication, work both ways, and “they” started it. I see an army already on the field that’s chomping on the bit to do something really stupid, and it would only take a masked face and a bull horn (maybe some free alcohol?). The hope being that BLM (O-hole’s brownshirt / blackshirt brigade) screws up and goes Ms. Catherine O’Leary’s bovine on Chicomcago, some of the rest of IL, NY(C), Boston,Seattle, L.A., D.C.. . . and then that problem self-eradicates with internal violence supported by the very provision of firearms that the O-hole/evil blue house of (D) has been accusing you aiding, followed by some governmental crackdowns on those persons. The media would have to be a target of their violence, spurred by rumors of “spying” for the enemy, and “embedded” NSA / police / etc, which would create the needed “no broadcast” zones. Any of these individuals that threatened harm to the indigenous population would have to be dealt with by immediate and spectacular violence, or else they would succumb to it. Therefore the only survivable society being an armed and polite one, or no one would even be able to collect their dead, much less attend a funeral. Drones would have to be interdicted, by ‘harmless’ band lasers / UV / and IR lights and cover and masking as necessary. Police need to be run on wild goose chases by anonymous 911 calls from stolen phones, and run-into and against protesting mobs wherever available.

    If any of this sounds inflammatory, it’s just the rest of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” that Obama has yet to show you, just (instead) directed back at them.

    • Any room to hold Rs responsible when they take action against our rights?

      We have a democrat in office now who opposes gun ownership in theory but has done nothing of substance in his time in office.

      On the other hand the only other candidate who might have taken the office last time around has in fact signed into law a ban that did much damage to his constituencies right to keep and bear arms, but somehow he is always seen as preferable.

      • I hold everyone responsible for their actions and omissions, and recommend that everyone do the same. I fly the R flag because it is the current SOLE

        • [not sure how/why previous cut off but ] . . . home of Conservatism. Conservatives and Conservatism are the only thing to get my support, but they still suck (where and when they do) but not as bad as the evil house of (D). I rail against (D) because it’s NOT JUST ABOUT GUNS. Guns is just a symptom of the f’d upness that the Founding Fathers attempted to protect us from WITH THE SECOND AMENDMENT.

  7. Meh.

    It’s a cultural and social problem. Decent post by the Canadian above. I might agree with a lot of the stuff in the video, but it other tactics like teaching shooting, reaching out to women, the shooting community being more “inclusive” (such an overused term but the idea is right) that will pay dividends in the long run. Also in my opinion we lose when gun people come across as the GOP and/or “conservatives”. Our outreach should be about the Second Amendment, self-defense, and the fun/worthwhile use of firearms. Many of us might be conservatives, but a few of the standard “conservative” talking points” (like anti-gay, religion down your throat, a dumb foreign policy) are either just distractions or (rightly in my opinion) rejected by many of the people we want to reach.

    Not sure this video helps anything,

    • I agree, I know it’s a matter of fact for many people who otherwise may not be particularly anti gun that pro gun groups and individuals are bigoted in any number of ways.

      It’s assumed completely that when we talk about self defense that we are omitting certain groups, black, gay, furriner etc.

      Posts on Facebook exclaiming that they are sure no gun rights advocate is wishing that (name some suposed undesirable group) had the ability to be armed.

      Here and on other gun rights centers however I see a diverse group with many different views but a large number of people who do in fact believe that the right to keep and bear arms is a universal one, including without a doubt political and moral opponents and people of different races or cultures.

      Making it known that this is at the core of our identity is crucial to bringing out the reason in those who can be reasoned with.

  8. Since he’s so anti gun…. when he’s out of office…. no secret service detail. He can set an “example” .

  9. I predict when Obama is out of office he will have NO friends. He will be shunned by all, most vehemently by those who were once his closest allies and history will not be kind to his legacy, as the truth will out.

  10. I think Reid implies a certain course of action as much as he can without crossing the line. For my part, I advocate giving liberally to 2A and pro-freedom groups (Freedomworks is nifty). Then hold them accountable. Elect Ted Cruz. Don’t let the Rhinos sneak someone like Bush in. Defeat Hillary. Call your senators and demand more freedom. Be a fantastic human being, set an example in your community, and politely discuss your love of freedom whenever you have a reasonable opening.

  11. and getting back to the original question………………………..

    “Reid Henrichs is mad as as hell and ,,,,what??

    He’s actually not the only one to do this. Yaeger was probably the first to blow up publicly on YouTube (and then suffer the consequences when he went to far) but there have been others and it is rapidly becoming many others.

    Watch the video again, only this time, read Tom Payne’s “Common Sense” before you view it. Here’s a link:

    Different times and slightly different topic but notice that the sense of emotion, the matter of addressing the issues then and now, are quite similar.

    So, what am I saying here? Watch the video and broaden your visual and auditory horizon to perceive what is actually beginning to happen in this country.

    We may actually be observing, and for many here, participating in a great social upheaval which may fulfill President Sparklefarts original prophecy of changing America.

    Only it’s not going to end up the way he envisioned.

    Here’s sootch00 from his YouTube channel:

    Here’s the YankeeMarshal from his YouTube channel:

    There are tens, actually hundreds of similar showing up every day and when you listen to them, and then compare them to the writings of the founding Fathers before war with Britin broke out, you will see that there are very close parallel conversation.

    May God Bless and Keep America

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