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Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy has been sacked by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. It seems that Rahm saw an opportunity to throw McCarthy under the bus to please protesters. From the “At a morning news conference originally called to announce the appointment of a task force on police accountability, Emanuel said he and McCarthy had started “a conversation” about the direction of the department on Sunday, and by Tuesday, he was asking for McCarthy’s resignation.” . . .

McCarthy has been a vociferous proponent of strict gun control laws, and an opponent of any loosening of the Windy City’s draconian laws. McCarthy had numerous scandals over the years, none of which were deemed sufficient to fire him. There are several listed by A particularly ironic one was when McCarthy was found shooting out street lights with his brother and another officer in New York.

On a separate incident McCarthy who was also out drunk again on City Island one evening was shooting out street lights with two other police officers one of whom was McCarthy’s brother whom is a New York State Trooper.

When McCarthy was confronted by an NYPD Sgt concerning the shooting incident McCarthy had retaliated against the officer later on who insisted on pursuing the shooting incident as a criminal matter. Needless to say the incident was quietly swept under the rug by the NYPD!

It’s hard to see that much will change in Chicago as a result of McCarthy’s being fired. It’s unlikely that anyone better will be appointed Superintendent by Emanuel, as anti-gun a mayor as any in the nation.  But one can always hope.

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    • As gratifing as that may sound it would be a disaster for republican government for the Mob to drive an elected official from office by extea-constitutional means.

      The Founding Fathers feared the Mob as much as Leviathon. Illinois has no recall law so there are no mulligans allowed. Chicagoans had an opportunity to elect someone else and chose not to. Live with it suckers.

      • Plenty of Chicagoans are no more responsible for “electing” this scum parade, than German Jews were for “electing” the Nazis. As if it makes a bloody difference anyway. Being “elected” is just the currently fashionable (among progressively indoctrinated dunces) way of saying being divinely ordained: Whatever you can say, to sucker the rabble into believing you have some sort of authority over others.

        • First, 80%+ of Chicago residents support the Machine and it doesn’t matter who the candidate is. Rahm is theirguy.

          More importantly you don”t have a clue about how elected government works. The candidate that gets 50% + 1 votes wins and has legitimacy for every one until the next election. The people who voted for the other guy get to say “I told you so” and those who supported have to live with their mistake.

          Your Nazi analogy like most such analogies is stupid. Rahm has not cancelled the election nor will he.

        • Unlike TDinVA, I actually live here and I can guarantee you the tiny dancer does not have anywhere near 80% approval.

        • Even if 80% was correct, Jews represented far less than 20% of the German population. And, hey, the Nazis “won”. They get to decide what to do with future elections.

          I know perfectly well how elected government works. It doesn’t. Sounded good in Athens as well. Didn’t work. Wannabe rulers cast about for all manners of excuses why they should be granted authority over others. Divine ordination, blue blood, being elected, being a direct descendant of The Prophet, whatever….. And the well indoctrinated of every society, are oh so certain that their guy’s particular excuse is oh so much more “valid” than those of all those other societies’ guys’.

          Yet it’s all just one big steaming pile of crock. In a proper Constitutional Republic, with a properly limited government, it is 99% irrelevant whether the “president” gets the job based on his daddy, an election or a poker game. He can’t do all that much anyway. And if government isn’t properly limited, it’s nothing but a shithole regardless of exactly how the currently reigning scumbag scrambled his way to the top job.

        • Lysander Spooner put it best:

          A man is none the less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years.

      • I agree that elections have consequences and the Chiraqis screwed themselves, for about the twentieth time in a row, and that’s that. However, there’s nothing extra-constitutional about that soulless beast spontaneously growing a conscience and resigning. Paranormal, yes, but extra-constitutional, no.

        • Resigning as a matter of honor yes but not under pressure from the Mob. He is obligated to stand strong like De Gaulle did in 1968 until a proper interval past the crisis.

          Just the remember the Mob does not represent the views of the TTAG community. It is Obama’s gang coalition that is running the show.

    • I want the job-a quarter million/year! Plus bribes and corruption…and let’s not forget Garry was all for shooting concealed carry folks(among others). The goofball replacing him is pathetic-oh well…

      • The publicly funded pension for 25-35 years ain’t bad…not unusual to get paid for not working more years than worked. That’s sustainable – yeah right.

    • The logical conclusion of this madness is one person left alive. As long as there is more than one person on the planet somebody will be offended or feel unsafe.

      Even then that last human alive will eventually find reason to feel offended at nature and finding no one to hear the complaints will be forced to succumb to the ultimate safe zone and throw him/her/it off the nearest cliff to avoid any further aggression no matter how micro.

    • Had a similar thought: The mindless PC idiots that the professors and administrators at the universities helped create have turned on their erstwhile mentors and are even getting the occasional resignation. The BLM idiots are making life miserable for the statist blue-city mayors and police chiefs who helped create the culture they sprang from. It’s even reaching back into history–the SJWs now want to consign Woodrow Wilson, the original limousine liberal, to the revisionist-history memory hole. The Left, like Roe v Wade, seems to be on a collision course with itself–just surprised it hasn’t happened sooner.

  1. He should have expected nothing less. The mayor and prosecutor collude to make sure that tape (and investigation) stays under wraps till after the political peril has passed, and now the lackey pays the interest.

  2. Just another example that corrupt, self serving politicians never seems to have to atone for their evil actions. They always walk away free and clear. I would who Hilary Clinton will throw on the sword regarding her email actions at the end of the day.

  3. Not that I care, glad they are eating their own, but the funny part is during the press conference when the mayor was asked what the chief did wrong, Emma didn’t have an answer! It was hilarious! Let.the left beat each other sensless! I love watching…

  4. Hey Rahm and Anita, as a taxpayer in IL where’s the $5M in hush money that you paid out to the victims in this to buy your election.

  5. I understand that former NYC Chief Ray Kelly is available. He hates us guns just as much as Garry McCarthy, and he’s never watched a video in his life.

  6. I am I the only one who is beginning to hate the phrase “have a conversation”. It seems to be right in with, common sense and reasonable. Lately when the other side says we need to have a conversation it means do what I tell and STFU about it.

    • As I like to tell people who use that trite phrase (“…have a conversation…”), “We did. You ignored what I had to say. I’m not in the habit of repeating myself, so you will now be quiet.”

    • Like when that jackass AG Holder chastised America as being too cowardly to have a conversation about race. My God, when do we ever STOP talking about race?

  7. Bittersweet, given the circumstances of the firing, his predecessor is likely to be a few clicks further out into left field of him. The gangs are tearing Chicago limb from limb, so clearly what we need to do is punish more of the law abiding citizens right?

  8. It takes two to tango. The Chief has been following suit. My guess it he has been changing his position and not so willing to agree with Rahm’s anti-gun position. We’ll never know for certain.

    • I picked up on that leaning too in one of McCarthy’s statements at a recent Press conference. Maybe Emanuel was addressing more than one issue with McCarthy’s firing. No matter what, McCarthy had become a huge liability in part because of baggage from his past starting to resurface.

      As for the ‘what did the chief do wrong’ question (mentioned above by CZ) asked of Emanuel at a press conference; I love to watch Democrats squirm when they shift blame to avoid the buck being dropped in their lap.

      This situation in Chicago is classic; a Dem team member faltering and becoming an attractive scapegoat for the ‘leader’.

      Obama has trouble with that sort of question too, as if is unexpected because no one should ever doubt dear leader’s decisions. I guess Emanuel was caught flat-footed; the next question would have been: ‘Why, Mr. Mayor, did you not do something sooner’?

      Now let’s see if the protesting sheeple will go for the token drumstick tossed to them by Emanuel, or if they want MORE…consolation. Remember, “Black Lives Matter” and deserve special recognition…and reparation for past injustices at the hands of EVERY cop on the beat.

  9. While I welcome the departure of McCarthy, I fear the bar will be lowered with the nest appointee.

    • Oh, I fully expect so – that the next appointee in that slot will be positively chock-full of PC goodness, with all manner of platitudes and dim-witted appeasement of the BLM thugs, mugs, and pugs, which will result in crime exploding on the streets even more.

      Democrats have no idea what they’re buying themselves with the appeasement of the BLM types. None. They just cannot see the handwriting in red spray paint upon the walls, so heavily invested are they in maintaining their strangehold on the black voter cohort.

      I’m buying up some some of Orville Redenbacher’s finest product in preparation for the political theatre that is coming in Chi-Chi town.

      • Emanuel has been pandering to various blocs, and the chickens are coming home to roost. The black reverends and aldermen are lobbying for him to hire a black superintendent. The hispanics want one of their own instead. Rahm can’t win an election without a significant number of votes from both camps.

        So those roosting chickens are preparing to crap all over him and his ambitions for national political office. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

        As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

  10. What would you expect? If a football team was that bungling the coach would be first to go his fault or not. So that the fans would keep buying tickets. Just business, nothing personal.

  11. Do what the boss wants and get hosed for doing so. That’s what happens when you have no principles to live by. Now everyone knows he’s a toady for sure. He could have done the right thing a year ago and at least had his dignity left. Interesting that the NY Times published an opinion piece calling out the Mayor of Chiraq for hiding the football during the election season.

  12. perhaps Garry should have spent less time on putting those fancy stars on his shoulders and had his soldiers, I mean officers focus more on shooting dogs and defenseless street lights?

  13. I can only imagine the deal that was cut for him to go away. Some enterprising reporter should dig into just how much he is going to get over and above his absurd pension. Ram cut him a deal and “the people” if they knew about it will, uh, do nothing.

  14. Knowing Emmanuel’s political tone deafness in the Black community, he’ll appoint Jon Burge as McCarthy’s successor… but only because Nathan Bedford Forrest isn’t available.

  15. “the Windy City’s draconian laws.”

    Give it a rest, would ya?

    SCOTUS stuck down Chicago’s handgun ban, and Illinois now has shall-issue concealed carry with state preemption.

    We have lots of gun-free zones and carrying in a city where you rely on public transportation isn’t very practical. But it’s so much easier here than New York, D.C., L.A. or many other big cities in the U.S.

    Draconian? Not so much.

      • Dean, every Democrat in Cook County was very much against those changes. Chicago, and the Chicago-controlled Illinois legislature, was bitch-slapped by the federal courts into recognizing the U.S. Constitution.

        McCarthy shares the draconian attitude of most big-city liberals toward gun rights. But Chicago’s laws have certainly changed for the better, despite their best efforts to resist it.

  16. Hey, wasn’t this the guy who told his officers to shoot concealed firearms licensees if they felt threatened?

    • YES, Yes he did. And I resemble that remark. Not real popular with us Illinois gun owners…

  17. Seem to remember Chicago was always considered a city with corrupt politicians and police. Did someone come along and officially declare Chicago a corruption-free zone?

  18. The wheels on the bus go round and round. And the big guy goes down to save Eman’s hide. Collect your coin, board the RV and terrorize the locals with that ugly mug.

  19. Emanuel is just as guilty of the cover up. To even think that he did not know about the police snuffing the video is ludicrous. It may be called “second city” but Chicago is “first city” in government corruption and lack of ethics.

  20. Politics as usual..Emanuel will always do what’s politically expedient. The mob wanted someones head and Rahm delivered. Next part of the appeasement will be a black Chief to head CPD. Nothing will change; BLM will continue to push their agenda and the drugs, gangs and killing continues. The Rahm and Garry show was never about solving problems it was always a game of deflection.

    Move along, nothing to see here.

  21. A Chicagoan here.
    A couple of important points to note: Garry McCarthy has nothing to do with anything, nor did he. He had no political clout, no power or authority, and really, little to no impact on life in the Windy City.
    The CPD chief is a cartoon character with little to do besides provide the local media with content, content generated and approved by far more important people.
    What little McCarthy had to do with the day-to-day running of the police department was mostly just irritating, not consequential. Consequence is not something the CPD chief is hired to provide.
    In other words, it’s all a big kabuki. His predecessor got fired not for doing anything, but for looking comical doing nothing. That’s what the job is- media face.
    Meanwhile, I’d really like Mr. Weingarten, possibly my favorite writer on TTAG, to please have another look at the gun law situation in Chicago.
    Chicago does not have draconian gun laws. It did, years ago, but those laws were disappeared in a poof in the summer of 2013 with the enactment of the Firearms Concealed Carry Act of 2013. Municipalities have no authority to enact or enforce laws pertaining to handguns. And, their authority to do so with long guns was actually restricted somewhat.
    Chicago has exactly the same laws about handguns and carrying handguns in public as does Gilman, Danville, West Cahokia, and East Dubuque.
    Illinois still has the Firearms Owners Identification Act (and Card) but the carry and other handgun laws in Illinois are so vastly better than, say, Maryland or New Jersey, that it hardly seems to be the same planet.
    Chicago has staggering problems. Draconian gun laws isn’t one of them these days.

    • Oh, but Chicago DOES have draconian laws. They made special exemptions for the city, the CTA and other locations. Chicago most certainly does not have the same laws as those other, lower population towns. Municipalities STILL do have their own gun laws and are being dragged through the courts as I type this. Highland Park – no ARs for example. Evanston, Melrose Park, Marengo, Berwyn, Hainesville, River Forest, St. Charles, Park Ridge, and West Chicago all were trying to pass “assault weapon” bans before the cut off date.

      • Bill, I must respectfully disagree.
        Please note I said “Chicago has exactly the same laws about handguns and carrying handguns in public as does…(every other place in the state”. And it does.
        The prohibitions on carry are the same: any public transit. While a bad prohibition, it’s not exceptional within the state. One might say Cook County’s Forest Preserve District ban on carry is exceptional, given the other 101 counties’ FPDs don’t have the state restriction. Still, it’s not Chicago.
        There are no handgun carveouts for Chicago.
        When it comes to long guns, Chicago does have its own ordinances, and I did allow for that in my essay. Yes, they’re bad, but since they’re both barely enforced and tangled in litigation, their effect is somewhat less
        than what goes on in Poughkeepsie and Asbury Park.

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